Your Personal Brand Is Your Lifeblood As An Author, Speaker, Coach, Etc.

You need people to care about you and your message. It’s that connection that’s going to help you to scale from a small-time business owner into the local area, regional, national or global phenomenon that you want to become.

Naturally, you’ll pour hours of effort into building your personal brand.

And that can make it all the more heartbreaking when one misstep ruins everything.

You need to avoid the mistakes that so many have made when trying to build their brands. Here are three that could lead to ruin, if you aren’t careful.

Mistake #1 – Attacking Others

Your brand is all about you and your audience.

So why would you try to take the focus away from those things?

Some people believe that they can build themselves up if they attack others. Even personal branding mastermind Elon Musk isn’t immune to this. His attack on the diver who saved the trapped Thai children back in July caused severe damage to his brand.

To someone less established, that attack could have destroyed their brand entirely.

Focus on yourself and the people you want to help.

Mistake #2 – Responding in Kind to People Who Don’t Like You

Here’s a simple fact that you have to accept as a business owner.

Not everyone will like your message, there will be HATERS.

It’s impossible to please everyone with what you’re doing. That’s why the most successful personal branders focus on keeping their niche audiences happy.

When you take criticism to heart, you could end up like Emil Michael.

The former Uber boss once threatened to dig up dirt on any journalist who criticized his company.

That threat could have tarnished the business brand. It definitely did damage to Michael’s personal brand. It was only a couple of years later that Michael lost his job at Uber.

Now, he’s known as a scandal-ridden executive who has no personal brand to fall back on.

Making missteps along the way is part of building a personal brand. But you have to avoid the really catastrophic mistakes as well as the minor ones by offering real value and great service.

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DOMINATE or die Marketing CEO Bryant Vickers, aka The Market DOMINATOR™ is America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist; A Market and Competitive Researcher, Direct Response Copywriter, and Online Traffic, Conversion and Monetization Consultant; A Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner and The Author of the soon to be released book DOMINATE or die. Bryant helps business owners become the “Highest Paid”, most dominate market authorities in their niche specializations and market areas.

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