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Take The Guesswork Out Of Growing Your Business...


"Get Focused, Become More Productive And Get Results With A "Marketing Action Plan" That Brings Together The Money Making Skills, Profitable Strategies, Proven Advertising Tactics, Time Freeing Processes, And Streamlined Procedures To Become A Leading Business Owner Who Is Deemed Knowledgeable, Credible, And Trust Worthy, Who Has Celebrity Positioning, High Profits, And Business Growth Objectives That Flat Out Beats Choosing Advertising Media Alone That Is Void Of A Step-By-Step Preeminent Strategy That Rocks!"

Get A "PROVEN" 6 or 7-Figure Custom Action Focused Profit and Growth-Oriented "Marketing Action Plan" and Basic Business Training, And….

We'll GUARANTEE One Of These Two Things Will Happen:

(1) Your Business Will Have A Clear, Actionable Plan For Getting To 6 or 7 Figures+ or moving you beyond 6 or 7 Figures on Your Own, AND...

(2) If "YOU" Execute The Plan It Will Deliver At Least $10K Per Month Minimum Or More In Measurable Value  To Your Business In Addition To What You're Currently Earning If YOU Follow The Plan We Write For You...And You'll Live A Life Of FOCUSED Financial And Time FREEDOM!

You Do Know That 1000’s of Bits of Random Information (Puzzle Pieces) Will NEVER bring You success!

Tired of collecting eBooks on your computer or half-complete courses, workshops, seminars or networking meetings? Missing Puzzle Pieces? Fluff and Filler? It took me over 30 years to figure all this out and keep everything up-to-date. You cannot do it all in 30 days when it took me 30 years to finally develop Spy and Profit to help you!

Spy and Profit offers everything you’ll ever need to become an efficient marketer of your own business who understands strategy, advertising and sales in a way that flat out works. Get it all done in a few hours a day working with me in person or online! Without these systems, you’d be working WAY too many hours, either not making money, going through continued feast and famine or making money without any real anticipated growth--when you could and should be doubling your profits!

You can DO it ONCE, and Do It Right with our Spy and Profit Program Today!

How Much Does a Traditional Business Plan Cost?

Hiring a Firm

You can hire a consulting firm to write your business plan, but this is often the highest-cost option. However, you will get a comprehensive business plan written by a dedicated team of specialists in marketing, finance, and industry. Business plans written by firms can cost many thousands of dollars. A typical small firm may offer simple business plans for as little as $1,500. More complex plans can range into the high thousands, depending on the firm, the number of team members working on the plan and the scope of the plan.

Private Consultants

Using a private consultant to write your business plan can be a cost-effective way to get a strong plan written by an industry expert. A lengthy plan with three years to five years of financial projections may still cost several thousand dollars, but the total cost can be much less than hiring a firm because only one or two individuals are doing the work. Some private consultants charge by the hour and let the client decide how many hours to budget for the work. However, fees for a business plan will still vary quite a bit. Consultants can charge around $3,000 to $15,000 for a complete business plan. For larger corporate projects, expect to see costs ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Writing It Yourself

The cheapest way to get a business plan usually is to write it yourself. Buying the software to speed up the process ranges from $50 to $500, and free resources available on the Internet can offer both templates and suggestions. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers guides, blogs, and outlines, and the SBA's Business Plan Tool provides step-by-step assistance in building your own plan. For businesses with very low start-up capital, this can be the best option.

But Here's A Reality Check; You Have To Learn to Follow Every Marketing Step Exactly Based On What's Working "NOW" That Produces The Highest Profits, Growth, And ROI In The Fastest Amount Of Time; You No Longer Can Focus Your Attention On What Used To Work Or On What You Hope Works Or On Social Activities that do not lead to converted leads and sales! When Your Number 1# Struggle Will Become Being The Market Leader, Top Dawg, Celebrity, Authority, and Specialist Who Is In High Demand Over And Above Any And All Competitors...This Is Who Your Current Clients, Customers, Patients, and Event Attendees Are Actually Looking For in 2020 and Beyond! So, even if you are collaborating with the best in your industry, you'll need an executable plan of action in order to maximize your success; you don't need to learn scatter-brain puzzle pieces, or implement spray and pray marketing, you need to put the whole puzzle together. Therefore, traditional plans won't cut it unless you know for sure that you can qualify for a bank loan, which most businesses won't cut it and don't always need it!

So, what are advertising tactics? When you say, I need or are using...a website, Facebook, Instagram, CRM, etc., all these are advertising tactics or "TOOLS"; so most business owners are like a drug addict who are stuck on the Shiny Object Tools. Tools, however, void of "HMA PROVEN" solid marketing strategy, processes, and procedures, fail to perform at the highest level. Many times using these Advertising Tactics doesn't stop you from making money, it just hinders you from earning the maximum amount of money that you could have earned in the fastest amount of time if you would have employed the right "PROVEN" strategies, processes and procedures along with the right Advertising Tactics you would become more successful. Rather than create an income for yourself, you create a profitable growth-oriented business. Even if you already are a high-income earner, earning  $100,000 or a Million; if the right strategies, processes, and procedures are NOT being used in your business TODAY, this could be the difference between adding another 2, 5, or even 10 x your current business income quickly which hinders various levels of growth and time freedom due in part by a lack of marketing productivity.

HINT: The Data is in the Research That Leads To A Well Written and Executed Plan; Not in the ADVERTISING! If you struggle to focus, get things done, and achieve the high goals you set for yourself and your business in a timely manner... then this is especially the perfect program for you to build your DREAM Business first and then execute advertising to grow it! 

