You Have No More Excuses: 

"We Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Profits... I'm Offering You A "FREE" 45 Minute Business Plan Triage Call Today! My Team and I Can Only Help 3-5 Business Owners Per Month, This Is A Limited Monthly Opportunity, So Book On Our Calendar Or Call Today!

"You Don't Have To Spend A Penny More On Advertising Than What You're Currently Spending Now, As A Matter Of Fact, Based On Your Current Situation We Can Transform Your Current Results, Adding To Your Current Profits $10,000 Or More Per Month Within 90 Days While Quickly Increasing Your Growth By 25%-250% Without You Ever Running Out Of CASH Again!"

Thousands of Businesses Are Losing Or Leaving $10,000 to $1,000,000 Per Month In Untapped Profits On The Table Every Month And Have Been Doing So For Years; Which Sometimes Allows Their Top Competitors To Gain Market Share Over Them…But You Will Never Discover These Untapped Profits Without A Qualified Marketing Consultant On Your Side, Let Me Show You The Holes In Your Business That You Don't Even Know Exist Where You're Spewing Out The Money That You Just Invested Getting Far Less Return Than You Should!!

The Above Is Not Some Sleazy Sales Hype and We Have The Case Studies To Prove That We Are Good At What We Do, Let us 2X,  5X, or possibly even 10-x your business within the next 90-Days.  Important! I want to be extremely clear and honest with you right out the gate, I am in no way Implying or guaranteeing you'll make any money or generate specific results in your business by following my advice or enrolling in any of my programs. NO ONE can guarantee you financial results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don't even know you or anything about your business, even as we learn more about you and your business, we have found that only the business owner has the true power to change and improve their business once armed with the solid Business Building Information that we provide? 

Any Testimonial or Case Study on our website or in our printed materials or Ads were given to us by successful clients who implemented our recommendations or who followed our program guidelines as instructed and are simply their personal expressions of their experience of working within one capacity or another. Not all clients get these results. Some get ZERO results. buying Consulting, Coaching, Training, or any other service, program, or product does not guarantee any specific result. Your results are solely dependent upon a number of factors that are completely outside my control, including your ability to quickly learn and implement our recommendations properly, your work ethics,  your relationship and trust level with your clients, customers, patients, members, or event attendees, your reputation, pricing structure, competition, and about 100 other factors.

You should also know that our Consulting, Coaching, Training services and programs require you to do work, they are not "EASY" or simple. BEING A HYPER SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER IS HARD WORK... we could never run your business for you and give you a check every month and we could never help someone who wants to micro-manage us or try to implement our recommendations their own way. We could not work with someone who wants 12 steps done, but only want to pay for 3 while expecting the full result of all 12.  We prefer to PARTNER in our client success, we are Consultants who love HARD WORK, this is what we are all about... If you are looking for a simple or easy route, if you are still chasing shiny objects or if you love the hype from the regurgitated B.S. of most GURU'S---rather than putting in the necessary HARD WORK, let me STOP you right here... please find another company to work with.

Otherwise, let us help to Shorten Your Learning Curve, and Attract All The Clients, Customers, Patients, Members, and Event Attendees You Desire ON Auto-Pilot & Scale Your Business while helping you Work 75% to 50% Less? Worst case scenario, instead of us putting $10k in your pocket, we only put $5k in your pocket monthly, even though this seldom happens, would you be mad at us?

Hi, I'm Bryant Vickers


I’m America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Business Growth Strategist; I'm a Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner. "

As Ceo of DOMINATE or die Marketing I have improved upon the Hidden Marketing Asset System to bring business owners what I call, The Hidden Marketing Asset Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System. As today's marketing, advertising and sales tactics are constantly changing algorithms, methodologies and are confusing to many business owners who find that things just don't work like they use to, to maintain long-term success in this highly competitive and Covid age, business owners need to adopt an unfair advantage mindset over their competitors to stay ahead of the curve. Let us SOLVE your problems with Targeted Lead Generation and Back-End Revenue Generation... I know you want to win more often, in order to do that, you must integrate the old with the new to be most effective... to become a Market DOMINATOR!


