No More Excuses: Here’s Your Chance To Go To The Next Level Quickly…Here’s Why You Must Hire A Marketing Consultant Today…To Get Increased Profits, Faster Growth, Time Freedom And A Brand That DONMINATES The Competition—-Guaranteed!

bryant-picMeet Bryant Vickers.

America’s #1 most sought-after Market Research and Competitive Domination Authority, Direct Response Copywriter, and Online Traffic and Monetization Consultant; A Leading Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner and author of the soon-to-be-released book DOMINATE or die.

As the CEO, you may face the following kinds of growth challenges: either your business is stagnant, you’re going through feast and famine months, or your growth opportunities are so significant, you need to manage your growth more strategically to assure that business scales predictably and profitably or that competition never leap frogs you.

Many business executives view marketing as an exercise in fluffy creative and promotion. We don’t. We believe marketing is a critical part of operations, just as important as operations itself, information technical, human resources, finances—MARKETING is a part of the 5 sub-systems of everyday business management which is highly overlooked or under managed by many CEOs and hired in-house Marketing Managers alike.

Your Market DOMINATOR (consultant) becomes a full-time executive addition to your staff, bringing a market-based perspective to crystalize strategy and manage implementation for far less than it would cost to hire an in-house marketing director. Get the Coaching and Implementation you need today.

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“Business is NOT a hobby; you need the right mentorship because you don’t do it just for fun, or for extra income—it’s an investment in which you must get a profitable return on time and effort. It requires hard-work in most cases. Winning in business is simple: you must plan to DOMINATE at all costs the top 3 to 5 competitors in your market area for the longest duration of time in order to earn maximum profits during the lifetime of your business, and that means doing whatever it takes strategically to use hidden marketing assets and overlooked opportunities and slightly outspending competitors in order to get the most traffic, leads and sales opportunities, resulting in faster revenue growth and wealth creation!”

—Bryant Vickers

Bryant Vickers is very well educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." He is a consummate professional and the way he carries himself, in and out of the office, is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success in your personal life and in your business.

Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce
Mr. Olympia


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Hey, it’s Bryant Vickers. I’m the CEO of DOMINATE or Die Marketing, an Internet Marketing Specialist and the Chief Marketing Strategist Behind Our Clients Mind Blowing Results!

I’m excited that you made it here. It means you’re ready to explore how my exceptional team can become your exceptional team and support you in bringing more of your vision to the marketplace. We have over 20 years in offline marketing and 10 years in online marketing.

The first step is to review some of our books and watch our video webinar to get a little acclimated to what we do that far exceeds just online or offline media buying. Please fill in our above form to claim your free books and video webinar, then…

Sign Up for our Double Your Net Profits In the Next 90 Days to 12 Months Strategy Session

We will increase your business by 25% – 100% Growth or $10,000 – $1,000,000 in Profits. We are experienced at getting 2, 5, even 10 times your current profits within 90 days to 12 months — GUARANTEED!

Discover how implementing our Hidden Marketing Asset System, multi-pillar approach, through our Done-For-You Marketing Execution will increase your business PROFITS and help your business GROW in dynamic ways—GUARANTEED!


What’s the catch? There really is none; you first must enroll in our Strategy Session below, this is our way of learning about your business challenges and pre-qualifying you to make sure you’re a good fit for our HMA System Consulting or Coaching Programs; then, after you fill out the form you simply have a in-person or online/phone Strategy Session with one of our Market DOMINATOR Consultants, there is a fee, however if we prove knowledgeable once you have picked our brains and you feel that we have proved that we can get you the results that you desire most, especially without spending money on advertising - then your fee can be applied to consulting or coaching program.

Two weeks later after the Strategy Session we’ll give you back a Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.),you can take the M.A.P. and implement it yourself, give to another marketer or have us execute it for you. This means the initial investment is actually our fee for the M.A.P. creation, but if you hire us within three days after the M.A.P. delivery, we will apply it toward your 90 Day Fast Start Program/Core Four implementation or coaching program rather than taking the money as payment for your M.A.P Creation.

How’s that for a win-win proposition?

Limited to only 3 to 5 clients per month – Enroll now before your competitor DOMINATES you!

The Strategy Session Meeting

To get you started on your way to exponential growth with The Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System we will conduct an in-depth marketing audit and Strategy Session meeting.

