Finally, you can easily attract hundreds of eager Clients, Customers, and Patients to your business and quickly stuff a bank bag full of cash- GUARANTEED! 

Learn The Amazing Secrets Revealed By A Marketing, Advertising and Sales Genius That Releases A Flood Of New Paying Clients, Customer Or Patients To Your Business, Eliminates Wasted Ad Dollars, Gives You A Massive ROI… And Puts Your Business on Autopilot Consistency In Just Two-Hours; Well, Not Exactly, We Would Have To Meet For Two-Hours For Me To Show You How To Earn Maximum Profits, In Minimum Time!

This Meeting Will Show How You Don't Have To Spend A Penny More On Advertising Than What You're Currently Spending Now; Based On Your Current Reality We Can Transform Your Current Results, Adding To Your Current Profits $10,000 Or More Per Month Within 60-90 Days On Average While Quickly Increasing Your Growth By 25%-250% Without You Ever Running Out Of CASH Again-GUARANTEED!"

Not Trying To Be Insulting, But If Your Not Advertising Then You Are In Hobby, Hustle Or Puzzle Piece Mode Earning Far Less Than You Should or Could While Trying To Figure Stuff Out, And Most Times According To The SBA You May Not Have A Viable Business Based On Your Industry Standards! But For Those Who Do Advertise, There Are Thousands of Businesses Who Are Losing Or Leaving $10,000 to $1,000,000 Per Month In Untapped Profits On The Table Every Month And Many Of You Have Been Doing So For Years; Which Sometimes Allows Your Top Competitors To Gain Market Share Over You… But You Will Never Discover These Untapped Profits Without A Qualified Marketing Consultant On Your Side, Let Me Show You The Holes In Your Business (BUCKET) That You Don't Even Know Exist Where You're Spewing Out The Money That You Just Invested Getting Far Less Return Than You Should!!

This Is Not Some Sleazy Sales Hype Above and We Have The Case Studies To Prove That We Are Good At What We Do, Let us 2X,  5X, or possibly even 10-x your business within the next 60-90-Days. 

The Only Marketing System That Will Add Profits And Growth To Your Business That Has A “Performance GUARANTEE!” Our Competition Guarantees Satisfaction... WE Guarantee Results."


Become A Better Marketer Of Your Business. Learn Best Practices

Don't get ripped off unknowingly from your ad rep, web designer, business coach or marketing consultant ever again; learn how to double and then double your business again and again. Learn how to maintain positive cash flow. Let us show you big boy marketing designed for small and mid-size business. Download our guides and take Our "FREE" MARKETING Assessment So We Can Do A Quick Diagnoses Of Your Marketing In Minutes, And You'll Get Actionable Revenue Driving Suggestions You Can Implement Today With Us Or On Your Own! Go To Our Personalized Marketing Assessment Page after giving us your REAL email address. 


Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide

This guide a $20 Value - covers what you need to know in order to hire the right Marketing Consultant to experience mega profits and explosive growth in your business.

Double Your Business in 90 Days!

This guide a $19 Value- will show you the 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales, Cash Flow and Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Focused Marketing Machine that doubles your profitability year after year.

The HMA Report

This Report is a -$20 Value. The FREE HMA Guide shows you exactly how the Hidden Marketing Asset System can help you profit and grow your business. Learn why having multiple pillars supports your business and cash flow needs better than having only one or two pillars available. The report shows you how to GROW Exponentially!


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It’s Your Choice, The Slow Road or...

The Rapid Path To Fast Cash Growth System?

Life is hard when you’re putting an offer on the table and not enough people are biting in order to quickly reach or surpass your financial goals. There could be multiple things you’re doing wrong with your business and time, but if you want to know how to fix it, you can take either the slow road or the fast path. The slow road means you bang around on Google for a few months or tinker around on Facebook acting like you really know marketing, advertising and sales like that when it’s your EGO lying to you, pumping you up, slowing down your efforts all because you have chosen the free and cheap route. Every business owner who is either rich or barely making it, all want their advertising for cheap, this works against you in a big way and I'll prove it when and If you take me up on my offer below SO, LET ME HELP YOU MAKE LIFE A LITTLE EASIER FOR YOU!

The fast path means taking control over your reality (situation) and asking experts for help so you can quickly change or adapt to your reality in order to get the exact solution you need to move your business forward now! Most people stay in status quo only because they refuse to ASK for help and act like they have all the answers when they don't. Time waits for no man or woman, you are in a race for wealth and time and since money likes speed, let us help you speed up how fast you acquire money, after all you do like and enjoy making money, Right? Even if your underlining quest in life is to help people or to transform lives, you still need maximum money to reach and assist more people!

Now, if you’re tired of figuring things out on your own and you’re overworked or stressed out about when the next client, customer or patient will show up at your door or you need to leverage your time to have the freedom to pursue other desires or need to scale…then READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE, don’t be lazy, or scan it…Reading is FUND-A-MENTAL!

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover at our meeting:

  • The tricks of how we generate more profits from ads without spending more money (all while major brands were pulling their social media ads).
  • The exact marketing plan we used to attract leads and high-ticket clients even while a rumor was floating around that “people weren’t spending money during Covid.”
  • The 5 mistakes many business owners are making in an effort to preserve their revenue and profits. Like I said, I'll prove upfront why spending less works against you.
  • The business growth method we’ve been using to position us to hire more team members all while other companies are scaling back, furloughing and laying off talented staff members.
  • The insider conversion strategies that our clients love because it has helped them generate massive growth over the past 90 days.
  • The recession-proof/ Covid Sustainability Blueprint to maintaining momentum and virtually guaranteeing your business will remain profitable despite any future pandemics or challenging times we may experience.

