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To get access to our Analytic Software, Spreadsheets, and Templates initially for "FREE!" Learn how we test, analyze, and track results in real-time and why it’s important then take advantage of our subscription service for access to more benefits to know exactly what's really going on in your business as we are only one of the few companies that fully look under the hood, to figure out how to get you and your company the very best results and Return On Investment (ROI) in the fastest time possible.

What is ROI? It simply means the difference between the cost of what you spent and what you gained from the investment.

(It is "NOT" an expense unless you had poor gains).

Example: If the marketing goal is to 3 x your marketing investment and your marketing budget was $20,000 per year or 1666.66 per month. If you 3 xd your budget, that would mean that on the $20,000 original investment, you earned back $60,000. Not bad for a 3x return, but without the right analytics it will be hard to improve that to 5x or 10 x the results.

But what if you had access to real-time analytics like the below example that could show you what you would have to do to get a 10% to 50 % increase in profits, how would this help your business?

When I started selling it didn’t take me long to figure out that if I wanted to scale my business product or service sales;

— there were 3 things I needed to do:

==> Spend 100% of business hours doing income-producing activity

This meant hiring an assistant, A-player staff, and or implementing the right automation system to do all the left-brain logical tasks that otherwise stole my selling hours and broke my flow.

And because *skills* based on human behavior let me predict my income month to month, this was a go.

For years I had my assistant organize everything, my staff well-trained with periodic assements, and automated systems do the heavy lifting.

…from buying my groceries to getting my car washed, my lawn mowed, sales admin sewn up - and lunch ordered and delivered to me on the daily…

That left my income-producing focus totally uncluttered - and when you don't have the time and resources to focus on selling in any organization more than you focus on or are distracted by menial labor tasks your income wanes

Next was:

==> Make more sales in standard work hours

My logic was, why work 6 or 8 or 10 hours a day and lose half the deals I should be making?

If I’m gonna be giving time to selling, then what I do in that time has got to be effective.

So I invested time and money into *constantly* improving my Marketible SKILLS - which let me 2x, 5x, or 10x conversions from the same amount of leads.

I’d keep aiming to beat my previous month’s conversion numbers and this was a crazy-good motivator and worked to give myself a bonus as a treat to myself every time I was able to scale my sales.

And a critical one:

==> Shorten the sales cycle

The better my emotional behavior-based persuasion *skills* got, which simply means, I don't sell on logic, but I agitate the pain points with the outcome or benefits that people want most.

— the better I became at pre-selling and pre-qualifying and identifying the real decision maker(s) quickly, the better my closing ratio became and the higher my revenue got when I started learning and understanding the numbers that were associated with every action I took in my business.


My always-improving marketable *skills* allowed me to build an emotional gap so BIG that the urgency to ‘ACT NOW’ gnawed at the prospect from the inside out!

Needless to say,

Ways #1, #2, and #3 made my sales go through the roof, at SPEED - and they’ll do the same for you!

And, if you’re out there with a need to scale sales,

then make sure you are investing in marketable *skills* that work with human behavior……that make buyers BUY.

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