This highly profitable meeting will help you to:

  • Identify the Hidden Marketing Assets in your business.
  • Discover new ways to leverage those assets for exponential growth.
  • Learn how to get maximum impact out of every marketing dollar you invest and produce two, three or four times the sales results.
  • Uncover new sources of highly qualified prospects for your product or service.
  • Identify potential marketing mistakes that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year, blosing or leaving money on the table.
  • Learn how to make each marketing dollar you invest accountable and productive.
  • Discover how to create a competitive advantage that is guaranteed to make your company stand out from your competition.
  • Develop a number of New Marketing Strategies that you can put to work today that will greatly enhance your bottom line!
  • Create additional passive and or residual profit streams in your business for additional income or to self-fund your marketing efforts
  • Automate high revenue generating functions
  • Plus lots more….

Your Marketing Audit and Strategy Session meeting will be conducted by a Market DOMINATOR Consultant from Vickers Marketing Group who will demonstrate the benefits and value of the Hidden Marketing Assets System. It will take about 1.5 – 2 hours at your business or online at your computer.

As the business owner, you must have a $100,000 – $5,000,000 company and desire aggressive profits and growth, meaning in order for us to 2, 5, or 10 x your business, it will be best if you can invest 10% of your ROI goal, meaning for maximum aggressive results to reach $1 million you should invest $100,000. This is the quickest path to building wealth and business DOMINANCE over any competition. However, generally most of our campaigns range from $2500, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000 per month but we have the expertise to scale much higher.


Schedule your Audit and Strategy Session with me personally or one of our Market DOMINATOR Consultants.

You might be wondering… why pay for a “sales call”?

Well, first let me tell you: this isn’t a sales call. This is an actual (highly discounted) consultation where I get to support your business through my 20 plus year expertise in marketing, web design, traffic and lead generation, event marketing, book creation and marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, email automation, referral marketing, press and publicity campaigns, and more.

When you pay for 1.5 to 2 hours of my time, you’ll get exponential value for your business, and you’ll know right away whether we’re a fit to serve you or not.

Having worked at creating many brands, launches, and profitable sales funnels – I’ve learned a few things about what works quickly and what doesn’t, and I’m passionate about applying those years of in-depth experience to your business.

If you’re the right fit, and you’d like our support in building out or scaling you upwards a few levels, we’ll talk about how we can best serve you.

We’re typically not looking for new clients, we get plenty of referrals from our satisfied and loyal clients– though we love working with the right kind of entrepreneurs whose values align with ours and whose vision we can support. Meaning you must have a wealth goal of high six or seven figures.

We typically work best with entrepreneurs and companies who:

  • Are already doing 6 or 7 figures online, or doing well off-line and ready to take their brands online (though, we’ve also worked with startup entrepreneurs or companies when budget isn’t an issue who desire to reach 6 or 7 figures quickly)
  • Require on-going support with technology, marketing automation, creative design, branding, Constant Contact or InfusionSoft, and related needs
  • Require online traffic and or offline lead generation campaigns
  • Desire integrative offline and viral online referral generation campaigns
  • Have a vision for profits and growth beyond their current business level, and want a team to support that growth in the long term
  • Understand the value of experienced expertise, scalable business concepts, and proper implementation of marketing technology
  • Appreciate the value of premium and creative custom design and high end branding
  • Prefer a single point of contact, all under one roof
  • Are positively serving and impacting the world with their message, products and services

We’re not the best fit for those who:

  • Are looking for smaller, one-off tech or marketing projects; ie. A website without having a realistic, competitive and sizable marketing budget to invest every month.
  • Have a marketing / technology / design budget of less than $2500 per month
  • Like to do it all themselves, or prefer to personally manage a bunch of outsourcers/VA’s for various tasks. If you are a DIYer, Hope this HELPS! Please visit our resource page.
  • Are promoting “shady” or dishonest products or services (Get Rich Quick, Porn, Gambling, etc)

If it sounds like we might be a fit to work together, I invite you to schedule your first consultation with me or a team member. While my typical rate for consulting starts at $350/per hour for a full one day consult (and typically not available outside of our existing retainer clients).