Don't get ripped off unknowingly from your web designer, business coach or marketing consultant ever again; The primary purpose of even being in business is doubling and then doubling again and again your business profits, while maintaining positive cash flow. Let us show you big boy marketing designed for small and mid-size business. Download our guides Today!

Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide

This guide a $20 Value - covers what you need to know in order to hire the right Marketing Consultant. Experience mega profits and explosive growth in your business.

Double Your Business in 90 Days!

This guide a $19 Value- will show you the 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales, Cash Flow and Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Focused Marketing Machine that doubles your profitability.

The HMA Book & Report

This Book is a -$20 Value. The FREE HMA Guide shows you exactly how the Hidden Marketing Asset System can help you profit and grow your business. Learn why having multiple pillars supports your business and cash flow needs better than having only one or two pillars available. The report shows you how to GROW!


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Who is Bryant Vickers and Why Are Business Owners waiting on a list Clamoring for his High-End Consulting and Coaching Programs?

Trained by the late Fred Williams in Marketing and Copywriting nearly 30 years ago, Bryant continues to pay homage to his first mentor in business and in life.

Bryant has written 5 books and several business-related reports; most notably The HMA Book and Report, Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide, and Double Your Business In 90 Days, and he is the re-creator of The Exponential Growth Matrix also known as Back-End Revenue Generation which is very powerful when coupled with a solid Lead generation program; this is what makes his methods flat out work. Bryant currently runs one of the highest-paid marketing consultancies and virtual mastermind groups in America that is designed to teach business disciplines in addition to marketing, advertising, and sales. Bryant has documented numerous successful case studies, more than most consultants, just visit his Case Studies Page. So if getting actual results matters to you, he's the person to go to!

Generally, while most business owners are looking only at their current sales efforts; and then taking on the stresses of putting out daily fires that arise out of not having the right systems, processes, procedures, or support team in place. Business owners rely way too heavily on skill-set (what type of work you do; doctor, lawyer, coach,  chiropractor, plumber, consultant, etc.) or on their direct selling ability while minimalizing marketing, technological, and cash flow development. I look at the opportunity all together differently; what money’s was lost or left on the table, and what expense could have been reduced while adding increased profitability, growth, productivity, and time-freedom that leads to 75% to 50% less work.

I have identified mindset patterns that limit and restrict business growth. I teach my clients that most industries only know (and only use) one to two particular marketing approaches when there are dozens. I help clients demystify marketing, advertising, and sales so that dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies (with far lower risk) and opportunities, become available to them that could give them a powerful leveraged advantage to quickly scale over their competition while better serving their market.

About DOMINATE or die Marketing

The #1 Threat To Your Business & Marketing Strategy Is That You Have To Clear A Pretty Thick Forest To Reach Your Dream Castle And In Order To Do That, You'll Need The Right Resources and The Right Team In-House and Outsourced...

Many of you reading this page desire to have, do or be more, or the DOMINATE or die Marketing Name, Logo or Unique Selling Proposition or Brand would have never caught your attention! Now That Your Here... Let Me Tell You The Truth.

“Before you proceed, some of you may have reached your dream castle destinations, and some of you still have not, however, step back and look at the big picture first; have you maintained a focus on your four biggest goals, or did you get side-tracked?” If you have reached them great! If you already have all the income that you personally desire then you simply need to scale your business for more growth.  And if you have not reached your goal, then you need to STOP the bleeding of Stagnation or Feast and Famine which is where most business owners are stuck at (Too Many Up and Down Roller Coaster Months).

The Problem (IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT...That misinformation, lack of correct information, listening to unqualified friends, or the fact that you simply didn't know better caused the following conditions)

Most business owners don't have a DOMINATE vision for their company, our most ideal clients are those with a DOMINATE vision to grow as quickly as possible, not just a desire to be a business owner who makes sales--they are two different things. However, the average business owners that I talk to who are mostly focusing on sales almost always - with tears in their eyes - share how their money is funny nearly every month and that they are tired and afraid of always being on The Roller Coaster ride of feast and famine while simply trying to provide a better life for their family. DODM serves both the leading DOMINATE business owner and the business owner who just wants to be in business making sales. However...

