Read This Lengthy Page To Your Benefit: This Site Is For Business Owners Who Want To Be The Best In Their Field or Niche, For Those Who Are Never (Ok, Partially) Satisfied With Their Level Of Sales, Profits, Growth, Productivity, and or Time Freedom; For Those Who Can Be Gut-Wrenching Honest With Themselves That They Know They Could Do Much Better, But Can't Figure Out What They Need To Do First, Second Or Third In Order To Reach Their Target Audience, Generate More Revenue And Growth, And For Those Who Know That They Need Professional Coaching And Or Done for You Consulting To Get All They Can, Out Of All They Got, If This Is You, Know That...

"You Don't Have To Spend A Penny More On Advertising Than What You're Currently Spending Now; Based On Your Current Reality We Can Transform Your Current Results, Adding To Your Current Profits $10,000 Or More Per Month Within 90 Days On Average While Quickly Increasing Your Growth By 25%-250% Without You Ever Running Out Of CASH Again!"

Thousands of Businesses Are Losing Or Leaving $10,000 to $1,000,000 Per Month In Untapped Profits On The Table Every Month And Many Of You Have Been Doing So For Years; Which Sometimes Allows Your Top Competitors To Gain Market Share Over You… But You Will Never Discover These Untapped Profits Without A Qualified Marketing Consultant On Your Side, Let Me Show You The Holes In Your Business That You Don't Even Know Exist Where You're Spewing Out The Money That You Just Invested Getting Far Less Return Than You Should!!

The Above Is Not Some Sleazy Sales Hype and We Have The Case Studies To Prove That We Are Good At What We Do, Let us 2X,  5X, or possibly even 10-x your business within the next 90-Days. 

The Only Marketing System That Will Add Profits And Growth To Your Business That Has A “Performance GUARANTEE!”

Important Disclaimer! (the law wants me to say this) I want to be extremely clear and honest with you right out the gate, I am in no way Implying or guaranteeing you'll make any money or generate specific level of results in your business by following my advice or enrolling in any of my programs. NO ONE can guarantee you financial results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don't even know you or anything about your business, even as we learn more about you and your business, we have found that only the business owner has the true power to CHANGE and improve their business once armed with the solid Business Building Information that we provide? However, your confidence will be improved during the journey from the many and various nuggets that you'll pick up through your commitment to overcome your current reality. However, If You need a Guarantee, you already are in a failure mindset and you will never do the HARD work nessecerry to achieve your DREAM!

Any Testimonial or Case Study on this website or in our printed materials or Ads were given to us by successful clients who implemented our recommendations, they followed our program guidelines as instructed, and are simply giving their personal expressions of their experience of working with my team and I within one capacity or another. Not all clients get these results. Some get ZERO results. Buying Consulting, Coaching, Training, or any other service, program, or product does not guarantee any specific result. Your results are solely dependent upon a number of factors that are completely outside my control, including your ability to quickly learn and implement our recommendations properly, your work ethics-doing HARD WORK,  your relationship and trust level with us and your clients, customers, patients, or members, your reputation, pricing structure, competition, and about 100 other factors.


Learn The Truth About Your Business Plan Or Lack Of One (Hint: Since Most Businesses Go Out Of Business --The Ideal Of The Traditional Business Plan Must Be Somewhat Flawed -- I Will Show You Why My Detailed Step-By-Step, Executionable Marketing Action Plan(M.A.P.) and Marketing Accountability Program Get's High Results When You Follow It As Recommended.

Discover The Secret Why Conversions are the Biggest Problem That You Have Both Online and Offline When It Comes To Exponentially Growing Your Business. Let Us Show You How To Improve Conversions and Scale Your Back-End Sales Opportunities.

Learn Why You Must Inter the Conversation In Your Prospects Head Psychologically With A Plain Conversational Tone That Helps To Build A Relationship First, Rather Than A Authoritative Sales Voice For Long-Term Loyalty, Referrals and Rapid Growth.

Why 90 Percent Of Business Owner Work More Hours Than They Have To, Let Us Help You To Shrink Your Work Hours Automatically, Allowing You To Work 75% to 50% Less 

What Do You Know About The Difference Between Branding and Direct Response Marketing, And In What Way The Two Affects Your Content and Advertising Copy? 

