Attention Business Owners: Let Me Show You What You’re Doing Wrong In Your Online and Offline Ads, Once You Discover Our Conversion Boosting Secrets, You Can Hire Us To Write Your Copy and Content To Drive New Customer, Client, or Patient Growth, Repeat and Upsell Revenues At The Velocity Of A Category 5 Hurricane With Our Copy and Content DOMINATION Methods!

“Discover The 8 ‘Profit Tweaks’ That 98% Of People Leave Out Of Their Copy That’ll Allow You To Attract More Of Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients…Even If You’re a Terrible Writer” We’ll Coach You One-on-One or Do The Work For You to Transform Your Sales Message Into a Powerful Money Magnet!”


The ARC Method applies to all sales messages, however...

Listen up: What I’m about to tell you is something that most business owners will NEVER know about writing advertising copy…and if YOU implement these elements in your own copy, it could be a real game changer for you.

Just think about sending out an email, postcard, or driving people to a website, and getting them to yank out their wallets, raise their hand, and give you their money.

And imagine experiencing the certainty and consistency that most business owners will never DREAM of.

The Best Part? You don’t have to write worth a DARN. That’s right…you don’t have to be personally trained by John Caples, David Ogilvy, or Clayton Makepeace to create great copy that sells over and over again.

I’ve made a small fortune as a copywriter for over 34 years.  But I don’t possess any skills or talent that you don’t already have. Nor did I go to some fancy-schmancy “copywriting school” either.

Here’s one of the most jealously-guarded secrets that the “heavy hitters” will NEVER admit:

The Actual “Writing” In Copywriting Plays An Extremely SMALL Part In Getting Your Ideal Customer, Clients, And Patients To Yank Out Their Wallets And Buy!

You’ll avoid flushing money down the toilet on campaigns that don’t convert. And banging your head on the wall wondering why that postcard, mailer, website, sales script, or sales letter is bombing.

Imagine this: Being able to send out a sales letter, e-mail, or postcard “at will” and get people to respond immediately– and then just sitting back and watching the money roll into your bank account.

I Know What Summons A Swarm Of Willing Buyers… And It Has NOTHING To Do With “Informational Words.”  But a Lot To Do With Emotional Words and “Graphics” That Catch and Direct Your “EYEBALLS.” I Decided To Reveal The Top 8 “Profit Tweaks” Right Here, Right Now So You Can Make ANY Advertisement Account For 80% Of Your Sales Results, While 20% Accounts For Your Sales Ability!

Are you ready for:

The Content and Copy Conversion Trigger Checklist Where When We Include Them In The Right Sequence Your Messages Convert to Higher and More Consistent Sales.

Your 7 sales funnel “difference makers”

  • Trigger #1: Reciprocity (Alway's Give Something Away To Get Something; ie. A Lead Magnet, Checklist, Report, etc.)
  • Trigger #2: Loss Aversion (A Guarantee)
  • Trigger #3: Social Proof (Pictures or Videos of your Product, Third Party Mentions, Reviews, or Testimonials)
  • Trigger #4: Authority or Celebrity (Most businesses leave off with mere credibility, but Authority to be a leader, or Celebrity to be Seen and Heard)
  • Trigger #5: Consistency (Your Messaging is Consistent in  all media forms)
  • Trigger #6: Personalization (You greet your prospect and clients, customers, or patients by name)
  • Trigger #7: Scarcity (There is always a deadline or risk of losing out on a deal)
  • Trigger #8: Do It Now! (You must always have a call to action that requests the prospect or customer, client, or patient to take action- NOW!)

How We Write Effective And Persauvsive Profit-Producing Ads, Sales Letters, Videos, Sales Scripts, and Website Copy By Using The ARC Method of Copywriting.

 Bad Copy, Content, or a Poor Offer that has been written and or implemented completely WRONG will not improve your sales efforts no matter how hard you try!

A New Funnel, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, or Tic Toc-Shiny Objects) Won’t Fix Absent Strategies or a Broken Message That Fails To Give You Your Most Ideal, Highest- Paying Clients, Customers, Or Patients In Droves Unless You Partner with a Copy Chief to Fix The Following...


The very top of the funnel is called the Awareness phase. All it takes is for someone to become aware of your business. Your mother probably taught you that first impressions are everything. Well, she was right!

