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Let Me Help You Simply By "HELPING" You… I'm Offering You A "FREE"45 Minute Phone Conversation Where I'll Help You Create A Bigger Vision And Have You Out Spending Your Competitors Ad Budgets In Order To Leverage Massive Profits, Growth, Productivity And Time Freedom In The Quickest Time Ever by Implementing Our Fast Path To Cash Methods…

We "HELP" Business Owners Become Hyper Successful Entrepreneurs By Quickly Increasing Their Sales*(Cash Flow) By 25%-250% And Or By Adding To Their Current Profits $10,000 To $100,000 Per Month-GUARANTEED!

My Team and I Help Business Owners Become High 6 and 7-Figure Entrepreneurs, Turning Their Business Into a Hyper-Successful, Highly Profitable, Fast-Growing, Highly Productive Machine. Most times 2X,  5X, Even 10-xing many Businesses Within 90-Days. And we have the case studies and testimonials to prove that we are good at what we do!

Hi, I'm Bryant Vickers


I’m America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist; A Market and Competitive Researcher, Direct Response Copywriter, and Online Traffic, Conversion and Monetization Consultant; a Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner and The Author of the soon to be released book DOMINATE or die. I help business owners quickly become the “Highest Paid”, most dominate market authorities in their niche specializations and market areas.


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It's No Secret: My Team And I Will Find You "The BEST-HIGHEST Paying" Clients, Customers, Patients or Event Attendees For:

Naturopaths, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Dentists, Medi-Spas, Physical Therapists, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Other "Health Specialist." Who desire to be the obvious expert, the most sought after practice in your local market area or state. Today, when it comes to medical related marketing you need an experienced marketing consultant to join forces with your in-house team or to manage your day to day marketing efforts. Times have changed; Insurance companies in your pocket, you need more cash pay patients and you also need better practice automation along with a solid plan that focuses on social engagement, advertisements and positioning as an authority in your field as most health patients are looking to only visit the best doctor or practitioner.

Local Service Business Owners Who what to do big business marketing, advertising and sales at a competitive level by becoming their exclusive in-house Chief Marketing Officer in order to deliver the very best local results online, while also positioning them as the go to company; thereby improving cash flow issues and adding greater profitability, faster growth, higher productivity and time-freedom from long hours.

Coaches/Consultants/Speakers/Authors Who want to get your core message targeted to the right audience with the right media. Improve your speaking skills. I will show you how to find paid and equally lucrative free events. Let me show you exactly how to attract your most ideal clients, how to charge more, mistakes that may be hindering your progress keeping you from more high-ticket days. But most of all how to build a paying following by learning how to enroll prospects online and offline during events and in person. Also, I'll show you how to set up your website to attract event hosts and sponsors and how to get clients to book on your calendar. Let me introduce you to our "BEST SELLING" publishing partner!

eCommerce Business Owners Who just don't want another Shopify website that's built poorly by themselves or by a web designers who isn't market or conversion driven. We will show you how to develop a solid integrated online and offline plan for your products to reach local, regional, and national markets though our digital, direct mail everywhere, press release services.

HVAC/Plumbers/Roofers/Storage/Moving Company's Who need more than just being at the top of Google; we will show you how to put an end to the lie that you service more areas than you really do and how to instead really saturate a market area in order to DOMINATE the lion share of business in that area from integrative digital and offline marketing methods. We will syndicate your brand EVERYWHERE!

Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, Multi-Level Marketing Sales, Memberships, Subscription Services, Course Developers Who understands that selling today has changed both online and offline. FEEL, FELT, FOUND AND THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLOSE are all outdated, even AIDA, came from the 1900's; yet 98% of today's sales people and membership organizations are still using these principles. The time has come to realize that consumers have cell phones in their hands, therefore, consumers have the power over brands and over choice of what they buy and how they buy it. This is why subscription services and online courses are all the rage. Let my show you the very latest in sales conversation, marketing and membership, subscription and course growth principles.


Is Not Always Easy To Get Leads, Conversions and SALES... Until Now!

Imagine getting primarily premium value minded  clients or customers daily who don't waste your time, who pays for your higher priced products and services.

Hire Us As Your Virtual CMO; Marketing, Advertising and Sales Team.

In Order To Convert More Of "YOUR BEST" Prospects Into High-Paying Clients

Here's Proof We Are Good At What We Do!


