"We Work Directly With High Revenue CEOs, SAAS Founders, Doctors, Wellness Professionals, Financial Advisors, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Product-Based and E-Commerce Business Owners Who Are Looking To Influence Their Markets While Creating High-Fee And Or Passive Recurring Revenue Streams By Mastering Marketing, Media, And Sales With Done For You Marketing Advisory To "Add Greater Profits And Faster Growth To Maximize Your Personal Income, Retirement Income, And Strengthen Your Exit Strategy!"

... And Those Influencers Who Aren't Afraid To Attract "BIG" Media Attention With Your Own "BEST" Selling Book, And Or By Being Seen Or Heard On TV, Radio, Podcast, News, Event Stages, And In Local Or Major Publications To Reach More Affluent Or High-Paying Clients, Customers Or Patients To "Avoid Cheaple-People And Time Wasters!"

WARNING! You May Be Wasting Good Advertising Dollars And Time That You Can't Get Back On Bad Marketing Ideas That Result In Lower-Income-Generating ROI? Get "PROVEN"  "Research, Strategic Marketing, And Planning Advisory (Mentorship)" That Flat Out Trump's Tactical Advertising or Sales First Methods Exclusively For $150,000k to $30,000,000m Businesses From...

 "DOMINATOR Style Marketing!"

That FOCUSES on Preeminent Marketing Mentorship to HELP you  Get In The GAME, Compete To WIN, and then DOMINATE Your Competitors and Market Area.

Get The Below E-Book, "Maximum Money in Minimum Time" To Learn How Strategic Marketing And Planning Can Explode Your Advertising And Or Sales Results And ROI 25% up to 2100% And 2X, 5X, Or Even 10X Your Profits-Guaranteed!

  • Master Your Own And Your Employee's Mindset Rather Than Letting It Master You And Your Business To End Corporate Sabotage.
  • Learn The Truth About Advertising; Especially The Things That The Digital Advertising Industry Doesn't Want You To Know.
  • Many Of You May Or May Not Be AWARE That You Have Been Losing Money, and or Leaving Money On The Table For Years; Learn Strategic Ways To Get That Money Back In Your Pocket And More!
  • Learn How To Earn High-Fee And Or Passive Residual Income Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly.
  • Master Exponential, KPIs, And Other High-Powered  Business and Financial Strategies.
  • Learn How To Get A PROVEN Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor Who Can Show You How To Reach Your Short-Term Goals Faster While Also Helping You To Build Wealth And A Greater Long-Term Business Valuation Upon Retirement Or Exit.

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Variations of Our Foundational Core HMA University Program Is Trusted And Used Under Many Names By Other Small Businesses And Large Corporations Such As:


See Our Testimonials and Case Studies On Our Case Studies Page!!

You Are Serious About Adding Profits, And Growing Your Business And Wealth Right?

Here Are The "FACTS;" Nearly Every Need, Want, Desire, Concern, Worry, Or Stress You Have Is Due To Having Money Or A Lack Of It. The Change That You Desire Most In Your Life, For Your Family, The Community, or The Causes You Care About And Want To Support Requires That You Attract Wealth Like A Bee To Honey... Business Building and Marketing is Purely A Financial And Economic Game Of Leveraged Wealth Creation, Which Means You Need Constant and Consistent Cash Flow; You Need...

Maximum Money In Minimum Time!

To Achieve Maximum Profitability, Greater Personal Income After All Expenses Are Paid Takes Much More Than Your Skill Set; And Being Able To Think Outside The Box, You Need To Focus Strategically On Creating "Your "BEST" Paydays;"  In Other Words, What's Going To Put The Most Money In Your Bank Account In The Shortest Amount Of Time, Anything Else That You Think Business-Building Is About, Is Pure B.S.

Here's the deal: Your business has one of these problems, It’s STAGNANT barely making enough money consistently to get by, paying off expenses and debts with very little profit or income for yourself. Or you're like most business owners, going through FEAST and FAMINE MONTHS, up one month, down the next month roller coaster ride, chances are for some of you, you are profitable on paper, just not in your bank account. Or you did pretty good for yourself and have a multi-million dollar business with profits and a great personal income, maybe you have an in-demand, or high-fee business or have figured a few things out over the years, but, still need SCALEABLE GROWTH to get away from the day-to-day grind allowing your managers and employees to run most of the business, or you require an exit strategy to sale your business and assets to retire well, or maybe you're considering a chairman role to continue to get paid even in retirement or want to invest in yet another business, we can help.

