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"Get Focused, Become More Productive And Get Results With A "Marketing Action Plan" That Brings Together The Money Making Skills, Profitable Strategies, Proven Advertising Tactics, Time Freeing Processes, And Streamlined Procedures To Become A Leading Business Owner Who Is Deemed Knowledgeable, Credible, And Trust Worthy, Who Has Celebrity Positioning, High Profits, And Business Growth Objectives That Flat Out Beats Choosing Advertising Media Alone That Is Void Of A Step-By-Step Preeminent Strategy That Rocks!"

Get A "PROVEN" 6 or 7-Figure Custom Action Focused Profit and Growth-Oriented "Marketing Action Plan" And….We Will GUARANTEE If You Follow And Commit To Our Plan One Of These Two Things Will Happen:

(1) Your Business Will Have A Clear, Actionable Plan For Getting To 6 or 7 Figures Or Moving You Beyond 6 or 7 Figures on Your Own, Meaning You Will Know How To Fish For Yourself Rather Than Having A Marketing Company Fish For You AND...

(2) If "YOU" Execute The Plan It Will Deliver At Least $10K Per Month Minimum Or More In Measurable Value  To Your Business In Addition To What You're Currently Earning If YOU Follow The Plan We Write For You Detail By Detail.

You Do Know That 1000’s of Bits of Random Information (Puzzle Pieces) Will NEVER Bring You Real Success!

Tired of collecting eBooks on your computer or half-complete courses, or going to workshops, seminars or networking meetings where you are constantly getting Missing Puzzle Pieces or Fluff and Filler? It took me over 30 years to figure all this out and keep everything up-to-date. You cannot do it all in 30 days when it took me 30 years to finally develop Spy and Profit to help you turn your business around in 90 days!

Spy and Profit offers everything you’ll ever need to become an efficient marketer of your own business who understands strategy, advertising and sales in a way that flat out works. Get it all done in a few hours a day working with me in person or online! Without these systems, you’d be working WAY too many hours, either not making money, going through continued feast and famine or making money without any real anticipated growth--when you could and should be at least doubling your profits year after year!

You can DO it ONCE, and Do It Right with our Spy and Profit Program Today!

Review a sample of our Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

We also offer Feasibility Studies and Traditional Investor, Bank, Non-Profit and Merger and Acquisition business plans; Ask for information. 

How Much Does a Traditional Business Plan Cost?

Hiring a Firm

You can hire a consulting firm to write your business plan, but this is often the highest-cost option. However, you will get a comprehensive business plan written by a dedicated team of specialists in marketing, finance, and industry. Business plans written by firms can cost many thousands of dollars. A typical small firm may offer simple business plans for as little as $1,500. More complex plans can range into the high thousands, depending on the firm, the number of team members working on the plan and the scope of the plan.

Private Consultants

Using a private consultant to write your business plan can be a cost-effective way to get a strong plan written by an industry expert. A lengthy plan with three years to five years of financial projections may still cost several thousand dollars, but the total cost can be much less than hiring a firm because only one or two individuals are doing the work. Some private consultants charge by the hour and let the client decide how many hours to budget for the work. However, fees for a business plan will still vary quite a bit. Consultants can charge around $3,000 to $15,000 for a complete business plan. For larger corporate projects, expect to see costs ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Writing It Yourself

The cheapest way to get a business plan usually is to write it yourself. Buying the software to speed up the process ranges from $50 to $500, and free resources available on the Internet can offer both templates and suggestions. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers guides, blogs, and outlines, and the SBA's Business Plan Tool provides step-by-step assistance in building your own plan. For businesses with very low start-up capital, this can be the best option.

But Here's A Reality Check; You Have To Learn to Follow Every Marketing Step Exactly Based On What's Working "NOW" That Produces The Highest Profits, Growth, And ROI In The Fastest Amount Of Time; You No Longer Can Focus Your Attention On What Used To Work Or On What You Hope Works Or On Social Activities that do not lead to converted leads and sales! When Your Number 1# Struggle Will Become Being The Market Leader, Top Dawg, Celebrity, Authority, and Specialist Who Is trusted and In High Demand Over And Above Any And All Competitors...This Is Who Your Current Clients, Customers, Patients, and Event Attendees and Members Are Actually Looking For. So, even if you are collaborating with the best in your industry, you'll need an executable plan of action in order to maximize your success; you don't need to learn scatter-brain puzzle pieces, or implement spray and pray marketing, you need to put the whole puzzle together, and execute, execute, execute. Therefore, traditional plans won't cut it unless you know for sure that you can qualify for a bank loan, which most businesses won't cut it and don't always need it!

