Reviews, Reputation, & Referrals on Steroids

"Imagine Getting "VIDEO" Reviews (Quality Online Testimonials); Instead Of Text Reviews; Then Getting Those Review Placed On A Page On Your Website For Potential Customers, Clients, or Patients To Go "WOW", And Then Placed Online On Google Search, And In Google Maps, And Then On The Facebook Pages Of Your Happy Raving Fans Reaching Their Friends To Get KRAZY Referrals That Come With Name, Email, And Phone Number Near Automatically, All While Building And Strengthening Your Online REPUTATION In Just 30 Seconds Flat Per Review!

Is Your Business REPUTATION Important to You? Sure it Is!

But what doe's your Reputation has to do with Online Reviews (Testimonials), and Referrals?

They are considered the "Triple-Threat" of the Most Important Assets That You Have As A Business Owner when it comes to garnering prospective clients, customers, or patients' trust, especially when trust is at an all-time low.

Some business owners believe that EVERYONE is a critic, so why care that someone has had a bad experience with you? But let me ask you, can you truly afford to lose just one client, customer, or patient, to a competitor who may stop many others from putting money in your pocket?

"The Company Who Has The Most and Best "QUALITY" Reviews Wins The Trust Marketing Game!"

Attract 10x times more referrals by changing THREE simple things in your referral process:

* Get Better Quality Reviews Online.

* Syndicate Those Reviews EVERYWHERE online and even offline.

* Create a Referral Getting Program to Help People Promote Your Best Offer, Package, or Program. 

Learn the secrets of how we help our clients get 100%, 200%, and even 300% Referral Increase On Steroids simply by using our Video Review App that trumps standard review programs or software.

Through our Reviews System, you automatically can build your online reputation, and your reputation increases TRUST that gets you more referrals; but get this fact, for every 1 paying client, customer, or patient, who refers just 2 people per year, you have "INSTANTLY DOUBLED" your business exponentially!

Yep you read that right If John Doe gives you $100 or more, per month, and he refers just 2 people at $100 per month, you just earned $200 dollars and 200% growth. Now IMAGINE you doing this with nearly every client, customer, patient, or member on your list... and if you don't have a list of clients and customers, I can help you fix that too!

"Get Better Reviews Starting Today!"

Did you know that according to a 2021 report 99.9% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and furthermore, 96% of potential buyers look for negative reviews specifically? So If you are "NOT" taking your review-getting efforts seriously in a competitive way, you are in fact, losing a lot of potential business literally.

Get Better Referrals, 76.3% of business owners say referrals produce more good clients, more than anything else. And since common sense tells us that the primary “secret” of a sound business is doing more of what works best! So, why wait... let me show you how to win the TRUST game through ongoing reviews, reputation, and referral management services that won't break the bank.

...and if you have bad reviews...

There Damaging Your Online Reputation? Let Us Help You Get Rid Of Bad Reviews For Good... We Eliminate the Bad Reviews By Getting More Positive Reviews Through Our Video Review App.

The First Step Is To Collect Powerful "VIDEO Reviews" In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Watch Our 30 Minute So Tell Us Webinar Today!

Our Review App is the ONLY app or review system in the U.S. that can deliver 4 and 5-star reviews or a 4.8-star rating overall on Google with 125, 350, or 484 MONTHLY Google Reviews over time, completely annihilating the competition if you use the system.

A lot of business would be coming your way after having More Reviews Than Your Competitors and a Web Page on Your Website Like The One Below Where You Can Easily Display All Your Video Reviews For Your Website Visitors To See. 

Our So Tell Us App is for:

1. The top four industries that unmanaged and unleveraged reviews impact the most, and those that STU can actually benefit the most are:

Nearly half of local consumers (48%) say a Service Business’s online reputation plays a role in purchasing decisions. The service industry is multi-faceted and far-reaching and includes salons and spas, gyms, daycares, home health services, and much more.

Reputation is important to 47% of consumers seeking Financial Services. This is especially true of Millennials, 53% of whom said a financial services company’s online reputation plays a role in their decision to do business with them (compared to 35% of Boomers and 40% of Gen X consumers). This includes insurance, banks, lenders, money managers, investment firms, credit card companies, accounting, and tax companies.

Healthcare reviews are just as important as in financial services, as 39% of local consumers searching for healthcare providers said online reviews play a role in their purchasing decisions here, too. This includes hospitals, nursing, integrative services, community health, urgent care, medical supply, and pharmaceutical.

