Auto-Pilot Profits

Note: DOMINATE or die Marketing, does offer this service if you are interested; however, it is best used in conjunction with a complete digital marketing campaign. As such, this page is purely educational content on Online Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Tracking Automation.

Give me any reasonably clean email list--and ...

I'LL Hand You At The Very Least $10 In Sales From Every Name On That File With In 30-90 Short Days.

You Need Someone to Cover Your Back-End. You Need A Back-End Conversion Specialist To Put Your Email CRM, SMS Texting, and Facebook Messaging PROFITS on AUTOPILOT!

Please watch the above video on EMAIL Marketing, all the above platforms integrate and operate very similar to email marketing automation! After watching the video, then continue reading the business-altering content below…If you...

Have 5000 names? I'll get you $20,000 + per month in sales

Have 10,000 names? I'll get you $60,000 + per month in sales

Have 50,000 names? I'll get you $200,000 + per month in sales

Have 100,000 names? I'll get you $500,000 + per month in sales

Have 500,000 names? I'll get you 1 Million + per month in sales

*** The Estimated Growth Above Makes Five Conservative Assumptions:

1 You’re focused and dedicated to growing Email List, which also includes using the other platforms mentioned above with the understanding that your followers are not just using email but also other platforms of their choice, therefore, limiting their choice of options is counter-intutive, thereby limiting you long-term profit making abilities.

2. You already have or will allow us to set up the ALL IMPORTANT LEAD CAPTURE FORM on your website with a valuable Lead Magnet. This is the main reason for losing money or leaving money on the table... this is The Leaky Bucket!

3. Your average product is preferably $500 or more, but can be as low as only$30.

4. You have repeat or residual products or services or upsell value.

5. Your cash received after sales and marketing fees will total a minimum 2x Annual Profit.

Our Clients Will Make Far More Easy Money By Allowing DODM To Cover Their “Back Ends.” The “Back End” They Already Have And Have Ignored Way T00 Long…Not Tracking Their Marketing Results, Losing Money, And Leaving A Bunch Of Easy Money On The Table For Their Competitors To Easily Steal By Only Focusing Client Attraction And Not Relationship Building that meets every client, customer, patient or event attendee on the platform of their choice! The truth is given the highly conservative numbers above, a good clean file, a solid product, service or event and a reasonable offer, you could do even better. As a matter of fact you may generate sales revenues of $15...$25...up to $37 per name and generate these kind of revenues every 90 days or less-INDEFINITELY!

Our strategy will create Higher Response Rates; Larger Average Purchases; Fewer Opt-outs; Faster Lead Conversions; and Fierce Fan Loyalty.

Email Automation Is A Science! Email Automation Yields About 5 Times the return on initial capital investment of Other Advertising Strategies...And when you diversify through other comparable stay-in-touch channels you attract more potential business.

In spite of business owners exclaiming that email advertising is "outdated or even DEAD," every wildly profitable advertiser realizes that email is THE essential technique for converting prospects into clients and more. That is the reason it's so vital to have an autorobotized email advertising framework set up. The facts are in...


According to Matt Blumberg, the Co-Founder and CEO of Return Path, “Email continues to be the number one digital channel for ROI.” In another study conducted by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), “Email has a median ROI of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.” For comparison, the next highest median returns are for social media with an ROI of 28% and direct mail with an ROI of 27% (“Email Continues to Deliver”).

There are a handful of reasons for why email marketing can drive such high returns, including lowered costs of going digital, increasing sales, and creating greater brand recognition (Email Marketing ROI). “According to one report from DBS Data, businesses can expect an average return of $38 for every $1 they spend on email marketing” (Top 25 Benefits). In comparison, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates approximately $23 per $1 spent on the channel (Email Marketing ROI). Businesses can automate the email process to its clients, customers, and event attendees.

Email Auto-Responders can be used to deliver a free report (called a Lead Magnet--NEVER ask people to join your list without giving an report, checklist, video sequence, etc. in exchange for their contact information), Follow-up Messages, Provide Regular Updates, Confirm Purchases, And Develop Back-End Repeat and Up-Sales.

So here’s what to do about Leaky Bucket Syndrome…

There are 3 elements to running a successful (and sane!) business that does not lose leads, lose money and or leave money on the table.