Get the help you know you need Now! Don't put it off one more day.

The Hidden Marketing Asset (HMA) Rapid Path To Fast Cash Growth System?

Originally, The Hidden Marketing Assets System was developed by top marketing consultant Richard Johnson, by marrying the concepts of lean thinking (from the world of manufacturing--we save you money while) using the multi-pillar/multi-channel lead acquisition marketing philosophies of one of the world’s true marketing geniuses, Jay Abraham to rapidly make money for your small or mid-size business. Bryant Vickers, The CEO of DODM simply infused the program with Back-End Revenue Generation methods that expands upon Abraham's Exponential Growth Matrix to multiply passive and or residual income levers for MAXIMUM profitability, growth and scalability opportunities. Bryant also added what he calls The DOMINATOR mindset, which he got from another marketing mentor which is to OUT THINK, OUT PERFORM AND OUT SPEND your competition for the fastest results. You could never say that our Coaching or Consulting Programs could never work for you, that your business is somehow different; after all, Abraham’s (HMA) philosophies has worked in OVER 300 industries and for the following large companies and they’ll work for you too. Though many small and mid-size companies have used these proven methods since 1989, The larger companies that use some variation of the core Abraham/HMA System Business Model are:

What Makes The HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System- Coaching or Consulting Programs Different?

There Are 6 Truths About Making Maximum Money, In Minimum Time!

To consistently beat stagnation, the feast or famine up and down roller coaster, or to leverage and scale up and make a ton of cash requires six (6) primary strategies:

  1. systematic lead generation process that delivers massive leads from multiple pillars/valves/channels consistently. This is also how you avoid meeting with prospects who can’t afford you, aren’t qualified, or waste your time.
  2. A unique differential that makes you instantly stand out as being totally different from the competition...and therefore, in much more demand in your marketplace for your uniqueness or specialty.
  3. Top marketplace positioning, set up right from the get-go. This is what lets you charge more than your competition. It is what also allows you to attract your most ideal audience winning the trust game, getting them to spend more money with you.
  4. A Back-End Stay in Touch Loyalty and Referral System that allows you to consistently build relationships with prospects, market to your current clients, win back lost clients, and get referral clients on automatic demand.
  5. The ability to write engaging and Psychologically Persuasive “Sales Messages and Offers” that compel people to climb across broken glass, though hot flames to grab your products and services promotions.
  6. Leverage & Scalability the mental focus and clarity to reach your growth goals simply by improving all areas of marketing, sales, operations, financial, time and resources while also, building a Covid or Economic Resistant Business that is more Sustainable in terms of generating passive and or residual income on auto-pilot, regardless of your primary product or service offerings.

The truth is, theses are the 6 secrets to business success, insane profitability, massive growth, productivity, time freedom and better cash flow that helps you earn Maximum Money, In Minimum Time! These six (6) strategies will be responsible for the lion’s share of your success—or lack of it. And that’s because they each consistently allow you to make the maximum amount of money, in the fastest amount of time if and when done RIGHT!

We Have Only 3–5 Limited 2- Hour Appointment Time Slots Available This Month... We Do "NOT" Take On More, And More Clients Like Our Competitors, Which Makes Us Highly Selective When It Comes To Who We Work With As A Coach Or Consultant; Because It's Not A Numbers Game For Us To Profit Off Of Hard Working People Like Our Competitive Service Providers; However, Building Results Focused Customer Service, Long-Term Relationships And Partnering With People Who Actively Want To Change Their Business And Life For The Better Matters More To Us, And I Know It Matters To You Too! 

Have you been thinking about starting a marketing project or new business, but every time you get moving, you come up with some convenient excuse about why you can’t do it...or how something else came up? You even may not have a business now, you may be a high-income earner on your job and want to start a real business and know you really have to understand marketing, advertising and sales at there core and advanced levels to really be successful in order to earn maximum money, in minimum time.

You’ve done “OK” for yourself, but realize you haven’t even come close to maximizing your maximum profit potential and this is bothering you more and more.

Do you know A lot about marketing but still struggle to put it all together in a solid, coordinated, and executable plan? Do you ever think to yourself, if I could ever figure out how to apply this knowledge, I’d be making a high 6 or 7, maybe even 8-figure fortune by now?

You know that referrals are the lifeblood of every business, yet you lie to yourself about how many referrals you get every month, who gave them, and how to increase them. If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then listen closely to this...

You Can Leverage Our 6 Strategies in YOUR Business Right Now, Today!

I’m offering a limited number of meetings this month, 3-5 to be exact to show you how to maximize your revenue-generating power, in fact how to earn maximum money, in minimum time. My team and I will turn you into a Market DOMINATOR ™ However, there’s a simple catch: you must qualify by taking our quiz/Assessment. Immediately after you submit the form, a team member will call to set up an appointment date and time for us to transform your business and lifestyle. During this meeting which we call the "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session" we will discuss your perceived immediate marketing, advertising, and sales needs and how we can best serve you. During our time together, you will receive over $10,000 in real value that will lead to you getting that house, car, vacation, or financial abundance, or whatever you desire most. You and I will actually start to fix what is broken and what needs to change on the spot as we uncover your Hidden Marketing Assets and show you the holes in your business bucket in order to release maximum money, in minimum time.