Learn How To Become DOMINATE Minded To Put Your Head In The Game To Be More, Do More, and Have More Out Of Your Business And DREAM Lifestyle 

Ignite The Selling Power Of Your Offer, Packages, Programs Or Courses; We Will Show You How To Create An Irresistible Offer With Sizzling Copy And Images That Your Dream Clients Will Drool Over, Climb Across Broken Glass, Through A Hot Flame As They Happily Pay You Premium Prices Without Sales Resistance.

If You're Building A Cash-Generating Online Marketing Machine It Is Important That Your Marketing Comes Before Your Website; Then You Know That Never Running Out Of Leads And Keeping Your Calendar Filled With "READY TO BUY" Prospects That Pay Your High-End Fees In Full And On Time Is Just One Of Our Specializations.

When You Think like a CEO You Are Better Able To Make The Best Use Of Your Time So You’re Working Less IN The Business And More ON The Business, Let Us Show You How.

The Truth Is That Positioning Yourself As A Specialist Makes You More In Demand And Allows You To Charge Premium Prices And Stand Out In Even The Most Competitive Markets.

Do You Know, The Know, Like, and TRUST Factor? Many Business Owners Don't, However, The Faster You Can Earn Someones Trust, The Faster You Can Then Qualify and Close Deals... Try To Close Without Earning Trust And The Deal Will Fall Apart Up The Road. 

Are You Building Your Online Reviews, Reputation and Referrals? Or Are You Letting Them Hap-Hazardly Happen Or Not Happen? Let Us Fix This For You So You Can Win More Sales As Reviews And Referral Programming Can Double Your Business Quickly When You Have A Good Reputation.

Learn How To Become The Go-To-Authority In Your Industry And Scoop Up Your Fair Share Of Dream Clients.... Without cold outreach or spending a single cent on ads! All While Doing Organic Marketing The Right Way In Order To Build Revenue To Do Paid Ads Later As The Combined Efforts Are Much More Effective.

This Is Not A Gimmick... Joint Ventures Can Put You In Front Of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 Or More Of Your Most Ideal Clients, Customers, Patients And Members... Why Are You Not Using This In Your Business. Let Us Help You Structure A JV Deal Today!  

Plus Monetization...What The Heck Is Monetization, After All You Do Like Money Right? That Is Why You Are In Business To Produce More Money Doing Something You Enjoy Doing! Let Us Help You Create More Passive and Residual Income In Your Business For Bigger and More Frequent Pay Days. Let us help you improve your cash flow through our many Partnerships.

If You're Not Ready For High-End, Hands-on Coaching, Training and Consulting Where You Follow My Complete Recommendations As Written In My Step-By-Step Marketing Action Plan, Then You Can Take Advantage Of Our FREE Tools and Low-Cost DIY Resources

Plus We’ll Help You In A Number Of Ways Including:

Creating a fully integrated, turn-key marketing program that includes marketing action plan, accountability program, monthly targets and marketing calendar.

Providing comprehensive done for you Consulting with campaign management leaving no detail unattended or DIY Coaching.

Researching and analyzing competitors, market, and new opportunities.

Developing a constant stream of brand creative, promotional and sales ideas that also could include sales training and or sales fulfillment

Overseeing all aspects of the media buying program (traditional, digital and social)

Helping to generate more leads, traffic and opportunities to make a sale insuring that revenue goals will be met allowing us to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Winning back past customers, clients, patients, or members and increasing repeat, upsell and referral business

Delivering more ROI, giving you higher margins and lower or adequate cost of customer, client, patient or member acquisition.