Excellent recommendations and experienced consulting advice. Fast turnaround, I recommend
Bryant to other business owners because we received a 20% increase in new business within 30 days.
—Front Door Cafe/Mrs. Black & White, LLC

What Makes Our "Marketing Action Plan" So Effectively Different Than Traditional Marketing Plans; traditional plans focus on front-end sales primarily and or one stream or system of income which make business owners have to keep buying or producing more and more leads rather than earning more from the client relationships that they have already built by winning their clients trust.

YOU...desiring to build your DREAM business the right way, think of it this way, would you go out and buy some concrete, wood studs, flooring, hammer, nails, drill and more to build your DREAM house from the ground up without a BLUEPRINT that gave you step-by-step instructions? Of course, you wouldn't or at least I hope you wouldn't! Well, this is how 99% of business owners are building their businesses every day which when I examine them as The Marketing Doctor that I am, I find them with one of the following conditions. Stagnant with no growth; going through unnecessary feast and famine (up and down months); or they are doing extremely well, most times by nature of the high-paying field they are in or by accident and not by any real marketing, however, still, they need to leverage their businesses in other ways to stay competitive, ahead of the game. So, please...

  • Stop mistaking advertising media for marketing: First of all, it's important to note that advertising is a component of marketing... marketing is both research and practice (quantifiable and qualifiable data or facts), while advertising is straight practice (tactical assumptions from lack of research). Marketing involves consumer behavior, marketing research, and media choices, while advertising involves creative endeavors like design, multimedia production, and media choices. However, there is one clear difference between the two…

It may seem like advertising and marketing are two concepts that share exactly the same objective. In fact, they do have the same objective: alerting consumers to products and services being sold. Marketing and advertising have many things in common, but there are still some differences. Comprehension of these differences and similarities will help any business or organization with its strategy for customer and audience acquisition.

DODM will show you how to simultaneously grow your business in six ways where you will achieve exponential growth faster. The system is illustrated below by the six ways of increasing revenue:
  1. Increase the number of prospects/leads contacted via the top online and offline methods
  2. Increase the conversion rate of prospects to paying customers
  3. Increase the value or worth of each customer by multiplying how many transactions they make after the initial sale or creating for our clients other ways to earn additional income from each client they sale
  4. Increase in the number of referral customers and scale
  5. Increase the number of past or lost clients who come back and do business with you again

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a process that involves design, creation, research and data mining about how to best align the idea of a product or service with the target audience. Marketing helps to define the product/service even more than the actual product does.

How Do You Market?

Marketing involves research and analysis. This involves studying audience response or lack of response and creating language and design that will best influence that audience. Certain groups of consumers respond better to images, videos, and words than others; this is why Artificial Intelligence is so effective. Slogans and mission statements that best communicate the “message” of the product or service are essential to marketing. The marketing strategy can be broken down into the 4 P’s: product/service, place, price and promotion.

The message of a marketing campaign transmits what kind of people can use the product/service, what kind of environment best suits the product/service and other related information. The message is communicated through marketing materials and advertising media, which create the tone and personality of the product/service as well. Another aspect of market research is branding and pricing and ways to distribute or get the word out about the product/service.

A marketing campaign uses creative positioning in the media to set the product, service or business apart from its competitors. Marketing must be timely and used specifically in a strategic way.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is the literal process of making a product and service known to an audience. It is the description used to present the product, idea or service to the world.

This generally entails advertising campaigns in the media, ie. Website/Traffic, Facebook, Instagram, Direct Mail, Billboards, etc. How Do You Advertise?

Advertising gets the word out about a product or service. This involves creating a campaign that aligns with the wants and needs of the prospective audience. A great advertising campaign uses a mixture of media to best generate excitement for a product.

For example, if the product is geared toward a younger audience, then social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might be the best way to reach that audience. Other consumer groups may respond better to radio, television or print ads. Most advertising campaigns use a combination of media to reach the widest audience possible. That’s called Multi-Channel Advertising, but marketing highlights the best channels to use do to strategy.

What Are the Similarities Between Marketing and Advertising?

First of all, it’s important to note that advertising is a component of marketing. Marketing refers to preparing a product/service for the marketplace. Advertising is making your product and service known to an audience or marketplace. Advertising is a specific step in marketing. Advertising uses the data and research collected by marketing strategies to effectively at best communicate the brand EVERYWHERE!

Marketing is a more controlled and wider-reaching process, and you would prefer control over your marketing investment in order to reach a wider audience in order to earn more profits faster; RIGHT! Or WRONG? YOU DECIDE!

It's often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first year. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), this isn't necessarily true. The SBA states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10. You’re probably thinking you are past this stage because you're making a living and because you are already very driven, a high achiever, you make great strives, your even a born leader. But what if a big, big competitor steps in and overtakes your market unexpectedly, or you want to take things to the next level? But, most business owners NEVER ever get to see the next level because they wind up just eking out a living, never being able to really scale their businesses to higher profits and growth, furthermore, most business owners do not even know what scaling is and how it can really be done in their business to really make an IMPACT and become the profitable market authority in their industry or niche?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Are Wealthy And Others- Maybe Even You- Are Not? Have you noticed that wealthy people aren't always the most educated...The hardest working Or even the smartest? I've been in business for more than 30 years, I've seen some people go on to great success, many have become multi- six and seven earners. Yet still others-using the same principles that they learned from the same sources-aren't doing very well. Some even went bankrupt or out of business.

More than half of the Fortune 500 were birthed in an “economic recession or a depression. Companies like Disney, Apple, Exxon, Microsoft and FedEx were launched when the rest of the business world was struggling to make it just another day. If you can learn, as they did, not only to become more efficient but to also optimize your marketing and sales-related activities, you’ll be able to DOMINATE in any economy or situation.