Introducing Our Fractional CMO Solutions


Our powerful new profit-building software will find any business owner an additional $100,000 to $1,000,000 per year without you spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising, considering you have a realistic and competitive ad budget from the very onset, a reliable team/VA, and an email database.

PLUS we’ll show you how to increase your profits by 10% to 50%, averaging 3, 5, or 10 times ROI.

Plus get you’ll  25%-2100% Growth - GUARANTEED!

Sometimes we can even turn those yearly numbers into monthly numbers! Questions we often hear:

* How do I generate more qualified, and presold business leads?

* How do I convert the leads into high-paying lifetime clients, customers, or patients?

*  How do I increase my overall passive or residual revenue for increased personal income?

*   How do I get FAST and scalable results that will allow me to work 30% less hours?

Our Profit Growth Calculator Software™ solves these 4 issues for you. Forever


Your personal opinions, feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes, or ASSumptions do not matter as they are not FACTS! DATA is the only ALLY you can TRUST that shows you the TRUTH of what is TRULY happening in your Business, we care about the numbers, analytics, and data and you should too. Simply put, we do not accept mediocrity or B.S. at DODM.

  • Not Your Excuses Or The Excuses Of Your Team
  • Not Your Industry Misinformation
  • Not What Your Team, Colleagues, Friends, or Family Member Mistakingly Thinks Does or Does Not Matter.
  • And Not Even What We Think... We don't like or trust ASSumptions... We help business owners make well-informed, real-time decisions, based on "THE FACTS THAT GIVES US THE TRUTH TO BE INFORMED TO MAKE THE VERY BEST DECISIONS PROMPTLY!"

So, What Do We Do As An Fractional CMO?

We serve as a Part-Time C-Level Business Marketing Executive in your small to midsize business who is responsible for planning, developing, and overseeing your strategic marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns based on Analytics, KPIs, AI, and Data Tracking sources. The FCMO guides, trains, and or replaces a company's in-house marketing team or outsourced agency, offering managed campaign solutions, not one-off puzzle-piece (piecemeal) service projects that create underperforming and disconnected outcomes. We manage or perform all outsourced media buying services at a fraction of the cost, generally outperforming most in-house staff in terms of Results, ROI, and Cost-Savings, through our experienced team to ensure everyone is accountable to the corporate vision.

We know exactly what requires our time, and attention, and how to develop duties and responsibilities at the right level for your business and each employee. We bring extensive experience to your leadership team; pushing each business owner to strive for business preeminence. We will spend time in your place of business as needed, and work alone periodically, most importantly, we will meet with the ownership regularly to report sales results, and ROI, as well as to discuss any needed changes.

We use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Data(Sales) Tracking to prove our value to your overall operations by helping you surpass your goals by breaking past your current established benchmarks. We advise, revise, adjust, or completely overhaul your company’s marketing goals as needed to help you profit, grow, get better productivity, and achieve more time freedom to work 30% fewer hours.

Unlike most other marketing companies, we work a little differently at DODM, as we have a growing waiting list, because we only take on 1-3 companies per month, and we work with a maximum of 10 businesses per year to learn each business well enough to deliver the best results and ROI.

What Does Hiring A-Player Business and Marketing Development Teams Typically Cost 

  • A CMO alone: Costs $150,000-$240,000 per year ($12,500-$20,000 per month. Many Small and Some Mid-Size Businesses cannot afford this or worse, every business owner thinks getting this done as "CHEAPLY" as possible is their best option. So, they then choose the cheap commodity service providers (Like Office Max or Some Guy/Gal) in-house route or then hire some outside agency to fulfill a puzzle piece (piecemeal) one-off project, electing one or more of the below options at a time or leaving something out which builds a disconnected plan of action leaving "HOLES" where companies then loose money or leave money on the table that they actually need because of cheapening the process whereby they hired anyone with a pulse, instead of an A-Player who know exactly what they are doing to put together a complete campaign that is based solely on your data to achieve your intended goals faster. Look at the staggering real-world costs below:
  • SEO specialist: $60,000 Avg. Per Person
  • PPC specialist: $65,000 Avg. Per Person
  • Website developer: $65,000 Avg. Per Person
  • Automation specialist: $75,000 Avg. Per Person
  • Data scientist: $80,000 Avg. Per Person
  • Project manager: $90,000 Avg. Per Person
  • Copywriter: $55,000 Avg. Per Person