I am the President/Owner of a Virtual Assistant business called Professional Administrative Services. We solicited Bryant’s assistance with developing material to send out in a mailing to perspective clients. He has proven to be very resourceful and has provided us with much more. Bryant Vickers has been instrumental in finding resources for my company such as leads, print services, website advertising, etc. He is extremely dedicated to researching what your business is about but also will find out what leads and advertising sources fit your need. Through his company I have also received many referrals that have turned into excellent clients. We are extremely pleased with the services we have received and would recommend anyone to use his services. —Deirdre Avant


Bryant Vickers is very well educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." Bryant is a consummate professional, the way he carries himself in and outside of the office. He is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success you have in your business and in your personal life.

Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce
Mr. Olympia


Medical Office “We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of $75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the hma workshop and with a little help from Bryant, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world. I got 90 calls my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.” —Dr. LaJeanne Duke Health Program

My Story

What do I Do...

I've was a Jr. Marketing Apprentice for Fred Williams, First-Ad Marketing Concepts working in the mailroom on Johnson & Johnson and Van Heusen Shirts Accounts when it all started for me at age 23, some 30 + years ago. Fred helped to build into me an intuitive ability see what most business owners never see until I bring concepts to reality for them, generally, most business owners look at the trees that are right in front of them thinking that their skills are all that's primarily needed, then they take on the stresses of putting out daily fires that arise out of not having the right systems and procedures in place and I look far past the forest to increase business income, wealth and success by looking at business situations from a totally different visual lens. Through the PROVEN HMA System, I uncover hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities, and undervalued possibilities unseen by my clients. my DEEP DIVE Research skill set has helped CEOs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts throughout the U.S. My clients have profited greatly from my expertise; the ideas, systems, and strategies have led to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in profit increase for diverse clients covering many different industries. Ultimately, I help hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs build or rebuild their dream business.

I have identified mindset patterns that limit and restrict business growth. I teach clients that most industries only know (and only use) one particular marketing approach. When there may be dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies (with far lower risk) and opportunities, available to them that give my clients a powerful unfair advantage over their competition.

My Company

Hey, I’m going to give you a very harsh reality check; a bitter pill, a remedy to avoid stagnation, to get past feast and famine months or to re-focus on really leveraging your business for complete long-term stability, recession-proofing your operations and creating real financial success… that withstands even COVID 19 in most cases.

It’s time for a mindset shift like never before. It’s time to market with the end in mind. Not with what’s in front of you, that means through Marketing Campaigns, NOT media advertising, simply put they are NOT the same thing. Just like Direct Response Marketing is Opposite of Branding or Institutional advertising. while direct response, not branding is responsible for more sales of products and services around the world.

The above means that hope, or prayer without real work, ‘pivoting, switching, adapting’ and other knee jerk gyrations WILL NOT save you from you failing to put in the hard work now so that you don’t run into the brick wall later…and you will run into it if you fail to set things up right in your business from start-up or even if you been in business, 5, 10, 20 years or may just need to start right where you’re at, re- planning, re-focusing, re-purposing, re-directing, or re-packaging your services and products for the future the right way.

Let’s start with the fact that Trust in our society is at an all-time low. It’s never been as bad as it is today. However, People have their guard up. Especially during these challenging  times and that means your prospects, the people you’re trying to do business with, are less trusting of you than at any time in the past. Though they are spending money, they are cautious with who they spend it with, they are going to thoroughly check you out before they ever do business with you.

Think of it this way. Consider the prospects getting your email newsletter that you’re sending to them. Have you thought to yourself, “Man, this stuff doesn’t really work the way it used to or the way it’s supposed to!” Part of that issue is to think of email differently, but that’s for another discussion at a later time. Still people don’t trust those things anymore and they see through it. It’s impersonal, cold, and no longer as effective if not used the right way which most business owners are not doing.

I speak with small business owners, marketers, and sales people nearly every day and many are realizing that what used to work is no longer effective.  We must do things differently if we are to STAND OUT in this environ­ment. If we are to GET NOTICED, If we are to DISRUPT THE YOUR MARKET, and If we are to DOMINATE THE COMPETITION Would you agree? Answer to yourself. Are you seeing the same thing out there in the world, and are you also realizing that we have to do things differently because the old outdated business models and the new media are not as effective or sustainable long-term. Then we must integrate what still works from the old and the new!