This is the widest part of the funnel where you’re getting the most eyeballs on your brand’s touchpoints. People become aware of you via online, and offline media outlets that point to your website(s), social, direct mail, articles, ads in publications, etc.

The Awareness phase is your first chance to give your audience the first impression of who you are, and how you can help them SOLVE their problems with your solutions– so you have to have Multiple-Pillars (Channels (more than one way) to get their attention;  we help our clients first create a branded website showing EVERYTHING that they do; then we create high-converting landing pages to make sure our clients attract more of their most ideal, highest paying clients, customers, or patients- only!

For example, intent-based searches online are the best, because those are people who are looking exactly for what you do on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing; you should make a landing page specifically for just one product or service offer.

Your audience will feel excited as they move securely into your sales funnel. For people who find you through Facebook or Instagram, you don’t want people to get stuck there on social media – you want to move them into the next phase quickly: Consideration. This is where strategic calls to action come into play to invite your audience to learn more about you on your website, or landing page, not on social media.

Yes, you can get a low number of social media sales; however, we are not showing you how the get clients, customers, or patients in order to just garner sales. We are showing you how to maximize your sales efforts, by going after your highest-paying,  and most ideal clients. customers, or patients in order to maximize the time it takes to earn greater profits and faster growth.


This is where your audience considers whether, or not they’re interested in your service, or product. The Consideration phase can take many more cycles than the previous phase. (It may be helpful to know that the higher the price point, the more cycles it takes.)

Yet, the people in this stage are in the research phase, and the lower the price point, the less value people are going place on the quality, result, benefit, or ROI of your service, product, program, or package offerings-- which keeps them from buying. But you also must keep in mind just how important your message targeting is because out of 100 people, it's said that only 3% are looking at any time to buy right now and that 97% are looking to buy in the next 3, 6, or 9 months. I believe that the 97% after the Research Phase, are buyers that you have to continue nurturing via email marketing so that you STAY top of mind so that when they are ready to buy they choose you, and only you. Because of the high-priced value proposition, they want what you are selling and are willing to pay your price, but they have to save up for it, simply because they can't afford it outright today.

Most business owners who do email marketing does it wrong, and still, 60% of U.S. Business owners don't use email marketing, which the effectiveness of email is proven to produce 122% higher return on investment than compared to 27% for social media, it also has an investment ROI of $36 for every 1 spent. Talking about a solid and powerful engagement tool, stay-in-touch system, client, customer, and patient acquisition, retention, and revenue doubling machine.

During this phase, your audience is researching you by:

  • Reading the copy on your website
  • Combing through independent third-party reviews (Google, Facebook, The Knot, etc.)
  • Asking their friends about you, seeking referrals
  • Watching or Listening to live streams, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.

So how do you know your audience is in the Consideration phase? They’re interacting with your brand. They’ve subscribed to your email newsletter (or blog, youtube channel, newsletter, etc.) and they’ve been reading or watching it. They’re following you on social media, they are a part of your FaceBook, or Linkedin Group, and may even send you a note through your Contact form. However, YOU lose potential customers, clients, or patients when your website is designed for information, and not conversions, when you fail to get quality "video" reviews or only text reviews, and when you rely on old-school word of mouth, instead of having an easy to follow referral program.

Plus, if you fail to have great calls to action, people can't go to the next step. If you confuse the buyer in any way, they just don't buy, if your website or forms are glitching and you haven't tested your site performance in a while you could be stopping people from buying. They should be incremental, and easy to steps to follow, or options to implement. Because next comes the exciting part: Purchase!


Cha-ching! Did you hear that? It’s the sound of your followers becoming leads, who are now buyers -- your client, customer, or patient. Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great every time you make a sale?

How you got the followers and on what platform channels were half the battle, however, let me offer some better insights to get better results which doe's not come from which platform channel you choose, but most importantly what you do and how you do it on each channel. The best platform channels to use are those that instantly help to frame you as an expert authority, those that lend to your credibility, and position you as a celebrity.

The best channels are Video (TV, Video Casting, Blog, Webinar, Video Marketing, Online Ads), Audio (Radio, Streaming, and Podcast), and Image (any place where you can place pictures of your products, Display Ads, Online Ads, Google Maps, or PDF, PPT or DOC ). I know what you thinking; TV and Radio... yes TV and Radio, again, it's about what and how you do things, but they are still very effective channels when you apply a 2-step direct marketing approach.