Your anxiety and stress levels are probably at an all-time high and for some of you, your marriages and other relationships are strained because many of you are making the mistake of not marketing well or turning off your marketing due to slow or no sales.

Many business owners are contemplating giving up on their businesses and going back to work, forsaking their dreams.

Forbes says that there are over a half-million new businesses that open their doors every month. But, unfortunately, 80% of those businesses close up shop within 18 months, and according to the IRS, over 93% of businesses aren’t even making more than $100k a year. And of those businesses, over 65% are making less than $50,000 a year.

Personally, I don’t know any business owner who has gone into business with the intention of making less than a high 6 or 7 figures; especially $50k (or less) annually…

I changed the name of my marketing company in 2020 to DOMINATE or die Marketing for a specific reason, for some business owners, the name might as well be ADAPT or die; after 30 years in marketing I found that no matter how great business owners intentions, many will tell me that they are already successful, they earned a low 6 or 7 figures already and that they are good, meaning they spent no money to get to where they are at and have no intentions on spending now; this means their plans for growing beyond selling is weak or they have no plan at all which is (even worse), some know how much they want to earn per month (even worst most do not), some know how many locations or sales reps they want to own or have and how many people they are going to hire or recruit. But very few can tell me what their plans are to avoid running out of CASH?

Being in Business is a Cash Flow game that most business owners are not prepared or properly trained for; so most businesses only focus on sales (selling activities) and mistakingly think they're growing when most are not, so, you are making money and maybe even good money... However...


This is why we are the preeminent marketing company that focuses on both sales (making money) and growth ( exponentially growing the money you make) at the same time in order to create leverage that you would not otherwise have... your either investing in a new idea, more marketing or hiring or recruiting people--all of these require you to pay for them before you see a return and if you are not paying for them most likely you are stuck in business opportunity mindset and not business growth. With a business opportunity mindset, there is not enough cash flow in the first place, and with business growth cash flow is consumed where you can NOT consistently profit and grow.

The mistake is that regardless of investing in people or marketing; you do not automatically get an instant and immediate return on investment. and since this is what nincompoops have told some of you to do, you are killing your own business with this type of thinking that is mostly focused on personal sales efforts and not growth efforts that consider cash flow principles. There is a gap or lag between investing and seeing a return, especially a consistent one. The business owner often runs out of cash and DIES as they try to grow because their real focus was primarily on selling the client who came through the door rather than on the relationship that opens increase selling opportunities with the initial client!

So, slow sales months creates fear that leads to the vicious cycle of stopping all or most advertising (STOPPING money from coming in) or borrowing money from the banks (if you can) or from higher interest funding companies or the business owner going on for months without payroll begging employees to stay-on, sometimes the owner looks good on paper, but in reality, there is no money in the bank, and the owner now is picking and choosing who gets paid and who don't and the owner sometimes never gets to feel or spend any of the profit they've made. But Bryant don't you offer higher interest loans to business owners, "YES" I do, however, let me make my point. There is no need for personal debt...if you started your company off with a solid marketing plan that produced bankable revenues regularly. However, I'm "NOT" a predatory lender like most who just want to sell you money to earn commission checks while allowing you to use the money for things that do NOT bring a return on money spent, which is generally what's needed most in 90% of businesses.

If your current plan is not or have not worked for a while the way you hoped; then sometimes we would need to pump cash back into your business to give it life, to take it off life support, so, we only offer loans for MARKETING purposes, for needed equipment and expansion only if certain marketing disciplines are in place first to sustain your business. Who's to say that we can't turn your marketing and business around!

The Solution (My Team and I Solve The Below Problems Every Day!)