The Problem: As a start-up, or even if you have been in business for a while, you can't see further up the road-beyond the trees; many business owners have found, up the road has left them feeling stagnant, or going through feast and famine months-up and down months; very few business owners have done very well for themselves leveraging up consistently, scaling up to higher and higher income. The ideal is to get UNSTUCK, to get very CLEAR on how things really work and to consistently make marginal income and growth oriented improvements along the way, but most importantly, you will have to master the art of sales in order to sell products and services consistently. 

The 'SPY AND PROFIT' Solution

"Bryant You Show Me Things About Business And Marketing That I Never Known Or Have Ever Even Considered That is So Helpful!" --Bill Hubbard


Do You Quickly Want To Drive Your Business To The Top? Then Let's Put In The Hard Work Now To Build The Business That You Really DREAM of, So That You're More Productive And Don't Have To Work Your Fingers To The Bone 16 hour days...Well, You Have to Work, That's Inevitable, But, We Just Work Smarter!

Businesses that build their marketing around ideal buyers, usually have less stress. Did you hear that, LESS STRESS!

I know this because I experienced it early on in my business. And I’ve seen business owners who’ve had the lifeblood sucked out of them, because…

  • They’re working with the wrong people. And these imperfect customers are dragging them down.
  • They’re simply overwhelmed with marketing.
  • And they have no faith in their marketing because they’re not clear on its strategy.

They weren’t a good fit because of, maaaybe…

  • They didn’t pay on time.
  • They were taking you away from the people you really wanted to work with (and should have been working with.)
  • They may have fought you on everything, from deadlines to pricing.
  • They might even be badmouthing your business.

THEY are high maintenance and low revenue customers.

Lousy customers will stifle your growth. Trust me.

And they will surely suck the lifeblood out of you and make you SICK.

And there are many reasons WHY a customer is IDEAL…

  • It was obvious you were the right one to fix their problem
  • Maybe their company was just the right size.
  • They were someone you could actually help (an ideal fit for your skillset).
  • But they also enjoyed the experience (as did you). They liked you, your process, and were more than happy to recommend you to others.

By doing the above work, you are able to...

  • Build Your Life Vision Uncover your biggest personal dreams so you can build a business that delivers them to you. Walkthrough the "Wheel of Life" and get a crystal clear vision of your ideal life.

  • Build Your Business Vision You can't build it if you can't see it. Use our Proprietary Marketing Planner to build your dream business and watch your dream business come to life before your very eyes.

  • Your Core Values Want better employees, clients, customers, patients or event attendees and employees? Find your six ideal core values so you can make decisions every day that align with your true self. You will be focused and determined to succeed.

  • Your Targets And Goals Turn your big vision into smaller, more achievable targets with our project planner and delegation checklist. Unlock the secrets to planning goals with our goals sheet so that you are guaranteed to hit them this year!

  • Your Weekly Metrics, Habits, and Priorities review metrics for your business goals and social audience, track your weekly habits most important priorities.

  • Your Key Tasks Sort through the clutter and distractions and uncover the most important projects for the year. Drive results daily with this powerful lesson. You will be confident and sure about exactly how to grow your business after this lesson.

  • Your Weekly Content Planning Will Become Easier
  • Identifying The "BEST" Sales Prospects
  • Improving Sales Opportunities
  • Target and Reach Your Most Ideal Clients, Customers or Patients, and Event Attendees

New product line to over $1 million in sales in 4 months! “In just 4 months, through steps of the Hidden
Marketing Assets Marketing System, we were able to make over $1.2 million in sales in Texas.”
—Mark Davis

Most business owners are putting their time, energy, and focus on the WRONG things at the wrong time because of Arrogance and or Ignorance... and don't even know it! Because of this, they have created a job for themselves rather than a business. 

It's hard to admit you don't know something-right, and it's equally as hard to accept a pure stranger who comes into your business and tells you, you've made a lot of mistakes, some were just outright dumb, but we can fix this...if you let us!

Arrogance is when you act like you're more experienced at something than what you actually are, in other words, just because you just read up on completing Heart Surgery, does not make you a heart specialist, but the arrogancy (The state or mindset of acting superior or self-important) will make you think that you can do this without any specialized training or that you don't need help when you do. As I always say, if there are 10 steps to doing something right, an arrogant person will do 2-3 steps and ignorantly hope for or expect the same result, outcome, benefit or ROI which is ideologically flawed in their thinking. You will make a mess out of things, blame others and not take full responsibility, projects will take longer and you may have to do them over again because they were not done right in the first place and I can go on and on.

...and Ignorance is simply when you don't go and get the right help when you really need it or when you ask for help and then try to tell the help how to help you or you try to manipulate or get over on the help; meaning that you refuse to follow instructions because you haven't realized that businesses grow on a gradient scale - meaning you must do ABC before you can do EFG - you can easily turn your businesses from stressful burdens to bountiful blessings. Here's How Below:


Your Spy and Profit Business Critique and Marketing Audit Strategy Development Meeting

To get you started on your way to exponential growth with the Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing Systems will come into your business or virtually conduct an in-depth marketing audit and strategy development meeting to get your marketing dialed in, our deep dive research analysis will help you get really focused and clear on the mistakes your making mentally and with marketing, advertising and sales to work on your business; in other words, if you have had a problem or challenge for years or even starting out, we will help you eliminate it quickly for good so you can profit and grow with ease.

This highly profitable meeting will help you to:

􀂾 Identify the Hidden Marketing Assets in your business.

􀂾 Discover new ways to leverage those assets for exponential growth.

􀂾 Learn how to get maximum impact out of every marketing dollar

you invest and produce two, Five or ten times the sales results.