A Total A-Player Team Costs: $730,000.00 Per Year Realistically. (I'm talking about highly skilled professionals here; not the novice in-house workers or the minimally skilled who may have only one of the needed skills of marketing, advertising, or sales, but may not update their knowledge and skillset regularly and the systems, processes, or procedures that you need to help you DOMINATE without petty sabotage due to a lack of both knowledge and skills.

That's A Monthly Cost Of $60,833.33 per month. How about this reality check!!! If you're not hiring A-Players, it's costing you big time and we can prove it.

To Hire A Fully Qualified Fractional CMO In-House is $150k per year ($12,500 per month) to $240k + per year ($20,000 per month) for someone to HELP you manage it all.

Now, here is what most small and midsize business owners whose revenue is between $150,000 to $30,000,000 don't realize, most can't afford to scale properly, because either they are trying to wear all the hats above and more as novices themselves or share that responsibility with in-house novice b or c players, instead of hiring an A-Player CMO and Team by hiring cheap and or unproperly vetting their strategic, creative and or technical people for complete skillset and passion for results, but rather hiring based on the prestigious company where they formally worked, or the puzzle-piece projects they worked on which translates into piecemeal or project knowledge, but seldom translates to the ability to develop a complete winning "integrated" marketing campaigns.

This is where most business owners become unhinged when they realize, "I have to invest in paying for a Fractional CMO to manage their Marketing Team, and I also have to invest in paying for a competitive advertising budget (online or offline ad-spend) too; I have to invest in having and using the right KPIs and Data Tracking systems, and if you have a sales team, you have to invest in that too, "YES, "YES, YES" and "YES!"


Step 1. The first step is enrolling in our 90-Minute, "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session; During this session, we are going to show you the money that you are losing and or leaving on the table every single month. The Money you have most likely been leaving on the table for the last past, 5, 10, or 20 years of business, money from hidden, overlooked, and undervalued opportunities, money that is missing from your retirement and exit strategies, due to the lack of adequate research and business-building solutions with our Profit Acceleration Simulator Software and Other Fact-Finding Research. More on this below.

Without a FOCUSED Research, Marketing Strategy, and Planning First Approach your advertising and sales efforts will produce far less favorable results and ROI 97% of the time because of what we call holes in the plan or puzzle piece marketing. While most business owners are so focused on getting clients, customers, or patients in the funnel or door, or what is currently producing sales, they fail to notice or fix what is making them lose money and or leave money on the table year after year, thereby reducing overall revenue, personal income, and retirement accumulation.

Is this truly what you want to do? Of course not, however, it's because you or your hired marketing department likes to focus on the fun stuff or shiny objects, while we like to focus on the stuff that you most likely hate, but stuff that works far better like; strategy, planning, analytics and tracking results and "PROVEN" ROI from realtime decision making. 

Our Profit Acceleration Simulator Software™ will not only show you the MONEY you're Losing and or Leaving on the table! We will help you to 'find money' for your marketing, advertising, and sales initiatives to take your business to new heights and secure a better retirement and future exit strategy!

Step 2. After you have been through my advisor mentorship session, once we have fully earned your trust by showing you the facts about your current marketing, advertising, and sales operations, then my team and I can Provide You With A Done-With-You 12-Month Strategic Fractional CMO Business-Building Intensive and Done With You Marketing Action Planning Campaign for ongoing execution; depending on your company's industry or niche, the size of your company, financials, research, analytics, and diagnostic quiz and report we will customize a complete, integrated, and scalable multi-pillar campaign exclusively for you.