Let me shape your thinking and planning to profit and grow with The Hidden Marketing Asset Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System 

1.Start with the End Goal in mind to reach your Dream Castle Destination! GROW A Business, Not Just A Client, Customer, Patient, Membership or Event Base. There are two things that matter most that you must focus on; profits and growth all at the same time, the issue is that too many business owners are focused on sales ONLY! CASH Is king, you need sales and cash flow tracking. Every Monday morning at 9 AM... what is coming in, did the cash come in as you expected, if not why not, did more leave than what you expected, what patterns do you see, pause and ask yourself whats going on.

2. We are a Thought Leadership Level Design, Business Development, and Marketing Agency. This means we take a deep dive into your business before ever working with you so that you can truly delegate your marketing implementation successfully, get results, and reach a solid ROI. We make sure that you have all of your Business Foundations dialed in correctly in order to do so. Re-budget and consider how your marketing plan and the research that goes into your plan supports your ability to keep cash flow consistent.

3.When was the last time your design/brand/marketing/ team took a look at your competitors and did the market research to target your best, most profitable client avatar, to gain a competitive and market advantage or went through various analytics to make sure you are hitting an emotional trigger with your audience, or helped you create a lead magnet and lead capture form on your sales pages to increase conversion while implementing effective offline methods to drive traffic to your website or other online platforms in addition to online methods? Create a new marketing plan that focuses on more from less... whatever you're taking for granted will have to stop, instead of focusing on getting 20 new clients, customers, patients, members, or event attendees; instead, focus on getting 20 new people who spends 25% more with you and who refers 15% more often.

4.When was the last time your development team took a look at your ads or target market in order to tell you what you should be tracking or that you need to optimize a specific landing page or website, or online platform for speed or higher visibility in order to increase conversions? Don't just look at the worst-case scenarios, have a plan for them so that your ads are better created and that you hit your target audience time and time again.

5.When was the last time the person who was managing your marketing gave you real-world ideas that are being used by some of the biggest companies or by top local competitors in order to increase conversions and sales? Too many Business Owners/Executives build ineffective teams, you don’t want to build a team; you want to build a support staff that wants to help you profit and grow! You must become like Apple; you can't just focus on marketing and selling your products and services if you owe Apple they want their money fast (inside 7 days) and if they owe you money--they want to pay you slowly (over 100 days) this means they are in full control of their NET position to sit on more cash in any economy or cash flow challenge.

6.When was the last time your development team took a look at your message or content. Did they create attention-grabbing images or create content that made your audience respond in droves, almost climbing across the glass and clamoring to tell most of their friends. Focus on the problems you can solve and how solving more problems for more people will result in you building up a cash reserve. Ever got hit with many things that you didn't see coming all at one time? Like for example, Covid-19, the easiest thing to do is not to Adapt, so you die! These are not real problems, REAL PROBLEMS are those that you can't solve, they are totally out of your control. Your prospects are no longer looking for service providers but are looking for problem solvers.

7. When was the last time that you Collapsed Time to Adjust your business priorities much faster, 

8.When was the last time your marketing person told you what you need to know now, that no one else has told you...There’s a massive business opportunity happening right now for local business owners and most business owners don’t even know about it! We'll discuss it in a moment. Though growth is important, focus on operational excellence. What is operational excellence? That thing or the number of things that you stand for. Your Team must operate with excellence and understand sales and back-end growth, they must understand and be able to use the automation systems that you choose to implement in order to save money, save time, make money and grow.

This type of marketing creates more brand loyalty and also generates much more profit because marketing dollars can be laser-focused on the people who are most likely to buy and buy again. Most businesses using POS systems are sitting on a GOLD MINE of data about their customers and clients. (Including emails and phone numbers!) But they have no clue as to how to use that data. Data Mining is at the core of everything we do! Some business owners have these machines in their business and are not maximizing the full use of these Cash Flow Generators.

According to Forbes Magazine, a small percent increase in selling to past customers results in a massive increase in profit. For instance, using our methods, if a business just makes a 5% increase in their sales to past customers, that can result in a whopping 25% to 95% increase in profits! 

Think past client, customer, or patient (we can do the same in the health field using other systems), Think upsale, Think how many times the person returns or repeat business. Think of referrals. Think Rapid Growth!

