Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Brand Diagnostic Health Check Intake Form

Filling out this form will help us help you by showing areas where you need improvement, areas where you need training and areas where you losing or leaving money on the table. Branding is your business’s most important asset, but you must have effective marketing, advertising, and sales strategy in place to support it, attract great customers, and grow your business. Many small businesses have not taken the time to develop this type of full-circle marketing solution.

Taking 30-45 minutes to complete the following fact-finding form will help you think about your current marketing efforts and what might need to change. It will also help us suggest several ways to improve your marketing system right now. Most importantly, be gut-wrenching honest about your entries, as lying will make us assume wrong factors, we will need to be as accurate as possible to help you make the best decisions for your company.

After you complete and submit the form, we’ll contact you to schedule a time to go over the results.


Magazine Publisher

From zero to 40,000 distributed in 5 weeks! “I needed an income badly. I was 27, had two kids and no job and my wife was pregnant. By combining the concepts of co-ops and self-publishing, I was able to create a direct mail advertising magazine. I quickly sold all of the spots to local health-related businesses. I made a joint venture with a local newspaper and WHAM! my magazine was out on the street in full color all 40,000 of them. I had a $3,000 per month income.”

—Gordon Jacoby, Health & Fitness Guide

Dental Consultants

“We have been consulting for many years now and since we’ve implemented these marketing strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The marketing has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased our personal incomes by over $200,000 in one year.”


Auto Financial Services

$1 million the first year...$3.7 million the second...and over $5 million the third! “This marketing system has been responsive for helping us understand our unique position in the market place. HMA Marketing’s leadership, sales management, telemarketing, advertising and direct mail expertise all played key roles in our company’s fast growth.”

—Jeff Savage

Why do you have to complete the fact-finding Form?

When you step into a doctor's office, they have forms to fill out, they ask a lot of questions, they run tests and probe around; my team and I are no different, as a matter of fact...

The HMA System Program and other combined programs are my house. It represents over a decade of my work and thousands of hours of my time and not to mention the enormous capital investment in the system, and it's infrastructure.

I don't let anyone who knocks on my front door into my home. I've got a family to protect. And for the same reason, I don't let strangers into my HMA world. Why? Because they can be dangerous to my brand, my other clients and mentees and the other HMA Pro marketing consultants around the world, and I maintain a high obligation to protect them from well intentioned business owners who are not serious, decisive and disciplined.

A old school business owner who still believe in the yellow pages-just got to get my name out there mentality, who still has a poor functioning website or no website in this modern age because you think they're not so important can be hazardous to the young business owner who want success quickly, who knows that is what DODM delivers. I want to know something about my prospective clients/students before I ever charge them one red cent, I want to know something about you prior to you ever using the HMA, or DODM brand names or before you can ever claim your self to be a Market DOMINATOR. Is that not too much to ask? I want only good people in my home, just as I only want to work with good people who are a fit for my programs, Plainly put, I enjoy building healthy long-term business relationships.

This is why we do NOT just work with any and everyone; sorry, we have to be highly selective in our client partnership selection.

Because we are not the traditional marketing, advertising media or sales service providers that you may be accustomed to, or that you are familiar with, we do not work for our clients… we lead and partner in their success.

We “PARTNER” in their success as highly-skilled, knowledgeable and resourceful marketing consultants who are engaged in conceptual, strategic and tactical revenue growth business building methodologies. We do not use old outdated methods, things today are constantly changing and so are we...staying ahead of the curve.

My team and I regularly work as a consultant to visionary CEO’S, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and their teams. Here's your chance to uplevel your MARKETING skills with professional strategy, tactics and coaching sessions that...

  • Uncover hidden challenges and overlooked opportunities. Stop losing and leaving money on the table.
  • Leave our Strategy Session reenergized and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable revenue-generating machine.
  • Allow us to create your Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.) and let’s implement it together to give you the results you truly want and desire most.
  • Get the Coaching and Training you need to go to the next level

Please answer with as much detail as possible. You should allow 30-45 minutes to complete this form.