Here’s what we DON’T do:

  • We won’t talk about useless shiny tools or tactics you don’t need, that the masses are following without real and consistent results.
  • We won’t peddle you a secret formula or snake oil
  • We won’t waste your time with irrelevant stuff or allow you to waste our time
  • We won’t allow you to focus on puzzle pieces when you need to pick up the pieces and put the whole puzzle together
  • We won’t allow you to focus on media without strategy
  • We won’t allow you to build incomplete platform such as a website or funnel without investing in a traffic plan
  • We won’t allow you to have poor cash flow
  • We won’t allow you to have a poor business foundation

Here’s what we WILL cover:

  • We will show you how to realistically DOMINATE your competition and market area (revitalizing the undervalued resources you already have both online and offline).
  • We will reveal why you are missing your sales targets, time and time again…and how to finally aim and hit the bullseye every single time!
  • We will examine mindset challenges that hinder your progress
  • We will explain how simple fixes…ie. hiring the right, most qualified specialist to your business structure, tax planning, cash flow, website, emails and social media can make ALL the difference.
  • We will talk about the stuff you absolutely hate, the stuff you ignored, the stuff you swept under the carpet or put on the perpetual back burner, the stuff you are afraid to do or the stuff you don't like. It’s the un-sexy stuff – the overlooked stuff in every business that has the biggest potential to block the road to growth and success in 2020 and beyond.
  • We will create the 90-day plan to finally do it all – with ease!

Who Is This For?

After looking into all the areas we could improve for business owners we found we needed to immediately put into place eight foundational pieces for them to start seeing FAST and consistent growth: Isn't that what you desire most?

  1. Lead Generation System (seo, social, direct mail, linkedin)
  2. Stronger Branding Position: usp and brand positioning
  3. Direct Response Sales Campaigns: integrative social mailings
  4. More Offers: sales and closing mechanics
  5. Scaling Strategy: to generate consistent revenue growth and avoid stall-points without adding a ton of extra cost and/or resources along the way
  6. Automation + Followup System
  7. Trust Maximizers: Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Marketing
  8. Joint Venture: partnering to leverage access, skills, and resources

And More…

So that’s exactly what we do which allows us to produce on average $10,000 plus within 90-days for our business partners.

What is The Hidden Marketing Asset System?

The Hidden Marketing Assets System was developed by top marketing consultant Richard Johnson, by marrying the concepts of lean thinking (from the world of manufacturing) with the multi-pillar marketing philosophies of one of the world’s true marketing geniuses, Jay Abraham. You could never say that this program could never work for you, that your business is different; after all. Abraham’s philosophy has worked in various industries and for the following large companies and organizations and they’ll work for you too. We are a certified member of this global network of over 100 small and mid-size business marketing consultants who collaborate on HMA methodologies, ideas, and resources.

When you hire Bryant Vickers, a certified HMA Marketing Consultant, you are not only getting his 30 plus years of marketing experience but years of combined HMA marketing experience at your fingertips. You gain access to a PROVEN process that has worked for clients of all sizes over and over again, and your certified HMA Consultant will use it to ensure success for your business.

An HMA Marketing Consultant goes through rigorous initial training and ongoing training every month that ensures they are the best at the marketing game. Being a part of the HMA Marketing Consultant Network means:

  • Approximately 100 consultants worldwide serve as a sounding board for connections, ideas, and feedback to get our clients the very best results
  • Predictable results with the installed HMA Marketing System
  • Ongoing training webinars keep your consultant on their toes with the latest in marketing and communications
  • Comprehensive strategy development includes identifying your ideal client, target audience, and a full-blown content calendar
  • Thorough online training certification as well as hands-on implementation of the HMA Marketing System
  • Access to the best marketing software and tools including things that will develop clear reports, pull competitive analytics and bolster your testimonials

Learn The Same System The US Department Of Commerce Uses In Its Manufacturing Partnerships

When you put the complete puzzle together correctly, you get a big slice of pie to share with your family? That pie is called “Market Share,” either you own the lion share of the market, or someone who does has left just a little bit of crumbs for you to nibble on. People ask me all the time, how much do I charge before I can get facts on their company to find the holes in their bucket that are hindering their business progress. Well, in reality only you can decide exactly how much of the pie you want to take home to your family, It's your decision on how much you spend and how fast you get results is based on YOUR AD SPEND, and not on how much I charge. at DODM we show business owners how to mentally go get as much of the market share as they can realistically handle. This is called; Being A "Market DOMINATOR" ™

Below you will find the truth as to why most businesses don’t quickly reach mass profitability, growth, productivity and time freedom!