... And I already Mentioned Email Marketing and Referral Marketing. But new school Direct Mail offers the most direct method of reaching any and EVERY potential client, customer, or patient on this planet.

This is your first opportunity to make huge mistakes, waste time that you can't get back, and spend money on the WRONG things. And that mistake is: not having mapped out what happens next for your brand-new customer or client by having a Marketing Action Plan that gives you step-by-step daily, weekly, and quarterly implementation to follow yearly.

  • For service-based businesses: this phase should include all of your onboarding, the execution of the service, and your offboarding.
  • For product-based businesses: this phase includes communications like their emailed receipt, a thank you note, shipping communications, packaging, and any marketing materials contained in the package.

So you need to think through what happens after they buy; what are the next logical steps to mutually benefit you and them?

  • What happens throughout the entire service they’ve purchased from you?
  • Where are the touchpoints?

A satisfied customer moves into the next stage of the sales funnel: Retention.


It’s so much easier to keep a client you already have than to attract a new one. So how do you keep them coming back for more?

What else might they be interested in buying from you? Can you put them into a different funnel for a different product or service?

If you’re a Contractor, maybe you do Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels, once the job is complete, you believe that your services are no longer needed, and you can't earn any more money... so your limited beliefs and blind spots (mindset issues) got you on a limited income plan.

What else can you SELL them... see monetization below

But here's what's worse... most contractors and some business owners choose to offer every service when logically they don't have the staff manpower to fulfill quality servicing, and or, they act as if they can professionally cover multiple states, regions,  or city-wide locations, jumping around, when in reality, their company is not that big, they have limited trucks, equipment, etc.

Or you sell something (just one thing),  but down the road, they might need something else from you, because you earned their TRUST! You want to stay in touch with your customers, clients, or patients so that when it’s time to buy, you’re top of mind.


This is where you turn your clients, customers, or patients into super advocates! This phase is everlasting and can take on several different forms.

The key part here is to show your clients, customers, or patients how to advocate for you; by asking them to write a public video testimonials, get their permission to write a case study about them for their portfolio and or yours, or to refer their friends to you.

For you, this could mean sending a short online questionnaire to clients after your project together is finished. At the end of your questionnaire, include links to Facebook, Google, and Yelp to make it easy for them to write a public video testimonial, or better yet, use automation apps to complete this action.

If your client submits feedback – great! But don’t stop there. You could put them into a special email marketing campaign to receive incentives for referring their friends to you. Just for example.

After this, you want to move your client into another funnel for a different product. Since they already know, like, and trust you, they’ll move more quickly through the Consideration and Purchase phases.

So really this funnel MUST be completed in order to attract more of the best clients, customers, or patients who convert from using a better messaging sequence in all your platform channels!

But what I see most, is that businesses have failed to connect all the dots, which leaves holes in the leaky boat from failure to have a step-by-step marketing action plan, well-meaning time-wasting efforts, poorly conceived advertising tactics, incomplete marketing action steps, and money that could have been put to better use.

In hopes of giving you better clarity about how business owners are drowning knowingly and unknowingly... let me provide...

Do Not Attempt This At Home... Most Business Owners Want To Write Their Own Copy When They Are "NOT" Experienced Copy or Content Writers, Your Audience is "NOT" Looking For Information, From You Personally, Nor You're Brand Unless It Has Hit National or International Status With Droves Of Investors or clients, Which Is What Business Owners Write, They Are Looking For Solutions to THEIR Problem Instead, Your Copy Has To Persuasively and Emotionally Compel Buyers to Buy!  

I DARE You To Test My Direct Response Copy Against Your Last Email, Ad, Video, Sales Letter, Sales Script, Print, Radio, TV Commercial, Email; etc. To See Which Pulls In More Lead. I DOUBLE-TRIPLE DARE YOU!

You would be simply AMAZED.

The Real BENEFIT: Just One word, phrase, sentence, hook, headline or sub-headline or offer or guarantee or testimonial or call to action could be the difference between selling $50,000, $190,000, $1,000,000 or $5,000,000, or more within weeks and months rather than years. When an ad works, it works over and over again in nearly every media!

Ad Copywriting and Content Writing Training Program

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