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We Specialize In Publishing Business Books

My Team And I Will Help You Create a Book That Attracts New Clients, and Leverage Consulting, Sales, and Speaking Opportunities, All While Generating Multiple Streams Of Income For Years To Come

We Help Ceo’s, Executives, Marketers, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, Thought-Leaders, Course Creators, Doctors, Healers, & Entrepreneurs Become “Best Selling” Authors, To Get Featured on Podcasts, Blogs, Webinars, In Joint Ventures, on TV and Radio, and In Top Speaking Events At A Fare Price To Attract High-Paying Clients and Customers For Life!


Earning You and Your Company Additional Income By Advertising Your Business With A Book Which Is Far More Effective Than Handing Out Business Cards, Just Think About It, Be Seen As Novice or Average, Or Be Seen As An Obvious Expert and Authority To Follow and Eventually Do Business With Where Readers Chase You, Instead Of You Chasing Them!

$100,000  per year from a book that reached a million people

$1,000,000 from selling your services all because someone bought and read your book

$1,000,000 per month from filling a live in-person workshop

$3500 to $25,000 per paid speaking engagement, with just one engagement per month yielding a minimum of $42,000 per year to upwards of $300,000

A $5000; $10,000; $30,000 or even a $100,000 consulting or coaching deal all because of how your book was arranged to get you clients.

We just wanted to get your juices flowing and your mind thinking of the many "EMPIRE-BUILDING" possibilities.

We’ll Turn Your Readers Into Revenue-Generating Clients and Customers By Transforming Your Book Into An Acquisition Tool That Exponentially Grows You Business On Autopilot With The

DOMINATOR Publishing Trifecta...

DOMINATOR Publishing Trifecta


Today, people don’t like to read long reads, and when it comes to business books, books that are 100 to 300 pages are best. How-To, Problem and Solution, Overcomer, High- Achiever, books are best. If you’re thinking of a memoir of sorts or a biography, please keep in mind these are called vanity publishing and as such, it’s best that you have a large following first for these types of books to succeed with readership or mostly your friends and family will be your readers because you are not well known and though we can help with that, most times it is ego driven ideas like this that does not put money in your pocket, but drain your wallet.

What is Best Seller Publishing?

Simply put: We help you make an Impact and an Income with your own Best Selling Book.  We help you write, publish, and market your book, and even get you on TV and media! If you’ve struggled in the past with completing your book or you just want to move fast — we are the best choice and our track record proves it.

We have been honored to work with Fortune 500 CEOs, and all sorts of professionals and help them become bestselling authors. We are very proud of our work with experts and entrepreneurs who desire to use a book to grow their income while impacting the world.  From coaches and consultants to financial advisors and doctors we have had the privilege to take their unique expertise and turn it into a bestselling book.

Sound GOOD? Have you ever thought to yourself...

I’ve been told many times I should write a book.

I know a book will help me become more known in my business field.

I’ve tried to finish my book and keep getting stuck.

I know my revenue would grow if I had my own bestselling book.

I have a book but it hasn’t done well and I don’t know how to market it.

I know my story could make an impact and an income if I could get it out.

If any of this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

It's a terrible idea to keep waiting for the RIGHT time or the extra money (that never comes) to write your book!

The average client we work with in our (DOMINATOR Publishing Trifecta Program) has been wanting (and trying) to write their book for over 3 years! 3 years!!

You cannot afford to wait another 3 years (or even one year for that matter) to get your first book done.

That means a whole new business income stream and over a million dollars in revenue possibly for your company - in the first YEAR! And a massive reduction in costly business struggles or business failures!

Hopefully, you will let us help you with writing, marketing, and making money with your book!

After all, which do you think is most powerful in selling your business products and services; a business card or a book? A book Right?

Book Publishing Consulting, Book, Speaker, and Coach Development 

Let me help you reach those people just waiting for what you have to say in the form of a book, speaking, and with your coaching, consulting, or training programs. The media is changing rapidly, the online opportunities are overwhelming, and social marketing is becoming the norm, yet how do you get book readers to become clients, make the most use out of paid and non-paid speaking engagements or your own events and how do you get paid upfront high and or recurring fees for your programs or packages.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an Advisor and Mentorship to give you all the right tools and point you in the best directions? To custom tailor a program just for you and your market?