Remember, It's Your Choice To Either Invest In A Fully Qualified A-Player Fractional CMO at $150k per year ($12,500 per month) to $240k Per Year ($20,000 per month) To Manage It All; And An A-Player Team for a total of $60,833.33 Per Month.

Or To Choose Our "SCALABLE" Fractional CMO Advisory Retainer Fees Below:

Under $999,000 thousand in sales……………………… Is ONLY, $2500 - $5000/ per month for Fractional CMO Business Building Intensive.

$1 million - $15 million in sales………………………. Is ONLY, $10,500 - $15,000/ per month for Fractional CMO Business Building Intensive.

$5 million - $30,000,000……………………….…. Is ONLY, $25,000 - $100,000/ per campaign for Fractional CMO Business Building Intensive. Our highest-performing services offer the greatest sales results and PROVEN ROI Through Published and Branded Broadcasting Which Syndicates Your Brand EVERYWHERE online and offline.

NOTE: Financial Verification Required-TBD. Contingency Agreements Are Available-TBD.The educated business owner is our best client, we seek to help you establish a competitive ad budget for you to get in the game, compete to win, and then DOMINATE based on your current situation-- these are your only choices and they are not based on what we change, but only on what you want to achieve!

This Can Be Truly Eye-Opening; As If The Above Info Wasn't Already!

Imagine Paying For "EVERYTHING" Upfront: This Means That When You Invest Your Hard-Earned Advertising Dollars into online and/or offline advertising, your ad dollars can only go as far as what you can afford, Right?

With an average 50% to 1000% Advertising Sales Markup along with ad costs going up especially online, spending hundreds of thousands upfront, before sales production is ever realized, means you have to have or be a top-notch salesperson to recoup these monies, or you will be continuously stuck only being able to build one, two, or maybe three puzzle piece (piecemeal projects) at a time based on whatever you can or cannot afford.

The better option would be to get a better marketing strategy, planning, and integrated multi-pillar marketing, advertising, and sales solutions that include far better systems, and processes that give better results and an even greater ROI all because you hired an experienced DODM Fractional CMO, who knows how to significantly optimize all your total ad sources and maximize your Total Ad Spend to DOMINATE your competitors and market area.

Advisory & Strategy

Starts at $1K.

  • KPI & Marketing Evaluations (Every new client must have an evaluation before marketing execution)
  • Profit & Growth Strategies
  • Marketing Planning
  • Business Funding & Client Financing

Marketing Execution

Starts at $2500K/Mo.

  • Fractional CMO Services (Our Leading Marketing Service)
  • Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Campaign Services
  • Prospecting, Enrolling Conversations & Sales Training
  • Business Buying & Selling
  • Exit Strategies

Funding & Financing

No Upfront Consulting Fees

  • Funding for your business
  • Finance Your Clients, Customers, or Patients (Get Your Money, Never Let Someone Walk Away!)


If you don’t want to unknowingly lose money or leave money on the table EVER again... Which is "NOT" A good business practice... "YOU’VE ONLY GOT 2 PATHS IN FRONT OF YOU." Tinker around for another 5, 10, or 20 years as if you have that long. Or Hire An A-Player. A Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor and Mentor.

Choose Accordingly... 


"Here's Your Chance To Unlock This Exclusive, Limited-Time Business-Building Evaluation!" Before You Can Enroll In Any Of Our Fractional CMO Program Intensives You Must First Go Through Our FACT-FINDING Diagnostic Quiz Below To See Exactly, "How Your Business Stacks Up!”

"In Other Words, The One Question We Get Asked All The Time Is, "What Do We Charge For Our Services;" But, Instead, The Real Question You Should Ask Yourself Is "What Are "YOU" Willing To Invest To Get In The Game, Compete To Win, And Then DOMINATE To Own Your Market Area And Slay The Competition Quickly?" 

Enroll In The 90-Minute, "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session Today"

It's ONLY $997 (This low-cost advisory trial is required; as a done with you risk-free assessment of your business, and as a way to get to know my team and me. You'll also learn about our unique campaigns and the business-building resources available to you.

How Often Do You Say, “I Haven’t Implemented Enough Of The Right Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Automation Systems, SOPs” And The Right Frameworks To Finally Reach Or Exceed Your Goals?

