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Read and Learn What Your Clients Will Never Tell You About 
Why They Don’t Refer You More New Business, More Often…

Imagine Getting "VIDEO" Reviews (QUALITY ONLINE TESTIMONIALS); INSTEAD Of Text Reviews; Then Getting Those Review Placed On The Home Page Of Your Website, Online In Google Search,  In Google Maps And Then On Facebook Pages Of Your Happy Clients, Reaching Their Friends To Get KRAZY Referrals Near Automatically, All While Building And Or Strengthening Your Online REPUTATION!!! 

Attract 10x times more referrals by changing ONE simple thing in your referral process. Discover how to unlock a flood of new referrals, from clients, customer, patients, event attendees and  referral partners who’d love to refer you, but never have before, Learn How to Get a 100%-300% Referral Increase On Steroids.

76.3% of business owners say referrals produce more good clients than anything else. And since common sense tells us that the “secret” is doing more of what works best! So, why wait...


The First Step Is To Collect Powerful Reviews In Less Than 30 Seconds!


Our revolutionary review system allows you to get 1,000’s of powerful video, audio, and written reviews* instantly and in seconds. Reviews are crucial to your business. With everyone saying their services or products are the best and so much competition out there, you need to stand out from the rest. Your clients, customers, patients and event attendees are looking for the best, and you have to PROVE that you are the BEST with quality 4 and 5 star REVIEWS.

I’m going to tell you a little secret that most Business or Marketing Experts will never tell you because they focus on selling you rather than on educating you, so they can make the big bucks pushing the glitz and glamour of the hottest products and services that you, the business owner WANTS, whether it’s a Website, Facebook, Google, etc. I do sale these things also; however, I do things much different.

More on that at another time, but I rather provide you with what you really NEED to be ultra successful… and that’s getting you focused on what your clients, customers, patients and event attendees are asking for that will drive sales, repeat sales, referral sales and build your reputation as a leading authority locally, regionally or nationally!


Yes, you read that right, “Social Proof” (reviews, reputation, and referrals) is the fuel for the engine of an ultra successful business, whether online or offline…Social Proof MAGINFIES media. When you’re using “Social Proof” you are boosting your TRUST and AUTHORITY in your market area over and above your competitors, which is a crucial factor which can be translated into immediate subscribers, members, leads, and conversions…And most importantly: massive SALES!

Trust me, this is one of the most effective ways to transform your current traffic and leads into whatever you’re looking for in terms of that new house, new car, exotic vacation, more personal time and you guessed it, more money!

"...Old School Word of Mouth Marketing" is KILLING Your Business... If You Continue to Do Referrals the OLD Way...You Will Continue To Leave Money On The Table!" I Want To Put That Money Back In Your Hands!

Get Powerful Customer Reviews Instantly...                                         

Not only will So Tell Us easily get you reviews on 100's of sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp but we are the only video review system on the planet. Your customers can give you powerful video reviews in just seconds that are then automatically marketed to the world with our patent pending technology! Using our proprietary app you can collect Video, Audio, or Written reviews from your customers in seconds when they are the happiest with your service, or get reviews by text or email.

Our customers tell us their clients love how easy and quick it is to do a  VIDEO review. Now lets say you have clients all over the world, no problem. Our system will also text and email your clients allowing them to easily give you that same powerful review. The best part is So Tell Us will automatically follow up with your client if they forget to give you a review.

We will get you 4 OR 5 STAR REVIEWS... BUT JUST ANY OLD REVIEWS WON’T DO…YOU NEED "SUBTANTIATED  “VIDEO Reviews” posted on your website, which is very important to your potential clients and customers; Substantiated means that the testimonials (REVIEWS) are not just a bunch of meaningless words, but are well thought out statements that presents your business in the best light to help you attract your most ideal, and highest paying clients, THEY ARE QUALITY 4 AND 5 STAR REVIEWS. I can HELP solve this issue for you!

All your reviews are text based and are not in video format and are not placed on your website for prospective new clients and customers to see your Social Proof.