􀂾 Uncover new sources of highly qualified prospects for your product or


􀂾 Identify potential marketing mistakes that could be costing you

thousands of dollars each year.

􀂾 Learn how to make each marketing dollar you invest accountable and


􀂾 Discover how to create a competitive advantage that is guaranteed

to make your company stand out from your competition.

􀂾 Develop a number of New Marketing Strategies that you can put to work immediately

today that will greatly enhance your bottom line!

􀂾 market analysis,

􀂾 competitive analysis

􀂾 client avatar development

􀂾 traffic analysis

􀂾 website analysis.

􀂾 automation Analysis

􀂾 Plus lots more, see below....

Your marketing audit and strategy development meeting will be conducted by Bryant Vickers or a senior marketing consultant from Dominate or die Marketing using The Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing Systems. It will take about 2-4 hours at your business or virtually. Your fee depends on the size of your company:

Under $1 million in sales………………………………………… $595

$1million - $3 million in sales……………………………………. $695

$3 million - $5 million in sales…………………………………… $895

Over $5 million in sales…………………………………………...$1595

We will go through 8 to 14 strategic business foundations and monetization models to 2x +your company without spending more than what your currently spending on advertising; in the case that you are not spending on advertising, you will learn through this program why and how PROVEN marketing systems can help your business. You will pay $95 upfront fee for our time and effort; and your remainder fee for our applied expertise and intellectual insight after the audit session only if you feel that the value has been worthwhile. Our guarantee to you is that if you don't feel it has been beneficial to you and your company to have the audit completed then you owe nothing. The $95 fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.


This is a No Risk Guarantee!

Included for a Special Limited Time Value: (Worth $1000): 

Website Conversion Audit. Typically, website audits look at traffic to a website and not conversions, and I do both; therefore, as traffic costs rise, a focus on conversions looks at keeping costs down over time while increasing sales. Most website audits cost $799 and up--compare the value of this total offer and you'll realize that this offer is a STEAL!

So, first, let's start with the website audit; is it built from the Content, Traffic, Presell and Monetize (CTPM) model which outperforms any social media platform model because it encompasses the full nature of how people use the website, not just how people interact or engage in social media, and then how your site solves your clients' problems with your provided solutions and does it clearly produce your Most Wanted Response (MWR).

Website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. It means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, your MWR... whether that is to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, register for a webinar, download a whitepaper, or fill out a lead/contact form, they all should lead to a money-making opportunity. A website's only purpose is to generate traffic (leads), pre-close sales and help you manage your client, customer or patient base.

Includes Special Limited Time Value: (Worth $997): 

Traffic and Lead Generation Audit. Today, just knowing who your top three to five competitors are is not enough; you need to know their exact campaigns, how to duplicate them and scale up to leapfrog them. As digital marketing costs rise, you cannot rely on just one lead source anymore; you must use a multi-pillar digital marketing plan that focuses on driving the best, most targeted traffic, improving conversions and increasing sales.

But most business owners ask: how do I get traffic to my website?
And answers like these pop up on Google; "Here's 25 Ways to Increase "Traffic" to Your Website...
  1. Advertise. This one is so obvious, we're going to look at it first.
  2. Get Social.
  3. Mix It Up.
  4. Write Irresistible Headlines.
  5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO.
  6. Target Long-Tail Keywords.
  7. Start Guest Blogging.
  8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site.
There Are More Items but to make my point continue reading...
All of the above is great, but there's one major flaw with this type of thinking. Most business owners are implementing this on some level, but look above at what you should be doing for the next 100 days and see the difference; this is really what leads to better results; as social media of any kind offers very low results unless your paying high-competitive pricing for serious advertising results. And when it comes to "Leads," they come from sources that are offline too. So, Google Analytics can't fully help you without other data sources and I will show what they are, where, when and how to use them.

Includes Special Limited Time Value: (Worth $350): 


Not everyone is your ideal client, customer, patient or event attendee; properly targeting the right person or disqualifying the wrong person quickly will help you attract more high-paying people who are in alignment with your vision to serve or transform their lives with your service, coaching, speaking or other. This is where nearly 90% of business owners drop the ball, trying to reach too wide and not narrowing their focus, step-by-step.

Targeting Your Niche

  • The Client, Customer, or Patient Avatar is part of a complete system to find, select and narrow possible niches so you find the “sweet spot” where you can create more demand for your products, services, online courses, books or digital products that will sell itself – and don’t waste money on unprofitable ideas by targeting the wrong people
  • We take your niche and carve out an entire category when we can. Doing this can instantly make you the industry leader and makes it virtually impossible for your competition to be successful
  • Our step-by-step process allows you to create your ideal customer avatar so that you become laser-focused when building or improving your service offering, online course or digital product and doing your marketing.

Includes Special Limited Time Value: (Worth $5000): 


People buy or don’t buy for various reasons; primarily there are two types of buyers: discount shoppers and value-added shoppers. We help you serve value-added buyers first and discount shoppers last, not the other way around, simply because too many discount shoppers will keep you broke, stagnant or in feast and famine mode more often than not. Too many business owners continue to sell services, because they don't know how to change what they are doing and they don't realize that by creating packages or programs they will increase sales.

When You Package the Game You Own the Game...

Now, for many business owners, the concept of packaging is limited to boxes and bows. In a mostly service kind of industry, ie. chiropractor, coaching, consulting, speaking, plumber, auto mechanic, etc., the packaging is all about how you combine concepts and principles in ways that define your core difference, methodology, and brand. Here’s what I know for a fact – effective packaging of your particular form of service is the path to far greater profits.

I’ll use some examples from my company to shed light on the various opportunities behind this concept of packaging for service-oriented businesses.