QUOTE FROM JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER'S ADVISOR (paraphrased by Bryant Vickers, just read in between the lines)

“In our dream, we (the wealthy elite) have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful (happy just to have a job) and responsive (they show up in droves happy to lend a hand in the death of their very own liberty) rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children (creating generations of working poor) into philosophers or men of learning (they don't want you to THINK, just act on their behalf) or of science. We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply." - Rev. Frederick T. Gates, Business Advisor to John D. Rockefeller Sr., 1913

The current American school system took root around the turn of the century. In 1903, John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board, which provided major funding for schools across the country and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public school movement.

The General Education Board was not interested in encouraging critical thinking. Rather, its focus was on organizing children and creating reliable, predictable, obedient citizens. As award-winning former teacher John Gatto puts it, “school was looked upon from the first part of the 20th Century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance.” The Rockefellers, along with other financial elite and their philanthropic organizations (such as the Gates, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts) have been able to mold society by funding and pushing compulsory state schooling for the masses In order to raise docile and passive workers who when they turn into business men and women, bring their passivity into the business world for which it has no place.

There is still a MAJOR remnant of this same training in today's schools, however, the labor pool is pulled from educated robots, non-critical and analytical FREE-THINKERS who understand that being in business is instantly an aggressive and competitive stance! You first must start with the desire to win it all in your business, industry or niche as Rockefeller did, but in our passivity, we would prefer to replace the word aggressive with the word assertive as if being aggressive is a bad thing when it's not. Being aggressive is actually the rocket booster that propels the rocket into orbit faster. In other words, it's what builds wealth faster and unless you have religious, social or psychological issues around getting wealth, for most of you, you will never obtain it and for others, it will be a long hard road that takes 5,10, 20 years when it all could be done within 90 days to 1 year.

Sorry, I know you don’t like me right now talking about you possibly being a passive, docile and a non-critical and analytical free thinker, but if you continue to follow me I promise that you will get EVERYTHING that you ever wanted out of your business, life and more! I know that some of you don't even like me talking about this great American business titan and icon, however, the truth will make you free as I attempt to give the American business people of today their liberty back by teaching about one of my business hero's.

I believe that the education and employment systems in the world are purposely and fundamentally flawed. They will not be fixed. The traditional path of school, college, and corporate employment leave people deep in debt, uneducated in the most important life and business disciplines and with their very soul tattered and torn.

Confusion breeds inaction and miseducation breeds WRONG actions in the process of building profitable, growth-oriented businesses while giving entrepreneurs the time freedom needed to have their being which means to live and enjoy life as they will.

Through DOMINATE OR die Marketing, our mission is to HELP America’s small and mid-sized businesses grow wildly profitable businesses and live lives of freedom.

Our client success is our success

My program is really simple: Get our client's life-changing results by PARTNERING in their success. At DOMINATE OR die Marketing.Net We dedicate our time and effort to helping our clients and we let their case studies speak for what my team and I do.

My Philosophy

Guaranteed Performance of the System!

DOMINATE or die Marketing and all associated trainers and consultants believe that “hidden” within all companies, regardless of size or industry are undiscovered and sometimes instant opportunities for new sales and profits.  By implementing this 4-Step 21st Century Marketing System these “hidden” opportunities are discovered, leveraged and optimized for EXPONENTIAL SALES WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND ONE DIME MORE THAN WHAT YOU'RE CURRENTLY SPENDING COMPETITIVELY on traditional marketing and advertising strategies, including web marketing. And, companies will want to have the 4-Step 21st Century Marketing System as the foundation or the core of ALL of their marketing/advertising/sales strategies. The system is held accountable by guaranteeing to produce results.