Would you like to see how we AUTOMATICALLY boost client, customer, patient and event engagement and conversion by almost 100% ?? While posting “VIDEO Reviews” on Your Website, In Google Search, In Google Maps, and Virally sharing your service promotions with hundreds On Facebook creating a viral referral frenzy that can increase your business from 100% to 300% additionally.

See why thousands of businesses are using THIS low cost marketing investment strategy to boost their sales pipeline by nearly 100% with On-page Website Reviews, getting rid of negative reviews to improve reputation; and growing referrals by 100%-300% with Social Proof…remember today, your potential clients and customers are looking to do business with the “BEST” Local Companies… and they are looking at other people to provide proof that you are in fact as good as you say or as good as others claim you are.

Having your reviews show up on your website, in Google search (pictured on right), in Google Maps and then getting referrals from happy clients, customers, patients or event attendees is what will build your reputation fast along with credibility.

Hope is not a good business strategy! Maximize Referrals though So Tell Us and in other ways...

So, let me ask you? who are you favorite customers? I’m going to bet that they are the ones that come to you through word of mouth. I know, I love them too. They are easy sales, they are quick sales, they are happy and easy to deal with. If only all of your new customers could be like that, you think. It even costs you absolutely nothing when freely given without edging your client on in any way.

A lot of businesses rely heavily on word of mouth to find new clients. In fact, probably 80% of the businesses owners I speak to do no other form of marketing or they only use 1 to 3 forms of marketing which for most business owners is not enough to even stay competitive. The only problem with this is that it’s NOT marketing, it's word of mouth!

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great that you’re getting word of mouth referrals. It means that you’re doing a great job with the clients you have, and it is something to be happy about. Consider yourself fortunate, as many in your exact industry struggle with this. But here’s the big elephant in the room that you’re ignoring right now: if your current clients stopped promoting your business for you, what would happen?

Now, I’m not suggesting that they will stop because you do anything wrong. I’m not suggesting that they’ll stop because they don’t like you anymore.

Consider this: you’re busy, right? Not just with your business, but with your family, with your friends — there are so many demands on our time right now, it’s hard to beat the clutter. Your clients are just as busy. They have their own lives going on, their own responsibilities and their own crises to manage. They have their own never-ending list of priorities.

And you know what? Promoting (marketing) YOUR business is not high on their to do list. That’s a fact. I can guarantee it. So, Let me ask you, and I really want you to pause and think about this: how heavily are you relying on word of mouth to bring you new customers right now? Is WOM your only or primary way of marketing your business?

What would you do if suddenly, they all STOPPED? Would you even know how to actively and effectively promote and market your business to generate those new leads and new prospects on your own?

I’m guessing a few of you are looking a bit concerned. I’m guessing you’re thinking, where would I find the money to start advertising, and how and where would you do it? How would you know if your ads were working? How would you know if they were an expense or an investment?

Obviously, all marketing you undertake should be an investment; meaning, for each dollar you invest, you should see at least a dollar or more back. Multiples of that dollar are preferable.

If your business is relying ONLY OR PRIMARILY on word of mouth to gain new clients and generate new leads, it’s a double-edged sword. WOM brings in cheap under-qualified (or no cost/value), warm leads that is HARD to convert into sales if not done right. Though it’s very seductive, it’s easy to stay lazy and keep relying on it to try to grow and build your business.

If you do though, know this. You have no control. You have added no value to your business. Your CLIENTS own your business, not you. And that should scare the HELL out of you. You need a Referral Program to have more control, a program that’s integrated with all of your marketing.

On The Other Hand…

The reason you’re not getting all the referrals you think you should be getting is because a big, big problem is in your way, one that your clients will never, EVER tell you what that reason is. Just think back to the last client where you really did a good job.

Did you get a referral?

If the client was happy, why didn’t they send more business your way without YOU feeling uncomfortable asking them for a referral?

Did you have to wade into those “uncomfortable” waters (that every business owner hates) and actually ASK for a referral?

That’s awkward and “uncomfortable.” Hint: It’s hard for your clients, customers, patients and event attendees to give “uncomfortable” referrals too and is equally "uncomfortable" asking for them, let alone actually giving them if not done right!

