The Inner Game

Is Your Mind On Your Business and Your Business On Your Mind? I "HELP"Business Owners Get Their Heads Mentally In The Game So They Can Profit And Live A Life Of Freedom!




“Way Too Many Business Owners Are Stuck Working "In" Their Businesses And Are Not Working "On" Them Nearly As Much As They Really Need To Or Think They Are. The End Result Of This Is That Way Too Many Business Owners Are Either Under Marketed And/Or Under Capitalized...Many Times Unknowingly Earning Way Less Than They Could Or Should Be!"

WARNING! I'm Brutally Honest, Sometimes Even Harsh, but I'm also passionate and love helping people get personal and business breakthroughs. The below statements will enlighten some of you and upset others, it's ok, the help that you need is contained on the pages of this website if you make time to read, just continue reading and the answers you need will magically appear, that’s my promise. Below I will identify four vary different types of individuals who all has had varied personal business experiences, but each and everyone of them needs my help.

I have the same questions for all business people…how well have you researched your TARGET Clients, MARKET Area and COMPETITION and worked to make continued improvements to every major area of your business and how often do you monitor, track, test and update your research and the results of your marketing efforts?

While you think on the above for moment, I will show you how I employ "The Hidden Marketing Asset System" For Health/Fitness Professionals, Coaches/ Consultants, Expert Authorities, Speakers, E-commerce/Info Product Developers, Local Main Street Business Leaders and Six or Seven-Figure Corporate Employees Who Desire To Start Their Own Business in order to Add Crazy Profits, Rapid Growth And Real Time Freedom While Building A Secure Long-Term $10,000 to $100,000 Per Month Revenue-Based Business That Is both Sustainable and Retire-able!"

And retirement is not what you think!

I Will Help You Create A Legacy For Your Family In The Most Logical And Secure Way, And That’s By Helping You Create A Bigger Vision For Your Company, While Simplifying Your Workload And By Helping You Raise Capital To Quickly Increase And Speed Up Necessary Cash Flow if and whenever needed!”

You’ll Learn by working with me how My Team and I Dominate in most cases business owners markets and competitors with TODAY'S real world research and marketing examples that do NOT come from the playbooks of the 1980’s and 1990’s that 80% of Stagnate and 15% of Feast and Famine Businesses are STILL using.

Today is your chance to learn the exact secrets of the TOP 5% -1% of business owners, what they know and do, that you don't, will change your life forever, I'll tell you this, it's not about how much money you make, it's about how you LEVERAGE the money for even more money! How do I know your under-marketed and or under-capitalized, because, the mere fact that I have already checked you out online or seen one of your advertisements lets me further know this; which both presents a major problem for you and your family inheritance and legacy right out the gate, because you should never lose money or leave money on the table in business, ever; and I would like to show you how to permanently fix this problem by putting that money back into your pocket for greater results and ROI.

The content on this page WILL make you reTHINK what you’re doing in your business, READ every word. I PROMISE It Will Change Your Business and Life! The right questions can spur your subconscious mind to feed you the right answers for business and life, by really digging in to the below content and or taking me up on my offer below your subconscious mind will change and you will become consciously clearer than ever before, resulting in more of what you truly want in your business and life. . .

You most likely fit one of the four personality's types or situations below that needs to be fixed:

  • The Newbie – You know or recognize immediately, that you want and need the help, you’re not exactly sure how we can help you because all this stuff is new to you or confusing, we really need to talk so I can show you what it will do it for you. I'll show you a basic, entry-level start-up solution to get you off the ground running in the right direction quickly. You may need to challenge you reluctance to invest in yourself initially! You may even be someone who has been in business for 3, 5 or 10 years or more without ever aggressively using marketing in order to compete and win. My Strategy Session will scale upward towards advanced marketer within one year.
  • Intermediate — You're a second-time buyer of marketing, advertising or sales solutions; you have gotten some results and your still open-minded and receptive to marketing, looking for more features, functions and capabilities that lead to the results and roi that you seek. This service alone will answer most of your questions and give you the resources, and tools needed to quickly go to the next level. My Strategy Session will open up a whole new world of opportunity for you.
  • Jaded — You heard all the claims and tested several coaches, services, or products. Bought into the dream and failed to get the promised results. You no longer believe the promises and may have accepted that you cannot be helped because now you have fear or trust issues. But the desire to do more, be more and have more never fades. The dissatisfaction builds up, month after month. Secretly, perhaps even unconsciously, you hope something different will pop up. A new way to satisfy an age old desire. This is especially the opportunity that you need to get clarity and focus if your only willing to put in the work to try something different. Here's what you need, first you must stop trying to implement marketing yourself or trying to hire someone to implement on your behalf, see the real root of the problem is that you do not understand enough about marketing, advertising and sales related functions. so you need my research to first understand the race that your in competitively and you need coaching to get your marketing mind in the right place for world dominance.
  • Advanced — You are the power marketer, the true entrepreneur, the next level business owner. You are someone who has bought competing services and seen some results. You are acutely aware of your challenges and the limitations of your existing solutions, and looking for more. Well, your search has ended; get a second opinion and a new fresh perspective on any of your next level scalability or wealth challenges, let me show you how to highly leverage your company beyond your current position. You may desire at this point that you no longer want to deal with the daily grind, but would rather, systematize, automate and create additional revenue streams, meaning monetizing your business in a way that makes more money without you having to really labor for it.


Many of you have read many management books and self help books; but very few marketing books on increasing profits, growing your business and creating true time-freedom, after all many of these types of books are not even sold in Barnes and Noble due to poor readership... but at the end of the day, isn't this what you want most, Profits, Growth and Time-Freedom more so than Facebook, Instgram or Linkedin? What was the last $30 book or $500 course on marketing that you've read or took within the last 3 months...I'll wait for your answer! What was the last marketing event you went to and invested in that cost you $1000, $2500, $5000, or $25,000 to attend, I'll wait for the answer on how much you are willing to invest in yourself to build real marketable skills! Vary few business owners are honestly willing to invest in them selves.

You know about the Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, Positive Thinking, and every system designed to push you through challenges, limitations and motivations to become your best self. Being your best self, studying leadership, reading bios of great business leaders or being a leader is great, but these things does not translate into real marketable skills, they are personal skills. Even many university graduates skills are still not up to date as their education was based on things from 3-10 years past, not present day and certainly not future business trends. So, many business owners are running on old outdated information and have never took the time to do a deep dive research project that's far more than the preliminary business planning research that only a hand full of business owners ever complete.

You may be stuck needing solid business building answers, but either you’re way to comfortable doing things the way you always have or just reluctant to paying for help. You are already a motivated and ambitious business owner or you are an expert that understands the importance of mastering your mind. Yet, still, too many business owners are RUNNING on a continued hamster wheel, because some of you are focusing on just making a decent living, paying some bills and are not focused on building real high-end profits or wealth, yet for those of you who are focused on profits and true wealth creation, many of you have failed to complete all the steps, leaving holes in your business because you are only focused on the funnel and not the bucket, you're focused on the passive income to live off of, but not leveraged income to quickly grow, which if done right leads to the time freedom you seek. If you don't immediately understand the terminology I just used, then you are lacking in current business and marketing know-how.


If you want off the up and down, merry-go-round; this may be the opportunity that you've been looking for; as I will reveal specific steps that you personally need to take below.

You may have a 5 or 6 figure business right now and think all is well, but is it really? Keep in mind, that most business owners are not earning the median income for their business according to industry standards. Yet, if you’re a dentist who specialize in selling Invisalign Braces at $12,000 a pop, you will obtain more income than the Therapist who average client pays them $140 per visit, unless the Therapist marketing far out performs that of the Dentist to make the therapist far more wealthy exponentially year after year which would mean that the therapist has an aggressive determination rather than a passive stance!

Too many business owners stumbled into a great income by accident simply by choosing a high paying profession or commissioned field, yet are unaware that this is NOT conscious growth and that they can never achieve conscious growth by having a passive mind or implementing passive marketing strategies!

Why, even Renegade Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires turn into cowed, cowardly, creatively constipated, compromised, conformists - their passivity literally killing the primal energy that raised them up in the first place which came from an bold and aggressive stance to bring change to the industry or marketplace, in order to make a name for themselves.