Our Done With You "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session" Will Benefit You Most to:

  • Identify the Hidden Marketing Assets (the holes where your losing money or leaving money on the table for your competitors to STEAL!). We will identify and help you to discover new ways to leverage those assets for exponential profits and growth.
  • Learn how to get maximum impact out of every marketing dollar you invest and produce two, five, or ten times the sales results in less time.
  • Uncover new sources of highly qualified prospects for your products and or services.
  • Identify potential marketing mistakes that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year, making you lose or leave money on the table for your competitors to easily steal.
  • Discover how to get a competitive advantage that is guaranteed to make your company stand out from your competition.
  • Develop a number of New Marketing Strategies that you can put to work today that will greatly enhance your bottom line in  as little as 60-90 days!
  • Create additional passive and/or residual profit streams in your business for additional income or to self-fund your marketing efforts in order to extend you audience reach..
  • Automate high revenue and profit-generating actions that reduce your work-load and work-hours by as much as 50% to 75%.
  • Get access to the business capital, or merchant services needed most, even when your bank says no; as well as tax benefits that make your business financially healthy and strong.
  • Why your headline can ruin your ad or make you a winner...with just a few simple tricks.
  • Why everyone who reads your ad loves it but it fails in the newspaper or magazine and how to fix this.
  • The one thing that's missing from almost every direct marketing piece. And why, when this is added your sales increase tremendously
  • How your marketing can consistently return a huge ROI month after month. And you don't have to worry about just making your next payroll.
  • Why letting your newspaper ad-sales rep team design your ad could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.
  • How you can increase your cost per lead rather than cut your cost per lead as many under-privileged marketers tell you, and far out perform the sales of practically all your competitors
  • Why the font you use affects your ad response. Newspapers and magazines do NOT want you to learn the simple trick that makes your ad more effective.
  • Why buying the wrong type of website could be hindering your sales efforts and the wrong approach to generating online traffic, as well as passive and or residual income online
  • Help you create more Loyal Clients, Customers or Patient who buy more and tell their friends by improving your POS System and or Automation System Integration.
  • Collect more qualified Testimonials and Reviews
  • How to get more Cash Paying and/or Higher Cash Paying Patients, while automating the intake process to create more time-freedom, and creating more passive income streams for even more front-end and back-end revenue.
  • Why the advice that every marketing expert gave you about your business, especially BRANDING is dead wrong.

    Outside of Having Your Marketing, Advertising and Sales Dialed-in; The Worst Thing Is... You Try To Build A "TEAM" And You've Most Likely Have Been Sabotaged By Your Own Employees, VA's, Support Staff, Or Administration?

    You may not believe it, but it's true! Let me explain... Recently, I received a call from a company’s marketing director. The owner of the company asked her to call me to set up a meeting.

    The first words out of her mouth were "What's this all about?!" I explained to her that I specialize in boosting your marketing, advertising and, sales results and skyrocketing your return on investment and that by us partnering together we can help the company perform better and she would look like a shero  by bringing me on board. The best part is, that our initial meeting is only $997 where we actually do marketing work with you to get immediate results. (it said so right in the letter that I sent). She immediately said "We're not interested! I was a bit surprised, I mean...after all she called ME. Rather than simply giving up, I asked her if she felt her advertising results should be substantially better...her response shocked me! "Yes, absolutely, they should be better and we're working on that...but not with you!" And she hung up. I was stunned! What the heck just happened?

    Over the next few days I wracked my brains trying to figure this out. Here was someone who was asked to talk to me about improving their marketing, advertising and sales results, agreed her results should be better, and yet, not only wouldn't meet with me, she was downright verbally hostile towards me and she banged the phone on me. Then one night, I was jolted awake with a frightening answer...if she allowed me to improve her advertising results, it would make HER look bad. She was probably afraid of losing her job. Did the owner realize this? Would he believe me if I told him? Would you? In yet another situation the admin/in-house marketing person told me after she at least allowed me to point out the holes in her bosses business, she said we can't fix everything, and in bitter resentment towards her in concern for the owners family--after all this was his lively-hood; I said that, "fixing "EVERYTHING" is your only job." And in yet another situation, still, I had an employee of a company say that no matter how much the company pays him, that he was only going to do but so much work, and when I asked about supporting the team efforts, he gave a bunch of explicit's about how he don't give a Blankety, Blank, Blank about team efforts. And in one more situation, I was speaking with the owner of a restaurant who had a loyalty program that was highly effective, however, even though he asked his staff to introduce the loyalty program to his customers, none of his employees ever did, because his manager told the staff to let patrons pick up the Loyalty cards on the way out which most patrons never did. So there you have it, but there is a simple method that stops this behavior in it's tracks!

So,here's what we propose to do for you:

Get The Most “Complete” Wealth Building, Business Building Coaching or Consulting Programs, Resources and Tools For Business Owners On the Planet?

We cannot help everyone, what we have found after 30 + years in Marketing is that startups or any business owners who are earning less than $100,000 needs to first learn the fundamental foundations of business, marketing, advertising, and selling prior to actually advertising to avoid mistakes and pitfalls. If your not already doing 6+figures “YET” we still want to HELP you with our proven educational resources, so please check out our Free Stuff and our DIY Resources,  or enroll in our HMA University Marketing Coaching/Training Program as they will help guide you if you use them… then join our email list, watch our videos, lives, and social posts, that way when you hit 6 figures we can help you get to the next level even faster. Our HMA University Marketing Coaching/Training Program is for all size businesses and income levels.