Book Marketing Advisor and Mentor, 34-year veteran Marketer, PR expert, and Author Bryant Vickers provides consulting in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Help you create your sales and marketing plan
  • How to grow your platform
  • Develop your Internet marketing strategy
    • Bestseller campaigns
    • Website development and landing pages
    • Book and web promotional tools, including website opt-in inducements
    • Articles and article distribution
    • Social network outreach
    • Joint venture and cross-promotions
    • Web reviews
  • Develop your publicity strategy
    • Media kit and pitch letter
    • Radio media tours, Internet radio, and Podcasts
    • Print publicity
    • Web publicity
    • TV publicity
  • Convert your book to an audiobook
  • Recommend places to list yourself to be found by readers, prospects, and media
  • Develop book signing and appearance strategies
  • Get a handle on follow-up product/seminar development
  • Provide recommendations on all outsourcing resources needed:
    • Fulfillment house and product developers
    • Video providers/ book trailers
    • Virtual assistants
    • Press release distribution
    • Webmasters and web designers
    • Shopping carts and autoresponders
    • Branding, Graphic, and cover designers
    • Book distribution to major chains, web merchants, and vertical book channels
    • Trade advertising
    • Digital Marketing
    • Speaking coaches
    • Media training
    • Support services and resources

And more...

Book Marketing Advisory Mentorship Fees

  • First 2-Hour Coaching Consultation -$499
  • Each Hour Thereafter - $199
  • 8-Hour Package - 1,500



How do you get book readers to buy your products, services, programs, and packages, come to your events, or hire you to speak for a high fee at large events around the country or world? Does your current book or the one you are thinking about publishing have bounce-back offers? They should! But what are they, they are offers and or advertisements that are placed at the back of your book to sell your readers into buying your products, or services or coming to your events, hiring you to speak at various events and thereby increase sales opportunities. But they must be done right to help convert sales conversions, this is something most business owners leave out, overlook, or completely fumble the sales copy.

Marketing Plans

Imagine you speaking, blogging, being seen and heard nationally or all over the world, and being featured in top publications, radio, podcasts, tv, webinars, and more. Don’t settle for a book when you can have a “Best Seller” that gets your business- and media attention in front of 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k plus people that gets you major service, product, or even event $ales…

Most people don’t realize it but the average non-fiction book sells about 250 copies in its lifetime!  Imagine putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a book only for a couple of hundred people to ever read it.

Our step-by-step book launch ensures that will NOT happen!

We start with what we term our “soft launch”.  This is a 2-3 week period where we focus our attention on getting your book 5-star Amazon-verified reviews.  We do this using your sphere of influence as well as our vast author network.

After this, we ramp up for the “hard launch” of your book.  This process will put your book in front of hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of eyeballs searching for a book like yours.

We do this in several powerful ways…

We advertise your book worldwide on 60-70 different websites many of which get millions of viewers per month.  We write the ads, place the ads, and pay for the ads for your campaign.

At the same time, we write and launch press releases during your hard launch week.  Each press release goes out to over 1000 media outlets with hundreds of them picking up your news.  Each media outlet has tens of thousands of viewers so the potential impact is enormous.

Lastly, we launch on social media to those interested in your topic.

Best of all, we GUARANTEE our result.  If you do not hit “Best Seller in One or Multiple Categories then we refund you in FULL!  We put our money where our mouth is.

*Premium Amazon “Best-Seller” Status

(Ask about NY Times “Best-Seller” Status)

  • Audiobook
  • Book signing event with media coverage, place arrangement should be provided in my desired state/city.
  • Author Marketing with 100 million followers
  • Google Knowledge Panel (Google Marketing)

Price:  $6,500 (Compared to $10k-25k offers Just For Best Seller Status)

Complete Bundle Package deal Includes EVERYTHING above for only $25,500 Upfront.

Top Media Mentions, Speaker Opportunities, Seminars, Radio, Podcast, and TV Opportunities.

Again, with TRUST at an all-time low, do you think a paper business card, a sign in your office or any paid advertising or a mix of high and low-performing sales reps is going to build trust and awareness for your brand better than having your brand featured in or on media the media that your clients, customers or patients trust the most? The below types of Media Mentions where your brand is featured in or on top Media Publications, Syndicated Radio, TV Shows, Podcasts, or where even Influencers share your content with their audience catapult you far beyond your competition quickly.


Advanced Guaranteed - Press Release and Publicity Services

Our most popular plan is The Select Plan. This plan has proven successful time and time again for our clients across the globe—for first-time authors, NY Times bestselling authors, celebrities, talent, products, and services. The Select Plan provides a professionally written press release, with a great hook, for your approval. This press release then gets distributed to thousands of different media personnel each week, including the national mainstream markets!

That’s FOUR mass distributions to the media, per month. All media leads received are then forwarded to you for you to reply. We monitor all our clients’ leads each week for success. So, if you have the time to handle these very solid media leads (meaning, the recipients have responded to your release—with interest!), schedule your interview requests, and provide the media with any additional information they might need, this plan is for you! Alternatively, if you are just too busy to do this yourself, and your budget allows for a publicist to handle the media leads, please see our Traditional plans

Select Plan - $995 (per month


Add-On Plans (Add to any month on your PR Plan)

One-City Focus $495 Saturation of your release to the media in the city of your choice, weekly, for one month.

Celebrity Campaign $1,495 We contact 40 celebrities (via their agents, managers, and publicists) asking the celebrity to accept a copy of your book or product and consider providing an endorsement, a blurb, and/or a mention on their social media platforms.

Article Campaign $1,495 We will write an article about your book, product or business (for your approval) and submit directly to websites, newspapers, magazines (all print), and also EIN Presswire.

School of Business Bulk-Buy Campaign - $1,495 We will pitch your business book to 100s of universities asking them to consider purchasing your book in bulk for classroom materials.

Speaking Engagement Campaign $1,495 We create a dynamic pitch (for your approval) and reach out to approx. 2,000 large corporations, including all Fortune 500 businesses, recommend you for speaking engagements.

The Traditional Plan

This plan includes a publicist working on your campaign. A professional press release is created for your approval. Press releases are distributed to thousands of different media personnel each week, including the nationals! FIVE mass distributions to the media, and FIVE mass distributions to bloggers to help create a buzz through their blogs and other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. That’s two side-by-side campaigns for a total of TEN mass distributions per month! All incoming media requests are handled by your Ascot publicist who will schedule interviews and obtain reviews, as well as pitch national media outlets for coverage throughout your campaign. Leads are monitored weekly for success.

Traditional Plan - $3,995 (per month):



AUTHOR: Trish, Kimberly, Bryant’s press and publicity team were incredible to work with when I was promoting my book: Life on the Grocery Line: A Frontline Experience in a Global Pandemic. They made the process easy and enjoyable. I received over 120 leads ranging from Good Morning America to The TODAY Show to NPR. They helped me shine when going on Good Day Chicago or Good Day LA with sage advice. They fought tooth and nail to help me get the chance to write an article for Everything about the experience was exceptional and I can’t wait to work with them again on my next book. Adam Kaat -

AUTHOR: I was to the point in my career where both my brand and my various ventures needed consistent messaging from a publicist. Having worked with publicists in the past I was nervous about whether they would capture the true essence of what my mission is. They have blown me out of the water with their professionalism, speed to market, and quick response time. Since working with them I’ve been on all major media outlets. I highly recommend this incredible agency and the fabulous team. and a special shout out to Trish, who always makes sure the details are just right. Michaela Renee Johnson

AUTHOR: have used a few different PR firms. Many are a rabbit hole of promises and false hopes. This company is the real deal. They did a great job with my first book. They secured numerous high-end endorsements, over 50 reviews, 4 TV interviews, and multiple radio and podcast interviews. At one point, I had too many interviews! Trish is sincere and they all work hard. I just signed up for two more books with them, and the results are even better. I am happy with their results, and I do recommend them. Randal Bell, PhD Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success. Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around The World

PUBLISHING HOUSE: “If you’re looking to get lots of quality bookings, Each month I entrust this high-quality team of PR Writers and Publicists with a myriad of authors to promote and each month I have very busy authors engaging in interview after interview. They are also experts at customizing programs to suit the variety of needs of each author for his or her book. I’ve been in the publishing business, running a publicity department for almost 17 years, and only wish I’d known about this opportunity sooner!” Sincerely, Kim G. Weiss - Director of Communications, HCI Books

AUTHOR: As the author of From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System), I decided to run a brief Valentine’s Day campaign with this publicity giant and Wow! I was amazed by the response I got. I could hardly wait to look at my email every day. I would recommend them to anyone looking for short or long-term representation. I'm a satisfied customer and I will be back! Dawn Maslar - From Heartbreak to Heart's Desire - Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System) -

AUTHOR: I hired this company to do a viral internet blitz prior to my book launch and the results have been incredible. During the first month of its release, it hit numbers 33 and 31 on the NY Times best seller list. In addition to the viral campaign, they targeted the media in the thousands, resulting in radio and television interviews that also helped push me onto the NY Times bestseller list. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a big return on their advertising buck. Steve Alten, Ed.D.

BOOK PUBLISHER: “I have been using their services for approximately six months and I never fail to be amazed at the onslaught of leads that pour in for our authors – from top media outlets that include USA Today, The Today Show, Conan, ABC, CNN, Fox, Howard Stern, Entertainment Weekly, and Intouch Weekly – too many to list here. Having received well over 800 interview requests for our authors in just the last sixty days, I have to say that in all my years working with the media I have NEVER found a team like them who are so dedicated and so on top of their game that they achieve this kind of media frenzy – ever! I trust them implicitly and feel secure in the knowledge they expertly, know-how, bring in top results each and every time!” Dr. Farrah Gray

AUTHOR looking for an amazing resource for authors! As a self-published author, I really needed some professional assistance and guidance to obtain exposure for my book Soldiers’ Blood and Bloodied Money Wars and the Ruling Elites. From my very first contact with Bryant’s partner Trish through the explanation of the various programs offered and through the account setup process, they have performed admirably. An excellent written guide is communicated as to how they operate on an author’s behalf, and they indicate exactly how to respond to media leads generated by their extensive media lists, which, most surprisingly, even include international venues. they forwarded me some great leads. Their most capable wordsmith; developed a press release and worked with me to ensure it was agreeable. If my experience is any indication, you will be busy following up on the media leads they generate! They are a delight to work with and I am grateful for all they have accomplished for me and my book! Allen B. Clark - The Honorable Allen B. Clark -

AUTHOR: I highly recommend hiring a professional PR and Publicist Firm. I will be referring everyone I know. When I reached out to them, unlike other companies who made promises, they did not; which I admired. They were very candid and honest. They have integrity. Their prices are reasonable, and nothing is hidden. They underpromised and completely over delivered! You will not be disappointed with the service you receive from them and it will be the best investment you make in yourself. Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore - Instagram is @drtiffanietatemoore -

LITERARY AGENT: The campaign kicked off today and the requests for reviews & interviews are flying in! Very exciting. Y’all don’t mess around! Emily Williamson -


Get Speaker Leads in Every Possible Category that Serves "YOU" For Pennies a Lead!

Choose from 75 U.S. and Canada Regional Directories (Pick Your Hometown or a Location
You’re Traveling to). Receive ALL the Association, Meetings and Venue Leads in 4 Possible Categories:

  • Business – subdivided into 55 specific industries, ethnicities, and genders
  • Philanthropic and Service groups – everything from Rotary to Soroptimist to 100 Black Women to Kin Clubs in CAN and 40 more
  • Consumer Special Interest Groups -- moms, health & wellness support groups, parenting,
  • LGBTQ, military -- plus libraries, bookstores & more ...everywhere you can speak directly to people in need!
  • Spiritual venues—Unity/Centers for Spiritual Living, faith-based groups &churches and
    consciousness meetings

PLUS... We provide Radio and Podcast, Summits, TED X, Speaker Training, and Affiliate Opportunities.


Finding Clients, Prospecting, Enrolling, Sales/Selling/Closing, Onboarding, Business Building, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Inbound and Outbound Advertising (social, reviews, reputation, and referrals), Financing Your Programs and Funding for Growth, Joint Venture Opportunities, High-Fee and or Recurring Revenue Planning, Bios, One-Sheets, Websites, Videos, Workshops, Seminars, and Webinar Support, and More.

Our Business Book Publishing Packages

Book Publication (100-150 pages)  

  • Creating/updating the outline
  • Adjusting the layout and presentation with international publishing standards
  • A dedicated team consisting of 2 specialist proofreaders, book designers, layout technicians, and professional review from the publisher
  • A thorough review of the manuscript
  • Finalizing book cover design as per your preferences, layout, formatting, and typesetting as per international publishing standards (print and digital)
  • Finalization of the publish-ready version of your book (print and digital)
  • Publishing on online publishing platforms including but not limited to Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and Google Books
  • Barcode and ISBN registration under the author's name
  • Print-on-demand setup
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Creation of an author and book profile optimized to attract your book's relevant target audience organically
  • Value Added Services
  • Unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied
  • 100% Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Price:   $1250 (Compare to most $1799 + Offers + We Print on Demand w/o Royalties)


Book Publication (200-300 pages) - (*BEST DEAL-Top Best Sellers Today!

  • Creating/updating the outline
  • Adjusting the layout and presentation with international publishing standards
  • A dedicated team consisting of 2 specialist proofreaders, book designers, layout technicians, and professional review from the publisher
  • A thorough review of the manuscript
  • Finalizing book cover design as per your preferences, layout, formatting, and typesetting as per international publishing standards (print and digital)
  • Finalization of the publish-ready version of your book (print and digital)
  • Publishing on online publishing platforms including but not limited to Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Google Books
  • Barcode and ISBN registration under the author's name
  • Print-on-demand setup
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Creation of an author and book profile optimized to attract your book's relevant target audience organically

Value Added Services

  • Unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied
  • 100% Ownership and Copyrights under the author's name
  • Dedicated Account Manager

100% Money Back Guarantee

Price:  $1799
(Compare to most $2500 + Offers+ We Print on Demand w/o Royalties)

Our Premium Book Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing
 (6 Months)

  • Customize Post Designs (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Customize Instagram Reels Video
  • A team of expert’s in social media marketing
  • A team of expert’s in social media management
  • Book Promotion Videos

Price:  $3,500

Search Engine Optimization (12 months)

  • 8 to 10 Keywords Targeting
  • Website Audit
  • Pages Optimized (10 pages)
  • Campaign Setup and Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Grouping

Price:  $5,000 upfront (12 Months) save $1200

Price: $500 if you wish to pay monthly

Customize Book Press Release (PR)

The most popular press release distribution option reaches thousands of online, local, regional, national, international and industry media outlets. Choose your targeted reach for your press release campaign.

- Targeted Trade Publications List
- Geo-Targeted Media
- 500 Words Included
- Featured Image
- Up to 6 hyperlinks in your press release
- Embed Video
- Detailed Analytics report
- Social News Buzz

Price:  $2,500

Author’s Website

-Professional Author Website

-Professional Author Intro

-Book Portfolio

-Video Book Trailer


-Contact Us section with Payment Merchant details

-Domain (3 years)

-Hosting (3 years)

Price:  $3,500


Price:  $4,500

Black Press 

Press Release Distribution to Black Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio Stations, and More!


Black PR Services is a leading African-American newswire service. We offer the most extensive press release distribution to the Black media.

This service has been around for 22 years, with over 3,500 clients, we are the best at what we do! Go with the experts.

Who Needs Black PR Services, Some Press Releases Never Get Published In Main Stream Media?

Authors, speakers, business owners, non-profit leaders, and others that want to effectively reach a professional African American Audience through radio interviews, television interviews, and placement in Black newspapers and magazines, here’s an opportunity to get seen and or heard!

Here’s What We Propose To Do? We can “NOT” guarantee media coverage, but we “CAN” guarantee delivery. Since the year 2000, the Black media has looked to us to provide them with quality content - and they use our content all the time. We have distributed more than 15,000 press releases and continue to distribute press releases every single day. Using our award-winning service maximizes the possibility that your press release will be used!

How Much Does It Cost?

Only $299 and this includes distribution to all African-American newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, and news-related websites. You can also send up to ONE photo at no additional charge!

After you submit your order, we will distribute your press release (or column) to the African American media - about 30,000 journalists and bloggers at nearly 1,000 media outlets.

With Our Premium Package, we will also publish your story on our own Poplar Black News Site and on a Black Business Site for $100!

Plus, we'll search-engine optimize your press release for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and share it with our 800,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Get Book Reviews and Referrals With Our Book Review Program

Here are some published authors and business owners we have worked with and their reviews:

187 reviews for Aspire Enterprises, 22 Reviews for Tom Khol who works with Rob Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad, 305 Reviews for In Entrepreneur Network, 150 Reviews for Crystal B Astrology, 547 Reviews for Pubilcist Jill Lubin, 600 Reviews High Income Copywriter Training Course, almost 3,400 Reviews for High Ticket Closer Workshop.

*We also work with other influential Authors and Speakers like Peng Joon and Les Brown as well.

**We now also have a Brand New Chat Feature on top of our Review, Reputation, and Referal Automation App; as well as our Referrals on Steroids Program To increase the referrals coming into your business online and offline.

$596 set up

$199 per month



Book Marketing Advisory Mentorship Fees

First 2-Hour Coaching Consultation -$499

Each Hour Thereafter - $199

8-Hour Package - 1,500

* Call Direct For 15 Minute Program Q&A-302-353-2542

We'll answer any questions you may have. Financing is Available.

You can invest little by little or go for a bundled package and quickly move forward.