Exit Strategies


Facilitating The Transactions of Selling A Business

You've invested a great deal in your business, now it's time to get the full value of that investment.

Sure, most business owner never think about pre-planning their EXIT Strategy until they either get seriously sick with a major health concern or until they are older and or tired of the daily grind and hustle.

Exit Strategy (transaction and ownership wealth) we help you create more revenue in the end by helping you to retire well with the following services.

Our Exit Strategy Assessment (ESA) has a proven 97% accuracy in showing business owners how prepared their business is for a profitable exit and identifies exit strategy problem areas. Understanding where you are, where you need to be and how to get there – these are the critical pieces of a successful, profitable exit strategy.

Just a heads up – the Exit Strategy Assessment Strategy Session is a true value of $2500 - that is what we charge at our Advisory level. However, we are giving a limited amount of assessments for a $1500 discount to business owners like yourself that have enrolled in any of our programs.

You will get an Exit Strategy Assessment Strategy Session call with our team - they will take you through the Exit Readiness Assessment, and at the end of the session, they will show you exactly how to correct the problem areas in your business.

  • Liquidate Assets in terms of merchandise and or equipment.
  • Find Potential Business Buyers
  • Set up for you to exit the day-to-day; move into the Chairman seat, Completely sell everything and retire, or stay on as an acting consultant for a percentage of revenue performance.

Our Fee is $2500 or $1000 (Limited time offer with any of our programs) + 1% to 20%+ Equity as a one-time exit funding transaction facilitator on the Liquidation and or Sale Valuation of the business alone.

And an additional 1% to 20%+ Equity on the ownership revenue growth that we help you create and put in your pocket after the deal is done.

Book a “Double Your Net Profit In The Next 12 Months Advisory Session.” Below:

Limited Time Offer Will End March 29th, 2024

How Often Do You Say “I Haven’t Implemented Enough Of The Right Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Automation Systems, SOPs” And More To Finally Reach Or Exceed Your Goals? How Often Do You Say You're Not Sure What's Working or What's Not, and Why It's Taking So Long To Get Results and A Great ROI?

This 90-Minute Power-Packed Advisory Session Will Give You Clarity About Our Various Advisory Mentorship Programs. You Will Be Able To Pick My Brains, As We Research Your Current Business Situation Together In Order To Uncover The "FACTS" About What's Working and What's Not And Then Work Toward Educating You To Better Your Current Situation And Divising A Marketing Action Plan To Achieve Your Goals.

I Personally Will Eat The Cost Of The $3248 Real Value To Help Change The Trajectory Of Your Business And Life. Here Is What You’ll Get When You Book A "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session" For Only $299 


Bryant Vickers, Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor, will help you uncover an additional $10K to $1 Million per year or per month in profit opportunities by showing you our systems to improve your profit margins by 10% to 50% and what specific marketing and advertising to implement without spending an extra dollar on marketing, advertising, or sales costs outside of what you’re currently spending; considering you have a realistic competitive marketing, advertising, and sales budget, and skillful support staff and automation systems. - (A $625 Value)

Here Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits Of Meeting With Me On A “Research, Strategy, and Planning-First Approach" As Opposed To Advertising Media or Sales; or Husttle and Grind "ONLY" Approach.