And, even "successful" entrepreneurs with big incomes can be softened, weakened, and confused. Just because you are banking big profits now is absolutely NO guarantee it continues if your business is not built right from the very onset. Don't believe me, remember Google Panda and Penguin, putting your trust in this made people lose money when they were making money, this is why diversification in your marketing efforts is so important.

But not only that, believe me when I tell you; everything is always up for revision, especially if you ever get really sick or have a family member face an illness like cancer...what would happen to your successful business then?

This is critical, the most critical skills are Marketable Skills, sales is a very important part of those skills, but it's not the only skill, and never should be over or under utilized; as business building truly require multiple marketable skills, and I want to show you the most important marketing skills in order to quickly and dramatically increase your profits, growth and time-freedom.

For sales people, selling is important, but it’s not marketing; One of the most common questions I hear from salespeople everywhere is “how can I make more money?” It's a concern shared by most business owners and salespeople alike. You'll notice I said most salespeople, but certainly not all. There is a small elite group whose earnings go up every year despite anything the economy throws at them because they have learned how to market and sale their products and services as opposed to just selling.

If you're one of these TOP Sales Performers then you know exactly what I'm talking about. But if you're not and would like to be, then I have something I think you'll be very interested in. Here's the thing. Some of you do not even realize you are in sales, but you'd be surprised to learn that whatever your job or business is there is some selling involved-even subtle sales tactics that you may not even be aware of, even for doctors who really don’t consider their selves sales people. But, on the other hand there are what I call consummate sales professionals.

Consider this if you will: If you've ever applied for a job, been married, went out on a date, raised your kids, started a business, had a garage sale, waited on tables or done any of a thousand other things…you were involved in sales. It's an unavoidable fact of life. To get what you want in life you either have to sell yourself (in the case of a job or a date etc.) or you have to sell a product or service. You’ve spent most of your life selling one thing or another, however, what you are most likely failing to do is properly grow your business; see the problem is that many business owners who are currently engaged in sales, somehow, incorrectly think that adding sales reps or affiliates is growing their business when in fact it can add additional sales, but in actuality that is NOT growing the business, because in reality, in order to grow the business you have to use growth levers, meaning more than 2 ways to generate and secure more income that allows you to quickly scale up the business and invest for wealth creation, meaning utilizing marketing to generate income to invest where and how the uber wealthy invest and not where and how the general market invests.

There is, in fact a primal energy that makes an individual stand out from the crowd, magnetically attracting favorable attention and cooperation and opportunity, facilitating necessary influence and stoke of confidence and creativity. There is, in fact a primal energy that makes business rise, shine, thrive; powerful against all competitive and opposing forces, attractive to customers and clients.

This energy emanates outward from its center and, in a closed loop or "boomerang effect" brings power to the business owner and business.

This is the secret of the power of the Marketer's Mindset that explains why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results, one just gets by and the other blows the doors off the competition and dominates there market area as the clear leader in their flied or niche.

However, many millionaires and successful business owners face malignancies that can be alertly and militantly fought off, and prevented. They can even provide competitive advantage, if you find them in your competitors and exploit them. But first you must be made aware of what they are and that's where my team and I come in; we look for the holes in every area of your business and mental blocks that prohibit you from maximizing your result or roi.


We help you fill up the funnel and plug up the holes in the bucket so that there are no more leaks, that way you increase profits, growth and have the time freedom that you seek from building a sustainable business model and better retirement.

Let me explain what retirement is and is not; for top entrepreneurs, they retire into their businesses.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, Damon Johns, etc,. Are all wealthy and retired, they never have to work again if they really don’t want to, however, they all still work!

The idea is that they all understand the following that most business owners don’t:

They didn’t strive for Financial Independence, which is an illusion of sitting on the beach and drinking whatever or relaxing with your soul mate.

When the reality hits you in 30-45 days that you’re bored out your mind and that you are about to go crazy because you were never created to be lazy, but created to create and continue to bring good into the world. This is why this image, is only a part of your super imagination, you can enjoy this from time to time, but for the rest of your life…forget about it!

What they did strive for was Financial Confidence instead which came from continuing to work on their businesses, not in them!