For Established 6, 7 or 8 Figure businesses who are in need of Advertising, We will cover the 6 Truths About Earning Maximum Money, in Minimum Time and set you up for full Consulting Onboarding Services after the "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session" … plus all of the following:

The biggest epidemic in business today is that people do not know how to do proper due diligence.

Most people do not know:

  • Which questions to ask?
  • The criteria to judge their message or an offer by?
  • How to peek behind the “marketing curtain” to know the difference between the right brand and or direct response strategy or tactic to be best used, etc?
  • Which factors to consider (time, money, risk, etc)?
  • How long to expect results to take?
  • How much does good marketing strategy, advertising tactic and sales psychology cost to be most effective, versus cheap thrills.
  • How to get all your ducks in a row so you don't hit the invisible wall, so you can properly scale your business right.

We are (making a bold promise here) we have THE absolute best marketing, advertising and sales training and niche related resources and tools on the planet and you will quickly use our multi-pillar approach to double or triple the revenue your business is producing in 60-90 days.  And in order to do so, you can not do without the following:

  • MESSAGING, PACKAGING, OFFERS + COPY WRITING How you craft your offer, to speak directly to your perfect clientele… how you hone your copy & your words and your messaging to reach out and SECURE the trust of the people you can help the most or compel customers to buy NOW! . It’s because of this pillar right here that clients can come in and report adding $10,000, $20,000, even in some cases over $50,000 per month in revenue with ZERO paid ads… simply put, there are billions of people on the internet (2.4 billion ish at the time of this writing), and you can easily pull in an additional 5-figures + Organically and 10-figures + with paid ads quickly with the right packaging & messaging.
  • LEAD GENERATION + ORGANIC GROWTH Many clients believe they must have “paid ads” running on a major social platform to make good money. It isn’t true. We have a handful of clients collecting over six figures in monthly revenues with ZERO “paid spend” on advertising. They follow a specific regiment that we created and will create with you for building natural, organic leadership in your market. If you *need* paid ad training or implementation we can assist you with this as well, although it is not typically the case for our normal  clientele to be successful... we offer training and done for your solutions in this area if you qualify!
  • SALES, ENROLLMENT, CONVERSION We have clients who enroll 70%+ of the people they talk to about their programs & services; or convert 25%-35%  on online  or physical product sales. This is simple: you get people interested in what you’re selling, you get them to sign up for phone conversations — and you enroll them on the phone IF you can truly help them. We have (making a bold promise here) THE absolute best sales & enrollment training on the planet and you will quickly use this pillar to double or triple the revenue your business is producing. If out of every 10 people you talk to, you enrolled 4 at $5,000 — and we could help you get 10 people per week on the phone, do the math on that one…It’s not just one thing either, this is a “stack” so you cannot pick and choose — to guarantee any kind of results we must be involved in all 4 of these areas.
  • PRODUCT SALES Both Retail and or Ecommerce; development of in-store marketing or product displays, and online conversion and customer relationship strategies to increase traffic and sales. Along with event management to increase in-store and or online event participation.
  • MENTAL, PERFORMANCE, MINDSET Imposter syndrome, ever dealt with it? Burnout? Confusion, lack of energy, drama? People don’t often like to hear this, but how you THINK about your business, economics, your value & your service, etc is easily 50% (though probably more) of your success. We are constantly surrounding you with BIG things, entrepreneurs making a lot of money, so that you can “normalize” what it’s like to play at this level. If you think $10,000/mo is a lot of money, we’ll get you comfortable doing $100,000/mo. If you think $100k/mo is a lot of money, we’ll get you comfortable doing $300,000/mo…The goal is really making sure your mindset is WEAPONIZED to serve you, rather than you being a victim of your mindset because as you grow there will be new challenges.
  • NICHE RELATED RESOURCES We have complete courses, reports and training modules from top marketing pros and industry specialists on public speaking, coaching, consulting,, taxation, cash flow, funding, crowd funding, and strategic insights on specific solutions to generating revenue in ways that are not taught by vary many, but exclusive only to elite marketing pros/agencies like Bryant Vickers and DOMINATE or die Marketing, INC. Also get the following:

We often get asked doe’s our Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session applies to my expertise or skill set? Not necessarily we find that with most business owners, that there are varying degrees from person to person in terms of having the "right knowledge" in regards to marketing, advertising, and the latest sales psychology which have nothing to do with your current skill set or beliefs itself, as most business owners will tell you that there are 100 ways to do something, and our view, is that's true, but there's only a few ways to do something right that gets the most favorable results quickly, which has more to do with taking the time to go through the learning curve now in order to properly develop your marketable skills, in order to attract and retain the most valuable and loyal clients, customers or patients throughout the lifetime of your business. Marketable skills in business are knowing how to write effective psychological persuasive messaging and offers; employing the right automation systems, processes and procedures, especially when it comes to hiring and managing your staff and the constant development of your soft skills in order to have the most effective product demonstrations, and descriptions or service conversations, client education, enrollment, onboardng, objection handling and closing.

We work with the following businesses/industries nationally to grow their revenue, improve lead acquisition, repeat, upsell, past client, referral business, cash flow and growth with a systematized and automation based methodology. Below is a list of just some of the industries, or niches we work closely with.

