Joint Venture

Three JV Programs to Choose From


Now Accepting JV Workshop Partners With Goal of Paying You $25,000 (50 PEOPLE)- $50,000 (100 PEOPLE) or $100,000 (150 PEOPLE) for Packing a Virtual Zoom or (Prefered) Live Workshop 

Just 4 Hour With Bryant!

Minimum Potential Payout from
$25,000 To $100,000 of front-end sales

3 BIG Reasons To Become A DOMINATE or die Marketing, Inc. Joint Venture Partner

1. Unlimited Marketing Support

We care about our partners and your success, so we will help strategize a successful promotion and work with you to create marketing materials that are branded to our joint venture with both our names and respective companies. We set up a transparent PayPal account that allows you to see the success of our joint promotion and track your expected payout via a shared Paypal Account.

2. Promote Us With Confidence

We will wow your audience and help enhance your reputation through your audience participation, sales enhancements, and growth.

3. Earn Unbelievable Commissions And Fast Payout

We payout 20% to JV Partners on their network that attend our advance pay workshop live and or virtual. With a 5%-20% commission on upgraded service offers, which gives you effectively high-revenue profits, with a guaranteed payout on immediate upfront proceeds, and then back-end commissions within 90 days, with ongoing payments on follow-up participants.

Promotional Campaign

You commit to an email and social media campaign; we’ll even help you put it together:

  • 7 emails are recommended (we can supply these for you to tweak and make your own.)
  • Social media announcements of the upcoming workshop
  • CTA to the workshop sign-up page (we can provide a unique landing page featuring your branding to promote to your audience or you can do it yourself with our advisory)
  • Then you join the live or virtual workshop as a co-host, introduce Bryant, and let him work his magic.
  • Depending on your list (email and social following), there shouldn't be a need to run ads, however, if you choose to do so to help pack the room out we will work with you to create the ads.
  • We will give you an email, text, and social sequence blast to give the attendees prior to the event, during the event, and after the event to help pack the room out, build excitement in those who didn't attend, and prepare those who did not attend to enroll in the next event.

After your leads Enroll, we will:

  • Run targeted email follow-up reminder campaigns to maximize attendance sho up rates
  • After the webinar, we will follow up with everyone who applied with a thank you letter
  • Our appointment setter will nurture the leads in advance of the sales call
  • Our talented salespeople will close as many buyers as possible into our upgraded service who didn’t close on the initial offer during the end of the workshop
  • We will pay out huge commissions on each sale

Live or Virtual Workshop Details

Your audience will be treated to a powerful 5-6 hour training Workshop session, presented by Bryant Vickers and co-hosted by you.

Our Workshop is “NOT” a Seminar or Webinar, It is actually an 8 Workbook Group Training Like no other where we teach Ceo’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Doctors, Etc., PROVEN Marketing Concepts and Strategies that have stood the test of time, that flat out work year after year.

This live and or virtual workshop is regularly $4999, your audience will be able to get access for only $2500 per person or $997 when they bring a business acquaintance which allows us to quickly fill a webinar or workshop with paid upfront attendees that practically guarantees upfront revenue and a backend revenue opportunity.

Our expert sales team will then upsell attendees into our premium programs.

Based upon our most successful workshop results and successful HMA Coaching Clients, the call to action for attendees will be to apply to join Bryant’s RoadM.A.P. or DOMINATION 2.0 Programs, in which you will be paid another 10% - 20% for a whopping 30%-40% commission opportunity.

It’s a win-win for all of us.

However, all we ask is for a small one-time investment in creating a branded funnel with your company information, a set-up fee of $375 and you can drive your email, social, and if you choose, paid traffic there (keep in mind that if you have a sizable email list or social following, you may not have to spend on ads unless you want to) and you could get paid ongoing for each monthly event that you help us promote.

You'll Receive A Total of 30%-40% in Commissions, A HIGH-REVENUE Split Of Net Revenue, After Our Fulfilment Costs which are nearly -zero. We are talking more about time investment than money investment since our JV Partners are helping with Fulfillment, each attendee is asked to bring a business acquaintance to quickly pack out the webinar or room, and when it comes to our preferred live in-person events, the attendees pay for their rooms in advance, and the cost to us for hotel event space doesn't come out of upfront expenses, but from the first initial event registrants.

For more information, contact Bryant Vickers direct at 302-353-2542



Join One Of The “TOP” Joint Venture, Affiliate, and Influencer Communities and Searchable Online Directories and Discover How to Connect and Collaborate with Hundreds of Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Program Leaders, and Producers of Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Events to Grow Your Business, Impact, and Income.

