Introducing Winning Wednesdays

We Produce A Monthly Video Podcast Show where we Spotlight Various Businesses from Around The Country, Show Client Marketing Sessions, Post Reviews/Testimonials, Share Resources, or Just Chat it up About Business, Marketing, Advertising, Selling, Online, Family, Life, and Financial Topics off the cuff Unscripted and Unedited, Raw and Real!

Winning Wednesdays Youtube Podcast on our Youtube Channel, or just by viewing or videos below.

This Is Where Bryant Solves Stagnant, Feast and Famine, and High-Level Scaling Business Questions for Guests For "FREE"

Bryant conducts marketing makeovers, business strategy replanning, repurposing distribution channel models, and more live.

He created this special once-a-month problem-solving clinic for entrepreneurs who want to optimize, leverage, and scale their businesses to get pointed in the right direction, to shift, change and move towards their goals without burnout, losing hope, and getting distracted by shiny objects and hype and with all the misinformed B.S. that hinders well-intentioned people from reaching the next level quickly.

The Monthly Video Podcast is live from 7 pm -8:30 pm (Est Time) SHARP on The Second Wednesday of Each Month.

You will be able to always come back to this page after the second Wednesday of each month to find out the Topic/Interview of the month.

** We are looking for people to interview if interested please download the video questionnaire form below

*Please download the questionnaire, fill it out, save it, and email it back to become for upcoming shows:

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