If you’ve eaten at a restaurant lately (or taken out), bought anything at a local business, bought clothes at your local retailer, flowers, auto parts, hardware, you name it, you probably paid via a Point of Sale system via a Point of Sale Terminal.

Very few retailers check out their customers and clients using an old-fashioned cash register. Nowadays, you’re checked out on a terminal, which is linked to the business’s backend computer system. That system keeps track of inventory, accounting, and also a massive amount of data about who buys, what, and how much they buy. Most Business owners are failing to capture each person's name, email, and phone... leaving holes in their business and that means you're losing money or leaving money on the table.

Here's what's so cool about this... Most retailers are sitting on a massive amount of data about their individual customers, and they have no idea what to do with it!

Here's the deal: POS systems are taking over the retail industry for two reasons... Point of Sale Systems creates a much more individualized buying experience for the customer. People don’t use cash like they used to...AND...most shoppers refer to their phones to find out more about a purchase while shopping. Shoppers like (and are coming to expect) a more individualized shopping and buying experience.

No wonder use of POS systems in retail is exploding!


From the merchant's point of view, POS systems are extremely cost and time effective, and merchants can collect a massive amount of data about their buyers. POS systems provide merchants with an all-in-one software solution to running their businesses. This is why, according to Vend (, a POS software company with over twenty-five thousand users, the POS (point of sale) terminal market is exploding at an annual growth rate of over 13%. Even for smaller businesses, POS systems take care of virtually everything, including...

  • Order fulfillment
  • Employee scheduling
  • Loyalty programs
  • Backend reporting and analytics
  • Payment processing for debit cards, credit cards, cash, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay

Let us help you maximize all of the above solutions along with your POS System through our HMA System...

What is The Hidden Marketing Asset System?

The Hidden Marketing Assets System was developed by top marketing consultant Richard Johnson, by marrying the concepts of lean thinking (from the world of manufacturing) with the multi-pillar/multi-channel marketing philosophies of one of the world’s true marketing geniuses, Jay Abraham. You could never say that this program could never work for you, that your business is different; after all. Abraham’s philosophy has worked in various industries and for the following large companies and organizations and they’ll work for you too. We are a certified member of this global network of over 100 small and mid-size business marketing consultants who collaborate on HMA methodologies, ideas, and resources.

Companies that use our business model: The International Guild of Professional Consultants, Dell Computers, IBM, New York Times, Microsoft, HBO, U.S. Department of Commerce, Fed Ex, Tony Robbins, and AT&T just to mention a few top companies that use some variation of the HMA System.

Here’s what we WILL cover in our FREE 45-minute Business Plan Triage Call:

  • We will show you how to realistically DOMINATE your competition and market area; walk away with at least 2-4 strategies (revitalizing the undervalued resources you already have in your business while exponentially growing your business in 8 ways) You'll also learn why The Hidden Marketing Asset Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System is the most powerful business-building system in the world.
  • We will reveal why you are missing your sales targets, time and time again…and how to finally aim and hit the bullseye every single time with lead generation and revenue generation methods!
  • We will examine mindset challenges that hinder your progress
  • We will explain how simple fixes… to hiring the right person and training the most qualified specialist to support your business structure can make ALL the difference to your cash flow.
  • We will talk about the stuff you absolutely hate, the stuff you ignored, the stuff you swept under the carpet or put on the perpetual back burner, the stuff you are afraid or uncomfortable doing, and why the stuff that you don't like, the un-sexy stuff – the overlooked stuff in every business that has the biggest potential to block the road to profits, growth, and success.
  • We will show you how you could get a 90-day plan to finally do it all – with ease!
  • We can discuss Re-Planning your business (Turning Your Business Around and Making It More Profitable)
  • We can discuss how to Re-Package your services and make them more attractive to your audience.
  • We can discuss how to Re-Purpose your daily tasks for better sales production.
  • We can discuss your business foundations to quickly find out what's missing and in the way.

The HMA System Implements A Multi-Pillar or Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign?