All 3 of these are equally important, so let’s take a look at each one.

You…You are the hub of your business. It’s your baby and you’ve lovingly nurtured it to where it is now, you made it to the 100 yard line or $100,000 plus per year, but you got another 50, 100 or more yards to go to earn another $1,000,000 per year. So it is up to you to decide what happens from here and what kind of business you create.

If I may have a tough love moment here, there is something I really want you to get: YOU are responsible for the success (or lack thereof) in your business. And yes, that includes the success of how your business is run behind the scenes which in most cases goes overlooked or undervalued, missing what’s right in front of your face.

I know the word “system” may make your eyes glaze over...

Because Systems are so boring, right? I disagree. Not when you understand what a system is and what it can do for you and your business. After all the success of McDonalds and Starbucks is based on their SYSTEM!

You can essentially break down a system into 3 parts:

  1. The Process – proven and documented steps to accomplish X
  2. The Technology – what tools can be used to automate parts (or all) of the process.
  3. The People – who does what can’t be done by technology. In other words, Your Team.

Systems allow you to create a business that functions smoothly, effectively and freely – so that you (and your team) don’t have to spend all of your time putting out fires and trying to keep up. You now only focus on the profit producing tasks that are derived from smoother operations, processes and procedures that are integrated into your system.

And finally; With Your System…consider that most businesses don’t have adequate systems in place or they don’t fully maximize the usage of the systems they have due to the fear of technology or from finding the time to study to be able to go through the learning curve, leaving business owners with back-end def.

Click here to see what Entrepreneur Magazine has to say about the back-end automation process.

The Facts Are You’re Losing or Leaving Money On The Table Every Day! And I Want You To STOP The Insanity, The Bleeding, And Desperation Of Focusing On Making Money, When The Real Focus Should Be On Building Your Business Exponentially. 

You may be wondering what in the world is a “Back End Conversion Specialist” and how can this sort of specialist help my business?

It is a funny name I know, but when it comes to helping your company, a Back End Specialist is very serious business.

Here’s why:

  • Two-thirds of all businesses have no sales/marketing funnel or integrated relationship nurturing processes in place.
  • Integrated nurturing processes have created 70% increase in Pre-Qualified “Inbound Calls” (the type of prospects you want!)
  • Properly constructed sales/marketing funnels can support up to 700% two year growth.

A Back-End Specialist is trained to help your businesses plan and implement sales/marketing funnels and integrated nurturing campaigns that quickly lead to more rings at your register.

You see, most businesses focus the majority of their time, money and resources on the “Front End” of the marketing funnel, aka “Lead Generation.” The common mistake is “If I just had/add more traffic to my store, or to my website, or to my Dental Practice… I would have more business.” Their focus is on the quick or immediate sales opportunity...I call it chasing money, rather than allowing the money to chase you.

The fallacy in this thinking is that only 3%-5% of the people that see a marketing message are Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to buy from you right now.

The other 95%-97% need some time. They want to do research and compare you against your competitors. They need to make some more money to afford your service. Or maybe they just not ready at this very moment to pull the trigger for whatever reason, which is varible.

And even if they do buy, most businesses do not have the proper customer follow up systems in place to maximize the “Lifetime Value” of a customer so that they buy from you again, and again and even refer you to their friends, family and social connections.

As a Certified “Back End Specialist”™, I can help you improve all of these aspects of your business and more, helping to build AUTO-PILOT PROFITS into your business.

See Email Marketing Benchmark Report (click to download)

Not everyone is a prospect; some are just suspect tire kickers that you must first properly qualify and or view their in-activity on your list, you must quickly get rid of the dead weight that you are hanging on to if they don't convert. The more active paying customers, clients, or patients that you have, the more profits you will earn. The more you win-back and retain (keep) lost customers, the more profits you will earn; The more retained customer who refer their friends, the more profits you will earn, but you must do this right.

According to Raab Associates, 97% of businesses, like the other “Local Businesses” in your town or various niches, all have BIG “BACK END” PROBLEMS. They don’t even know what a “Back End” is, and because of this, are throwing away thousands of dollars on SEO and PPC, advertising and other lead generation strategies. It’s not that lead generation services aren’t needed, but that’s only one side of our business, the other side has to do with fixing your back end to convert more leads into cold hard cash and putting that cash into your pocket.