My Brand

The name of my company was not always DOMINATE or Die Marketing, but I chose that name as the foundation for my “packaged” approach to installing a small to mid-sized business marketing system. Even the concept of installing marketing created a new package for how to think about marketing, not just as a service, but as you can see from this promotion that I have successfully PACKAGED many services together to form a solid executable program that is beneficial to my potential clients and very profitable to me. My brand, then, is inheriting some of the most positive associations that people already had developed in their minds around all things DOMINATE or Die and that further enhances the idea that my brand is far superior and unique, while clearly motivating my audience to dominate in business and not die.

Point of view

America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist; A Market and Competitive Researcher, Direct Response Copywriter, and Online Traffic, Conversion and Monetization Consultant; A Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner and The Author of the book DOMINATE or die.

Another crucial element to this idea of packaging is what I call your “point of view.” First, how I have chosen for people to view what I do is different than what any other marketer does; this is why I NEVER tell people that I'm a marketer because they will naturally ASSUME that I do what all other marketers do. For clarity...I'm America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist...among other things. The point of view runs through almost every element of content for awareness, education, trust-building, conversion, and follow-up. It’s the basis of my e-books, paid speaking engagements and more.

When you create and nurture a meaningful package of principles, you also start to build a common language that your community/audience, or in my case, network of other HMA Marketing Consultants can begin to understand, share and extend to the world.


While our DOMINATE or Die point of view helps tell the story brand that attracts potential clients, it’s our operational and tactical methods that helps us stand out and deliver results from our own DOMINATE or Die Programs and the HMA System that each client goes through on the way to creating and implementing their unique Marketing Action Plan. When providing a service, it’s essential that you are able to both demonstrate the tangible deliverables and orient the client as to where they have been, are now and are going in the process.


Every one of our services breaks down into a series of named and branded deliverables. This tightly packaged approach has lots of flexibility but it also keeps the level of consulting consistently in a way that can be duplicated in the hands of others. Again, this provides a highly detailed road map for what many might consider an intangible. Packaging like this allows you to turn intangibles into tangibles, consequently making them much easier to sell. For instance, which is more attractive to you; SEO, Facebook marketing or paid ads...or my DOMINATOR Digital Marketing Machines?


I've created a set of about 10 tools that we employ in various ways with most engagements. Again, these tools have names, many are client-facing and most are used to educate as much as help in the delivery of a consistent end product or service. Examples of 3 of my tools are; The Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide (To help people understand why they need to hire me), How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days (To help people understand how I grow Businesses), and My 60 Minute Video Webinar (where I show people what one of my Strategy Sessions will be like). These tools are used over and over again, creating a much more effective and efficient way to work. (These tools are used heavily in the lead conversion process.)


The final and most important aspect of packaging has to do with pricing. Most service firms sell their time, trading time for dollars and are often assessed and controlled by the “going rate” in their industry. However, what I have also found is that if the business owner doesn't belong to an Industry Association, in most cases, the business owner way undercharges 50%-70% less than the industry going rate. When you sell a package you are selling a RESULT, OUTCOME, OR BENEFIT based on the accumulation of previous results. Which is another way of saying it no longer matters how long it takes you to get a result; the evaluation is based on the elements of the package and the total perceived value.

A sale of a seemingly intangible thing comes down to “Here’s what I’m going to do for you, here’s what you’re going to do, here are the results we can expect and, by the way, here’s what it costs.” That’s the true value of a highly developed and fully packaged service...including the one before you right now that you are intelligently considering.

When you Own The Package and the package is completely aligned with a point of view, methodology, process, and toolset you effectively eliminate comparison and ultimately stand the chance to Own The Game...YOU STAND A CHANCE TO DOMINATE!

Special Limited Time #7: (Worth $3000): 

Ad Copy Critique. There are 8 Conversion Triggers to writing any successful website page, online content or offline/print advertisement and most business owners fail to use them to their full advantage. Your message is more important than targeting your ideal client, customer or patient and more important than your media choices as well; let me show you why and how to put it all together the right way, including how to best write an engaging headline and structure a powerful offer that will compel your audience to buy now! Unfortunately, way too many business owners allow themselves or other non-copy writers to write for them, many business owners do not even know what a Professional Copy Writer is and why they should even hire one. Hint: not all marketers are great Copy Writers.

Let's say that you do know the basics of Copy Writing; you know how to write a compelling headline, you know your audience, you know how to be persuasive, you have a Unique Selling Proposition and you are well-positioned, now what? You have an ad, but will it convert, or will we have to split-test a few different ads or do we sink or swim based on just one headline, body copy, description, image or call to action? You need a lot more than a quick 30 minute once over, you need a professional Copy Writer to review your Ad Copy so that you'll know for sure that you have a winner... and this takes time...it's the difference between selling $1,000 in services this week and selling $10,000 in services this week.

A Copywriting Critique Is a Check-Up to Get Your Sales Up. Here’s How to Tell If You Need One…

Copy critiques are probably one of the least sexy, most under-advertised ways of increasing online and offline sales. And yet a good Copy Writing Critique can pay off in spades — both in lower costs to acquire new customers, as well as higher profits.

Here are three questions to ask yourself to see how you can benefit from a Copy Critique:

  1. Do you have sales copy that is already converting traffic into customers?
  2. Are you tracking your results (your conversion rate, your cost to acquire a customer, etc.)?
  3. And would you like your sales copy to perform better than it is currently performing?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may not be ready for a copywriting critique. But if you answered “yes” to two or more questions, then a copy critique will be a worthwhile investment for you because here’s what happens to many business owners:

They write a sales letter, or put up a website and see they’re getting some sales… and then move on to the next thing.