Multi-Pillar/Cross-Channel Marketing Definition: 

“Is marketing that focuses on providing your customer, client, patient, member or event attendee with a consistently profitable and growth-oriented sales experience while interacting with your brand and syndicating it across multiple marketing channels. It is the most powerful way of designing your marketing strategy to create customer journeys involving various channels while also creating increased and or recurring revenue and growth.” --  Bryant Vickers (DODM).

Who We Work Best With?

Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Medi-Spas, Hair Salons, Physical Therapists, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Other "Health or Fitness Specialist." Who desires to be the obvious expert, the most sought after practice in your local market area, state, or nationally. Today, when it comes to medical-related marketing you need an experienced marketing consultant to join forces with your in-house team, to help you manage your day-to-day marketing efforts. Times have changed; With Insurance companies in your pocket, you need more cash pay patients and you also need better practice automation that saves you time, along with a solid plan that focuses on social engagement that educates and converts patients, advertisements that set you apart, while positioning you as an authority in your field, as most health patients are looking to only visit the best doctor or practitioner that has quality written reviews and the most recent online reviews while demonstrating an excellent online reputation.

Local Service Business Owners/Membership Organizations/Retail/Restaurants Many of you work tirelessly long hours, some of you have really created jobs for yourselves over the last past 10, 15, 20 years--It's time for a change. When you have created a business that has not fully served your overall goals or when you've been earning the same or close to the same income level for a number of years without that number growing or you're saying next year I'll make changes or do better and with each passing year you get more of the same or your staff asks for improvements that never come....these are all signs that you are in your own way, and that you need help! There are 4 things that you need. 1. better cash flow, 2. better productivity, 3. better automation 4. better traffic...missing anyone or slacking in any of these four areas can be the cause of restless nights.

Coaches/Consultants/Marketers/Sales Professionals (Speakers/Authors) Most coaches, consultants, and speakers that I work with fail have a clear message of what they do, who they serve, the problems that they solve, and the call to action they need to best close the deal, many of their packages or programs are not well thought out. If you want to get your core message targeted to the right audience with the right media. Improve your speaking skills. I will show you how to find paid and equally lucrative free events. Let me show you exactly how to attract your most ideal clients, how to charge more, mistakes that may be hindering your progress keeping you from more high-ticket days. But most of all how to build a paying following by learning how to enroll prospects online, offline, and during events, and in person. Also, I'll show you how to set up your website to attract event hosts and sponsors and how to get clients to book on your calendar. Let me introduce you to our "BEST SELLING" Author program, and add to your Amazon and Barnes and Nobel Sales by getting your book into local book stores, libraries, and corporations. Services for Non-Fiction Authors who want to write a book that positions them to win their most ideal highest-paying clients. This service is also for Local service businesses.

Working With My Team and I Is NOT Cheap…

Everyone does not want to become a Market DOMINATOR and that's ok, we will help any serious-minded business owner, however, We Are Looking To Create More "Market DOMINATORS™" Who Aren’t Afraid To Play A BIGGER Game... is that YOU?

What is a "Market Dominator"? It's a business owner who clearly understands that the whole idea of business is really built on the concept of becoming a wildly profitable marketplace leader, or the second leader,  but never the third or fourth who has LEVERAGED their business in order to play a bigger game, meaning they are medium to high-risk takers that are NOT averse to investing large sums to gain wealth quickly.

However, there is one thing that works negatively against this premise...

“Now let's address the marketing mistake that EVERYBODY makes which is that they try to get their customers, clients, patients, members or event attendees as "cheaply" as they possibly can.”

Dan Kennedy; one of America's foremost marketing authorities and one of my mentors says...

“I have the same ongoing fight with a client that does almost two billion a year in revenue and fundamentally could spend virtually any amount of money, anyway they chose. And I have the same conversation with somebody who’s got a bag of pennies and is trying to get going.

If you think you’re resource-limited, you think that’s why you make this mistake; but really, it is a mental mistake. In most cases, it’s a mental block that’s the result of lack or poverty or scarcity from childhood.

It’s not a money mistake and it has to be fixed in how you think before you’ll ever fix it in money.

