About Bryant Vickers & DODM

"When You Choose To Work With Me You'll Get Over $100,000 Plus Of The BIGGEST Money-Making Business Building Secrets Ever Revealed While Avoiding Many Of The Deadly Marketing Mistakes That 97% Of Small To Midsize Business Owners Make!"


I got my start in marketing working for a company called First-AD-Marketing Concepts (FAMCO) under the mentorship of the late Fred L.Williams when I was just 23 years old as a junior researcher and copywriter, this is where I initially developed and honed my DEEP-DIVE Fact-Finding Research Skills that I use today to simplify business owners lives while making them much more profitable, and growing their businesses faster.

For the first 20 years, I worked in various aspects of sales, advertising, copywriting, and business plan writing. Now a 34-year business development and profit advisor, I have a PROVEN track record for creating high 6 and 7-figure businesses. I have been featured on CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC; and with over 30 testimonials and PROVEN case studies, as a certified digital marketing and business planning expert, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't in business.


You’re Getting A Complete Customized Breakdown Of Our Proprietary Systems, Frameworks, and Support...Specifically Tailored To Your Business Goals!

You understand that working with me; Bryant Vickers, Ceo, Fcmo, Ims, and Founder of DODM, you are choosing to hire a business and marketing mentor and advisor, and not a commodity service provider that you may be used to working with, what does that even mean; when you choose to write your own website or advertising copy or social media content when you have not been professionally trained, you are first of all a novice, then, when you go to a printing company and tell them to print an ad the way you wrote it or to publish it in a publication, or you tell a web designer what you want when you are not a web designer you are use to paying for commodity services.

Purchasing these types of services in this way does not offer you the best results and or ROI because they are purely volume-based businesses that either give you what you ask without question or they perform rush jobs to please your speed for delivery, without delivering on the processes that are going to give the actual results and outcome you really are looking for.

As a 34-year marketing veteran who is highly experienced and knowledgeable, I'm engaged in finding and fixing business, mindset, marketing, advertising, sales, and financial-related issues. If you do not think or feel that you have business problems that need solving, then I may not be the person you need to speak with if everything is all that great!

I do not work for you, but partner in your success as a highly-paid, NO B.S Advisor and mentor who will call you on your BS which simply means, I will work with you to fix the behaviors and thoughts that are hindering your business success first and foremost.

If your ego, pride, or arrogance cannot handle constructive criticism without trying to dish it back to the advisor or trying to deflect or avoid the real underlying issues or responsibilities then our programs are not for you.  Our programs have only been created for high-achievers who want real tangible results and proven ROI. 

Please know upfront that I love making money and taking care of my family and community initiatives just like you do, however, I will never put my own making-money efforts ahead of my client's results and ROI. Therefore, please understand I STAND behind what I  say I can do.


I Help American Business Owners increase and or improve their sales, profits, growth, production, and time freedom to work 30-50 hours less while adding more and more revenue every year to sustain their financial fortitude in any economic condition for wealth creation, legacy, and retirement.

I Work Directly With CEOs, SAAS Founders, Doctors, and Health Professionals, Financial Advisors, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Product Based and E-Commerce  Business Owners Who Are Looking To Add More High-Fee And Or Passive Recurring Revenue Streams By Mastering Marketing, Media, And Sales To Primarily Add Greater Profits And Faster Growth, And Those Who Aren't Afraid To Attract BIG Media Attention With Your Own Book, Or By Being Seen Or Heard On TV, Radio, Podcast, News And In Local Or Major Publications To Reach More Affluent Or High-Paying Clients, Customers Or Patients More Consistently.  

A blast from the past that changed our future forever; it’s January 2020 and Covid-19 upheavals our lives as we once knew it; the world is now in a state of emergency and in an upheaval battle to sustain itself on so many fronts, and the bottom falls out for so many small and mid-size businesses why? According to a Washington Post article, most business owners blamed Covid directly, which was the furthest thing from the truth in my opinion, here’s why!

Too many businesses were not only unprepared but most also did not have the resources to sustain themselves simply because of a lack of proper marketing planning and preparation, as well as professional advisory in way too many business foundations when they got started. Proof of this is that many did not qualify for PPP monies and had to scramble to get their accountants or find an accountant to fix their books so that they could qualify. Many also had the wrong corporate structure because they listened to a friend or novice and set their formation up all wrong.

The very nature of being in business is much more riskier than having a job; yet with the current great exodus from the current job market is creating even more business owners than ever before, along with a greater demand for coaching and consulting.

