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Press Release and Media Publicity Campaigns:

Get all the BRAND exposure you need with our Local or National News, Print, Radio, TV, As well as National Black Press Programs. I drove 1500 people to a one-day toy giveaway with one press release and campaign. Let us build your BRAND, with a fresh positioning and media campaign. Call for more information. 302-353-2652


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Past Client Testimonials


“My first conversation with copywriting and marketing expert Bryant Vickers was very refreshing; I was already in talks with other marketers and web designers prior to meeting Bryant. He told me hands down that If I would give him a chance to have a conversation with him that I would look no further and he was right, my search immediately ended when I met Bryant. Bryant promised me the best-looking website in my industry and area and delivered, I asked for a few changes and again he and his team delivered.”

Dr. Abdel Nuriddin


I am the President/Owner of a Virtual Assistant business called Professional Administrative Services. We solicited Bryant’s assistance with developing material to send out in a mailing to prospective clients. He has proven to be very resourceful and has provided us with much more. Bryant Vickers has been instrumental in finding resources for my company such as leads, print services, website advertising, etc. He is extremely dedicated to researching what your business is about but also will find out what leads and advertising sources fit your need. Through his company, I have also received many referrals that have turned into excellent clients. We are extremely pleased with the services we have received and would recommend anyone to use his services. —Deirdre Avant


Bryant Vickers is very well-educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." Bryant is a consummate professional in the way he carries himself in and outside of the office. He is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success you have in your business and in your personal life.

Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce
Mr. Olympia


I was stuck, I had Click Funnels and no one to manage it for me because my time was consumed with helping clients and I didn’t have the technical experience needed to keep my website updated.  I needed a professional website to encompass my workshop information, books, and business packages.

Hi, I’m Sherry Peel Jackson, author, speaker, and business strategist.  After speaking with Bryant Vickers of Dominate Or Die Marketing I knew that he was very knowledgeable about marketing because his conversations included information from some of the world-renowned marketing guru’s that I was familiar with, and it gave me comfort that he was on the same page as marketing experts that had a history of helping their clients become wealthy.

Once I started working with Bryant I had a much upgraded and interactive website with everything branded and in place, my workshop funnels were able to bring more people to the meetings and my book sales increased because of Bryant’s idea to package them in a bundle.

If you are looking for someone to help you take your business to the next level with increased exposure, clients, and web presence, I highly recommend Bryant Vickers of Dominate or Die Marketing.  He was patient with me and passionate about my assignment.  He is also skilled at getting marketing results and making sure that you receive a return on your investment.

I’ve learned a lot through his coaching and advisory.

—Sherry Peel Jackson


At Our Medical Office “We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of $75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the HMA workshop and with a little help from Bryant, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world. I got 90 calls my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.” 

—Dr. LaJeanne Duke Health Program


Excellent recommendations and experienced consulting advice. Fast turnaround, I recommend Bryant to other business owners because we received a 20% increase in new business within 60 days after following his advice.

Front Door Cafe/Mrs. Black & White, LLC


When I proofed my catering service menu, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was great and it has created attention and is generating business I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Bryant has placed my website at the top of Google for 5 different keywords, and I’m dominating 3 of them in the 1st position, averaging 8 to 10 leads per week during the catering wedding season.

Nadine Lee Vickers


Being in Direct Sales, Real Time Pain Relief gave me a website that I can send people to, however, I could not drive online traffic to the site because the company gives everyone a similar website, and the only thing that separates each site is an independent rep code. Bryant told me how he could build a separate one-page landing page that could capture email leads, the site can get online traffic, and then redirect that traffic to my RealTime sales page and to my business opportunity page so people could buy based on their interest. This site has made me a lot of money. And I thoroughly recommend Bryant when it comes to creating online marketing solutions, he's a real GENIUS on the web.

Dr. John Morant


I began working with Bryant Vickers to market my Personal Training Business in a professional manner. I’d been in business for about 3 years without adequate marketing; needless to say, I didn’t do well profit-wise doing that entire time. When I met Bryant, he explained in detail what exactly he could and would do; everything was outlined so I could comprehend and follow through. Working with Bryant has been a GODsend; I thank God for sending him my way and allowing him to coach me into a profitable six-figure business.