Hi, I'm Bryant Vickers

I’m A Leading National Conversion Copywriter, Rapid Profit, Business Growth, Monetization and Cash Flow Improvement Consultant "

Who helps business owners with Lead Acquisition, Building Repeat, Referral and Upsell Growth and Building Additional Passive, Residual and Funding Income Models into businesses for maximum profits, rapid growth and improved cash flow. I have created what I call, The HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System for Local Service Businesses, Health Practitioners, Retail Operations, Restaurants and Coaches/Consultants that hire me to re-plan, re-purpose or re-build and optimize their marketing, advertising, sales system, processes and procedures. Today's marketing, advertising, and sales tactics are constantly changing algorithms, methodologies and are confusing to many business owners who find that things just don't work like they use to, and in order to maintain long-term success in this highly competitive and Covid age, business owners need an unfair advantage over their competitors to stay ahead of the curve with the latest marketing advances. I HELP Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Solve these challenges.


Best Practices, Marketing Guides, Training & Downloadable Growth Tools

 Don't get ripped off unknowingly from your web designer, business coach or marketing consultant ever again; The primary purpose of even being in business is doubling and then doubling again and again your business profits, while maintaining positive cash flow. Let us show you big boy marketing designed for small and mid-size business. Download our guides Today!

Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide

This guide a $20 Value - covers what you need to know in order to hire the right Marketing Consultant. Experience mega profits and explosive growth in your business.

Double Your Business in 90 Days!

This guide a $19 Value- will show you the 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales, Cash Flow and Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Focused Marketing Machine that doubles your profitability.

The HMA Book & Report

This Book is a -$20 Value. The FREE HMA Guide shows you exactly how the Hidden Marketing Asset System can help you profit and grow your business. Learn why having multiple pillars supports your business and cash flow needs better than having only one or two pillars available. The report shows you how to GROW!


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Who is Bryant Vickers and Why Are Business Owners Sometimes Waiting On A List Clamoring For His High-End Consulting Programs?

Trained by the late Fred Williams in Marketing and Copywriting nearly 30 + years ago, Bryant continues to pay homage to his first mentor in business and in life. He knows that the two, business and the DREAM life are inseparable, they go hand in hand, after all, most of business owners started their business to provide a better life for their families and themselves, to create an impact in the world, to solve someone else's problem with a transformational service, or a innovative product, to provide a better experience while making insane income and growing as big as their DREAMS could allow.

Bryant has written 5 books and several business-related reports; most notably The HMA Book and Report, Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide, and Double Your Business In 90 Days, and he is a Back-End Revenue Generation Specialist who has re-created The Exponential Growth Matrix which is a form of building passive and or residual income which is very powerful when coupled with a solid Lead Acquisition Program; this is what makes his methods flat out work. Bryant currently runs one of the highest-paid marketing consultancies and virtual mastermind groups in America that is designed to teach business disciplines in addition to marketing, advertising, and sales. Bryant has documented numerous successful case studies; just visit his Case Studies Page.

Generally, while most business owners are looking only at their current personal sales efforts; and then taking on the stresses of putting out daily fires that arise out of not having the right systems, processes, procedures, or support team in place. Business owners rely way too heavily on skill-set (which is based on the type of work you do; doctor, lawyer, coach,  chiropractor, plumber, consultant, etc.) or on their direct selling ability while minimalizing the importance of solid marketing, technological, and cash flow management. Bryant looks at the opportunity all together differently; what money’s was lost or left on the table, and what expense could have been reduced while adding increased profitability, growth, productivity, and time-freedom that leads to 75% to 50% less work.

Bryant has identified mindset patterns that limit and restrict business growth. he teaches his clients that most industries only know (and only use) one to two particular marketing approaches when there are dozens. He help clients demystify marketing, advertising, and sales with current thought-leader thinking so that dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies (with far lower risk) and opportunities, become available to them that could give them a powerful leveraged advantage to quickly scale over their competition while better serving or as Bryant likes to say, DOMINATING their market.

What is The Hidden Marketing Asset (HMA) Rapid Path To Fast Cash Growth System?