Which is making the business landscape ever more competitive, couple that with new technology and AI, baby-boomer business owners who are mostly unwilling to embrace change will find themselves left in the dust unless they embrace change quickly.

With that said; most people working on a job are lackadaisical and people who turn hobbies into a business are really just doing it for fun or to help people with their know-how.

People think that they can enter a competitive business race, take their time, and play it safe, rather than understand that they need to secure as much cash flow as possible, as fast as possible to build a sustainable business that upholds the owner, family, and staff regardless of economic downturns, as well as follow the obvious current trends.

The WRONG Mindset around even being in business is what destroys businesses sooner or later, especially when they refuse to first seek out professional advisors!

We are the solution providers who are here to keep American SMBs DOMINATING!

By Offering a Hybrid Factional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) Advisory Program where my team and I mentor, advise, and train our clients in the very best business building disciplines to help them reach more of their goals as fast as possible so that eventually the lack of money never becomes the hindering factor for reaching their next level goals. Factional hiring simply means you can get direct access to a highly skilled marketing and business advisor and mentor for a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone full-time, in-house. HIRE ME!


Our $299 Advisory Mentorship Initial Meeting Fee Applies to our 5 Core TOP Tier Advisory Programs that support the needs of small and mid-size businesses best. Our Advisory Mentorship Fee applies to all our programs except; Provider Network, Funding Services, So Tell Us & Speaking Engagements. If the Client Retains or elects a contingency agreement, this fee is deducted from the agreement fee, and the fee is a Tax Write-Off.

We do a Deep Dive 360 View into your complete business to avoid what we call Scope Creep or Micro Management by Admitted Control Freaks -BOSSES! Who says that they want and need help, but won't turn loose the reigns to allow themselves to even receive expert help all because of their pride, EGO, or what has them mentally stuck that won't allow them to receive critiques and advice about what's really going on a much deeper level without them taking it personally?

More on buying commodity advertising products or services or hiring a guy/gal novice and paying them as if they work for you, and you want them to just do puzzle piece (piecemeal) Projects or Social Media/VA assignments that you can't even do well yourself, but hey, you're the BIG BOSS, working in your business right? No Offense, but I have to be Gut-Wrenching Honest here because it's about time for most of you to learn how to work "ON" your business.

So, you use the default model, meaning you drag things out for months while working with creatives and strategic types of people because YOU have not fully thought things out because of your skillset as a (speaker, doctor, coach, contractor, advisor, etc) or management style (Big BOSS or Leader) which has nothing to do with KNOWING what to do or how to do what NEEDS to be done or when it NEEDS to be done when it comes to the work that we creatives and strategic planners do.

In other words... many of you are going by what you THINK, YOUR FEELINGS, WHAT YOU LIKE, OR OPINIONS that you think need to be done the way you see it, all in your HEAD; and out of touch with the reality that is in the strategic and or creative designers mind regarding what THEY see based on the information you have given them and the research that they have done. If a strategic advisor sees a problem, generally, the business owner will minimize it or view it incorrectly because they are in their feelings or EGO!

It's not that your professional thoughts as far as your skill set doesn't matter; they absolutely do matter, however, your feelings and EGO will fool you and you need to keep your intellectual head in the game at all times.

So, instead of getting great results and or ROI, YOU get in your own way by making your own business less profitable, while also making the creative designers and or strategic marketers less profitable by tying up their time with constant and unnecessary excuses, revisions, and delays. I forgot to add this, I don't think I need this, my brother thinks we need this, and my business partner who seems to never be able to make it to a meeting on time now wants this, I want more control of this even though I will never make time to complete it in a timely manner, and I bought this gadget and failed to learn how to implement it; I don't have time for this, not even knowing your numbers, with on and on and on Scope Creep that turns a week-long project into a 3-month project where we both are losing time and money because YOUR ego, arrogance, or pride won't let you listen and follow the recommendations of a professional expert business advisor and mentor who can see through the B.S. that has you stuck.

Why, because you are working in the business, and we strategic and or creative designers are only there to help you work "ON" the business... which means we always are able to see your holes and fix them even when you can't because you're just too close to your business if only you'll listen and do what we ask of you, just like we listen and follow our mentors!

We work with great leaders... who respect our expertise as we respect your input... not BOSSES OR MICRO MANAGERS who are unwilling to learn, and follow implementation instructions!