How Often Do You Say You're Not Sure What's Working or What's Not, and Why Is It Taking So Long To Get Better Results and A Great ROI?

This 90-Minute Power-Packed Advisory Session Will Give You Clarity About Our Five (5) Business-Building Campaign Intensives. You Will Be Able To Pick My Brains-Waves, As We Actively Research Your Current Business Situation Together To Uncover The "FACTS" About What's Working and What's Not And Then Work Toward Educating You To Better Your Current Situation While Developing The Correct KPIs And Devising A Marketing Action Plan To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

I Will Eat The Actual Cost Of $4700 In Real Value To Help Change The Trajectory Of Your Business And Life. All I Ask In Return Is That You Come Prepared To Do The Hard Work Of DRIVEN Success And That You Give Us A Testimonial and 3 Referrals Within 90 Days "ONLY" If Your Mind Is Blown Away From Our Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Wisdom That Has Stood The Test Of 35 Years.

I can only do one (1) initial 90-minute session per day, 3 days per week, most of the research and analytic services will be done over two weeks and these value-based sessions are filling up fast at this unbelievably low fee.

Here’s What You Get And What We Are Going To Do For You.

  • We will help you uncover an additional $10K to $1 Million per year (or per month) in additional profit opportunity enhancements by showing you our PROFIT CALCULATOR AND PROFIT ACCELERATOR systems to improve your profit margins by 10% to 50% and what specific marketing, advertising, and sales tactics to implement without spending an extra dollar on marketing, advertising, or sales costs outside of what you’re currently spending; considering you have a realistic “competitive marketing, advertising, and sales budget, a skillful support staff and automation systems” to create enormous upside leverage; 25% up to 2100% - (Benefit: Learn how to stop losing money and or leaving money on the table that could be in your pocket by learning what marketing and advertising you should be doing right now to increase your sales, profits, take-home income, and scalable growth quickly. An $625 Value).
  • Get A Complete Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales DEEP-DIVE Diagnostic Quiz To Determine How Well You Understand Your Marketing Issues and Know Your Numbers- (Benefit: Learn Exactly How and Why Your View Of Strategic Marketing Versus Tactical Advertising And Analytical Sales Numbers Are The Major Issue In Your Business So We Can Show You How To Pivot For Better Sales Results and ROI - An $866 Value).
  • We'll deploy one of our KPI Advisors to take a look at your numbers and your analytic and sales tracking systems to determine what you are overlooking or missing and what Spreadsheets, AI, Software, and Data (Sales) Tracking Systems you need to gain real-time insights for better decision making, business-building, and wealth creation- (Benefit: Learn what KPIs you should be tracking and monitoring for your business, tricks, and tips for improvement, and why you may not be using the correct software for your business from our IT, AI, and Software Specialist. An $625 Value).
  • We’ll deploy our “Covert Inspectors” to review & improve your website, funnel, or landing page, and if it’s that bad or old, we’ll tell you the truth, you need a new rebuild. You might be a few website or funnel optimizations away from consistently enrolling new people into your services, programs, and packages, or getting a massive tidal wave of online buyers. This High-Conversion Analysis Will Review The 9 Key Areas Of Website Sales Conversions: CTPPM, Hook/Hero Section, Copy, Lead Magnet, Lead Product, Video Presentation, Usability, Trust, Persuasion, Testing, and Tracking (Split Tests).  (Benefit: You will start to see much better conversion numbers and ROI — in as little as 7-days after implementing our marketing recommendations.  An $866 Value).
  • Get A Digital Traffic Marketing Analysis To Review Your SEO, Paid Ads, Display Ads, Social Media, Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Generation Efforts Online To Determine Your Competitive Ability To Get In The Game, Authoritative Ability To Compete To Win, And The Ability To DOMINATE  Using Our CTPPM Frameworks; so you don’t miss out on the 85% of your online sales from failing to (Presell & Prequalify) as well as nurture your conversion system- (Benefit: We will show you exactly what a digital plan to get in the game, compete to win, or DOMINATE looks like for you to choose your level of business success online. An $866 Value).
  • You'll get our "FREE" Marketing Action Planner (RoadM.A.P.) with a completed diagnostic to plan out your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly action steps - (Benefit: We use a strategic planning model, not traditional marketing plans because most times they do not help with getting bank loans, and they do not help you focus on the day to day actions steps that are needed to succeed. Yes, we can help with various types of traditional business plans if needed; however, the plans we give our clients help them achieve their goals. A $1500 Value).
  • We Will Prepare A Marketing Brief: A Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light Report & Agreement- (Benefit: We’ll show you what to work on first, second, or completely STOP doing right now to move your business forward, along with a recommendation for a scalable or niche based Fractional CMO Business-Building Intensive. A $100 Value).