They rarely ever go back and revisit the old sales copy to see how they can improve it. They’re too busy launching new projects. It’s what I call “Entrepreneurial ADD” — and it’s actually pretty common.

But here’s a little secret… The best opportunities to make more money are often hidden in projects that are already making money.

This means: If you can figure out a way to reposition or repurpose your product… or improve your offer… or come up with a new advertising angle, you can be enjoying more sales and more profits — sometimes in a matter of hours.

  • Maybe you’ve got a letter that’s working — but you haven’t looked at it in five years since you opened your doors, and you know it could be improved.
  • Or maybe you’ve been staring at the same old copy so long, you can’t see the forest for the trees — and you need a pair of fresh eyes.
  • Or maybe you just recognize the leverage of hiring a professional copywriter to give your copy an in-depth evaluation.

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Automation Critique. Today, automation systems are all the rage, but many business owners lack proper information on all the major advances in this type of tracking technology. There's also a lack of proper training, and/or done-for-you implementation to manage email databases and marketing automation in order to quickly grow their business. This is a dynamic that business owners should not be without; after all, consider this: email automation boosts 122% ROI over an average 25% for search and social, plus a list of only 1500 clients, customers or patients who bought something for just $99 per would give you $148,500! Why wait a year for what you could produce right now... ok, within 100 days?

Email Automation is not what you think at all; most business owners take this platform lightly and use it incorrectly. Please take the time to watch my video on my Auto-Pilot Profits Page to learn more about the great benefits of email marketing so that you STOP losing money or leaving money on the table.

Email Automation for DODM clients does not only focus on marketing with email platforms; we also consider or combine other similar platforms because we understand that society has changed and people prefer to consume THEIR choice of content via the platform that THEY prefer, whether it emails, Gmail, SMS, or Messager Bots.

But not only that, these platforms when used correctly become huge marketing and tracking tools. My Auto-Pilot Profits page will explain it all; you can check the page out when you finish reviewing this promotion.

However, when you take me up on this promotion, I will run an FREE email campaign for you with your permission, provided that you already have a list to market to. I will work to double your list within 100 days for no additional money. Conditions do apply, I will explain during our Strategy Session.

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Back-End Profit Center Critique. Being a doer of what you do is so limiting, but being truly entrepreneurially minded means that you also look at creative ways to add more profits, growth, and ways to fund your advertising efforts. I’ll show you how to create additional passive, but most importantly LEVERAGED profit streams in your current business model without you necessarily having to spend a lot of money making the transition or marketing of the new streams. I'll help you create a Funded Proposal to generate ad spend for nearly all your online marketing campaigns.

I have over 20 profit generators to monetize your online and offline income, adding additional income and a means to raise much-needed advertising dollars to grow your company. What would an extra $2500-$5000-$10,000-$100,000 per month do for your business right now?

Did you know that most businesses only have 1 profit stream or they try to create way too many too fast? Let me show you the money and how to do this right!

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Cash flow, Loans, Business Credit and Merchant Critique. First, I must offer a DISCLAIMER: This program is NOT in any way a part of my marketing program; therefore, the cost of this offer is only associated with marketing, advertising, and sales-related functions. This program, which is represented by a 3rd party independent company, is offered separately from DODM services and may/may not incur an additional $250 application fee. Bryant Vickers/DODM is providing this information as an independent Affiliate for independent funding institutions. I will show you creative cash flow and financing options that banks do not provide; such as lines of credit, loans of any size, business credit, equipment and real estate financing, merchant services and more.

But most importantly think of your funding options this way; we can also provide loans with no interest if you pay it off before six months, so imagine, you get a loan for marketing, your marketing works so well that it allows you to pay off the loan, it gives you enough money for the next marketing campaign, you also earn a profit in your business, then you write -off your taxes the marketing investment and get all those marketing dollars back at tax time. So, why not...

Get Credit for Your EIN that is Not Associated with Your SSN

When running and building a successful business, you need to qualify for credit lines and loans at the best possible loan rates. Business credit is essential to making this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a loan.

We Help You:

  • Set up your business to meet lender and credit issuer credibility standards to get automated approvals.
  • Get initial trade credit to build your business credit reports with no personal credit check that uses your SSN.
  • Get business credit without a consumer credit check or personal guarantee.

We will help you get your business set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements. We will show you how to build your credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial.

You Can Get Business Loans & Credit Lines Even When The Bank Says No!

According to the United States Department of Revenue, the majority of business loans and credit lines that are available today don’t come from big conventional banks. Instead, most business loans now come from alternative Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Lenders or from individual investors.

We work with all legitimate types of funding programs available today, offering funding through hundreds of investors and lenders through a multitude of different funding programs.

This gives you the best opportunity to get the most amount of financing, at the best terms.

Here are just a few of the most sought-after loan programs you can access through us:

  • Unsecured Credit Lines up to $150,000 Even for Startups
  • Business Revenue Lending and Cash Advances with 72 Hour Funding
  • Account Receivable Loans and Credit Lines
  • Purchase Order Financing and Inventory Credit Lines
  • Equipment Financing and Leasing for Purchase and to Refinance Existing Equipment
  • Lending for investment properties and churches
  • Private Investor and Alternative SBA Financing

When you work with us, you’ll know right away that we've got your back; you’ll be assigned to your own personal Finance Officer who will work directly with you to develop your Financing or Credit Plan.

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You'll find places to find Speaking Engagements for your niche, you'll learn how to fill your own events and where to find Coaching Clients-get the best eBooks and Templates. I will provide simple information and templates to get you moving in the right direction, earning what you are worth and getting booked, and even information on how to write and promote your own “Best Selling” Book; a book trumps any business card! Plus I will also provide resources to contact so you'll find 25-50 speaker leads every month.