Everyone loses energy, when a puzzle piece (piecemeal) project goes on and on when it doesn't have to. Think about this, how would you feel at the end of the day to know how excited you were to get a $25,000 project that now has eaten into your profit whereas you are now actually only pulling in $8000 on that project?  How about if you didn't make as much as you thought on that project because, after all the expenses, you only took home $750 dollars?

That is not the business we choose to allow our clients to put us in, especially when we are able to put thousands or millions in their pockets, while their behaviors extract thousands out of our pockets. We ONLY do win-win deals, NEVER win-lose, this means we do what needs to be done for our clients, the way it needs to be done and the only way to do any winning marketing is to plan out complete campaigns.

Direct Access to ME

Unlike many of my competitors and the Gurus out there; you get Direct Access to me personally. Not some cookie-cutter type of course modules that leave you hanging without true hand-holding support, and whenever you need to you speak with a partner, I'm there to initiate everything always. My clients have my direct phone, email, and calendar access to book 1-on-1 meetings with me quarterly or as needed. You get financing options with our Private Advisory Services.

We’re committed to learning and staying ahead of the trends and curves... and you need to be also... so many business owners have never read a business or marketing book, been to a workshop, or taken a course and wonder why they are having issues. You need to understand the following; your target market, multi-channel marketing, monitoring, and analyzing data and knowing your KPIs, how to constantly adapt to change and innovate continuously, and you have to keep learning and evolving.

I keep Reading and Studying, In addition to the great and ongoing influence of my mentors, DODM has been shaped by the teachings of great business minds and I have implemented systems and strategies, and has also improved upon the ideas and concepts taught by Fred Williams, Robert Johnson, Jay Abraham,  Dan Kennedy, Johnny Jantsch, David Meerman Scott, Chet Holmes, Dale Carnegie, Ryan Diess, Ryan, Levesque, Frank Kern, Robert Cialdini & Timothy Ferriss and others. In fact, I have over 200 business books in my library and have consumed over 1000 courses and over 10000 hours of personal training, workshops, and masterminds where I have invested thousands of dollars. I have consulted with over 300 different businesses in numerous industries over the past 34 years to clearly articulate what's real, what works, and what's mere B.S. both online and offline.

In January 2023, DODM Celebrated its 34th birthday. Do you have 34 years to spend trying to tinker around to figure this stuff out? Get the HELP you need today.

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Limited Time Offer, The "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session" For, ONLY $299 (Two-Ninety-Nine). This Offer Will End April 29th, 2024 (Tax Time) and Will Be A $1500 Initial Consult On 90% Of Our Programs.

How Often Do You Say “I Haven’t Implemented Enough Of The Right Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Automation Systems, SOPs” And More To Finally Reach Or Exceed Your Goals?

And, How Often Do You Say You're Not Sure What's Working or What's Not, and Why Is It Taking So Long To Get Results and A Great ROI?

This 90-Minute Power-Packed Advisory Session Will Give You Clarity About Our Various Advisory and Mentorship ProgramsYou Will Be Able To Pick My Brains -Waves, As We Research Your Current Business Situation Together In Order To Uncover The "FACTS" About What's Working and What's Not And Then Work Toward Educating You To Better Your Current Situation While Devising A Marketing Action Plan To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

I Personally Will Eat The Actual Cost Of $3248 In Real Value To Help Change The Trajectory Of Your Business And Life. All I Ask In Return Is That You Come Prepared To Do The Hard Work Of Success and That You Give Me A Video Testimonial and 1-3 Referrals Within 90 Days Only If Your Mind Is Blown Away From My Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Wisdom That Has Stood The Test Of Time.

I can only do one of these sessions per day, five days per week, and they are filling up fast at this unbelievably low fee.

Here’s What You Get And What My Team And I Are Going To Do For You.

Bryant Vickers, Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor, and CEO of DOMINATE or die Marketing, Inc.

