"Aren’t You Tired Of The Same Old Rehashed B.S. Business Advice That EVERYONE Is Telling You, But After Trying It, Your Not That Much Farther Along, or You Realize That You've Made Money, But You're Business and Personal Bills and/or Debt Is Still Holding You, Hostage?"

"Who Told You That!" Getting Cheap, One-Sided, or Novice Business Advice causes POOR Implementation Which Equals POOR Results, Outcomes, and Benefits, Let Alone, Wrong Information Affects Your ROI! It's Time To Break Free From The Shiny Objects, Gurus, and Misinformation That Is Keeping You On A Perpetual Hamster Wheel.

You need to have an EPIPHANY after an EPIPHANY... which is a sudden supernatural intuitive experience that illuminates a discovery, realization, or disclosure that shows you that you don't always have factual and or correct knowledge or proper understanding of a subject matter unless you have had proven training, experience, and has developed the required skillsets in a specific discipline to be called a subject matter expert, whereas the EPIPHANY demonstrates that what you thought you knew was incorrect and now up for revision in your thought process.

When the light bulb comes on; Only then can there be a clear, positive, and profitable change.

Get real-world, multi-million-dollar advice specific to YOUR unique situation, from the "Market DOMINATOR” himself; Strategic Business Development, and Marketing Advisor" Bryant Vickers.

Listen in to Bryant during his Facebook Lives Weekly.

Get "situation-specific” answers, solutions, strategies, and ingenious ideas that have worked wonders and produced blockbuster results for Bryant’s private one-one clients who pay him $3000 up to $30,000 in marketing fees, and royalties.

Participate with your own questions, or listen in like a "fly-on-the-wall" -- and experience as Bryant strategically and systematically deconstruct participants' biggest business challenges -- and then reconstruct them into simple, clear, marketing action steps they can immediately implement!

Bryant Vickers Has Been Paid Up To $30,000 to Solve a Single Business problem by answering challenging Questions... Now YOU Can Have Him Answer YOUR Single Most Critical Marketing and Business Growth Questions while in a Safe, Non-Sales, and Educational Facebook Live Session.

The Weekly Facebook Livestream are from 7 pm -8:30 pm (Est Time) SHARP.

Here’s Why You Should Be On Our Live Streams: Bryant Wants YOU to Ask Yourself...

  • ​Am I stuck losing out to the competition?
  • Am I struggling not selling enough?
  • Am I frustrated with costs eating up all my profits?
  •  Am I still doing what’s not working?
  •  Am I tired of being marginalized by the marketplace?
  •  Am I still saying, “I can do it all myself”?
  •  Should I consider new revenue sources?
  •  Do I need to improve my strategy?
  •  Do I need to improve my marketing approach?

The Weekly Facebook Livestream are from 7 pm -8:30 pm (Est Time) SHARP.

Join me, and sometimes, even a surprise guest.

Learn how to become a part of my network of successful business owners and professionals.

I'll be there to share my nearly 4 decades of experience and answer any questions I can to help you with your business, and If by chance I don't have the answer, I'll get it and get back to you, or since no one person knows everything (ONLY EGO, ARROGANT, AND PRIDEFUL PEOPLE DO!), there just may be someone who pops up on the show with a solid answer.

  • You can ask any marketing question you have.
  • You can see real problems solved in real-time.
  • You can learn the very best in marketing, advertising, and or sales strategies that are working today.
  • Solve that mindset B.S. going on in your head.
  • You never know who will pop in. We have a lot of friends in their own biz.
  • You get to know us, and we get to know you, after all, we may eventually work together.


Mindset and Motivation Mondays to Get Your Week Off To A Great Start.

Biz Fest Connections and Resources Tuesdays to Give You Access to Hot Business Profit and Growth Topics, Tools, Companies, and Specialists, Including My Team And I.

Black Fridays to give Black/African Owned Business Owner's Access to Right Knowledge About Mindset and Business Issues That Exclusively Pertain To Our Challenges That are Fund Nowhere Else.

But that's not all...

Make sure you catch us on Winning Wednesdays Youtube Podcast on our Youtube Channel, or just by going to our videos page.

This Is Where Bryant Solves Stagnant, Feast and Famine, and High-Level Scaling Business Questions for Guests For "FREE"

Bryant conducts marketing makeovers, business strategy replanning, repurposing distribution channel models, and more live.

He created this special once-a-month problem-solving clinic for entrepreneurs who want to optimize, leverage, and scale their businesses to get pointed in the right direction, to shift, change and move towards their goals without burnout, losing hope, and getting distracted by shiny objects and hype and with all the misinformed B.S. that hinders well-intentioned people from reaching the next level quickly.

The Monthly Video Podcast is live from 7 pm -8:30 pm (Est Time) SHARP on The Second Wednesday of Each Month.

It's all going down on the DOMINATE or die Marketing Facebook Page.

Put it on your calendar Monthly in BIG BOLD "RED" LETTERS!

DOMINATE or die... It's A Choice!

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early every month as we will start on time, at 7 pm SHARP!

The Weekly Facebook Livestreams are from 7 pm -8:30 pm (Est Time) SHARP.

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