More than half of Retail shoppers (59%) use Google to research products even when they intend to buy in-store, and 39% searching for retail stores said online reviews play a role in purchasing decisions. Millennials are especially likely to be influenced by a retailer’s reputation, with 42% saying it matters to them.

The others are eCommerce stores(product websites), Restaurants, Hotels, Lawyers, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, Auto Repair, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes.

2. If you own or manage a Membership Organization such as a Chamber, Merchant Association, Industry Association, and Membership Website you can earn an upfront commission and monthly residual by helping your members generate more business, while also getting them to use STU to tell others about your special membership promotion benefits. Ask me how?

3. If you are a Book Author or Speaker on any subject matter, you need reviews. STU offers a way to build up your book reviews and to show videos from the people who have hosted you in a marketable way.

Enroll in Sotellus Today!

SoTellUs Premium 100

100 reviews per month with video, audio, or written Reviews options and Referral Package
$399 Setup / $99.00 a month You get:
SoTellUs Business Profile Page Mobile App
Website widget
Text Message Invites
Social Media Sharing
Search Engine Optimization Reputation Monitoring
Coaching call
Automated Referral System
Facebook Offer System
Leads and Offer Tracking

SoTellUs Premium 300

300 reviews per month with video, audio, or written Reviews options and Referral Package
$399 Setup / $199.00 a month You get:
SoTellUs Business Profile Page Mobile App
Website widget
Text Message Invites
Social Media Sharing
Search Engine Optimization Reputation Monitoring
Coaching call
Automated Referral System
Facebook Offer System
Leads and Offer Tracking

If You're Still Undecided, Arrange A Demo of The So Tell Us App.

Call Bryant Vickers Direct Today at 302-353-2542. 

Thank You For Taking The Time To Watch Our STU Video.

Once You Get So Tell Us...

"Our Referrals On Steroids Program Will Make It Easy For Your Best Clients, Customers, Patients, or Members To Refer Their Friends!"

Let Us Strategically Improve Your Referral Marketing Game...

Read below to learn how our Referrals on Steroids Campaigns work to help you generate new sales by simply creating a Strategic Referral Program, rather than relying on old-school word-of-mouth.

A lot of businesses rely heavily on Word of Mouth to find new customers, clients, or patients. In fact, an estimated 60% of the business owners I speak to do no other form of marketing or they only use only 1 to 2 forms of marketing like Sales and Word of Mouth, or Facebook and Word-Of-Mouth, or SEO and Word-of-Mouth which for most business owners is not enough to even stay competitive with the top local or most competitive A-Player competitors.

The only problem with this is that it’s NOT marketing, because it's untrackable and non-qualifiable word of mouth, and good marketing practices look to track and qualify every effort, which means you are most likely than not, using unproven tactics!

Consider this: you’re busy, right? Not just with your business, but with your family, and your friends — there are so many demands on our time right now, it’s hard to beat the clutter or the emergency situations that arise out of the blue. Your clients, customers, and patients are just as busy. They have their own lives going on, their own responsibilities, and their own crises to manage. They have their own never-ending list of priorities and guess what; Promoting (Marketing) YOUR business to their friends is not high on their to-do list; BUT THERE ARE SOLUTIONS THAT WORK! 

And that’s a fact. I can guarantee it! So, Let me ask you, and I really want you to pause and think about this: how heavily are you relying on word of mouth to bring you, new customers, clients, patients, or members right now?

Is WORD OF MOUTH your only or primary way of marketing your business without verified tracking measures?

What would you do if suddenly, they all STOPPED referring? Would you even know how to actively and effectively promote and market your business to generate new leads and how to convert those new prospects into closed sales or orders on a daily basis?

I’m guessing a few of you are looking a bit concerned right now. I’m guessing you’re thinking that would never happen, even though I have seen it happen many times; where would you find the money to start advertising, and how and where would you do it? How would you know if your ads were working? How would you know if they were an expense or an investment? Sure, you have other sources, but what if those algorithms changed again? Then what!

The reason you’re not getting all the referrals you think you should be getting FROM DOING A GOOD JOB is that one thing you don't know about stands in your way, it's something that even your BEST clients, Customers, or Patients will never, ever tell you, because they can't even explain it! Just think back to the last client where you really did a good job and they didn't refer or they promised they would and Jiminy Crickets.

Did you get a referral from them? Or did you get silence? 