Augustine Rogers


Hidden Marketing Assets Case Studies. Serious Results, Serious Business!

Cleaning company goes from $150,000 to $1,000,000 in one year.

—NY Port Authority Cleaners

Publishing Company

New product line to over $1 million in sales in 4 months! In just 4 months, through steps of the Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System, we were able to make over $1.2 million in sales in Texas.

—Mark Davis

General Education Division

Because of the Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System, a Wyoming Community Colleges enrollment increased 31% and students stay enrolled longer.

—Wyoming Community College

Magazine Publisher

From zero to 40,000 distributed in 5 weeks! I needed an income badly. I was 27, had two kids and no job and my wife was pregnant. By combining the concepts of co-ops and self publishing, I was able to create a direct mail advertising magazine. I quickly sold all of the spots to local health related businesses. I made a joint venture with a local newspaper and WHAM! my magazine was out on the street in full color all 40,000 of them. I had a $3,000 per month income.

—Gordon Jacoby, Health & Fitness Guide

Dental Consultants

We have been consulting for many years now and since weve implemented these marketing strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The marketing has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased our personal incomes by over $200,000 in one year.

—Cammeron Marketing

Auto Financial Services

$1 million the first year...$3.7 million the second...and over $5 million the third! This marketing system has been responsive for helping us understand our unique position in the market place. HMA Marketing’s leadership, sales management, telemarketing, advertising and direct mail expertise all played key roles in our companys fast growth.

—Jeff Savage

Pizza Business

In one fell swoop, I was able to almost eliminate Dominos and Pizza Hut from the yellow pages. It was ruthless, but it was them or me. These concepts have helped me expand my business to over 7 delivery areas without any more building space. My sales are up.

—Jim Casey, Jenos Pizza

Medical Office

We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of$75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the workshop and with a little help from and Richard, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world. I got 90 calls my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.

—Dr. LaJeanne, Duke Health Program

Medical Office

Revenue doubles in 30 days! I consider myself to be a very astute businessman and marketer. Its very dificult to take anyones suggestions, especially when Im doing over $30,000 per month from my basement. But, I was convinced to try a small change in my marketing. By making one little adjustment in our sales process, we went from $36,000 per month to over $68,000 the next month. Wow

—Dr. Samuel West, International Academy of Lymphology

Corporate Incentives

From $150,000 to $500,000 in one year! I had visited with several advertising agencies and marketing consultants. After just one hour in the workshop, I got more help in marketing our travel incentive product than from all of the big agencies combined. It didn’t cost me a $5,000 per month retainer fee. Their tools are unique and inexpensive to implement. We’ll finish this year with over $150,000 in sales. With these ideas and a system in place, we are projecting $500,000 next year. The marketing plan they helped us establish is a great foundation for the national expansion were planning.

—Pat Brody, International Incentives Corp.

Seminar Promotion Company

Testing headlines brings 150% more business! We have been marketing seminars for many years now... never once have we ever really tested the headlines on the letters we send out. We experimented and by flipping through the headline bank you gave us, we came up with a couple we thought were more powerful. Did it work? Did it ever! The next time we mailed, we went from a 2% response to over 4.5% response. This will mean an excess of half a million dollars in profits for us this year alone.”

—Darrel Bracken, Business Seminars, Inc.


Business dead for 5 years. Thriving again after only one week! Our business was suffering. I was about to file bankruptcy. Through reactivating my past customers, I was able to create $10,000 in orders in one week and consistently $1,000 a day without any expenses whatsoever. Thank God!” Perhaps even exponential growth?

—J.D. Seardall

Tax Specialist

This marketing system is wonderful It doubled the response to my tax preparation mail pieces.

—F. Reiner & Associates

Auto repair

20% increase in sales in 3 months! The Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System helped me uncover and implement marketing ideas that helped me increase our auto repair company’s business 20% in three months. We started inviting our old customers back for more business and a small joint venture deal with a car dealer proved very effective. The marketing system I learned is different from other marketing plans in that ideas cost very little to implement.”

—The Auto Shop