And it always takes something away from the relationship with your client no matter how you phrase the question. You know that all of the social dynamic I describe exists and is real. Millions of business people like you, avoid the situation altogether and simply allow the referrals to happen or not happen, without any solid intervention.

When I ask business owners, how many referrals did you get last month, where did they come from, what happened to the referrals who didn’t buy your product or service, I get a blank stare, then I dig a little deeper, do you have a referral program, the answer is always the same, NO!

In his book The Referral Engine, John Jantsch polled several thousand business owners, here’s what he found: 63% said they get more than half of their new business from referrals. But, here’s the scary part…

79.9% said they have no process (Referral Program) for getting referrals.

So 8 out of 10 business people are avoiding the referral issue and are just ‘hoping’ for those referrals to arrive. No qualifying or quantifying the referral process.

The answer is simple…remove the sales pressure and all of the risk for the person making the referral. He or She needs to be “comfortable” making referrals, so, the old way of making referrals just won’t cut it anymore! Get this...old school, "WORD OF MOUTH THINKING IS DEAD...WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING WAS NEVER, EVER MARKETING! 

We’ve put together a 7-Part Referral Program to show you how to get and track referrals online and offline and if you’re getting referrals already we can show you how to track and integrate them into a better laid system that puts you in full control of your referral getting efforts.

Our program is specifically for business owners that believe they could be getting more referrals, if only they had a system to manage them!

Join our program now and discover how to remove all the pressure from referrals and see dramatic results within 90 days.

Here's What You'll Receive with My "Reviews, Reputation and Referral On Steroids™" Program In 5 Comprehensive and Unique Referral Marketing Tools:

Here’s an great example of an Automation Based Referral Web Page (click to see): 

My PurMist

There are many types of Referral Campaigns that I can create through So Tell Us, in-Office and on other media platforms

  • New Client Referral Onboarding: In-Office/Online Referral Signage and Referral Campaigns:
  • Referral Rewards, Charity Partnering
  • Strategic Alliance Partnering
  • Joint Client Appreciation Event
  • Greatest Referral Gift Ever Campaign
  • Facebook Checkin Campaign
  • Email Marketing (Hit Send-Get Referrals allows you to copy and paste a proven Referral Getting Email or Letter to send out to your current clients.)
  • Partner Sudden "CASH FLOW" Surge Campaign
  • Facebook Viral Campaign
  • Ultimate Lead Magnet & Client Converter
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Social Proof
  • Personal Touch
  • Publicity Campaign

In addition, I will provide you with the following tools to leverage up your referral generating skills.

The Referrability Assessment. Go through this quick assessment to learn how referrable you really are!

Partner Promoter Selection Checklist. Use this checklist to evaluate every new Promoter/Ambassador BEFORE you start a referral relationship. 

4-Part Testimonial Formula. This is by far the simplest, most effective way to gather testimonials!

Endorsed Mailing Template. Use this template as a starter to create your endorsed mailing letter.

“FREE” Referral Cards (first set)

Example Offline “Referral Program” Kits Below to pack the one-two punch between online and offline referrals

WARNING! I Cannot Be Held Responsible For You Generating Far More Referral Business Than You Can Handle While Also Generating Loyal Raving Fans!

I will work with you to create the right Referral Program designed exclusively for you; Referral Business Card Marketing I did some marketing for a few Liberty Tax franchisees, and their Business Card Referral Program was part of the foundation for creating my Referrals on Steroids Program since it worked so well. However, I only recommend this strategy for local businesses that serve only a 3 — 7 mile radius around their physical business location.

Referral Card Marketing

Our program is specifically for business owners that believe they could be getting more referrals, if only they had a system to manage them!

Join our program now and discover how to remove all the pressure
from referrals and see dramatic results within 90 days.

Here's What You'll Receive with My Reviews, Reputation and Referral On Steroids™ Program:

  1. Referral Webpage Concept. (we will design a similar webpage like Purmist and connect it to your Gmail)

  2. So Tell Us Review Platform (review, reputation and referral system)

  3. Referral Laungage (how to ask for referrals in the most easiest way)

  4. Proven Referral Program Strategies (that include coupons, gifts and incentives for improved referrals and or loyalty)

  5. Referral Business Cards (pictured above)

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