Here Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits Of Meeting With Me On A “Research, Marketing Strategy, and Planning-First Approach Instead Of A Tactical Advertising and Sales Based Approach."

  • Instantly Double You’re Fees To Attract Higher-Paying People Without Fear Of Losing People.
  • Instantly Double Your Yearly Revenue, Year After Year.
  • Instantly Create Both High-Fee and or Recurring Income From Every Client Served For Consistent Cash Flow.
  • Instantly Be Seen and Valued As The Most Trusted and Reputable Business In Your Market Area.
  • Add Greater Profits, Faster Growth, and Time-Freedom To Work 30% Less Hours w/o Losing Money.
  • Create a High-Producing Team Culture and Forward-Thinking Corporate Environment While Reducing Staff Sabotage.
  • For Online B2C/B2B Product or eCommerce Sellers Boost Conversions, Improve Payment Plans, Trials, Average Order Size and Order Bumps, One-Click Upsells, Recover Lost Sales, Drive Upgrades, And Get Better Shipment Rates And Deliverability Through Thrive Cart or Shopify, Turning Your Site Into An ATM.
  • For Service Providers Who Can, Learn How And Why Turning Your Services Into A Product, Package, Or Program Can Be Much More Lucretive. 
  • For Health Practitioners We’ll Show You How To Maximize Cash Pay Sales, Move Patients Through Your Doors Faster Without Them Feeling Like A Number, And Employ Your Patients As An Army Of Health Advocates For You.
  • For Coaches, Consultants, and Financial or Other Advisors, We’ll Show You How To Attract The Wealthy And Position Yourself To Attract Other Desirable Clients, While Repelling The Time-Wasters.
  • Uncover Highly Effective Methods For Increasing Repeat Purchase Frequency
  • Learn 4 Easy To Implement Tactics For Increasing Referrals
  • Learn How To Get A Better Retirement And Exit Value From Your Business
  • And much, much more

We will do a detailed DEEP-DIVE review of where your business and marketing are currently at, we will then personally make a program recommendation based on our Profit Calculators and Diagnostic Quiz once you return a completed Diagnostic Quiz (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all the Market and Competitive Research to get the "FACTS"This way you no longer can make costly ASSumptions!!!

(The Cost of The, 90-Minute "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session will be applied to any Fractional CMO Business-Building Intensive Programs). ​Plus it is a tax write-off.

“Heck,” even if you decided not to work with my team and me to improve your business performance through any of our profit-enhancing Fractional CMO Program Intensives, or if we were not a good fit; the FACT-Finding things you will come to realize for Only $997 (nine-ninety-seven) will be immeasurable and invaluable insights that no other company delivers as we do, plus with a $4700 total value of this advisory service, where I’m eating the cost to help you should be a no-brainer for a super-smart brainiac like you!!

Don’t Know Where To Start?

First, Click the GREEN Ready To Go!” button to get started, please don’t put this off, do it now! to book The, "90-Minute Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session" This way you are in our system and we can assist you moving forward during the process.

 (The $997 Cost of the Advisory Mentorship Session will be applied to any program investment if you're a good fit and this is a tax write-off).

Yes! I'll enroll in The "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session" now to get the FACTS to improve my business, and to add more profits and faster growth for only $495.

Second, We will do a detailed DEEP-DIVE review of where your business is currently at, I will then personally make a program recommendation based solely on our Profit Calculator and Diagnostic Quiz once you return a completed Diagnostic Quiz (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all other research to get the "FACTS", This way you no longer can make costly ASSumptions ever again!!!