So, again, here’s the mistake EVERYBODY makes:

"They try to get their leads, their customers, their clients, their event attendees,
and their patients as "cheaply” as they possibly can!

However, getting cheap leads is their chosen mission and they evaluate everything they do base on the raw, simple, relative cost of getting a lead, customer, client, or patient by doing it, and they are very easily attracted by the cheapest, or apparently the cheapest, thing to do like moths to light in the dark.

They deprive themselves of the biggest single advantage you can have in the marketplace, which is the ability and willingness to outspend every direct competitor for the attention and interest of your clientele.

If you try and attract people as cheaply as you possibly can, what happens? You can only do a very limited number of things, maybe only use 1-2 campaigns on average like most business owners. But my DODM clients add 8, 10, or 14 campaigns like market leaders who earn the most money, who live where they want, drive what they want, have great family and friend time, travel, and stay on exotic vacations as long as they want, have time for other adventures and business pursuits and most of all they understand...

If they simply STOP doing this--being "CHEAP"--they will watch their life dramatically change within 6 months to 1 year far outperforming the last past 3, 5, or even 10 years. If you can outspend everybody else you will near-instantly have and maintain an unfair ADVANTAGE that leads to far greater profits, growth, and time freedom all because:

  • The horizontal range of things you can do expands dramatically.
  • The aggressiveness with which you can do it expands dramatically.
  • The speed of profitability increases with more profits
  • Rapid growth becomes self-evident
  • Time freedom becomes realized
  • And WEALTH is achieved quicker.

Is Not Always Easy To Get Leads, Conversions, and SALES... Until Now!

Hire Us As Your Virtual CMO; Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Training Team.

Schedule a "FREE" 45 Minute Business Plan Triage Call Today

The 8-Step HMA System Can Get You, Massive Clients, in 90 Days Without You Spending A Dime More Than What You’re Currently Spending On Marketing Considering That You Already Have A Competitive and Realistic Ad Spend Already!

This Is Not For People Who Refuse To Spend Money On Advertising...It’s For Those Who Already Are or Those Who Have A Willingness To Invest In Additional Profits, Growth, Productivity and Time Freedom Without Excuse, Buyer Remorse or Even Worse, Fear.


Here's How To Get Started...


Get your “FREE” Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide, Double Your Business in 90 Days, and HMA Book & Report.

Read them, readers are leaders, and DOMINATE or die readers are financially strong business owners. After reading them, then fill out my fact-finding BUSINESS PLAN TRIAGE QUSTIONAIRE form on my Questionnaire page, and then I will get in touch with you. If at any point you have any issues, questions, or concerns about my questionaire or anything else please move on to STEP 2.

If you haven’t downloaded your 3 “FREE” gifts, please do it now while it's fresh on your mind before moving to step 2. Thank you.




I Can Only Help 3-5 Business Owners Per Month, This Is A Limited Monthly Opportunity.

The Decision Is Now



Have Questions? We’ll Help You Decide!

Schedule a "FREE" 45 Minute Business Plan Triage Call Today!


OR CALL TODAY! 302-353-2542


Spy & Profit

Competitive and Market Research, Strategic Planning

(STEP 1)


Are you just getting started in business and want an immediate leg up; or maybe been around for 3, 5 or 10 years and your business is still stagnant or in feast and famine; you may be missing some foundational business-building steps that will allow your business to just flow after coming out of corporate. You may need to really get your target audience dialed in, or become super clear on your primary message or create a solid offer that drives prospects to climb across glass, past your competitors to get to you and only you, you may be focusing too much on media when you are in need of a solid strategy. My high-priced fee structure for this service ($25k) has never been designed to be a cost-effective way to access my “Larger” Consulting advice… until now! My focus with Spy and Profit is to transfer my "Business-Development and Marketing Expertise" to you, through advisory, consulting, and implementation modules. If you own a business or manage a profit center that directly affects your company’s marketing, advertising and/or sales performance —  I personally built this program for you!

We Are Limited To Only 2-3 Spy and Profits Sessions Per Week, Book The Session(s) That Best Fits Your Need. 