Originally, The Hidden Marketing Assets System was developed by top marketing consultant Richard Johnson, by marrying the concepts of lean thinking (from the world of manufacturing--we save you money while) using the multi-pillar/multi-channel lead acquisition marketing philosophies of one of the world’s true marketing geniuses, Jay Abraham to rapidly make money for your small or mid-size business. Bryant Vickers simply infused the program with Back-End Revenue Generation that uses The Exponential Growth Matrix to multiply passive and or residual income levers for even faster revenue and growth opportunities. You could never say that this program could never work for you, that your business is somehow different; after all, Abraham’s philosophy has worked in various industries and for the following large companies and they’ll work for you too. Companies that use some variation of the core HMA System Business Model:

The #1 Threat, The #1 Threat, The #1 Threat To Your Marketing Strategy Is NOT Having A Better Website, Branding, Advertising More, Having More Locations, Or A Great Staff Or Attracting More Sales Reps. It's That You Have To Clear All The Mental Road Blocks or Lack Of Correct Information (Trees) To Reach Your DREAM Castle As Fast As Possible Because Your Reality Is That You're In A Financial Race Against Time! 

Many of you reading this page desire to have, do or be more, or the DOMINATE or die Marketing Name, Logo or Unique Selling Proposition or Brand would have never caught your attention! Now That Your Here... Let Me Tell You The Truth.

“Before you proceed, some of you may have reached your DREAM castle destinations, and I applaud you; and some of you still have not, however, step back and look at the big picture first; have you maintained a focus on your four biggest goals and then reached your next four? Or did you get side-tracked somewhere along the way?” If you have reached them great! If you already have all the income that you personally desire then you simply need to scale your business for more growth and I can talk to you about what that may look like.  But for the rest of you, if you have not reached your MAXIMUM INCOME goal, and other business/life goals yet; then you need to STOP the bleeding of Stagnation or Feast and Famine which is where most business owners are stuck at; Too Many Up and Down Roller Coaster Months--Please Let Me Solve This For You.

The Problem:

You want to live your best life right now, you want four vacations a year; a never-ending flood of win-fall profits; to be able to work when you want, where you want and how you want; you want your children in the best schools; you want to work less than 8 hours most days, you may want to leave an inheritance to your children; you want to drive the most exotic cars; and live in the most beautiful home; you may even want a much more simpler life; you just may want to take your life back and have more control over your own destiny... whatever you want... requires you to be adaptive in this highly competitive and Covid age or your business will die. Therefore, you must make up your mind, to DOMINATE or die, that is the decision to be made to reach your DREAM goals without ending up like the status quo, settling for less.


You know what you SHOULD do. You know you should ask for referrals. You know you should workout. You know you should post on social media. You know you should be asking for sales every day, you know you should be paying for advertising, you know you need coaching. So why aren’t you doing them?

The Answer: Because you SHOULD do them. I have found the real problem in nearly all relationships is that people do NOT want to be told what to do--after all, your business is your baby, and there's no difference between the relationship between a consultant and our client and a man and a woman. People simply resent someone telling them to do better or how to do things, people take it personally...STOP taking it personally, at times you need constructive criticism in order to learn how to do things better... Or you'll keep doing the same things without change... getting nowhere fast, expecting a different result... and since your not crazy, I have to assume (which I hate doing) that you are not willing to put in the HARD WORK for what you say you REALLY want. Prove me wrong! Because I personally LOVE being challenged to do better, If I can take constructive criticism from my mentors, Why can't you? Most of you need Accountability, a push to do the things that you know you should be doing.

To get results, you need to replace “should” with “I Have To Do This.” You have to do what the Consultant Recommends, the way the consultant says to do it, otherwise, why hire help and then try to tell the help (Consultant) how to help you! Would you go to your Doctor or Lawyer and tell them what to do after they carefully reviewed your REALITY (situation). Think about this; you always do the things that You Have To Do. You have to take that test so you do it. You have to pay your phone bill so you do it. You have to pay your rent so you do it. You have to take care of your family so you do it. If you were about to be evicted today and a stranger offered you $1,000 to butter their buns and call them “Toast”, you would do it! Consultants are NOT service providers (web designers, lead generation, social media people--even though they offer the same services); they don't work for you, they partner in your success by providing ALL the nuts and bolts, not pieces of the puzzle, this is why they get a Royalty on what they produce for you in terms of Return on Investment which is much more than what any service provider doe's, because Marketing Consultants Examine and Diagnose the root cause of your business problems, not pieces of it. Some business owners have a problem with this, if so, your not ready to hire a Consultant. Coaching, or DIY options may be best for you at this time.