If the client was happy, why didn’t they send more business your way without YOU feeling uncomfortable asking them for a referral? Did you have to wade into those “Uncomfortable” waters (that every business owner hates) and actually timidly "ASK" for a referral? While not sure how to ask or even if the client was truly happy or even if they were willing to make a referral!

The problem is that "Asking for" or "Giving Referrals" is awkward and, it's...


It’s hard for your clients, customers, patients, and members to give “Uncomfortable” referrals too when you fail to have a simple and reliable "Referral Program" for them to easily refer people to you just like it is equally "Uncomfortable" for you to ask for referrals when you don't have a proven systematic program process for getting them on a consistent basis.

But here's the worse part, it always takes something away from the relationship with your customer, client, or patient no matter how you phrase the question when you're uncomfortable. You know that all of the social dynamics I described exist and are real.

Millions of business people like you, avoid the situation altogether and simply allow the referrals to happen or not happen, without any solid intervention from a proven Referral Program.

When I ask business owners, how many referrals did you get last month, where did they come from, and what happened to the referrals who didn’t buy their product or service, I get a blank stare, or they say most of the time I don't know, then I dig a little deeper, do you have a proven Referral Program, the answer is always the same, NO or they have put something together that is usually not well thought out or a half-baked industry idea that still misses the most important elements; tracking, quantifying, and qualifying!

In his book The Referral Engine, John Jantsch polled several thousand business owners, here’s what he found: 63% said they get more than half of their new business from referrals. But, here’s the scary part…

79.9% said they have no process (Referral Program) for getting referrals consistently. This means that most business owners are missing a WHOPPING 79.9% increase in new business, Picture that right now, what would a 79.9% increase in new business do for you right now? 

A $100,000 Business = $179,000;

A $1,000,000 Business = $1,700,000;

A $5,000,000 Business = $8,995.000

Let us show you and your Clients, Customers. Patients or Members how to get “COMFORTABLE” with ASKING for and GIVING Referrals!

Get Our 13-Part Referral Kit Training Program and Automation System 

"Take Referrals To The Next Level... With Our Referrals On Steroids (ROS) Program, It Is The Most Complete Referral Training Program and Integrated Automation System In The World!"

Your Referral Kit Includes:

Printed Desk Flyers, Office Wall Poster Board & Business Handout Referral Cards

And Referral Gifts or Loyalty Give-Aways, and More...

  • Customer, Client, Patient, or Member "Referral Partner Profile and Selection Process"
  • Referral Marketing Scripts and Strategic Advisory.
  • In-Office Referral Poster-To Let Your Clients, Customers, or Members Know That You Have A Referral Program.
  • In-Office Referral Flyers- To Show Your Clients, Customers, or Members How To Enroll On Your Website In The Referral Program.
  • In-Office Referral Business Cards- For You Clients, Customers, or Members To Hand Out To People Daily, That Directs These People To Your Website Referral Page For A First-Time Special Offer.
  • Endorsement Letter/Powerful Linkedin Tool.
  • Referral Emails Templates.
  • Custom Referral Lead Magnet Development.
  • Referral Incentives /Loyalty Program
  • Referral Checklist and Workbook.
  • Learn Your Marketing Team Role.
  • Convince and Convert (how to easily ask for referrals with a Referral Program in Place).
  • Website Referral Program Page/Combined with STU Creates the Biggest Referral Marketing Impact

Bonus 1: When you book a Referral on Steroids Meeting after purchasing So Tell Us, I Will Give You My 4-Part Review/Testimonial Outline Absolutely "FREE." This document will Guarantee you get much better reviews (sentiments) from every Client, Customer, Patient, or Member on your list to maximize the results from the STU App.

Bonus 2: Need help compiling or consolidating your lists? We got you, We'll review Outlook, your Emails, Linkedin, your Current Client Database, Past Clients, your Newsletter, and even the Business Cards that you have collected over the years; for a nominal fee in order for you to get more clients, customers, patients, or members, but also to help create more referral and joint venture partners for even more business. 

To Learn More About Our "Referral On Steroids™" Program" 

There is no Initial Advisory fee for So Tell Us; ONLY for Our Referrals on Steroids Program

Call Bryant Vickers's Direct at 302-353-2542 

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How Often Do You Say “I Haven’t Implemented Enough Of The Right Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Automation Systems, SOPs” And More To Finally Reach Or Exceed Your Goals? How Often Do You Say You're Not Sure What's Working or What's Not, and Why It's Taking So Long To Get Results and A Great ROI?