In our meeting, we will also discuss how my team and I can truly help you with our industry or niche-specific solutions for:

Coaches (Personal development, success, motivational, Career, Spiritual, Holistic, Health & Wellness, Singles, Couples, Parent, Family, Relationship, Recovery, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Business Management, Executive, and Entrepreneur).

Consultants (Management consultants, Energy & Oil Consultants, E-Commerce Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Technology Consultants, Branding & Design Consultants, Pharmaceutical Consultants, Food & Beverage Consultants, Construction Consultants, Finance Consultants, Education Consultants, Security Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Non-profit & Fundraising Consultants, Logistics Consultants, and Transportation Consultants).

Speakers (Any Subject Matter, as aside from Motivation Speaking, most Speakers are also Coaches and Consultants).

Health Practitioners (Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths).

Local Retail (Apparel, Bike, CBD, Electronics, Gift Stores, Health/Supplement/Product, Home Décor, Jewelry, Liquor, Pet, Sporting Goods, Toy, Beauty, Spa and Vape-Markets).

Restaurants (Bars, Café, Full Service, Hotel, or Quick Service-Markets).

Today, I'm offering you our Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session for ONLY $997 Today! A $10,000 Value.

I’m a marketing, advertising, and sales Coach and Consultant who would like nothing more than to enroll more businesses into my higher-end done with you or done for you business-building solutions. I have listened to business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the country and have heard nearly all the complaints and frustrations with marketing agencies, sales reps, and graphics/web designers or staff support; I’ve heard about poor lead generation and related tracking or proof of results.

I heard 6 and 7 figure earners say that they want more out of life to only do mediocre stuff which is what keeps them stuck at a snail's pace, not achieving the results that “they say” they want.

I’ve heard all the objections, fears, and excuses too that hinder profit, growth, productivity, time-freedom, and additional cash flow; but at the same time, I realize that in nearly every business at its core is the lack of having and using the correct processes, procedures, strategies, and systems along with the soft skills and staff reinforcement and reward. This is due in part by business owners not minding every area of their business, and or allowing others to take over without proper oversight or bossing tactics, not trusting staff to do the work at hand for which they should be properly trained and rewarded, otherwise, the results becomes micro-managing which is not good for anyone. Most marketers and in-house support staff are lazy, and therefore, your efforts gets sabotaged a lot which leaves holes in your bucket that you must consciously fill by knowing exactly what to track and monitor, if it can't be tracked, it can't get measured and therefore, its not good business or marketing practice.

There is a strong possibility that you want to have better profits quickly, higher sales, more sales, more proficient processes, time-freedom to work on other goals without being stuck in your business, without growth to leverage and scale your business in a way that makes it sellable and or inheritable. You as a business builder and marketer of your services and products want the same tax breaks (incentives, credits, and deductions ) as the super-wealthy to maintain a financially-healthy, positive cash-flow-producing business, and yes, as business builders, we can help you grow through our many partnerships.

Our Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session is a high-value starting point, yet a low price done with you "Opportunity Analysis" and Business Building Critique whereas our Coaching is a done with you next-level marketing, advertising, and sales accountability training, and our Consulting is a done for you advertising agency program where we only take on a limited amount of hand-selected, and pre-qualified clients each month so that we can attentively serve every client with our very best relationship building methods as opposed to treating them like a number.

How our Coaching and Consulting differs from that of other marketing, advertising or sales related service providers:

Again, Most ad reps, graphic/web designers, advertising agencies and marketing companies are taking advantage of you; they get paid by the shear quantity of advertising you place with them, it’s not in their best interest to figure out how to slash the amount of advertising you do at the most appropriate time and or boost the effectiveness of your ads, content, promotions, conversational scripts, email, social or other client, customer or patient getting efforts. Plus in addition to that, if you have staff that are sabotaging your efforts every day, you may also need help to weed them out, or make them perform at their level best for you...or make getting rid of them easy.

With that said please understand that when we meet, I’m not offering you a “sales pitch, typical strategy session, or sales rep meeting in disguise for the $997 fee.” You and I will actually do the HARD work needed for clarity and execute a mini-plan of action on the spot of how you are to move forward in order to create forward progress and change in your business that improves your bottom-line. You are getting my Intellectual Property, plus 30 + years of marketing, advertising and sales experience to boot and yes, we charge because we help business owners get results that help them earn maximum dollars, in minimum time. After all, Isn't that what you want most?

I promise not to pressure you in any way with high-pressure sales tactics to up-sale you into any of our other services, unless you ASK FOR ADDITIONAL HELP!

If you feel that I wasted any of your time during our Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session and did not educate you with useful information, strategy, tactics, processes, procedures, and time-freedom resources in our 2-hour meeting, then you can ask for a refund at the end of the meeting if you have not gotten immense value. We will return your money immediately! Keep in mind, regardless of all the free rep calls and strategy sessions offered by our competitors, they do not compare in any way. 

Our program is exclusively for people who can take constructive criticism, and those who want to become one of the leaders in their field or the pre-eminent leader or influencer. Those who are not afraid of doing the “HARD” work and those who are ready to be challenged to step outside of their comfort zones in order to build wealth to grow their interest.

For those who are advertising or have the financial means to create a budget to advertise with, for people who want to be well respected while moving towards Credibility to Authority, to Celebrity Status in their market or niche in terms of Personal or Business Brand.