The Ultimate Benefit That You'll Get From Working With My Team and Me Over A 90 Day to 1 Year Period. We primarily desire to attract consulting clients who have a BIG, BIG, Vision, a larger than life goal and desire that we can help to fulfill and turn into a reality. As you can clearly see from the chart below that Rockefellas 20th century system still far outpaced that of the billionaires of modern times, why? I believe that today we have more billionaires and business owners than ever before in American history, however, way too many of the business owners are lacking the fundamental and business savviness needed to understand that being in business is a competitive race war to the top and not a passive one; many business owners of this time are more enslaved mentally than ever before in history, trying to break free from their jobs, corporations, financial imprisonments, and educational debts. In a rushed attempt to build their businesses with real guidance, they squander time and waste money which slows down the process and hinders the forward progress. The real business building was NEVER about opening a business, but about becoming an ENTREPRENEUR who is determined to become the most fierce and DOMINANT Leader in their niche, industry, and most of all in multiple niches and or industries. Therefore, the combined HMA System with the Market DOMINATOR mindset has been proven to far outpace and perform many media tactics and strategies from our marketing service competitors since we are partnered with some of the brightest minds in online and offline marketing.

There is too much diversification too soon (a multiple streams of income focus) of products or services to soon slow down the focus on the highest producing activities, results and ROI, especially when void of adequate marketing budget and or marketing development; this is why online marketing funnels are such the rage, as they focus on:

  • YOUR Best source of leads and traffic
  • YOUR Bestselling product or service; then upsell or down sale
  • YOUR Highest-converting ad opportunities
  • YOUR Best joint-venture and or referral partners
  • YOUR Highest value clients and reducing lower value clients
  • YOUR Differentiating U.S.P.
  • YOUR Value-Based Positioning
  • YOUR Best recurring income opportunities

The idea is to master the sale of one-to-three products or services at a time, then add on the next and the next in like fashion. Way too many businesses are trying to do too much in the wrong sequence while not utilizing the right tools, processes, people or procedures, thus slowing down their wealth-producing opportunities all because they tend to not have the right marketing budgets and or cash flow to properly promote their products and services or they run into a bottle-neck were there stuck and cannot take on more clients because they built an old school model into their business and don't know how to get out. The mere fact is that they failed to understand that TIME is something that you must EARN; it is not a given, there are only 24 hours in a day and you MUST make the day count literally. Dividing your TIME logically works against you, once wasted, you cannot get it back.

Then we'll build your business around an improved income-producing structure:

  1. We will give you dozen of marketing and conversion templates, checklist, strategies, and systems for collecting referrals, capturing raving fans, testimonials, newsletter marketing, website content, email marketing, and cash payment systems.
  2. We will show you pricing strategies that will allow you to charge 100% to 150% higher prices than your charging now.
  3. We will show you how to escape the “working for dollars” trap and replace it with a more lucrative model for gaining wealth (there are only so many hours in a day, 24 to be exact, you can only wear so many hats, you might as well wear the most lucrative one and stop tinkering around).
  4. The #1 math decision every business owner MUST make...and how you can literally explode your business with this simple equation (this is soooo important.). Hint: What is The Exact Dollar Amount That You Want To Earn Every Month, It's This Number That Should Be Your Driving Force.
  5. Remember this, if you’re not tracking GROWTH oriented results and ROI, you’re not marketing and if you’re not paying for marketing, you do NOT have a viable business model because, as stated by the late Peter Drucker- "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!" So, in other words, slow or no growth comes from an unwillingness to spend money or from being under-capitalized...but RAPID PROFITS and GROWTH comes from spending, testing, tracking and proving results.
  6. If You Don’t Get These Wealth Attraction Strategies Down...You Could Be Constantly Driving With The Emergency Brake On For Another 5, 10, 15 Years or More. And if the truth be told, if the above doesn't resonate with you in any type of way to make you want to change your actions right now, then please accept and understand this have subconsciously chosen to remain self-employed and have by default created a job for yourself or maybe even a hobby, but you do not have or desire to have a business and therefore, I can't be of any help to you. But If you truly desire a winning company.
  7. We will demonstrate through our profit calculator exactly how to quickly hit your profit goals.

We Are Looking To Create "Market DOMINATORS™" Who Aren’t Afraid To Play A BIGGER Game.

What is a "Market Dominator"? It's a business owner who clearly understands that the whole idea of business is really built on the concept of becoming a wildly profitble marketplace leader, or the second or third leader, who has LEVERAGED their business in order to play a bigger game, meaning they are medium to high-risk takers that are NOT adverse to investing large sums to gain wealth quickly.

However, there is one thing that works negatively against this premise...

“Now let's address the marketing mistake that EVERYBODY makes which is that they try to get their customers, clients, patients or event attendees as "cheaply" as they possibly can.”

Frankly, most business owners want to stay in their safety net, and comfort zone, in part this is why so many businesses struggle with stagnation and feast or famine by not having the confidence to spend money, and spend money and spend money until they figure out how to best maximize their results and ROI consistently growing, scaling upwards year after year in business growth.