They all set up the greatest retirement plans ever; they stopped chasing the illusion of passive income. In school we all learned to be employees, corporations designed our school systems so that they would always have a hiring pool, but in the process they taught us passivity, and we brought that mindset into our businesses.

And that’s how stagnant and feast and famine businesses are actually run: passively and unconsciously.

This is why when I ask business owners, if you were to ever get really sick or have a family member with cancer, how would that impact your business? Most tell me they would quickly be out of business…all because they built it passively; yet the real business builders build their businesses in such a way that if something were to ever happen, there business would not only continue to operate, but it would also continue to pay them.

We are all working to actually actively retire some day, however, the goal of wealth generators is not greed for ll of them as poor people mistakenly thank, but continued creation which comes not from a passive mindset, but from an aggressive one that understands this fundamental fact:


Meaning that the 5% and 1% are all building the foundation correctly that includes the 3 steps to wealth creation; the inherit goal is amassing the most from the lifetime of your business from creating...

Passive Income is consistent and ongoing personal physical work; while Leveraged Income is income that is derived from driving value through the correct message, market and media mix; it is a clear focus on people, product and profit building. Earning Income is NOT Growing Income no matter how much you earn per product or service sales transaction, Growth Levers is focusing on marketing, advertising and sales skills that add hundreds of thousands of dollars consistently to what you've already earned passively over time, not instantly, but ongoing; this is what leads to wealth creation. It's a Scalable and Sustainable business model that leads to true wealth! YOU! Must continuously work on building your marketable SKILLS!!!



  1. Income Generation (most businesses do NOT go beyond this point-they build passive income from poor strategy or no strategy).Too many businesses stay stagnant for years, this is the 80% of business owners).
  2. Growth Levers is Marketing Pillars, or Channels as they are so widely known as (most business do this in an ineffective manor as they only rely on one or two pillars, thus creating feast and famine from a slow growth business model as opposed to a fast growth business model, this is the 15% of business owners.
  3. Wealth Creation(the 5% to the 1% all focus their attention here; the question they have all asked their selves was how can I leverage my business in such a way that It grows rapidly, builds sustainability and a better retirement regardless of how much passive income that was actually generated over the longest duration of time). How can I work ON my business to get more out of it to met or exceed my lifelong need to create more ways to impact the lives of people and my family.


Let me explain this another way: a lot of us entrepreneurs learned something valuable from a guy named Robert Kiyosaki. Robert created the Cashflow Quadrant to easily break down the different types of careers out there and helped us to understand why some are more profitable than others. I will break down the cashflow quadrant based on my own personal experiences in consulting business owners in various industries over the past 30 years.

Most business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps/affiliates do not understand why starting your own leveraged business is so important. They do not realize that they have an upside-down business model that they are clinging to for life, and that is actually working against them. Too many have created a job for themselves as self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps or affiliates.

A real business means that you implement strategies, systems, processes and procedures that are gleamed from top producers, and industry leaders…there is no need to reinvent the wheel, when all you have to do is duplicate it, then scale it up. Being a Business Owner means that you acknowledge that you must market your business; MARKETING is the primary system to obtain wealth, MARKETING is what allows you to move from passive income to leveraged income, MARKETING is what allows you to have money to INVEST FOR EVEN MORE WEALTH!

The main issue why 95% of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps and affiliates do NOT have true wealth is because of their reluctance to constantly commit to investing in MARKETING in order to build profits, grow their businesses and create the time freedom they need to leverage their money! See below and ASK yourself, are you self employed or are your a business owner? If your self-employed, let me help you become a business owner and If your a business owner, let me help you create additional wealth streams in the right way to then become more of an investor.


After reading the above, tell me—how does that make you feel? Do you want to remain self -employed or do you really want to build a real BUSINESS and level up or create additional income streams? Does your company face similar issues with balancing working ON your business versus working IN your business?

Most Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals Create Jobs For Them Selves. They Become Self-Employed Mistakingly Thinking They Have Created A Business. The Difference Between Creating a Job and Running a Business Is Broad: Learn How to Build Your Business So That It Runs Itself Rather Than Running You Into The GROUND!