Fortunately, you will not have to dig deep in your pocket because all it takes is part of the additional revenue we’ll help you bring in, let a DOMINATOR Marketing Consultant show you the obvious value of this system. Seriously, we look at a business owner’s normal operating pattern.

Let’s say your business is a home remodeling company owned by Homer Miles. Homer’s company wins the contract to remodel the kitchen for a local homeowner. He collected $12,000.00 for the work and rides off into the sunset and puts that job and that customer in the past…never to be contacted again!

Now what? Homer goes on the hunt for more business from strangers. Get the drift here? Homer is spending money on getting new clients or homer is only relying on one source for his current lead flow which is by way of referrals only. And if he is relying on referrals only, he fails again, by not having a trackable referral program in place, so, homer is losing a lot of money. Homer is LOSING a lot of money!

Well, in another scenario, the future (the “Back End” of the deal, the homeowner who already knows, likes, and trusts Homer may need:

  • A crumbling outside brick wall repaired (8 months later),
  • A carpet replaced due to flooding damage (12 months later),
  • Mold remediation due to flooding (13 months later,
  • Gutters cleaned and repaired (15 months later),
  • A new concrete driveway (18 months later),
  • A foundation crack repaired in the basement (2 years later),
  • And a new shed destroyed by lightning rebuilt (3 years later).

"And Homer misses out on the easiest and most profitable additional sales opportunities he could ever imagine…Homer needs a Back-End Conversion Specialist to put all that money into his hands over the next month, several months and years to come!"

If Homer had stayed in proper touch with the homeowner, this would all be easy money from the “back end.” There could be payments for more work and referral commissions for jobs Homer’s company doesn’t do directly – significant “back end” revenue.

Under Homer’s current and normal operating pattern, how much of this additional business will he be able to book virtually automatically?


97% of business owners – who did the original work – will see exactly zero dollars from all this additional work. Or they may have to bid against other contractors all over again for a shot at it with a greatly reduced margin.

Business owners are the kings and queens of “love ’em and leave ’em” and it costs them a ton of lost business and profit. There’s a better way to insure your future financial success.

Thousands and thousands of dollars of potential additional profit are left on the table by Homer. How many Homers do you think are out there? Are you a Homer?

Do you doubt this operating pattern is normal for businesses? When was the last time you bought a new car? How often has the dealership or salesperson followed up with you since that purchase (the second largest purchase most people make in their lives)? When it’s time for another new car, you’ll start the shopping process all over again, won’t you?

I Make Big, And Recurring, Money By Covering My Clients’ “Back Ends” – It Won’t Be An Expense…l’ll Be A Percentage Of Additional Revenue. See The Difference?

What does a Back End Conversion Specialist do?

That’s a great question! As a back end specialist, we will define, refine and improve the “Back Side” of our clients’ marketing funnel. We will set up and or manage everything that happens after you get a lead improving the conversion from lead to actual sale, increased sales, increased sales transactions, lost clients and referral clients.

We set up and manage our clients’ Email, CRM, SMS Texting, and Facebook Messaging. We create smart marketing programs that “Target and Segment” your leads so they convert better and earn a higher ROI. We manage different relationship building media for you to send out content through different channels that are accessed based on your different client preferences. I know what you may be thinking, if you currently have and use an email and or CRM system: what do I need you for when I’m already doing it myself? The difference is the many proven strategies that we implement on your behalf that you most likely are totally unaware of.

Let me show you results you’ve never seen before and you’ll GIVE ME A BIG BEAR HUG for it!

Do You Know How to track your Inquiries, Sales and Conversions for Increased ROI = MORE Profits?

Did you know, most business owners either don’t track their advertising (hoping or praying for results or blaming the ad rep) or they track it with the wrong tools, thereby relying on and trusting inadequate data! This is why some businesses do in one to three years what other business take ten, fifteen, twenty years to accomplish, if they don’t go out of business first or continue to struggle with complaints and regrets year after year.