Dan Kennedy; one of America's foremost marketing authorities and one of my mentors says...

“I have the same ongoing fight with a client that does almost two billion a year in revenue and fundamentally could spend virtually any amount of money, anyway they chose. And I have the same conversation with somebody who’s got a bag of pennies and is trying to get going.

If you think you’re resource-limited, you think that’s why you make this mistake; but really, it is a mental mistake. In most cases, it’s a mental block that’s the result of lack or poverty or scarcity from childhood.

It’s not a money mistake and it has to be fixed in how you think before you’ll ever fix it in money.

So, again, here’s the mistake EVERYBODY makes:

"They try to get their leads, their customers, their clients, their event attendees,
and their patients as "cheaply” as they possibly can!

However, getting cheap leads is their chosen mission and they evaluate everything they do base on the raw, simple, relative cost of getting a lead, customer, client or patient by doing it and they are very easily attracted by the cheapest, or apparently cheapest, thing to do like moths to a light in the dark.

They deprive themselves of the biggest single advantage you can have in the marketplace, which is the ability and willingness to outspend every direct competitor for the attention and interest of your clientele.

If you try and attract people as cheaply as you possibly can, what happens? You can only do a very limited number of things, maybe only use 1-3 campaigns on average like most business owners. But my DODM clients add 8, 10 or 14 steps like market leaders who earn the most money, who live where they want, drive what they want, have great family and friend time, travel and stay on exotic vacations as long as they want, have time for other adventures and business pursuits and more all because they understand...

If they simply STOP doing this--being "CHEAP"--they will watch their life dramatically change within 6 months to 1 year far outperforming the last past 3, 5, or even 10 years. If you can outspend everybody else you will near-instantly have and maintain an unfair ADVANTAGE that leads to far greater profits, growth and time freedom all because:

  • The horizontal range of things you can do expands dramatically.
  • The aggressiveness with which you can do it expands dramatically.
  • The speed of profitability increases with more profits
  • Rapid growth becomes self-evident
  • Time freedom becomes realized
  • And WEALTH is achieved quicker.

You can buy speed (money likes speed; this means as you earn money, more money follows faster, as you initially REINVEST in actions that have be PROVEN to produce those same favorable results); you can buy growth; you can create discouragement for competitors which, as an aside note, is a very good strategy and most importantly you can create more profits simply by doing 8,10, or 14 things where everyone else is only doing 2 or 3 because they lack the cash flow and other resources to duplicate exactly what you have mastered.” I will quickly lead you to the money that you need...


The “PROVEN and GUARANTEED” 8-Step HMA System Can Get You, Massive Clients, in 90 Days Without You Spending A Dime More Than What You’re Currently Spending On Marketing Considering That You Already Have A Competitive and Realistic Ad Spend Already!

This Is Not For People Who Refuse To Spend Money On Advertising...It’s For Those Who Already Are or Those Who Have A Willingness To Invest In Additional Profits, Growth, Productivity and Time Freedom Without Excuse, Buyer Remorse or Even Worse, Fear.

Here's How To Get Started...Just Follow These Easy Steps


Get your “FREE” Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide, Marketing Checklist, Double Your Business in 90 Days.

Read them, readers are leaders, and DOMINATE or die readers are financially strong business owners. After reading them, then fill out my FACT-FINDING Questionnaire form on my questionnaire page. If at any point you have any issues, questions, or concerns please text me and I’ll usually respond within 24 hours.

If you haven’t downloaded your 3 “FREE” gifts, please do it now while it's fresh on your mind before moving to step 2.


STEP 2. Learn More By Clicking On The Below Program That Best Fits Your
Needs-Based On Where You Think Your At Now! Once You Have A Program In Mind, Let My Team and I HELP You Pull It ALL Together…


Spy & Profit

Competitive and Market Research, Strategic Planning

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Are you just getting started in business and want an immediate leg up; or maybe been around for 3, 5 or 10 years and your business is still stagnant or in feast and famine; you may be missing some foundational business-building steps that will allow your business to just flow after coming out of corporate. You may need to really get your target audience dialed in, or become super clear on your primary message or create a solid offer that drives prospects to climb across glass, past your competitors to get to you and only you, you may be focusing too much on media when you are in need of a solid strategy. My high-priced fee structure for this service ($25k/ a day) has never been designed to be a cost-effective way to access my “Larger” Consulting advice… until now! My focus with Spy and Profit is to transfer my "Business-Building Expertise" to you, via a “highly-compressed” advisory/consulting/implementation like Boot Camp. If you own a business or manage a profit center that directly affects your company’s marketing, advertising and/or sales performance —  I personally built this program for you!