How We Get Amazing Results Fast... The Fastest Path To Riches Online And Offline In 2021…

We first start with finding the holes in your business planning and or day to day operations (The BUCKET), then we reverse engineer everything from that point backwards. Today we now have more channels than ever with which to reach prospects online through digital platforms such as podcasts, digital television, native ads, remarketing, social media, push notifications, webinars, etc. Our programs are both Multi-Pillar and Omni-Channel (Integrated Online and Offline Systems and Tactics to sync service and or product sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment in one place) But with so many opportunities comes the dire need to formulate a plan to be able to wrangle it all and not lose your brand’s voice in the process online while also reaching your potential market that is not online actively looking for you right now, but once they see your offline or online ad, realizes that they need your product or service and then start to reach out... through client, customer, or patient attraction.

This is where multi-channel (also known as omnichannel-online) is paying off big for those who use this approach as opposed to just using Google or Facebook. Proof of the overall value and benefits of this model is that of 86% of those surveyed reported that their multi-channel efforts were leading to increased consumer and customer expectations. Eighty-six of those surveyed also agreed that investing in omnichannel clearly outweighs the challenges it presents.

Nearly 75% of those same respondents agreed that this type of approach leads to an major increase in sales, while 64% noted increased customer loyalty and 62% found a competitive advantage respectively over their competitors. Over half of those surveyed reported a better customer experience.

 ... Clarity and Focused Effort Leads To A Business Generating Maximum Money, In Minimum Time?

Do of these exist in your company?

(These Are A Few Advanced Income Producing Strategies That Will Fill The Holes In The Bucket If Done Right and I'm Not Even Covering Many Of The Online Omni-Channel Methods Here That We Use Integratively)

  • Past customers
  • Special knowledge or expertise
  • Unique products or services
  • Underperforming sales people or Staff
  • Advertising that doesn’t get results
  • Present customers
  • Relationships with other businesses
  • Average unit sale amount
  • Back end products
  • Community reputation
  • Prospective customers
  • Location
  • Staff expertise
  • Quality products
  • Low closing ratios
  • Competition
  • Marketing efforts that don’t work
  • Packaging of products and services

Or are you making any of these marketing

(These Are The Result Of Learned Mindset Patterns, Comfortability, Or Simply Not Knowing Better)

  • Not promoting your U.S.P. or E.V.P.
  • Not targeting the right market
  • Not having a Lead Capture System on your website
  • Trying to diversify multiple streams to soon
  • Running ineffective image (BRAND) advertising
  • Not being seen as the expert authority that people are searching for
  • Cutting prices on the front end with no back-end marketing plan
  • Not testing and tracking all components of your marketing
  • Not using effective headlines, offers or calls to action
  • Building on only one or two marketing pillars
  • Not using joint ventures or licensing agreements
  • Do your ads “tease and titillate” instead of “teach and educate”?
  • FEARS!!


(This Is Where We Can Quickly 2x Your Business and Where The Most Money Is Made, FASTER!)

  • Review of Current Present FRONT-END Customer Reality (Situation, Roadblocks and )
  • Increase Online and Offline Conversions
  • Increase Profits (Basically Raise Your Prices, Average unit sale amount, turn Your Services Into Packages, Programs and or Offer Value-Added Benefits)
  • Increase Closing Ratio's, (This is not just for sales people; Doctors must enroll patients into various packages and or programs too, everyone has to close more deals)
  • Increasing Repeat Business (Life Time Value)
  • Increasing Past Customers Who Return, adding 25% to 95% growth
  • Increasing Upsales (would you like some fries and a shake with that burger; original sale was $100, but with the order bumps the sales total is $100+$200+100+$100=$500)
  • Increase Referrals
  • Increase Licencing Deals
  • Increase Joint Ventures Deals
  • Increase Passive and or Residual Income Opportunities, and Scalability

The One Problem We Solve... Is You Don't Have To Fail When You Can Scale: 

Here’s a simple fact... You can’t scale what’s broken. Sounds pretty clear, right? Yet nearly every business owner that comes to us thinks that they’re ready to go straight towards growth…

Here’s why:

Nearly, 100% of the time, we identify HOLES in their bucket; multiple and VERY important holes that need to be addressed before we start to help them leverage or scale their business to the next level. Too many business owners mistakingly think that they are already at next level when they are not! It's one thing to be totally satisfied where you are at in business and life...but for most of the business owners that I talk to, they want more out of their business and life. Therefore, the only thing in the way of most folks is EGO!

(This is even true of the businesses who come to us already at multiple 7 or 8-figures in revenue. Prior to scaling, you have to give us a chance to show you your holes, to show you what's broken and hopefully let us fix it).

When business owners ignore this advice and keep trying to go straight towards growth without having their marketing fully dialed in for maximum cash flow… they end up like most entrepreneurs:

  • Creating even more headaches and unnecessary fires as they try to scale…making business and personal life a challenge to manage
  • Working longer hours than the have to
  • Earning the same amount of income without growth year to year
  • Working their hands to the bone by building a business solely from their sales efforts and not marketing efforts
  • Stressing out their team and family even more… most time unknowingly
  • Still not getting strong conversions or traction…
  • Losing their hard-earned profits on advertising and lead gen tactics and or agencies… without real proven data to prove where their result are coming from.
  • Hiring the wrong staff that works to sabotage their efforts
  • Letting their pride get in the way where they won't come back and ask for help, but go it alone for years without changing what's truly hindering their business.
  • And wasting a ton of energy trying to ‘muscle’ your way to growth…

For some of you, all to end up pretty much back at ground zero do to algorithm changes, never quite getting very far past your current reality in terms of profits and growth. or worse burnt out time and time again, generally adding unneeded health issues. This is called the hamster-wheel. And it’s a frustrating spot to be! (I know because I did that for years!! It’s not fun.)