  • Instantly Double Your Fees.
  • Instantly Double Your Yearly Revenue, Year After Year.
  • Instantly Create Both High-Fee and or Recurring Income From Every Client Served.
  • Instantly Be Seen and Valued As The Most Trusted and Reputable Business In Your Market Area.
  • Add Greater Profits, Faster Growth, and Time-Freedom To Work Less Hours
  • Create a High-Producing Team and Corporate Environment
  • For Product or eCommerce Sellers We Provide Creative and Strategic Options To Serve Your Customers Better and Make More Money Through Your Choice Of Thive Cart or Shopify.
  • Discovering How To Predictably Increase Your Leads Without Spending More Money
  • Learning How To Get More Prospects Engaged in Your Sales Process
  • Identifying Simple Ways To Predictably Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increasing Your Average Sales Transaction
  • Uncovering Highly Effective Methods For Increasing Repeat Purchase Frequency
  • Plus, We Will Share 4 Easy To Implement Tactics For Increasing Referrals
  • A Complete Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales DEEP-DIVE Diagnostic Checklist To Determine All The Holes In Your Business Where Your Losing Money Or Leaving Money On The Table- (A $866 Value).
  • I’ll deploy my team of “Covert Inspectors” to review & improve your website, funnel, or landing page, and if it’s that bad or old, I’ll tell you the truth, you need a new rebuild. As you might be a few website or funnel optimizations away from consistently enrolling new people into your services, programs, and packages, or getting a massive tidal wave of online buyers.This High-Conversion Analysis Will Review The 8 Key Areas Of Website Sales Conversions: Hook/Hero Section, Copy, Lead Magnet, Video Presentation, Usuability, Trust, Persuasion, Testing, and Tracking (Split Tests). You will start to see much better conversion numbers and ROI — in as little as 7-days after marketing recommendations. - (A $866 Value).
  • A Digital Traffic Marketing Analysis To Review Your SEO, Paid Ads, Display Ads, Social Media, Reviews, Reputation, and Referral Generation Efforts Online To Determine Your Competitive, Authoritative, and DOMINATION Ability To Be Successful Online Using Our Own CTPPM Framework: Most businesses don’t realize they’re missing 85% of their online sales because they don’t have a long-tail (Presell & Prequilify) conversion system- (A $866 Value).
  • A Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light Report To Show You What To Work On First, Second, Or Completely STOP Right Now to Move Your Business Forward!- (A $25 Value)


Don’t Know Where To Start?

We will do a quick review of where your business is currently at, and I will then personally make a program recommendation based on our Profit Calculator and Diagnostic Checklist once you return a completed Diagnostic Checklist (Our "FACT" Finder), and once we complete all other research to get the "FACTS", This way you no longer can make costly assumptions!!!

Click the red button below to get started with our Diagnostic Checklist after investing the $299 so that you are in our prospect system.

(The Cost of the Advisory Membership Session will be applied to any program purchase). ​


After You Go Through Our "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session," You Will Then Have The Opportunity To Enroll In One Of Our Business-Building Program Intensives.


If by the end of only the first day of our 3-day Business-Building Program Intensive, you can honestly say that you don’t think you will see a 2 to 5 X RETURN ON INVESTMENT by implementing our strategies and direct recommendations, you can excuse yourself from the rest of the sessions, give back all your materials and you will be 100% reimbursed.

So, think really hard about this, first, we uncover overlooked opportunities and under-valued money-making assets lying dormant in your business with our FACT-Finding Research; then we show you how to implement it into your business while Guaranteeing  300% Results in Your Audience Impact, Increased Profits, Rapid Growth, High Productivity & Time-Freedom.


Here at DOMINATE or die Marketing, Inc.

Our core values are:


And we are fanatical about delivering on them.

I KNOW… the strategies revealed in our Advisory Mentorship Business-Building Program Intensives can produce business and life-transforming results. It can radically alter your future and the wealth of your family’s fortune forever.

BUT… I also know you don’t know this yet.

And you won’t until you experience the Advisory Mentorship Business-Building Program Intensive for yourself.

THAT IS WHY… I am providing you this audacious guarantee.

There are more than 500 business profit and growth strategies divulged between our primary scalable programs. Applying just two or more of them can result in profits far beyond your enrollment investment fee. I’m assuming all your risk, so you don't have to.

Now, let me be clear about the conditions of this guarantee:

Like a concert or any other live event in Winston Salem, NC for our 3-Day Advisory Mentorship and 2-Day Business Planning Event (Or at least for the 3-Days, as we can do the business planning virtually), if you don’t show up there are no refunds.

There are pre-event preparation materials and a marketing diagnostic that has to be completed prior to us meeting for the business and educational experience of your life. They will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund. This is why we ask for the commitment of the $299 fee before starting the diagnostic so that there aren't any delays in our process to quickly get you to the next step.

After the initial "Double Your Net Profits In The Next 12 Months Advisory Mentorship Session."

It’s as simple as this: Show up, Do The Work, and your Investment Return is (better than) guaranteed if you can honestly say you did “NOT” get immense value at all.

But since we know this hasn't happened yet, and we never have had anyone ever ask for their money back in all of the years since we have been teaching these principles.… during the last of the 3 days; we will make an offer for you to retain us ongoing if satisfied. 

Or you can get complete access to our outsourced directories and DIY, or hand our critiques and recommendations off to your in-house staff or other support people of your Choice.

This is my Personal Promise.

Bryant Vickers; Strategic Business Development and Profit Advisor