So, what’s the big secret to getting all your stuff done? You can either choose my free tools or DIY resources, that way you can decide for yourself how you want to do stuff or you may desire my brand of Consulting, and if you do,  I will put so much pressure (ACCOUNTABILITY) on you to perform that you absolutely HAVE TO DO it day in and day out to achieve your DREAM!


It's easy to talk a big game. Most of my prospective clients do until I deflate their egos or challenge them with constructive criticism, and harsh realities that they say they can handle after I ask for permission to be direct and honest with them, but fall apart when I tell them the truth or worse, they hate my guts and never want to see me again; but when I see them years later, they are no further along, still stuck where they were at when I first met them. Don't let this be you!

It's easy to post on social media that you want to do something like...

  • Write a Best Selling Book and get it published in the next 90 days
  • ​Create and launch an online course and generate 5-6-figures selling it
  • ​Open 3 new bigger locations
  • ​Launch your Podcast, online video show, or blog to share your thoughts and ideas
  • Build an email list of 30,000 people
  • ​Start losing weight and making this the year to finally get healthy
  • ​Learn how to do online marketing by running some of those Facebook Ads
  • ​Go on that mind-blowing trip you've been fantasizing about, but never plan for because you always seem to have more month than money
  • ​Or any number of things on your bucket list

I know you have Big GOALS, Big AMBITIONS, and Big DREAMS for your life. It's not about having or making the time... It's not about motivation... It's not even about having a big enough reason WHY... It actually has to do with something much deeper. The reason why you are not checking off more ambitions from your list is that when it comes down to doing what you HAVE TO DO...

CHANGE IS HARD (A Old Friend of mine used to say, "Change I Must, Or Die I Will!") Think about that for a moment. Change is a choice. Your either going to DOMINATE your lndustry, Market or Niche or your going to die!

How willing are you to commit to ongoing CHANGE?

It's hard to do something new. Especially invest in marketing when your FEARFUL that you’ll lose money, get taken advantage of again by the web designer, coach, consultant, or sales rep, many of you are fearful that you'll make a mistake or not get a Return On Investment. "People will fight like hell to stay in their comfort zones." ...and business owners fight me every day to stay in their Comfort Zones, but I cannot fight harder than the business owner when my job is to show them a way out of their comfort zones. You can not truly sucessfully market or grow a business staying stuck in your comfort zone! Doing so will create slow growth, slowing financial momentum which is what brings faster and greater reward.

That's likely where many of you are at right now. Moving but still Comfortable or Stuck. You want more, but you also like being comfortable. But comfortable doesn't allow you to make a real impact in your business. A real difference. To leave a legacy. Comfortable will meet you at the end of your life and fill you full of regrets.



You know exactly what I mean...

  • Someday you'll stop procrastinating and start creating the content I need to create in order to build a bigger audience and generate more sales
  • ​Someday you'll stop choosing fast food, start meal planning and taking my health seriously, so I have more energy, I will take care of my brain and my body, and feel more confident in my skin
  • ​Someday I'll figure out this Internet thing and STOP pleading ignorance, finally understanding how to work with technology and use it as a tool to reach all of my dreams, goals, and ambitions
  • Someday, Someday, Someday...Maybe, Someday I'll Decide To Get Uncomfortable--to Make A Decision To CHANGE my Life or Someday May Never Come, Don't Ever Give Up Your DREAMS, The Decision Is Yours...Take It Now!



This does not mean you have to work non-stop... But consider that Forbes says that there are over a half-million (500,000) new businesses that open their doors every month. But, unfortunately, 80% (400,000) of those businesses close up shop within 18 months, and according to the IRS, over 93% of businesses aren’t even making more than $100k a year. And of those businesses, over 65% are making less than $50,000 a year.

Personally, I don’t know any business owner who has gone into business with the intention of making less than a HIGH 6 or 7 figures; $50k (or less) annually…REALLY!

