Is Your Branding Making You Money? (Branding Pt. 2)


If you’ve always thought your business is too small to “need a brand”…Here’s the reality: You already have a soft-brand identity right now in the form of a logo or U.S.P. of some sort. You have a brand whether you like it or not. It’s best to embrace it and find the best way to connect your brand with your target audience.”. The question is — are YOU controlling it, or are your customers creating it on their own? If you aren’t controlling it with great marketing, advertising, sales and publicity, then you are losing visibility, eye-balls and future profits. Not the “Mad Men” style of branding…Now please don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting your small business should use Madison Avenue style branding techniques like the Gieko Gecko.

Expensive marketing campaigns like that can work for huge global brands like Coca-Cola or McDonalds, etc. But they can suck your small and mid-size business marketing budget dry in one giant gulp without giving you a single new customer. So what SHOULD you do? What you need is a more direct, straightforward approach. The ONLY kind of marketing a small business should be doing…Is called direct-response marketing and here’s why!

It is a really tough decision to spend money on something that wouldn’t directly generate leads. Branding is about building your reputation off and on-line.  It has huge benefits across everything …consider …your brand EVERYWHERE!

However, putting your brand before generating leads is why I go into just about any company and find areas where the company is losing money or leaving money on the table by focusing on non-cash producing activities. Direct Response Marketing is a PROVEN time-tested method of marketing that measures the results, outcomes, benefits and ROI of every ad spend. In other words, If you are not spending money, you are promoting something, but without a doubt, you are NOT marketing.

With direct response marketing, you can clearly measure which ads are profitable, and which ones suck, you simply keep the good stuff and toss the rest. Why, because your money is too precious to be wasting on ineffective marketing, don’t you think? Now all of this sounds pretty straightforward so far, but…What’s the connection with “branding” and “direct response”? Well…Every direct marketing campaign you run instills an image of your company, a soft-brand. Our brains are wired for branding. It allows us to quickly make decisions about whether to associate with a company or not.

So how do you instill the right image of your company? My image is the Gorilla, this is not expected on a business card so when prospects see it, it immediately stands out, disrupts their thoughts, gets attention and is completely understood as business owners can totally relate to it becoming or being the most dominate in their industry or niche. As CEO, IMS and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) here at DOMINATE or die Marketing I teach my Clients how to market and advertise using your unique stories combined with proven direct response techniques. In other words you brand is also apart of your overall messaging.

The result is a marketing strategy for your small business that does 2 important things:
1. Brings in new customers and boosts profits.
2. Simultaneously building your brand {reputation} with potential customers, even if they don’t buy from you right away.

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What Is Branding? (Branding Pt. 1)


The direct opposite of BRANDING or Brand Management is called DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING, sometimes its also known as direct response mail, you know, that junk mail that you got before the internet and that you still get today! You know the same type of mail that even Google and Facebook sends their potential clients. In other words why is it that 90% of the business owners that I consult with have money issues at their core are talking about branding rather than talking about getting a strategy to change their money issues? At the root of most business owner’s challenges is that they started their business off without enough marketing capital or capital in general, they made money and flossed it on the clothes, cars and eating out or they simply have a mental block about the correlation between business marketing and business financing.

First off if you grew up watching your family struggle financially, your business is going to struggle until you break free of your past and let go of the money that’s in your hands. When it comes to making money, what is stagnating most businesses, or causing feast and famine months are in direct correlation with the lack of clear focus on profit producing activities. At the end of the day most business owners are choosing to get the hook up when it comes to marketing, which means you’ll NEVER get the results that you are supposed to get to truly break free-QUICKLY.

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