The bad thing is that… taking the right steps aren’t the sexy/shiny things that most people like to do, so let's be gut-wrenching HONEST, you simply don't do what you know you should do most times or you delegate to someone who half- ?2#! does the job. They are the things that most entrepreneurs avoid, kick against, or overlook…simply because they don't want to do them. Generally people want to stay in their comforts zones, but true success is found in doing what is uncomfortable.

Things like:

  • Getting clarity on your superpowers or the special brand power or transformation that your bring the world
  • Getting you free from the TREES (stuff that's in your way or things you simply don't see) and removing you from working "in" the business
  • Having the right business model set up to truly scale (beyond muscle and grit)…
  • Simplifying and really dialing in your go-to-market strategy and marketing to increase traction and conversions…
  • Turning your business into a systemized, repeatable machine with great operations…
  • Freeing up 20+ hours per week of your time through team, delegation, and systems…
  • Going deep into helping you track and optimize the key metrics…
  • And more.

We take this kind of stuff very seriously… and it makes all of the difference. Because with more time, clearer focus, a better strategy, differentiation, and a scalable model… THEN, growth starts to become easy (and fast!)... But not before then. I’ll repeat: You can’t scale a house of cards. So as you look to get past Covid in 2021 maybe you grew exponentially and maybe you didn’t. If not, it’s likely that you were trying to grow too fast by focusing on the wrong things. Or too slow doing the wrong things. We see it day-in and day-out… But we can’t let it happen to you... So if you want our help in identifying what the real issues are holding you back in your business… Then let us customized your business with our brand of DOMINATOR style of marketing giving you clarity on the top 4-8 levers to focus on NOW. Turn your business into a consistent, fast-growing machine… Get free from the TREES of working "IN" the business… MAKING LEVERAGE AND SCALE POSSIBLE


Hi, I'm Bryant Vickers

I’m A Leading National Conversion Copywriter, Rapid Profit Builder, Business Growth Specialist, Monetization and Cash Flow Improvement Consultant and Coach"

My Team and I help business owners with Lead Acquisition, Building Past, Repeat, Referral and Upsell Client Growth In Addition To Building Passive, Residual and Funding Income Models Into Businesses To Help Them Reach Maximum Profits, Rapid Growth, Higher Productivity, Time-Freedom and Improved Cash Flow. I have created what I call, The HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System for Local Service Businesses, Health Practitioners, Retail Operations, Restaurants and Coaches/Consultants So That You Can Hire Me To Re-plan, Re-purpose or Re-build and Optimize Your Marketing, Advertising, Sales System, Processes and Procedures In Order To Achieve An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors To Stay Ahead Of The Curve With The Latest Marketing Advances To Lead Your Market Area.

Entrepreneurs and business owners (dreamers) come to my team and I in need of SOMETHING...

  • More Leads
  • More Sales
  • More Sales Calls
  • ​More Walk In Traffic
  • More Repeat Business
  • More Upsells
  • More Referrals
  • More Passive and or Residual Income
  • More Profits
  • More Growth
  • More Time-Freedom
  • ​More of a metric that matters to them!

Since You Have Read This Far, I Commend You, It Was A Lot Of Reading, However, I Know That You are Determined and Truly Have A Big DREAM and realize that you need help to fulfill that dream as quickly as possible, Now That I Have Gotten Your Attention Here Is How My Team And I Would Like To Help You...  

Confession And A Word Of Caution

You’re advertising person will NOT like what they read here, in fact...they will be P.O.ed, angry... ...worried for their job - they may even tell you they called me and I never called back.

You will have "huge resistance" from your advertising person or department and even some of your partners who have come to like the people who are giving lack-luster results or poor customer service –most likely not to your face. They may even lie to you and say I offer no value what so ever, or that they already know the information that I'm referring to on this page – without taking the time to find out more; or in most cases, letting me vet your current team in front of you if needed to prove that their taking advantage of you.

Your most trusted employees will sabotage your profits, claiming to have your best interests at heart but in reality...selfishly trying to protect their jobs.

Maybe they really are well-intentioned, trying to protect you from marketing strategies they just don’t understand or personally like. However they are simply ignorant to the many proven marketing strategies and it’s costing you thousands of wasted dollars.

Which is why with my PROVEN HMA Program I offers a guarantee... Check to see If my Competitors will match or exceed it!

That's Right: I'm Going To Guarantee My Profit Boosting "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session" Program- I'll Give You Your Cash Back If...

...after 60 minutes together OF OUR TWO-HOUR Meeting, I can't show you how to skyrocket your return on investment from your advertising, to the point you're jumping up on your desk screaming "hot diggity", if you can honestly say that I wasted your time, and didn't show you how to get at least $10,000 and or and minimum of 25% growth, then I'll give $1,000.00 cash back!

But there's a catch...