First, can you tell me what your webmaster/seo person is tracking? That’s right, Google Analytics, they are going to tell you that we got you 5000 visitors to your site this month — Wow, what they are NOT going to tell you are any of the following result driven data:

  1. Who CALLED, what day and time of INQUIRY, When do you get the most inquiries; which team member responded to inquiry, and did they close the sale and or answer call correctly or did they fail to do so in either case scenerio.
  2. So, we know how many saw your ad or website, say 5000 –see ad, how many called, how many didn’t call and what are we going to do with the non-callers, why didn’t they call, can we convert them into callers.
  3. Another percentage scheduled an appointment, but some of the callers did not schedule-why? How can we increase appointments?
  4. Yet another percentage show up, how do we increase show ups and decrease no shows.
  5. Many buy your program, package, service, product, etc., some don’t buy, what do we do with non-buyers?
  6. Not pictured…some clients fall off, how do we win them back…same tracking system
  7. Every non-social person is known to know at least 200 people, if we can help you garner only a minimum of 1 to 3 referrals from every person on your list, that’s a consistent 100% , 200% to 300% business increase every year that multiples every 10 years or so, all from the same system.


So, you see the benefits and the value that DODM Back-End Conversion Specialist Services offers. Others are selling same service at $5000-20,000 per mo. But if you invest today, it won’t cost you anywhere near that price-which I’m sure you’ll agree is still a steal.

So go ahead and get started today. Here’s what you’ll get: We’ll set up the entire system for you and run it for all your campaigns with our proven program templates for general follow-up, exhibitor follows up, repeat sales, up-sells, client win-back and referrals and more. Some Clients require more custom work which is all-inclusive.

We customize our extensive and PROVEN template library based on your marketing needs.

  • We create your newsletter if needed.
  • We design and implement your marketing campaigns; i.e. Follow-up, Client Win-Back, Upsells, Cross-sells, Promotions, and Referrals.
  • We track all results and report monthly.

The Benefits of Marketing and Sales Automation are many:

  • Increase lead flow
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Better lead follow up
  • Automatic appointment schedule
  • Improved internal workflow
  • Improved ROI on advertising spend sales automation does not work for your business if you don’t spend the time it takes to properly install the system and add engaging and persuasive messaging. However, when it's set up by your DODM team of sales and marketing professionals, this software can help to:
  • Close more deals
  • Enhance productivity
  • Make insightful decisions
  • Get more leads
  • Simplify the sales process
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Retain more clients whether it is record keeping, appointment making or data reporting, business process automation can help your business operate efficiently and easily.

Some of the benefits of using Business Process Automation:

  • Lower costs
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Eliminate bottlenecks or delays
  • Cuts monotony
  • Free up staff to do higher-value work

DOMINATE your competition. We will keep your customers buying from you over and over again as you get more transactional sales, repeat and or upsale business, greater reviews, stronger reputation and referrals on steriods.

Most business owners focus on getting new clients, customers or patients when It’s more profitable for you to retain customers than acquire new ones. This simple yet important concept is the basis of how we help 6 & 7 figure companies improve their overall profitability and growth. It simply takes is the right offer, at the right time, via the right channel. And to find the perfect channel you need to be where your customers are. With the predictable and consistent power of Email Marketing Automation that out performs social marketing. The effectiveness of SMS Marketing and the precision of Facebook and or Goggle Ads. We can connect with your customers, clients or patients when & where it’s most convenient for them to buy your products or services.


Our Proven 5-Step System For Growth Which Includes:

Welcome, Indoctrination, Retention, Nurture, and Expansion Segmentation Strategies

Only $1,997 Per Month

This program is for companies that are doing $100,000+ per month.

Or we can set up your CRM with website lead capture form, upload lead magnet and train you on our proven high converting email marketing Welcome, Indoctrination, Retention, Nurture, and Expansion Segmentation Strategies; comprehensive email swipe file; and high-converting million-dollar sales page design template that you put to work for $750.  And we can work with you to help create your lead magnet or news letter design and copy $200-$500 one-time.

Let us know how we can help your company convert that fickle traffic into actual repeat, residual, referral, loyal and upsale paying customers, clients or patients. To learn even more about email automation, check out our free downloads below.

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