Refer Your Business Friends

"Be A Best Friend, Share The Love, And Get HIGH-Commissions and VIP Incentives!"


At DODM we believe in Referral Programming, we have over 150 Referral Program Strategies, and if we were to implement 2 to 4 of them in your business you would be blown away at the results, Why Referral Programs, think about it, most business owners do not have at least one solid Referral Program, especially a program that is trackable, and one that is proven to produce a high number of leads and prospects every month. Most people use old school Word-Of-Mouth, and "WAIT" and "HOPE" for referrals to come in haphazardly.

Some business owners are afraid to ask for referrals, feeling that they are nagging their clients, while others simply do not know about all the different types of referral strategies and automated systems that can be employed today to put referral generation on steroids.

The reason many business owners say Referrals don't work is that they think it's all the same, they are actually referring to Word-Of-Mouth and not having and implementing a solid Referral Program online and offline simultaneously.

What is A Referral Program

It is a series of strategic steps that include Referral Partner Selection, Proof of Concept, Referral or Affiliate or referral Tracking systems, and a referral or affiliate person or manager.

How A Referral Program Works

There are many strategies and systems that can be employed, however, we ask that each of our Happy and Loyal clients give us a minimum of 3 Referrals within 90 days. We know that we can't just expect our clients to give referrals because we helped them get great results, some folks are just not going to do it no matter what, simply because they are "UNCOMFORTABLE" talking to their friends and business acquaintances about their experiences. After all, it's not like knowing exactly what to say when you get asked questions that you don't know how to answer or like knowing the exact and simple outcome of going to lunch when the hostess sits you down and then your waitress comes to take your order.

In other words, people can't properly refer because there is no way they can possibly know the process of each and every different type of business product, service industry, or niche specialization to properly be able to "COMFORTABLY" refer more often! This is the main reason for the lack of referrals, business owners do not know how to create referral programs that are easy to understand, and follow in a non-technical, yet systematic, and comfortable way for people to refer more often.

Our Process Is Easy... it just takes a little work from you...

Though DODM is only asking for a minimum of 3 referrals within 90 days; there is no limit to how many referrals you are allowed to give, nor how much money you can earn by providing referrals to us.

STEP 1. Below download our Memory Jogger, it will give you an ideal list of businesses that you can refer to us, you will also get a list of 100 people to call that contains a spot to place your contact information and the name, email, and phone number of the people that you want DODM to contact. You simply fill out 10 names, emails, and phone numbers if you are going to refer 3 people to DODM, and all 100 names if you want to generate additional monthly income; that's it.

STEP 2. Once you download our Memory Jogger, create a folder on your computer or flash drive that says; DODM Referral Program. That way you can always refer back to it or have it at your disposal

STEP 3. Don't forget to place your contact info on the List of 100 People to Call: We use this sheet so we will know who to give credit to and compensate. If you are going to continue every month making ongoing referrals, we will create an affiliate tracking code for you so that you will be able to log in and see all your referral contacts, sales, and commissions.

STEP 4. Download our Client Introductory Letter: Use this letter to print out and send to everyone you know who has a business, do "NOT" pick and choose who to send it to, you do not fully know everyone's situation or circumstances.

We will even print out your first 3 Client Introductory Letters, and you can use as many List of 100 People to Call to send as many referrals as you would like. There is no limit on how many you can send. We will even show you many free ways to prospect for new referrals.


We want to make the process as easy as possible and "COMFORTABLE" so here's all you do.

You drop by or make an appointment to see your friend or acquaintance, only if they ask, "what this is about, you tell them that it's about an opportunity that has changed your business and your life and you would like to just give them some information, no pressure whatsoever, it's entirely up to them with what they do with what you give them.

When you two meet here's all you say, "Here's the info that improved my income by x dollars or growth by x%.'

That's it... hand them the package and leave (they may want to invite you to dinner or a drink) don't do it because they may begin asking you questions that you can't answer at the moment and because you can't answer their questions, they will reject the whole thing without even knowing and understanding what I do or how I can help them, thereby making assumptions. Please make a rain check, tell them as a friend we'll get together after you have at least thoroughly looked the materials over and have had a conversation with Bryant Vickers, and leave.

What happens after we have had a conversation:

You get "PAID" on the initial call, plus on any programs that they enroll in. HMAU ($100-$250), RoadM.A. P. ($150-$1000), DOMINATION 2.0 ($3000), and all other programs 5%-10%.



But that's not all...

You get lifetime residual commissions as one of my referral partners on services and soon-to-be-released future product transactions, which means that you may just pick up a check every month, and at times that you don't even expect one. The best part is that once you refer a client who invests in my services and products,, that client belongs to you for life because we are not cheap-minded.

See most companies will only pay a commission on the initial first sale, and not subsequent sales that are derived from your hard work and appreciated efforts. We are fair and honest, so anything a person that you have referred to us purchased during their lifetime as a client you get a commission payment.

Also, as a DODM Referral Partner, you get the hook-up, though we teach value-added services over discounting whenever possible, we will offer VIP Discounts on select products and services to our top referral partners who prove to be producers.


Memory Jogger                                                             Client Introductory Letter

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