The Next Step, Click the RED Button Below to get started with our Diagnostic Quiz. After investing the $997 you can get started with the simple Diagnostic Quiz; don't worry about getting stuck along the way, you can go at it alone, simply do your best or we will go over it with you step-by-step so that you are not overwhelmed. Once you invest the $997 we will immediately contact you to help you get off to a great start.

No thanks! I'm smarter than Bryant and I don't think he knows what he's talking about or your service can do what you say; I'd rather get access to the RoadM.A.P., free guides, checklists, templates, and other DIY business resources starting at only $29. To Learn More Click Above.

Past Client Testimonials



I am the President/Owner of a Virtual Assistant business called Professional Administrative Services. We solicited Bryant’s assistance with developing material to send out in a mailing to prospective clients. He has proven to be very resourceful and has provided us with much more. Bryant Vickers has been instrumental in finding resources for my company such as leads, print services, website advertising, etc. He is extremely dedicated to researching what your business is about but also will find out what leads and advertising sources fit your needs. Through his company, I have also received many referrals that have turned into excellent clients. We are extremely pleased with the services we have received and would recommend anyone to use his services. —Deirdre Avant


Bryant Vickers is very well-educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." Bryant is a consummate professional in the way he carries himself in and outside of the office. He is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success you have in your business and in your personal life. — Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce
Mr. Olympia


At Our Medical Office, “We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of $75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the HMA workshop and with a little help from Bryant, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world. I got 90 calls on my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 in the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.” —Dr. LaJeanne Duke Health Program

Publishing Company

New product line to over $1 million in sales in 4 months! “In just 4 months, through steps of the Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System, we were able to make over $1.2 million in sales in Texas.”
—Mark Davis

Magazine Publisher

From zero to 40,000 distributed in 5 weeks! “I needed an income badly. I was 27, had two kids and no job and my wife was pregnant. By combining the concepts of co-ops and self-publishing, I was able to create a direct mail advertising magazine. I quickly sold all of the spots to local health-related businesses. I made a joint venture with a local newspaper and WHAM! My magazine was out on the street in full color all 40,000 of them. I had a $3,000 per month income.” —Gordon Jacoby, Health & Fitness Guide

Dental Consultants

“We have been consulting for many years now and since we’ve implemented these marketing strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The marketing has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased our personal incomes by over $200,000 in one year.” —Cammeron Marketing

Auto Financial Services

$1 million the first year...$3.7 million the second...and over $5 million the third! “This marketing system has been responsive for helping us understand our unique position in the marketplace. HMA Marketing’s leadership, sales management, telemarketing, advertising, and direct mail expertise all played key roles in our company’s fast growth.” —Jeff Savage

Medical Office

Revenue doubles in 30 days! “I consider myself to be a very astute businessman and marketer. It’s very difficult to take anyone’s suggestions, especially when I’m doing over $30,000 per month from my basement. But, I was convinced to try a small change in my marketing. By making one little adjustment in our sales process, we went from $36,000 per month to over $68,000 the next month. Wow” —Dr. Samuel West, International Academy of Lymphology

Corporate Incentives

From $150,000 to $500,000 in one year! “I had visited with several advertising agencies and marketing consultants. After just one hour in the workshop, I got more help in marketing our travel incentive product than from all of the big agencies combined. It didn’t cost me a $5,000 per month retainer fee. Their tools are unique and inexpensive to implement. We’ll finish this year with over $150,000 in sales. With these ideas and a system in place, we are projecting $500,000 next year. The marketing plan they helped us establish is a great foundation for the national expansion we’re planning.” —Pat Brody, International Incentives Corp.

Seminar Promotion Company

Testing headlines brings 150% more business! We have been marketing seminars for many years now... never once have we ever really tested the headlines on the letters we send out. We experimented and by flipping through the headline bank you gave us, we came up with a couple we thought were more powerful. Did it work? Did it ever! The next time we mailed, we went from a 2% response to over 4.5% response. This will mean an excess of half a million dollars in profits for us this year alone.” —Darrel Bracken, Business Seminars, Inc.

Tax Specialist

“This marketing system is wonderful It doubled the response to my tax preparation mail pieces.” —F. Reiner & Associates