I’ll do this first call with you for one of the verifiable fees below (my ulterior motive here is to add so much value for you in 1.5 to 2 hours, that you’re thrilled to join us as a client afterwards, provided we’re a fit for consulting implementation or personal coaching).

Your initial Strategy Session fee depends on the size of your company. You have to be honest here; our work is based on taking you from where you are at to where you want to go. Our fees are as follows:

Under $1 million in sales: $199
$1million – $3 million in sales: $399
$3 million – $5 million in sales: $495
$5 million in sales: $795
Over $5 million in sales: $995

You will pay your fee prior to the Audit and Strategy Session via a Paypal online payment request. We will send the payment request once you have filled out our Strategy Session form. Our guarantee to you is that if you don’t feel it has been beneficial to you and your company to have the Audit and Strategy Session completed then you owe nothing and we will immediately reimburse you after the session.

This is a No Risk Guarantee!

If you’d like to talk in-depth about the latest in high conversion web design and online marketing funnel systems and our various monetization strategies on our call just add an additional 15 minutes to our meeting.

Just fill out the Strategy Session application and then I will schedule our initial 15-30 minute phone conversation, during our phone meeting I will then schedule your Strategy Session on my calendar.

Guaranteed Value Or Your Money Back: If you don’t find value in our Strategy Session (very unlikely) – simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny of what you paid for the consult. It’s not about the fee – it’s about ensuring that we’re a great fit to work together by providing exponential value for you in a paid consultation (plus, I like to keep my primary focus on serving our clients and leading our team, so I try to limit my consulting time to those who are truly a great fit for profit and growth opportunities).

Your Strategy Session and Marketing Action Plan Includes:

  • Marketing Assessment of Your Current Projects — $497 Value
  • Initial Strategy Call — $500 Value
  • Online Review and M.A.P. — $1,500 Value
  • And 3 Monthly Calls — $1,500 Value

Total Value: $3,997

Go to the level you’ve only dreamed about. Schedule a Strategy Session with one of our Market DOMINATOR Consultants today! Remember, we will refund your Strategy Session fee at the end of our session if you don’t feel it was worthwhile or valuable.


What is this site all about?

First, It’s a place of learning, where you can master how to do marketing right. I HATE telling business owners, it was a good effort, but you’re doing it all WRONG! Each page of the site covers what I believe are the most effective, fast-acting and current marketing practices today starting with our done for you Hidden Marketing Asset System Consulting and DIY Coaching Programs.

Aside from Coaching and Consulting other pages serve to educate business owners on such things as Referrals on Steroids, We’ll Make You Famous, Online Targeting, and the other website pages. Smart Business Owners who want to be smarter…READ; “The More You Read, The More You Learn, The More You Earn.” We believe that readers are LEADERS, therefore we provide a lot of content to read, and videos, all to your benefit.

Though we handle marketing for all types of companies locally and nationally; we specialize in working with the following niches: Chiropractors, Dentist, Massage Therapist, Medi-Spas, Plastic Surgeons, Wellness Coaches, Personal Trainers, Alternative Health Practitioners, Laser Hair Removal, Hair Salons, Author, Speakers, Business Coaches and Consultants.

If you have the following challenges, my team and I can solve them…

  • If You Want To Generate More, no, Maximum Revenues.
  • If You Want To Get Your Current List To Spend More, More Often.
  • If Eliminating Wasted Ad Dollars Is Important To You.
  • If Getting A Massive ROI And Proving What’s Working And What’s NOT Is Important.
  • If Strong Positioning In Your Market Area Can Make You A Market Leader.
  • If Differentiating You From Your Competitors Can Make You Stand Out.
  • If Putting Your Business On A Consistent, Systematic, Trackable And Proven Money Making Autopilot System Is Important.
  • If Creating Additional Passive And Or Residual Income Is Important.
  • If Having Exclusive, Competitive And Market Research Done For You Is Important.
  • And If Having “Proprietary Done-For-You Marketing Execution” That Quickly Dominates Your Competitor And Or Market Year After Year Is Important!

If you can just IMAGINE all this being done for you, then continue reading!

We don’t just give you advice and put your money in our pocket like most business coaches and consultants; we help you get customers, clients or patients, and we have successfully partnered with our clients on win-win deals. What makes DODM different is that we do whatever it ethically takes to put more money in your pocket and grow your business.