I'll show you Actionable ways to find paid speaking opportunities in any industry or free ones that can still be lucrative. I'll also show you exactly how I get coaching clients to fill your 1-to-1 and group sessions.

You will get the following tools to help build your speaking and coaching career:

  • A Special Patented speaker's web page model that will help you focus on everything that you need to highlight to get booked on highly PAID Speaker Events.
  • A direct mail, email and video template that can be used to attract meetings and event planners for bookings.
  • How to prepare for a Ted talk and get paid to speak at Meet Ups.
  • Get a National Stage Guide that lists some of the best and highest-paid speaking events in the country and a top business list for top companies and a top podcast list.
  • Get a Sample Evaluation and combined order form to model from.
  • Get a Speaker Introduction sheet and Speaker One Sheet professional examples.
  • You'll learn how to give your signature talk, make your presentation and how to sell your offer.
  • You'll get Self-publishing resources; speaking, coaching, and other related profit streams for creating training programs and info-products.

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I work with sales teams. I also get sold to or pitched a lot. As a marketing manager, I field calls, emails, and even the occasional piece of snail mail asking for a slice of my marketing budget. Here’s the thing, I have needs that a whole bunch of sales reps, vendors, companies, and guru’s can theoretically help me with. In fact, I WANT those needs met, and I need them met when I can afford to get them met. That’s why they are called needs. It’s part of my job to make sure that these things get taken care of. In other words, I am spending when and where I need to spend money.

Still, it is surprising, and even annoying, how often I am on the receiving end of a poor salesperson who not only does not know how to sale me, but does not know how to negotiate or what to immediately do If I turn the call into a pitch to their respective company for my services or the products or services of my client.

We all have a job to do here, and it can work out well for both of us. Allow me to help you, help me; no, really help your clients, customers, and patients.


Here’s the thing most high ticket entrepreneurs don’t understand about selling. Think really hard about this, Selling has changed; the day of AIDA which was created in the 1950s is and has been long gone but yet still 95% of salespeople and business owners use this sort of sales tactic as it’s the only training that most sales trainers know.


  • Attention…Get the reader’s attention
  • Interest…interesting and fresh information that’s appealing
  • Desire…Benefits of your product, service, idea, and proof it works
  • Action…Ask for a response

Or maybe you used the famous; Feel, Felt Found Method or The Benjamin Franklin Close, which were all taught by sales trainers who are now 60 and 70 years old, which means that they learned this stuff in their 20’s over 50 and 60 years ago.

So, you think you’re a closer or that you need closer's who know outdated Salesmanship 101.

Who am I, What I’ve got for you, What it’s going to do for you, What it costs and What you need to do next in order to buy my great product or service?

But here’s the rub, you’re a lawyer, doctor, personal trainer, healer, plumber, contractor and you think that you really do not need to learn how to sell in this new economy where your potential clients, customers, and patients are in charge. Yes, they are in charge, they have Google, Alexa, Facebook, Messenger, Forums, Groups and more to get information from, to learn how-to information, to learn all about you and your competitor, to learn about all the different brands, they have the power to make better more informed decisions, they have the power and leverage to choose how they what you to communicate with them, rather it be email, phone, messenger or text. They have the power to compare the lowest to highest price values instantly. They have the power.

Which means, you no longer have it! Why?

Traditionally as a salesperson, you go into “Objection Handling Mode” because that’s what most of you have been taught, right? I know I was when I first got into sales some 30 years ago. We get impatient; at least I know that I used to until I learned what I’m trying to share with you. And when we’ve heard this objection before we sometimes cut them off before they finish their sentence and try to overcome it with facts and logic to prove and support out “OUR” solution!

We say you know Mrs. Prospect, I know how you feel, others have felt the same way and this is what they found.

You know the old feel, felt, found technique that’s been around since 1950! What is the potential problem though when we use these “Old sales techniques” from the “Old Sales Gurus?”

Well, first off…..Have you considered that most of your potential customers have heard your traditional sales techniques before from many other salespeople? Ask yourself how do you feel when salespeople who are trying to sell you something use them on you? Can I suggest something to all of you?

Concerns are not Objections.

I would suggest not handling them as if they were; otherwise, you are likely to lose the relationship you have already built. Now is not the time to try to sell them or persuade them on why you are “right”. It’s time to listen and validate what they are saying and feeling and even ask to expand on why they feel that way.

For some reason, salespeople tend to think that they can seal the deal with all their leads, and in part...they’re right. But they’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg, they can’t see the future client, customer, or patient-related problems due to the fact that they did not fully complete the sales process. And right now, I’m going go deeper to help get you past the tip of the iceberg. Just for a second. Just to see how it feels. Because there are 14 elements below the surface everyone seems to be missing. Let’s see how many you’ve got it. Because closing a deal, the client, customer or patient is not a talent. It’s a process.

And here’s part of the process that may be missing from what you need to make it run:

  • Pitch Deck/Sales script…which I will provide you with the best Pitch Deck Training Resource
  • The onboarding process for new Sales reps/Admin. Person/Receptionist
  • Pre-Call/Sale process
  • Lead Tracking/Management
  • Follow up process
  • Tick Sheet/Offers
  • Merchant Account/Mgt/Fee Reduction
  • Legal Agreements
  • Follow Up Process/After the sale
  • New Client On-Boarding
  • Current Client Loyalty Building
  • Weekly Sales Training
  • Managing Team Meetings/Sales Team

And that’s only part of it. Truthfully, there are a lot more pieces than 14. But I didn’t want to scare you. I haven’t even touched on the marketing relationship yet. (But I will.) Now... YES, you need someone who can close. But you need more. You need the whole shebang.