If You Have Read This Far, I Commend You, I Know That You Truly Have A Big DREAM, Now That I Have Gotten Your Attention; Here's A Few More Ways I Can Help You That Most Of My Competitors Are Clueless About When It Comes To Building A Cash Wind-Fall Business That Has Real Value Built-In.

Let me reshape your thinking regarding planning for profit, growth, productivity and time-freedom with The HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System... but ...

1. First let's start with the End Goal in mind to reach your Dream Castle Destination! Start GROWING A Business; Not Just A Client, Customer, Patient, or Membership Base. There are two things that matter most that you must focus on; profits and growth all at the same time, the issue is that too many business owners are focused on sales or connection/network ONLY! CASH Is king, you need sales and cash flow tracking. Every Monday morning at 9 AM... what is coming in, did the cash come in as you expected, if not why not, did more leave than what you expected, what patterns do you see, pause and ask yourself whats going on. Is your Friday accounting, tax and cash flow management on board, is your business foundations set up right?

2. We are a Thought Leadership Level Branding, Business Development, and Marketing Agency. This means we take a deep dive into your business before ever working with you so that you can truly delegate your marketing implementation successfully, get results, and reach a solid ROI. We make sure that you have all of your Business Foundations dialed in correctly in order to do so. Re-budget and consider how your marketing plan and the research that goes into your plan supports your ability to keep cash flow consistent.

3. When was the last time your brand and marketing team took a look at your competitors and did the market research to target your best, most profitable client avatar, to gain a competitive and market advantage? Or went through various analytics to make sure you are hitting an emotional trigger with your audience, or helped you create a lead magnet and lead capture form on your sales pages to increase conversion while implementing effective offline methods to drive traffic to your website or other online platforms in addition to online methods? Create a new marketing plan that focuses on more from less... whatever you're taking for granted will have to stop, instead of focusing on getting 20 new clients, customers, patients, members, or event attendees; instead, focus on getting 20 new people who spends 25% more with you and who refers 15% more often.

4. When was the last time your marketing team took a look at your ads or target market? in order to tell you what you should be tracking or that you need to optimize a specific landing page or website, or online platform for speed or higher visibility in order to increase conversions? Don't just look at the worst-case scenarios, have a plan for them so that your ads are better created and that you hit your target audience time and time again.

5. When was the last time your marketing team gave you real-world ideas? that are being used by some of the biggest and brightest companies or by top local competitors in order to increase conversions and sales? Too many Business Owners/Executives build ineffective teams, you don’t want to build a team; you want to build a support staff that wants to help you profit and grow! You must become like Apple; you can't just focus on marketing and selling your products and services if you owe Apple they want their money fast (inside 7 days) and if they owe you money--they want to pay you slowly (over 100 days) this means they are in full control of their NET position to sit on more cash in any economy or cash flow challenge.

6. When was the last time your marketing team took a look at your message or content? Did they create attention-grabbing images or create content that made your audience respond in droves, almost climbing across the glass and clamoring to tell most of their friends. Focus on the problems you can solve and how solving more problems for more people will result in you building up a cash reserve. Ever got hit with many things that you didn't see coming all at one time? Like for example, Covid-19, the easiest thing to do is not to Adapt, so you die! These are not real problems, REAL PROBLEMS are those that you can't solve, they are totally out of your control. Your prospects are no longer looking for service providers but are looking for problem solvers.

7. When was the last time your marketing team showed you 15 Different Internal Marketing Ideas To Jump Start Your business? Attract More Clients, Customers, Patients, and Members, Build Your Brand and Convert More Leads.?

8. When was the last time your marketing team showed you booking software, services and tracking systems that proved results or lack there of?

9. When was the last time your marketing team talked to you about filling your medical practice with more cash paying patients? Reducing low and slow paying medicaid or insurance payouts.  And when was the last time the marketing person talked about getting you R&D Tax Credits and possiblly putting $50-$100k of your own money back in your pocket? And when was the last time your marketing person talked to you about automating tasks that are repetitive so you increase patient frequency while reducing time spent per patient to increase profit margins through front and back-end marketing methods?