  • Will help you uncover an additional $10K to $1 Million per year or per month in additional profit opportunities enhancements by showing you our PROFIT CALCULATOR AND PROFIT ACCELERATOR systems to improve your profit margins by 10% to 50% and what specific marketing, advertising, and sales tactics to implement without spending an extra dollar on marketing, advertising, or sales costs outside of what you’re currently spending; considering you have a realistic “competitive marketing, advertising, and sales budget, a skillful support staff and automation systems” to create enormous leverage, up to 2100% - (Benefit: Learn exactly what marketing and advertising you should be doing right now, and how to increase your sales, profits, and growth. An $625 Value).
  • A Complete Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales DEEP-DIVE Diagnostic Checklist To Determine All The Holes In Your Business Where Your Losing Money Or Leaving Money On The Table- (Benefit: Learn Exactly What’s Working, What’s Not And Why. An $866 Value).
  • I’ll deploy my team of “Covert Inspectors” to review & improve your website, funnel, or landing page, and if it’s that bad or old, I’ll tell you the truth, you need a new rebuild. As you might be a few website or funnel optimizations away from consistently enrolling new people into your services, programs, and packages, or getting a massive tidal wave of online buyers. This High-Conversion Analysis Will Review The 8 Key Areas Of Website Sales Conversions: Hook/Hero Section, Copy, Lead Magnet, Lead Product, Video Presentation, Usability, Trust, Persuasion, Testing, and Tracking (Split Tests).  (Benefit: You will start to see much better conversion numbers and ROI — in as little as 7-days after implementing our marketing recommendations.  An $866 Value).
  • A Digital Traffic Marketing Analysis To Review Your SEO, Paid Ads, Display Ads, Social Media, Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Generation Efforts Online To Determine Your Competitive, Authoritative, and DOMINATION Ability To Be Successful Online Using Our Own CTPPM Framework: Most businesses don’t realize they’re missing 85% of their online sales because they don’t have a long-tail (Presell & Prequalify) conversion system- (Benefit: We will show you exactly how to DOMINATE online, become the authority, or get in the game to compete as opposed to just having a website that gets unprofitable traffic. An $866 Value).
  • Marketing Brief: A Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light Report & Agreement- (Benefit: We’ll show you what to work on first, second, or completely STOP doing right now to move your business forward, along with program recommendations. An $100 Value)

So, If You’re Tired Of The Sales Hustle and Grind "ONLY" All The Time Approach Or Tactical Advertising Media Not Sure What’s Working or What’s Not; or Worse, Making Money, But Not Adding More Profits and Growth  When You Need It Most, Then…

Here Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits Of Meeting With Me On A “Research, Marketing Strategy, and Planning-First Approach."

  • Instantly Double You’re Fees.
  • Instantly Double Your Yearly Revenue, Year After Year.
  • Instantly Create Both High-Fee and or Recurring Income From Every Client Served For Consistent Cash Flow.
  • Instantly Be Seen and Valued As The Most Trusted and Reputable Business In Your Market Area.
  • Add Greater Profits, Faster Growth, and Time-Freedom To Work Less Hours w/o Losing Money.
  • Create a High-Producing Team Culture and Forward-Thinking Corporate Environment While Reducing Staff Sabotage.
  • For Online Product or eCommerce Sellers Boost Conversions, Improve Payment Plans, Trials, Average Order Size and Order Bumps, One-Click Upsells, Recover Lost Sales, Drive Upgrades, And Get Better Shipment Rates And Deliverability Through Thrive Cart or Shopify, Turning Your Site Into An ATM.
  • For Health Practitioners We’ll Show You How To Maximize Cash Pay Sales, Move Patients Through Your Doors Faster Without Them Feeling Like A Number, And Employ Your Patients As An Army Of Health Advocates For You.
  • For Coaches, Consultants, and Financial or Other Advisors, We’ll Show You How To Attract The Wealthy And Position Yourself To Attract Other Desirable Clients, While Repelling The Time-Wasters.
  • Discover How To Predictably Increase Your Leads Without Spending More Money
  • Learn How To Get More Prospects Engaged in Your Sales Process
  • Identify Simple Ways To Predictably Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increase Your Average Sales Transaction
  • Uncover Highly Effective Methods For Increasing Repeat Purchase Frequency
  • Plus, We Will Share 4 Easy To Implement Tactics For Increasing Referrals

We will do a detailed DEEP-DIVE review of where your business is currently at, and I will then personally make a program recommendation based on our Profit Calculator and Diagnostic Checklist once you return a completed Diagnostic Checklist (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all other research to get the "FACTS"This way you no longer can make costly assumptions!!!

(The Cost of the Advisory Mentorship Session will be applied to any program investment). ​
Plus it is a tax write-off.

“Heck,” even if you decided not to work with my team and me to improve your business performance through any of our profit-enhancing programs; the FACT-Finding things you will come to realize for, Only $299 (two-ninety-nine) will be immeasurable and valuable insights that no other company delivers like we do, plus with a $3248 total value, where I’m eating the cost to help you, this should be a no-brainer.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

First, Click the GREEN button below to book your, "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session" This way you are in our system and we can assist you moving forward during the process.