Joint Venture Membership?

The Joint Venture Directory is a powerful community of over 1200 professionals and companies looking for Joint Ventures, Collaboration, and Partnership opportunities to grow their businesses.

Collaborative (Strategic) Partnerships are more powerful than competition. First off don’t let the word Partnership scare you off, all that means is, the association of two or more people working together, bringing their skills, talents, resources, connections, and monies together to help each other reach a specific goal, outcome, benefits, result or ROI.

Competition vs collaboration: What drives high-performing sales?

Competition is in our nature. Healthy competition within your organization encourages your employees to go the extra mile, learn from one another, and celebrate success. Healthy competition not only inspires your employees but also strengthens teams.

As sales cycles become more complex and buyers' expectations evolve, it’s more challenging for companies/reps to hit aggressive goals when salespeople are competing harder than ever for buyers’ attention, and when they do engage prospects, their outreach must be personalized and informative. In this landscape, collaboration is just as important as competition.

Why should businesses and especially sales teams collaborate?

The difference between competition and collaboration is that collaboration encourages businesses and sales reps to work with each other instead of against each other. In a collaborative environment, businesses and sellers share their Best Practices and help the organization succeed by supporting their colleagues with the options and opportunities for greater profits, growth, and more. Every business and sales rep has a unique experience, and when they share what works and what doesn’t, the whole company and team learns, grows, and produces more to smash their goals.

However, JV’s or Strategic Partnerships are exciting and offer well-structured and effective ways to connect with hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers, program leaders, and producers of podcasts, radio shows, and events to grow your business, impact, and income better than many other marketing, advertising, and sales mediums.

Our Joint Venture Directory will help connect you with:

-People to cross-promote by email, social media, workshop, or webinar
-People to put you on their Summits and Webinars -Email list owners looking for affiliate products to promote
-Podcasts looking for guests
-Plus, a wide range of people that want to partner, brainstorm and collaborate on new projects.

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The Power of Endorsements and Joint Ventures Are Powerful

Using endorsements is one of our absolute favorite marketing strategies in addition to referral programs when done right. You’re playing off the assets of another company that has already spent an enormous amount of time and money gaining their clients’ trust and goodwill.

Here are a few examples of partnerships to get you thinking:

  • An insurance or financial advisor with a CPA, Lawyers, Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, Payroll, and HR services
  • A carpet cleaner could do a joint venture with a carpet retailer.
  • A car detailer could do a joint venture with a car dealership.
  • A veterinarian with a pet store.
  • A health spa with a naturopath, chiropractor, or acupuncturist.
  • A nail salon with a hair salon or cosmetic store.
  • A real estate agent with an interior designer or home builder/remodeler.
  • A home improvement company with a pool builder or furniture store.
  • A travel agent with a retail clothing store or online destination site.
  • A cosmetic surgeon with a cosmetic dentist or other health or fitness facility.
  • A business consultant with an office supply, print, or sign store.
  • A bakery with a bridal consultant or event planner.
  • A CPA with a doctor lawyer, and credit counselor.
  • A florist with a mortician.
  • A marketing company with a CPA, Bank, Financial Advisor, or Business Lawyer

Look for businesses that supply products, services, events, and or media that complement what YOU offer!

And then – offer to do *all* the work of making the promotion happen! If you make it easy, the partnership becomes an irresistible opportunity for them.

Especially if you emphasize they’ll have editorial control and that you’ll pay for postage, printing, and online marketing too or to get complete collaboration by making it easy for them to promote you to their audience or visa-versa.

Let us help you structure the right Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance Deals

When negotiating the deal, you can offer payment in the form of:

  1. A freebie to their clients that creates goodwill for THEIR business
  2. A contribution to their favorite charity
  3. Cash payment for the rental of their list (think $25 to $100 per 1000 names)
  4. A reciprocal promotion to YOUR in-house list
  5. Free services from your business
  6. Promotion to their email and or social list/contacts
  7. The live event, webinar, summit, webcast, or podcast special

… And as you negotiate this deal, don’t get too focused on the first-time sale!

Remember that once you’ve captured the names of leads and customers generated by this promotion, you’ll have the opportunity to follow up and win backend sales. This means that one approach may be building your email list on the front end as a loss leader which means the partner company or person earns most or all of the money while you add 100, 500, 1000, or more people to your list.

But on the back end, you sell a product, service, solution, or event to your growing list that now pockets $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 plus.

To learn more go to our Reviews, Reputation, and Referrals on Steroids Page.

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