Because if you want to close high ticket deals…

~ consistently
~ repeatedly
~ predictably

...You need it all.

And you need a trained in-house or outsourced team. What? Do you think Russell Brunson does this on his own? Do you think Frank Kern flies solo? Do you think Dan Kennedy pitches prospects? No way. They’ve got people. (I trained with some of them or have been trained by their trainers) More importantly... They’ve got a system. Because they can’t handle every sale themselves. Or make cold calls to all the Boys and Girls who contact them. They’ve got to focus on the bigger picture. They’ve got brands to build. (And Lambos to drive.)

Their time is better spent elsewhere.
~ In front of cameras
~ Creating lead magnets
~ On stage
~ Buying yachts, cars, homes and creating other businesses or additional product or service profit streams

So rather than hop on the calls personally...They leave the closing to the experts. Right now you’re thinking’... “Yeah, but I’m not them. “I can’t afford a team!” And that may be true, but...you can’t afford to have a business that does not know how to sell your products and services either.

Let’s crunch some numbers. Simple math. Just for fun. Question one: Let’s say your service costs $5,000. What’s 0% of $5,000. “$0” That’s how much you make from every sale you don’t close. Also, what do you make on other things you could have been doing during the call, especially since most of you have been trained to give your initial services away for “FREE,” free consult.

Free coaching session, exam, etc. By the way, I do NOT believe in this method, after all, would you go work a job for free? Of course not, then why are you giving away value for free when the truth is, If a potential prospect valued you and your product or service, they would be willing to pay for it, that payment proves them, that they are not a suspect but a real prospect and not a time-waster who is only here to take from you.

Your time is better spent:
> Creating
> Coaching
> Implementing

Question two:

Let’s say you paid me a 40% commission.

You keep 60%.

What’s 60% of $5,000.


And if you can collect dozens a $3,000 checks, rather than one occasional $5,000 check? Isn’t that better? “Yes, but…” “I don’t want to pay you a 40% commission.”


I don’t charge that much.

I can handle EVERYTHING you need to help you close more high-ticket sales from start to finish.

Or I can train your staff with the very best and latest sales and pitch training to convert Cold leads to converted sales.

Turn your pitch over to me and you’ll land way more work than you do now. Which is nice because you never liked selling anyway.

I’ve been in the trenches for over 30 years; I’ve closed more than $20,000,000 in personal sales. $2,000 to $25,000 at a time. I’ve been trained by some of the biggest, most influential marketers/sales trainers/sale programs in the world. I’ve closed 100% close ratios at live events.

I’m going to use my dive deep research in your business and figure out exactly WHAT you offer and HOW to sell it.

~ Ads

~ Funnels

~ VSLs

~ Webinars

~Live Events, etc.

I told you I’d talk marketing; because after all this is what it all comes down to.

Then I’ll do it for you. Me and my team. So you can focus on the bigger picture. And be the face of your brand. The best part? You’ll feel really good about this.

I’m not a “traditional” salesman. There’s nothing slimy about this. My methods are safe.

No strong arm sales tactics. Or manipulation. Or mind control. I sell straight-forward with integrity. And if you’re going to take part in my promotion I’ll hope you’ll do the same.

The systems that I’m going to show you isn’t for everyone. The information that I will provide is actually implementation tools on how selling has changed, and how you must adapt your old school selling tactics to the new age of selling.

Here are just a few things that you will learn:

  • A proven step-by-step sales structure & process that will increase your close rates
  • 3 techniques to instantly raise your status in every selling situation
  • How to entirely bypass objections from your buyers
  • Proven ways to eliminate price discounts and long sales cycles
  • How to become the most important person in the room –
  • The 3 Step Formula for OVERCOMING Any Objection
  • Why you need Booking Software and trained staff or outsourcers


Special Limited Time #13: (Worth $500): 


And finally, you'll get Access to Data Analytics and Tracking Services To Be Able to Prove Every Result and ROI For Maximum Profits. If you are not Testing, Tracking and Proving every result and or ROI, quite frankly, you are losing money or leaving money on the table that you are unaware of…let me help you patch up those holes in your business so you are able to have more, do more and live more now and in retirement! You should never lose or leave money on the table, I will open up a treasure trove of business contacts, resources and information worth thousands of dollars to help you further develop your business and reach your goals.

With our data mining tools and connections you'll be able to not only track website visitor traffic with Google Analytics or other similar tools, but you will also be able to know exactly what people are doing on your website, and you will be able to track when prospect land on your website, upsales, downsales, repeat sales, referral sales, and lost customers, clients or patients. You will be able to track phone calls and listen in on your receptionist or sales teams to make sure they are not messing up sales calls and more.

We Don't Leave a Stone Unturned Until You have more ways to WIN BIG! How’s That For A Win-Win Proposition?

“We have been consulting for many years now and since we’ve implemented these marketing
strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The marketing
has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased our personal incomes by over
$200,000 in one year.” —Cammeron Marketing

This is our way of working with you, you get a high-value consult with near boot-camp training while planning for real results at the same time--it's a great way to discover what's broken in your current marketing and to adjust your mindset for even a bigger vision. This program will also help you build trust and confidence in me and my team.

There is only one question we ask after we are done after we discover where you are and then show you where you could be financially...

"Do you want to fix the funnel and the leaky bucket now and DOMINATE? Or do you want to die?"



Our work is based on RAPIDLY taking you from where you are now to where you really want to go GUARANTEED!




You can finance your purchase through PayPal. Pay the complete balance
in six months and pay NO interest. Call to learn more. 302-353-2542