You knew there had to be a catch right? The catch is YOU AND ALL YOUR PARTNERS AND IN-HOUSE MARKETING TEAM IF YOU HAVE ONE will have to meet with me and, YEP, all decision makers in your business have to meet with me so that we don't waste time which is a very valuable commodity and so that you ALL can say that you heard it from the horses mouth when I speak and not second -hand which is what would be happening when one of you tried to share what I do with another and fail to explain it right or can't answer the other persons objections in a way that compels them to say "YES" with a smiling face emoji.   I need to know you're truly serious about getting winning results from your marketing, advertising and sales result, and you need to know I can't help business owners where there is no commitment or a divided team that is not open-minded to simply CHANGING what's not working or fixing what's broken.

I'm confident I can boost your bottom line using the unique methods I'll share with you during our Profit Boosting "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session" And I know that a few business owners will be so impressed -- and make so much money -- they'll want to work with me on an ongoing basis through either my Coaching Program or Consulting Packages.

And while that's NOT a condition of the "Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session"...

I only select 3-5 new clients per month. That's all. I don't farm out the work. I do it all myself. But, that means I get to be highly-selective of who I choose to work with. I'm looking for the next Market DOMINATOR, is that you!  This month is nearly booked and...there's a line up of projects for next month.

If your truly serious about your success, fill out my quiz/assessment so that I'm prepared for the call. I will help you finally wringing every dollar in profit out of your marketing, advertising and sales efforts. And I'll show you a number of ways you can quickly and easily double your profits within 60-90 days-GUARANTEED!


Bryant Vickers

Schedule Your Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session

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The Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session

This Is Not For People Who Refuse To Spend Money On Advertising...It’s For Those Who Already Are or Those Who Have A Willingness To Invest In Additional Profits, Growth, Productivity and Time Freedom Without Excuse, Buyer Remorse or Even Worse, FEAR!

Here's How To Get Started...


Get your “FREE” Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide, Double Your Business in 90 Days, and HMA Report.

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Adding To Your Current Profits $10,000 Or More Per Month Within 30-90 Days On Average While Quickly Increasing Your Growth By 25%-250% Without You Ever Running Out Of CASH Again-GUARANTEED!"

Then let me PUT ON MY DOCTOR COAT and look beyond the immediate pain, problems or symptoms to discover your underlying issues and paint a bigger picture of possibilities for you to reach or expand your business. l will specifically guide you through the myriad of choices and paths to reaching your DREAM destination. And don't worry, our "$997"Advanced Clarity & Business Plan Triage Implementation Session will put immediate money in your pocket whether you choose to do the work yourself or hire me to do the work for you.

When you Call or Book on my Calendar, I will send a PayPal Request for the Investment of $997 (Remember This Is A Tax Write-off Too!)

Remember, We Can Only Help 3-5 Business Owners Per Month, This Is A Limited Monthly Opportunity.

SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD AVAILABLE, Enrollment deadline is April 30th, 2021

Don't miss this "special discount" window, we have prepared 2 different Discount Options to Be Explained During Our Meeting!!

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If you don’t want to unknowingly lose money or leave money on the table EVER again...



You can spend years trying to master marketing sales psychology, copywriting, web design/traffic and lead generation, online conversion triggers, event marketing, book creation and marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, email automation, video marketing, referral marketing, press and publicity campaigns, and more just so you can build a sales funnel that COMPETES with the top 1%-3% of other online marketers (businesses) and spend the next 10, 20, 30 years learning all this like I have.



You can PARTNER with my Team and I and leverage my team of seasoned professionals and get my lucrative new solution to get a sales funnel that is PROVEN to convert by taking advantage of our brand new “lead generation, lead capture, lead conversion, lead tracking, and referral based” technology to DOMINATE your competition, earning you exponentially more profits and faster growth. 

Important Disclaimer! (the law wants me to say this, so let me be upfront about it) The sales figures stated above are my personal client results. Please understand these results are not typical, I'm not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I want to be extremely clear and honest with you right out the gate regardless of my written or stated guarantee; I am in no way Implying or guaranteeing you'll make any money or generate specific level of results in your business by following my advice or enrolling in any of my programs. NO ONE can guarantee you financial results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don't even know you or anything about your business, even as we learn more about you and your business, we have found that only the business owner has the true power to CHANGE and improve their business once armed with the solid Business Building Information that we provide? However, your confidence will be improved during the journey from the many and various nuggets that you'll pick up through your commitment to overcome your current reality. However, Though I offer a Guarantee, If You need a Guarantee, you already are in a failure mindset and you will never do the HARD work necessary to achieve your DREAM, you will look to blame and make excuses for your inadequacies and shortcomings!

Any Testimonial or Case Study on this website or in our printed materials or Ads were given to us by successful clients who implemented our recommendations, they followed our program guidelines as instructed in a timely manor, and are simply giving their personal expressions of their experience of working with my team and I within one capacity or another. Not all clients get these results. Some get ZERO results. Buying Consulting, Coaching, Training, or any other service, program, or product does not guarantee any specific result. Your results are solely dependent upon a number of factors that are completely outside my control, including your ability to quickly learn and implement our recommendations properly, your work ethics-doing HARD WORK,  your relationship and trust level with us and your clients, customers, patients, or members, your reputation, pricing structure, competition, and about 100 other factors. Therefore, we can only honor our guarantee, if you put in the HARD work! Any products. programs, or personal recommendations made on this website, on our social platforms or in any email communication from DODM for 3rd parties will likely result in some form of compensation from said 3rd party. Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgement when making buying decisions and investments in your business. This site is not apart of Facebook and/or Google Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook and/or Google in any way. Facebook is a trademark of FACEBOOK, INC. 

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