There are several different ways we HELP our clients as consultants:

You may be interested in a new website or (reworking your current site) in order to get more traffic and leads. We are specialists at that, but we do NOT build websites or lead funnels that don’t drive traffic and leads to your business. After all, a website that doesn’t generate traffic and leads is worthless and has absolutely no value to you—but is great for your competitors.

Note that we did not just say traffic; we also said leads to a website or funnel. There are only three things that you need—here’s a hint:

The Maximum Amount of High-Paying Traffic, Leads, and a Strategic Sales System That Will Convert That Traffic and Leads Into Clients, Customers or Patients Who Keep Coming Back and Referring Others To Your Business Over and Over Again!

We do this by:

  • Increasing your business by 25%–100% or $10,000–$1,000,000. We are experienced at getting 2, 5, even 10 times your current profits within 90 days to 12 months.
  • Tracking valuable phone information about every caller, and also how your employees are handling calls;
  • Testing ads for best performance to see which are the winners every time;
  • Measuring customer, client or patient response and ROI for each ad or campaign;
  • Improving loyalty, retention and referrals;
  • Making you and your business famous in your market area;
  • Spying on your competitors to give you the insights to leapfrog them.

Many of our clients hire us for strategic help with their marketing—things like how to create or improve sales funnels, how to improve their offers and convert more prospects into buyers, how to generate more leads—and more qualified leads, how to improve their positioning within the marketplace, how to identify and develop a proprietary USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or marketplace differential, and everything and anything in between through our consulting services.

Other people just want us to review their current sales and marketing processes, and give them our professional opinion on what’s happening and why, and how to improve what’s going on in specific areas, or they need coaching and accountability. Here are some examples of this:

  • Some people need guidance on how to systematize or monetize their marketing. For instance, you may need a marketing system that does all the “heavy lifting” for you. This minimizes the amount of time you personally have to spend dealing with prospects, giving you more free time. This way, by the time you get involved with someone, there is virtually no selling to do, since the marketing now does all the selling for you.It’s more of an “Okay, you’re ready to go, let’s get started” kind of a conversation. Everything, including parameters and the do’s and don’ts my client wanted his buyers to have, is now delivered to the buyer automatically. And yes, we also helped come up with the “do’s and don’ts” list.You may have just one product or service, or may need to create more income or time-freedom, so you may need our help creating additional passive and or residual income streams, packages and/or programs.
  • A lot of our clients need help with market and competitive research and/or their sales copy. Some of them hire us to create all the advertising and marketing pieces and write all of the copy. With all of our consulting clients, we have some detailed conversations about sales copy; things like what to say—and maybe even more important—what NOT to say. Obviously, communication is critical to everything you do in business, but especially when it comes to generating leads, selling, and closing sales.

Some clients want it all and invest a lot because they want a greater return on investment. If you want to speak with us about working together, there are just one of two steps you must complete to qualify for next level profits and growth.

We have worked with 25 clients over the past few years in different industries, and soon will be releasing our forth-coming book, DOMINATE or Die™. We have been quoted on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. If a conversation with us, and all of the content on this site, blog posts and all, isn’t enough to convince you that we should work together, then that’s your choice to continue to get the same results you’ve been getting.


Referral and Loyalty Program

This program is geared toward improving old-school word-of-mouth marketing and making it more “comfortable” for your clients, customers or patients to leave more referrals, while also building loyalty rather than just satisfaction.

Learn how to:

  • Make yourself referral ready
  • Increase your monthly referral business and profits
  • Increase referrals by 100% to 300%
  • Create raving loyal fans who will stay with you
  • Create offline and automatic email and website based
Learn More

Back-End Program: Marketing Automation

This program covers the back-end that you didn’t even know you had. Most businesses focus entirely on their front-end–getting clients (which costs more) but they rarely cover repeat, upsell, cross-sell, follow-up, and referral opportunities as well as the opportunity to win back lost or inactive clients.

Learn how to:

  • Cut your current ad spending in half or maximize it
  • To systematically automate your client-getting and follow-up process
  • Properly use email marketing systems
  • Get a 471% + ROI
  • Create automatic email and website-based campaigns
Learn More


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Double Your Business
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This guide will show you the 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales, Cash Flow and Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Focused Marketing Machine!

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