(The $299 Cost of the Advisory Mentorship Session will be applied to any program investment and is a tax write-off).

Second, We will do a detailed deep-dive review of where your business is currently at, and I will then personally make a program recommendation based solely on our Profit Calculator and Diagnostic Checklist once you return a completed Diagnostic Checklist (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all other research to get the "FACTS", This way you no longer can make costly ASSUMPTIONS ever again!!!

The Next Step, Click the RED Button Below to get started with our Diagnostic Checklist after investing the $299 so that you can start the Diagnostic Fact-Finder, if you get stuck along the way, no worries, simply do your best and we will go over it later, or call 302-353-2542 for assistance.

Past Client Testimonials



I am the President/Owner of a Virtual Assistant business called Professional Administrative Services. We solicited Bryant’s assistance with developing material to send out in a mailing to prospective clients. He has proven to be very resourceful and has provided us with much more. Bryant Vickers has been instrumental in finding resources for my company such as leads, print services, website advertising, etc. He is extremely dedicated to researching what your business is about but also will find out what leads and advertising sources fit your needs. Through his company, I have also received many referrals that have turned into excellent clients. We are extremely pleased with the services we have received and would recommend anyone to use his services. —Deirdre Avant


Bryant Vickers is very well-educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." Bryant is a consummate professional in the way he carries himself in and outside of the office. He is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success you have in your business and in your personal life. — Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce
Mr. Olympia


At Our Medical Office, “We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of $75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the HMA workshop and with a little help from Bryant, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world. I got 90 calls on my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 in the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.” —Dr. LaJeanne Duke Health Program

Publishing Company

New product line to over $1 million in sales in 4 months! “In just 4 months, through steps of the Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System, we were able to make over $1.2 million in sales in Texas.”
—Mark Davis

Magazine Publisher

From zero to 40,000 distributed in 5 weeks! “I needed an income badly. I was 27, had two kids and no job and my wife was pregnant. By combining the concepts of co-ops and self-publishing, I was able to create a direct mail advertising magazine. I quickly sold all of the spots to local health-related businesses. I made a joint venture with a local newspaper and WHAM! My magazine was out on the street in full color all 40,000 of them. I had a $3,000 per month income.” —Gordon Jacoby, Health & Fitness Guide

Dental Consultants

“We have been consulting for many years now and since we’ve implemented these marketing strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The marketing has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased our personal incomes by over $200,000 in one year.” —Cammeron Marketing

Auto Financial Services

$1 million the first year...$3.7 million the second...and over $5 million the third! “This marketing system has been responsive for helping us understand our unique position in the marketplace. HMA Marketing’s leadership, sales management, telemarketing, advertising, and direct mail expertise all played key roles in our company’s fast growth.” —Jeff Savage

Medical Office

Revenue doubles in 30 days! “I consider myself to be a very astute businessman and marketer. It’s very difficult to take anyone’s suggestions, especially when I’m doing over $30,000 per month from my basement. But, I was convinced to try a small change in my marketing. By making one little adjustment in our sales process, we went from $36,000 per month to over $68,000 the next month. Wow” —Dr. Samuel West, International Academy of Lymphology

Corporate Incentives

From $150,000 to $500,000 in one year! “I had visited with several advertising agencies and marketing consultants. After just one hour in the workshop, I got more help in marketing our travel incentive product than from all of the big agencies combined. It didn’t cost me a $5,000 per month retainer fee. Their tools are unique and inexpensive to implement. We’ll finish this year with over $150,000 in sales. With these ideas and a system in place, we are projecting $500,000 next year. The marketing plan they helped us establish is a great foundation for the national expansion we’re planning.” —Pat Brody, International Incentives Corp.

Seminar Promotion Company

Testing headlines brings 150% more business! We have been marketing seminars for many years now... never once have we ever really tested the headlines on the letters we send out. We experimented and by flipping through the headline bank you gave us, we came up with a couple we thought were more powerful. Did it work? Did it ever! The next time we mailed, we went from a 2% response to over 4.5% response. This will mean an excess of half a million dollars in profits for us this year alone.” —Darrel Bracken, Business Seminars, Inc.

Tax Specialist

“This marketing system is wonderful It doubled the response to my tax preparation mail pieces.” —F. Reiner & Associates