10. When was the last time your marketing team helped you attract an endless flood of high-ticket clients. Some of the business owners that come to us either:

A) Already have a high-ticket offer they'd like to sell more of, or: B) They want help creating a high-ticket offer for their business. Most of these entrepreneurs either don’t have a high-ticket program or struggle to get clients for their high-ticket offer because of the following reasons…

1). Imposter Syndrome… they don’t think they’re good enough... and what I've found is they actually are good enough and deserve to be charging waaaayyyy more, if only they could get past their FEARS! And...

2). They don’t think there is a market for their high ticket offer. Meaning that there is a top 3% of almost every market that are willing to pay you what ever price you charge.

You’d be surprised just how much your expertise and knowledge is needed in the world today and how many people are willing to happily pay you $3k-$10k+ to get access to it.

3). They feel "weird" asking for "a lot" of money in exchange for what they’re offering. This is a pretty common issue. Especially if you’re relatively new to offering high-ticket products, programs, services, or experiences.

4). FEAR of judgment from others and FEAR of judgment from self. Two things are for certain... #1. If you let ego or pride get in your way….you’ll never accomplish
what you really want to do in this life. And  #2. People are going to charge you no matter what, so you may as well play big, impact people and get paid handsomely while
doing it.

5). They have no idea where they’d find people to buy this offer, well that's where DODM come in... When someone buys high-ticket... They don't want a ton of info, bonuses and other stuff we often think we have to provide. They simple want the outcome in the shortest time period possible without all the fluff. They don't want education unless their enrolling in a coaching program, they want to be serviced quickly and start to see results within 30 days.

11. When was the last time your marketing person showed you how to make more money from your POS System? There are a few massive business opportunities happening right now for local business owners and most business owners don’t even know about it! We'll discuss just one of them in a moment. Though growth is important, focus on operational excellence. What is operational excellence? That thing or the number of things that you stand for. Your Team must operate with excellence and understand sales and back-end growth, they must understand and be able to use the automation systems that you choose to implement in order to save money, save time, make money and grow.

This type of marketing creates more brand loyalty and also generates much more profit because marketing dollars can be laser-focused on the people who are most likely to buy and buy again. Most businesses using POS systems are sitting on a GOLD MINE of data about their customers and clients. (Including emails and phone numbers!) But they have no clue as to how to use that data. Data Mining is at the core of everything we do at DODM! Some business owners have these machines in their business and are not maximizing the full use of these Cash Flow Generators.

According to Forbes Magazine, a small percent increase in selling to past customers results in a massive increase in profit. For instance, using our methods, if a business just makes a 5% increase in their sales to past customers, that can result in a whopping 25% to 95% increase in profits! 

Think past client, customer, or patient returning more often for repeat business (we can do the same in the health field using other systems), Think upsell, Think how many times the person returns. Think of referrals. Think Rapid Growth! We are, The Rapid Growth Specialist.

If you’ve eaten at a restaurant lately (or taken out), bought anything at a local business, bought clothes at your local retailer, flowers, auto parts, hardware, you name it, you probably paid via a Point of Sale system via a Point of Sale Terminal.

Very few retailers check out their customers and clients using an old-fashioned cash register nowadays, you’re checked out on a terminal, which is linked to the business’s back-end computer system. That system keeps track of inventory, accounting, and also a massive amount of data about who buys, what they buy, and how much they buy. Most Business owners are failing to capture each person's name, email, and phone when they first come in... leaving holes in their business and that means you're losing money or leaving money on the table.

Here's what's so cool about this... Most retailers are sitting on a massive amount of data about their individual customers, and they have no idea what to do with it!

Here's the deal: POS systems are taking over the retail industry for two reasons... Point of Sale Systems creates a much more individualized buying experience for the customer. People don’t use cash like they used to...AND...most shoppers refer to their phones to find out more about a purchase while shopping. Shoppers like (and are coming to expect) a more individualized shopping and buying experience.

No wonder use of POS systems in retail is exploding!


From the merchant's point of view, POS systems are extremely cost and time effective, and merchants can collect a massive amount of data about their buyers. POS systems provide merchants with an all-in-one software solution to running their businesses. This is why, according to Vend (, a POS software company with over twenty-five thousand users, the POS (point of sale) terminal market is exploding at an annual growth rate of over 13%. Even for smaller businesses, POS systems take care of virtually everything, including...