This 90-Minute Power-Packed Advisory Session Will Give You Clarity About Our Various Advisory Mentorship Programs. You Will Be Able To Pick My Brains, As We Research Your Current Business Situation Together In Order To Uncover The "FACTS" About What's Working and What's Not And Then Work Toward Educating You To Better Your Current Situation And Divising A Marketing Action Plan To Achieve Your Goals.

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Here Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits Of Meeting With Me On A “Research, Strategy, and Planning-First Approach" As Opposed To Advertising Media or Sales; or Husttle and Grind "ONLY" Approach.

  • Instantly Double Your Fees.
  • Instantly Double Your Yearly Revenue, Year After Year.
  • Instantly Create Both High-Fee and or Recurring Income From Every Client Served.
  • Instantly Be Seen and Valued As The Most Trusted and Reputable Business In Your Market Area.
  • Add Greater Profits, Faster Growth, and Time-Freedom To Work Less Hours
  • Create a High-Producing Team and Corporate Environment
  • For Product or eCommerce Sellers We Provide Creative and Strategic Options To Serve Your Customers Better and Make More Money Through Your Choice Of Thive Cart or Shopify.
  • Discovering How To Predictably Increase Your Leads Without Spending More Money
  • Learning How To Get More Prospects Engaged in Your Sales Process
  • Identifying Simple Ways To Predictably Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increasing Your Average Sales Transaction
  • Uncovering Highly Effective Methods For Increasing Repeat Purchase Frequency
  • Plus, We Will Share 4 Easy To Implement Tactics For Increasing Referrals
  • A Complete Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales DEEP-DIVE Diagnostic Checklist To Determine All The Holes In Your Business Where Your Losing Money Or Leaving Money On The Table- (A $866 Value).
  • I’ll deploy my team of “Covert Inspectors” to review & improve your website, funnel, or landing page, and if it’s that bad or old, I’ll tell you the truth, you need a new rebuild. As you might be a few website or funnel optimizations away from consistently enrolling new people into your services, programs, and packages, or getting a massive tidal wave of online buyers.This High-Conversion Analysis Will Review The 8 Key Areas Of Website Sales Conversions: Hook/Hero Section, Copy, Lead Magnet, Video Presentation, Usuability, Trust, Persuasion, Testing, and Tracking (Split Tests). You will start to see much better conversion numbers and ROI — in as little as 7-days after marketing recommendations. - (A $866 Value).
  • A Digital Traffic Marketing Analysis To Review Your SEO, Paid Ads, Display Ads, Social Media, Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Generation Efforts Online To Determine Your Competitive, Authoritative, and DOMINATION Ability To Be Successful Online Using Our Own CTPPM Framework: Most businesses don’t realize they’re missing 85% of their online sales because they don’t have a long-tail (Presell & Prequilify) conversion system- (A $866 Value).
  • A Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light Report To Show You What To Work On First, Second, Or Completely STOP Right Now to Move Your Business Forward!- (A $25 Value)


Don’t Know Where To Start?

We will do a quick review of where your business is currently at, and I will then personally make a program recommendation based on our Profit Calculator and Diagnostic Checklist once you return a completed Diagnostic Checklist (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all other research to get the "FACTS", This way you no longer can make costly assumptions!!!

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So, think really hard about this, first, we uncover overlooked opportunities and under-valued money-making assets lying dormant in your business with our FACT-Finding Research; then we show you how to implement it into your business while Guaranteeing  300% Results in Your Audience Impact, Increased Profits, Rapid Growth, High Productivity & Time-Freedom.


Here at DOMINATE or die Marketing, Inc.

Our core values are:


And we are fanatical about delivering on them.

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Like a concert or any other live event in Winston Salem, NC for our 3-Day Advisory Mentorship and 2-Day Business Planning Event (Or at least for the 3-Days, as we can do the business planning virtually), if you don’t show up there are no refunds.

There are pre-event preparation materials and a marketing diagnostic that has to be completed prior to us meeting for the business and educational experience of your life. They will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund. This is why we ask for the commitment of the $299 fee before starting the diagnostic so that there aren't any delays in our process to quickly get you to the next step.

After the initial "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session."

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Or you can get complete access to our outsourced directories and DIY, or hand our critiques and recommendations off to your in-house staff or other support people of your Choice.

This is my Personal Promise.

Bryant Vickers; Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor