KPI Advisor


I will institute our High-Fee Mastery and or Recurring Mastery Programs into your business along with strategic media, email, and direct mail programs which are the leading media formats for the best brand and sales exposure.

We will improve your offer and sales-related messaging, as well as your social content for organic and paid ad exposure.

Also, we will focus on developing a strong lead magnet and or lead product to attract your most ideal and highest-paying clients, customers, or patients, and we will work to spread the word through Joint Ventures, other forms of relationship capital, and by building a referral network.

Last we will work jointly to figure out the KPI's that matter most and the best analytic tools for real-time tracking and reporting.

The KPI & Analytics Advisor

Are you looking for an advisor to ensure that your company makes the right moves in marketing and sales; After a paid half-day HMA-U consult /and an additional 90-day sprint with the KPI & Analytics Advisor, your Fractional CMO can advise your team and keep your marketing department on track to continuely grow sales.

  • Sprint planning calls led twice every month
  • Sales and Selling in the 21st Century Models to maximize closing ratios
  • Quarterly evaluations
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Grow long-term with the least financial risk
  • Access to our marketing campaign concepts and procedures (SOPs)
  • Access to our templates, checklists, guides, and reports
  • 6-12 month minimum commitment


  • ... of all sizes, from startup to established company
  • ... that have a strong and qualified marketing team in place and you already have a completed business, strategic, or sales plan.
  • ... in need of a marketing leader to keep the team on track and adjust priorities as campaigns launch

Here's what we'll be covering:

  • Develop a 12-month, 90-Day Custom Business Plan, Budget, and Unique Value Offer
  • Launch a Sales and Marketing Plan to Generate Leads, Draw Business from Your Database, and Get More Referrals
  • Implement Systems (People, Processes, and Tools) to Scale Your Business

It's time to go from PRO to CEO.

Our "Profit and Growth Multiplier Matix" Advisor & Mentorship

Your Choice of investing $60,833.33+ Per Month or Our Fractional CMO.

(The educated business owner is our best client)

Under $1 million in sales……………………………………Is ONLY, $4,999/Monthly Retainer (Or One-Time Contingency or DIY Options)

$1 million - $5 million in sales…………………………. Is ONLY, $15,000/Monthly Retainer (Or One-Time Contingency or DIY Options)

$5 million in sales and Over……………………………. Is ONLY, $30,000/Monthly Retainer (Or One-Time Contingency or DIY Options)

*Financial verification is required- To Be Discussed.

After Mentorship, you can choose to take our principles and apply them yourself, hand them off the your chosen in-house staff/marketing team member, or elect to Retain us for ongoing marketing, advertising, and sales-related campaigns.


Aside from the Initial "Profit and Growth Multiplier Matix" Advisor & Mentorship Fee, We Do “NOT” Get One Red Cent Until We Actually Put Money In Your Bank Account, How’s That For Confidence In Our Ability To Deliver!!!

Why we offer a contingency on our work is simple to understand, a retainer with a top advisor is $3000-$5000 per half hour with a royalty, and hiring a general corporate marketing professional is $150,000-$240,000 per year. As your Fractional CMO you are getting the same level of service for only a fraction of that cost upfront, with a back-end pay-for-performance contingency agreement which means your ad dollars can stretch further, you'll have more to work with and therefore produce better results and a far greater ROI.

This means we manage specific assets, and advise as agreed upon, and meet quarterly to make assessments and ongoing adjustments throughout the year. We are invested in your success as we advise your marketing department or implement specific tasks with them or for you. Of course, this means you must have an advertising budget already or create one.

Finding Value with Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Business Loans

Business marketing loans provide companies with the ability to capitalize on new opportunities through paid promotions. This could be done through print or digital advertisements. As any business owner can attest, marketing and advertising your business can be expensive and time-consuming. It becomes even more challenging for businesses that lack working capital financing and must reallocate precious cash reserves to afford it.

Small business owners can use business marketing loans to market and advertise their products and services effectively, or hire DODM who can manage it all for you. Use the funds to create a great marketing campaign that engages your target audience and gets the word out about your business. This can lead to a greater number of sales, a higher customer following, and increased profits.

Plus you never have to worry about results or ROI with DODM, as our methodologies are based on PROVEN and sound business and marketing practices. We are not predatory in our lending practices with our in-house or outsourced lending partnerships as we first advise our clients to secure funding to improve sales, marketing, and then any other needs that may arise to make sure that repayments and additional funding as needed always remain available.

Keep in mind that you really are on a slow growth cycle without access to capital, and slow growth on no growth will hamper and hurt your ability to obtain wealth, legacy, and future retirement goals.

Let's discuss your financing needs.

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