  • Order fulfillment
  • Employee scheduling
  • Loyalty programs
  • Backend reporting and analytics
  • Payment processing for debit cards, credit cards, cash, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay

Let me help you maximize many of the above solutions; and your POS System if you're in retail through our Proven HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System...

Consulting With My Team and I Is NOT Cheap… We Charge Only A Small Fraction Of Your "Guaranteed" Return On Investment

We Are Looking To Create More "Market DOMINATORS™" Who Aren’t Afraid To Play A BIGGER Game... is that YOU, do you want to build WEALTH? Everyone does not want to become a Market DOMINATOR and that's ok too, we will help any serious-minded business owner succeed who just want to be financially ok, however...

A "Market DOMINATOR™" is a business owner who clearly understands that the whole idea of business is really built on the concept of becoming a wildly profitable marketplace leader, or the second leader,  but never the third or fourth who has LEVERAGED their business in order to play a bigger game, meaning they are medium to high-risk takers that are NOT averse to investing large sums to gain wealth quickly. Though achieving this is a great endeavor, not always easily achieved, it is the most worthwhile challenge and business pursuit for those who are mentally prepare for strategic war. 

However, there is one thing that works negatively against this level of income producing or the DOMINATOR™ premise...

“Now let's address the marketing mistake that EVERYBODY makes which is that they try to get their customers, clients, patients, or members as "cheaply" as they possibly can.”

Dan Kennedy; one of America's foremost marketing authorities and one of my mentors says...

“I have the same ongoing fight with a client that does almost two billion a year in revenue and fundamentally could spend virtually any amount of money, anyway they chose. And I have the same conversation with somebody who’s got a bag of pennies and is trying to get going.

If you think you’re resource-limited, you think that’s why you make this mistake; but really, it is a mental mistake. In most cases, it’s a mental block that’s the result of lack or poverty or scarcity from childhood.

It’s not a money mistake and it has to be fixed in how you think before you’ll ever fix it in money.

So, again, here’s the mistake EVERYBODY makes:

"They try to get their leads, their customers, their clients, and their patients as "cheaply” as they possibly can!

However, getting cheap leads is their chosen mission and they evaluate everything they do base on the raw, simple, relative cost of getting a lead, customer, client, or patient by doing it, and they are very easily attracted by the cheapest, or apparently the cheapest, thing to do like moths to light in the dark.

They deprive themselves of the biggest single advantage you can have in the marketplace, which is the ability and willingness to outspend every direct competitor for the attention and interest of your clientele.

If you try and attract people as cheaply as you possibly can, what happens? You can only do a very limited number of things, maybe only use 1-2 campaigns or (Marketing Pillars) on average like most business owners. But my DODM clients add 4, 8, 10, or 14 campaigns like market leaders who earn the most money, who live where they want, drive what they want, have great family and friend time, travel, and stay on exotic vacations as long as they want, have time for other adventures and business pursuits and most of all they understand...

If they simply STOP doing this--being "CHEAP"--they will watch their life dramatically change within 6 months to 1 year far outperforming the last past 3, 5, or even 10 years in business. If you can outspend everybody else you will near-instantly have and maintain an unfair ADVANTAGE that leads to far greater profits, growth, and time freedom all because:

  • The horizontal range of things you can do expands dramatically.
  • The aggressiveness with which you can do it expands dramatically.
  • The speed of profitability increases with more profits
  • Rapid growth becomes self-evident
  • Time freedom becomes realized
  • And WEALTH is achieved quicker.

It Is Not Always Easy To Get Leads, Conversions, and SALES... Until Now!

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Book Your "$99" 45 Minute Business Plan Triage Call" Today!

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You can spend years trying to master marketing sales psychology, copywriting, web design/traffic and lead generation, online conversion triggers, event marketing, book creation and marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, email automation, video marketing, referral marketing, press and publicity campaigns, and more just so you can build a sales funnel that COMPETES with the top 1%-3% of other online marketers (businesses) and spend the next 10, 20, 30 years learning all this like I have.



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