Check Page For Individual Service Prices, Bundle and Save!)


HMA Coaching

Private Virtual Workshop, or Virtual Workshop Facilitated For Your Organization

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Why would you neglect the facts that shows you that you really need help; free help from local Business Incubators, Colleges, Score, SBA, etc teaches you much-needed puzzle pieces; then at some point, you'll have to put the whole puzzle together which means that you've wasted a lot of TIME trying to figure all this marketing, advertising and sales insider secrets out. Time, is something you can get back; doesn't it make better sense to simply move past feast and famine and start leveraging up a few levels by focusing on strategies, tactics, processes, and procedures that really supports your specific profit, growth, productivity, and time-freedom needs.

Enroll in our virtual Coaching and Mentoring Program for people who need "PROVEN" Marketing Training," rather than continuing to just tinker around. Join a supportive network of like-minded business owners who all have a DOMINATE life goal of becoming one of the best marketers at what they do, rather than a doer of what they do!

One-Time Group Investment of $4,997 or Special College/Business Training Center Rates Available.


DOMINATOR Digital Marketing Machine

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I know you thought that the car comes before the engine; however, the engine must fit the car in order to work properly. 9 out of 10 business owners today make very huge mistakes with their internet marketing and their websites. I view internet marketing as having an ATM Machine in your office, a machine that you can go to at any time of day, any day of the week and extract cash. The problem is that most business owners think that they just need a website and magically if they build it, people will come; and then they will earn lots of money, wrong. Having a website without understanding internet marketing tremendously hinders your online results and ROI to earn MASSIVE amounts of money while impacting more lives with your programs and packages.

If your digital marketing is not reaching more and more people and if you are not making more and more money you are still trading time for dollars. It’s time to reTHINK your digital marketing STRATEGY first, and this does not always mean doing things on the internet, it's time to think multi-channel digital marketing.

Improving Your Funding as a Learning Concept with Green Chart

Business Credit, Funding and More

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To run and build your successful business, you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rates possible. Business credit is essential to make this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a bank loan.

We help you build your business credit (that’s not linked to your SSN) using a proven, and highly personalized process. We simplify your experience of obtaining business credit which helps you qualify for business loans which can improve cashflow and help you grow in ways that you can only imagine.

Consulting Expert Advice Support Service Business concept.

HMA Consulting

PROVEN to get you massive results; $10,000-$100,000 in monthly profits and or 25% to 250% growth

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We, Will Execute Our Marketing Plan For Profits, Productivity, Growth & Time Freedom For You. All-Inclusive Custom Execution of HMA and  DOMINATOR Style Marketing!

Get MASSIVE Windfall Profits; we will open the floodgates through our fully integrative HMA System. Let us 2, 5 or 10 x your business. No more hiring service providers, when you can hire a highly skilled marketing partner/CMO who can aggressively help you DOMINATE the competition with an pre-emptive stike Guaranteed to help you win

• Website/Funnel/Branding
• Copywriting/Content Publishing
• Digital/Social/Lead Generation
• Book Publishing & Marketing
• Business Plans & Grant Writing
• Automation & Referral Marketing
• Sales Training
• Media Buying & Advertising

3 Marketing Execution Packages to choose from



I Can Only Help 3-5 Business Owners Per Month, This Is A Limited Monthly Opportunity.

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If you don’t want to unknowingly lose money or leave money on the table anymore...



You can spend years trying to master marketing sales psychology, copywriting, web design/traffic and lead generation, online conversion triggers, event marketing, book creation and marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, email automation, video marketing, referral marketing, press and publicity campaigns, and more just so you can build a sales funnel that COMPETES with the top 1%-3% of other online marketers (businesses) and spend the next 10, 20, 30 years learning all this like I have.



You can PARTNER with me and leverage my team of seasoned professionals and get my lucrative new solution to get a sales funnel that is PROVEN to convert by taking advantage of our brand new “lead generation, lead capture, lead conversion, lead tracking, and referral based” technology to DOMINATE your competition, earning you exponentially more profits and faster growth. 

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