We Are Limited To Only 2 Spy and Profits Sessions Per Week, Book Your Strategy Session And All The Exclusive Bonuses Before Your Competitor Does. 

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HMA Coaching

Private Seminar, or Workshop Facilitated at Your Organization

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Why would you neglect the facts that shows you that you really need help; free help from local Business Incubators, Colleges, Score, SBA, etc teaches you much-needed puzzle pieces; then at some point, you'll have to put the whole puzzle together which means that you've wasted a lot of TIME trying to figure all this marketing stuff out, time,  something you can get back; doesn't it make better sense to simply move past feast and famine and start leveraging up a few levels by focusing on strategies, tactics, processes, and procedures that really supports your specific profit, growth, productivity, and time-freedom needs.

Enroll in our Live In-Person Group Coaching and Mentoring Program for people who need a "PROVEN" Business Building Model," rather than continuing to just tinker around. Join a supportive network of like-minded business owners who all have a DOMINATE life goal of becoming one of the best marketers at what they do.

One-Time Group Investment of $4,997 or Special College/Business Training Center Rates


DOMINATOR Digital Marketing Machine

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I know you thought that the car comes before the engine; however, the engine must fit the car in order to work properly. 9 out of 10 business owners today make very huge mistakes with their internet marketing and their websites. I view internet marketing as having an ATM Machine in your office, a machine that you can go to at any time of day, any day of the week and extract cash. The problem is that most business owners think that they just need a website and magically if they build it, people will come; and then they will earn lots of money, wrong. Having a website without understanding internet marketing tremendously hinders your online results and ROI to earn MASSIVE amounts of money while impacting more lives with your programs and packages.

If your digital marketing is not reaching more and more people and if you are not making more and more money you are still trading time for dollars. It’s time to reTHINK your digital marketing STRATEGY first, and this does not always mean doing things on the internet, it's time to think multi-channel digital marketing.

Improving Your Funding as a Learning Concept with Green Chart

Business Credit & Funding

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To run and build your successful business, you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rates possible. Business credit is essential to make this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a bank loan.

We help you build your business credit (that’s not linked to your SSN) using a proven, and highly personalized process. We simplify your experience of obtaining business credit which helps you qualify for business loans which can improve cashflow and help you grow in ways that you can only imagine.

Consulting Expert Advice Support Service Business concept.

HMA Consulting

PROVEN to get you massive results; $10,000-$100,000 in monthly profits and or 25% to 250% growth

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We, Will Execute Our Marketing Plan For Profits, Productivity, Growth & Time Freedom For You. All-Inclusive Custom Execution of HMA and  DOMINATOR Style Marketing!

Get MASSIVE Windfall Profits; we will open the floodgates through our fully integrative HMA System. Let us 2, 5 or 10 x your business. No more hiring service providers, when you can hire a highly skilled marketing partner/CMO who can aggressively help you DOMINATE the competition with an pre-emptive stike Guaranteed to help you win

• Website/Funnel/Branding
• Copywriting/Content Publishing
• Digital/Social/Lead Generation
• Book Publishing & Marketing
• Business Plans & Grant Writing
• Automation & Referral Marketing
• Sales Training
• Media Buying & Advertising

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If you don’t want to unknowingly lose or leave money on the table anymore, then you only have two choices…


You can spend years trying to master marketing sales psychology, copywriting, web design/traffic and lead generation, online conversion triggers, event marketing, book creation and marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, email automation, video marketing, referral marketing, press and publicity campaigns, and more just so you can build a sales funnel that COMPETES with the top 1%-3% of other online marketers (businesses) and spend the next 10, 20, 30 years learning all this like I have.



You can PARTNER with me and leverage my team of seasoned professionals and get my lucrative new solution to get a sales funnel that is PROVEN to convert by taking advantage of our brand new “lead generation, lead capture, lead conversion, lead tracking, and referral based” technology to DOMINATE your competition, earning you exponentially more profits and faster growth. 

Schedule a "FREE" 45 Minute Business Building Power Call