Proof that you have created a job: what happens to your business if you were to ever get really sick or a family member had cancer for two or more years? Or what happens to your business if you were to go on a 12 day vacation, most of you would go out business; your income would stop coming in, you would quickly fold up, and through in the towel. Please STOP posing and posturing like you're more successful than your actually are; get help to build your business right from the very onset! The Top 5%-1% have businesses that run themselves without them physically having to be there day in and day out, and they make money even if they are sick, on vaction and even in retirement.

How many hours per week do you work IN your business? This includes: seeing clients, writing programs, answering queries, paying invoices, invoicing and scheduling, and fighting fires (dealing with crises).

How many hours per week do you work ON your business? This includes: inventorying your assets, education (podcasts & blogs about how you solve problems for your clients), creating systems (leveraging the technical and non-technical), following your mission while planning for the future, setting goals, measuring your marketing, maximizing your ongoing training, generating leads, automating processes, creating marketing copy, writing content blogs, articles, & tips, talking with mentors—like Bryant Vickers.

You do not have to go through trial and error on your way to 6 and 7 figures or more. We can’t help everybody; we can only help people who value our expertise to push you to higher results and roi. We can only push you when you let us do what we do best — build a better opportunity for you to succeed faster in order to reach your aggressive high 6 or 7 figure goals and have the quality of life that you desire most now and in retirement which comes from doing the hard work of investing in yourself and business.

Too many executives, business owners and sales types stay stuck for years with "Mindset Struggles" which impede their wealth building efforts, they must be completely eliminated in a short period of time in order to build and maintain WEALTH! I Know Business Owners All Have Varying Levels of Financial Desire, however, the wrong focus negatively effects your business profits, growth and time freedom...and you just may be unaware where you are actually at in regards to having a leveraged (marketing) mindset and business.

There are three main categories of desire inside The Marketers Mindset that business owners struggle with and must clearly consider if they really want to succeed on a high level, but you first must understand that a marketer is a business owner and a business owner has to be a marketer:

  1. 80% of people are totally happy being part of the Camaraderie, just having a sense of belonging to a business group or industry, having the title of business owner and making $0-$1500 a month. Generally, their business is stagnant mainly because they will not spend money on their business and or personal development!
  2. 15% of people are totally happy making $2,000-$3,000 a month. These are people who use the word networking and follow the networking event path; going to networking meeting after networking meeting, and or involved with network marketing or high sales related tasks always making connection but not a whole lot of money from well desired marketing efforts. Generally, they lack trackable and proven systems, so, as a result they are in consistently in feast or famine!
  3. 5% of people want to make$10,000 - $50,000 or more per month. These are DOMINATE or die minded people who in our opinion want to impact other peoples live while also desiring to live with less struggles, reduced strains and financial peace of mind. They truly are after their goals, willing to put in the hard work for later rewards that provide wealth now and in retirement. They just want to truly take advantage of their Leveraged Opportunities and scale up few levels while keeping competition at bay and staying on the cutting edge!

There are exceptions to the rule, mainly some high-income earners sadly mistake expense with growth. Adding more staff or locations is an expense, not an growth oriented task at all.

So, there are different levels of desire. Now, that is not that, those percentages are not result-based. I’m not saying that that’s where they are. I’m saying that’s their level of desire mentally, subconsciously at the moment until it is challenged to confidentially do what they never done before. For some of you reading this, that sounds strange. Some of you are like, “Well, why wouldn’t you want to make more money and be a 5 or 1 percenter?”

You cannot comprehend this type of thinking because you’re NOT an 80 or 15-percenter. You don’t understand that way of thinking. But, you need to understand that there are loads of people in any business that are super happy to be there, love it to pieces, whether they make a lot of money or not.

The Dominate or Die Client and Culture

Our Ideal Client consciously embraces our high-six or seven figure business model — you already have a 5% mindset and maybe working towards a 1% mindset or you are a 80 or 15 percenter who is willing to do the hard work to get there, if you want to maximize your income, your impact in the lives of others, or if your view is to stay around the campfire long enough for you to increase your desire for high-end profits, and if you can learn from the below video how "RICH PEOPLE act in spite of FEAR", and then quickly implement what you've learned, then you just may be the DOMINATE leader I'm looking to PARTNER with!


How much do you want to earn each month? Are you on track to reach your goal?

Most of the year is gone, truly how are you doing? Get help now!  

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