Marketing Diagnostic

YES, I Want A Complete Marketing System To Get More Pre-Qualified and PreSold Leads, Clients, Customers, or Patients Daily, Spending More Money, Coming Back More Often, and Telling Their Friends!

Gain Instant Clarity and Actionable Insights within 24-48 hours of completing our Marketing Diagnostic DEEP-DIVE Fact-Finding Checklist.

Is Your Business Strategically Stunted or Competitive?

This is our proprietary 100-Question Marketing Diagnostic DEEP-DIVE Fact-Finding Checklist that is designed to help me determine your level of Tactical (Advertising) vs. Strategic (Marketing) vs. current-day Sales Abilities and overall business thinking that you understand or do not understand.

I utilize it to build and grow the most profitable business that I can while increasing your complete marketing budget to DOMINATE your profession, industry, or niche.

The following highly detailed and exhausting down-loadable questionnaire form will also help both of us to ascertain the ideas, insights, strengths, and opportunities that I can use to help you improve your strategic ability to generate far better results and ROI from merely out-marketing your competition in the most scalable way.

It will also stop you from losing money and or leaving money on the table that you may or may not be aware of.

By you taking time to participate in this diagnostic assessment process and completing all 100 questions as best you can, I'll be able to thoroughly analyze, interpret, and assess the general state of marketing sophistication and progress in your business in every way, online, offline, and financially.

I will create a brief and an agreement that will be presented in green light (work on now), yellow light (the next phases), red light (STOP doing this now, and what to do instead) format.

Completing Our Marketing "Marketing Diagnostic DEEP-DIVE Fact-Finding Checklist is exactly like filling out an intake form at the doctor's office or financial planning office, it's just a bit more detailed and lengthy, but it is required to get past your thinking, feelings, likes, dislikes, opinions, and assumptions to get to the FACTS, which is all that matters in getting things right. 


Please know that due to the exhaustive 100 questions; I fully expect you to complete the entire questionnaire within side of two weeks tops if you choose to go at it alone and if you prefer for me to go through it with you, you and I will complete it in a weekend. 

You'll Learn What’s Working. What’s Not Working. What’s Missing? And What’s Next Without Making The Grave Mistake Of Doing Unfruitful Tasks or Projects That Don't Serve You and Don't Help To Fulfill Your Goals and Mission in Business and Life Promptly


*Please download the questionnaire, fill it out, save it, and email it back to:

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