Review a sample of our Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

We also offer Feasibility Studies and Traditional Investor, Bank, Non-Profit and Merger and Acquisition business plans; Ask for information. 

So, what are advertising tactics? When you say, I need or are using...a website, Facebook, Instagram, CRM, etc., all these are advertising tactics or "TOOLS"; so most business owners are like a drug addict who are stuck on the Shiny Object Tools. Tools, however, void of "HMA PROVEN" solid marketing strategy, processes, and procedures, fail to perform at the highest level. Many times using these Advertising Tactics doesn't stop you from making money, it just hinders you from earning the maximum amount of money that you could have earned in the fastest amount of time if you would have employed the right "PROVEN" strategies, processes and procedures along with the right Advertising Tactics you would become more successful. Rather than create an income for yourself, you create a profitable growth-oriented business. Even if you already are a high-income earner, earning  $100,000 or a Million; if the right strategies, processes, and procedures are NOT being used in your business TODAY, this could be the difference between adding another 2, 5, or even 10 x your current business income quickly which hinders various levels of growth and time freedom due in part by a lack of marketing productivity.

The Marketing Action Plan (Project Implementation) is a simple, detailed step-by-step guide explaining exactly what you need to do differently regarding mindset, marketing, advertising, sales and other business areas. It is a simplified marketing plan that also includes various tools, resources, contacts and more. You may be thinking, I have a business or marketing plan already; however, my plans are altogether different. Traditional old-school plans like the one pictured above are designed for bank or investor funding; mine is designed for quick execution and rapid results. But not only that, there are many non-traditional businesses today that don't fit the old school business plan model, so they don't even qualify for bank and or non-traditional loans. Today, I use and recommend that companies have an executable plan (which is what you will receive from me) and a bank or loan based plan in which I recommend qualified sources to get these completed.

Excellent recommendations and experienced consulting advice. Fast turnaround, I recommend
Bryant to other business owners because we received a 20% increase in new business within 30 days.
—Front Door Cafe/Mrs. Black & White, LLC

Review a sample of our Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

We also offer Feasibility Studies and Traditional Investor, Bank, Non-Profit and Merger and Acquisition business plans; Ask for information. 

What Makes Our "Marketing Action Plan" So Effectively Different Than Traditional Marketing Plans; traditional plans focus on front-end sales primarily and or one stream or system of income which make business owners have to keep buying or producing more and more leads rather than earning more from the client relationships that they have already built by winning their clients trust in order to quickly scale.

YOU...desiring to build your DREAM business the right way, think of it this way, would you go out and buy some concrete, wood studs, flooring, hammer, nails, drill and more to build your DREAM house from the ground up without a BLUEPRINT that gave you step-by-step instructions? Of course, you wouldn't or at least I hope you wouldn't! Well, this is how 99% of business owners are building their businesses every day which when I examine them as The Marketing Doctor that I am, I find them with one of the following conditions. Stagnant with no growth; going through unnecessary feast and famine (up and down months); or they are doing extremely well, most times by nature of the high-paying field they are in or by accident and not by any real marketing, however, still, they need to leverage their businesses in other ways to stay competitive, ahead of the game. So, please...

  • Stop mistaking advertising media for marketing: First of all, it's important to note that advertising is a component of marketing... marketing is both research and practice (quantifiable and qualifiable data or facts), while advertising is straight practice (tactical assumptions from lack of research). Marketing involves consumer behavior, marketing research, and media choices, while advertising involves creative endeavors like design, multimedia production, and media choices. However, there is one clear difference between the two…

It may seem like advertising and marketing are two concepts that share exactly the same objective. In fact, they do have the same objective: alerting consumers to products and services being sold. Marketing and Advertising have many things in common, but there are still some differences. Comprehension of these differences and similarities will help any business or organization with its strategy for customer and audience acquisition.

The Plan will show you how to simultaneously grow your business in eight ways where you will achieve exponential growth faster. 

Present Situation Monthly Sales      $27,750

Increase Conversions                        $32,500

Increase Profit (Sales Prices)            $33,300

Increase Closing Ratio                      $45,750

Increase Repeat Sales (LTV)             $55,500

Upsells                                                $44,400

Increase Referrals                              $31,500

Do Everything                                    $184,800


What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a process that involves design, creation, research and data mining about how to best align the idea of a product or service with the target audience. Marketing helps to define the product/service even more than the actual product does.

How Do You Market?

Marketing involves research and analysis. This involves studying audience response or lack of response and creating language and design that will best influence that audience. Certain groups of consumers respond better to images, videos, and words than others; this is why Artificial Intelligence is so effective. Slogans and mission statements that best communicate the “message” of the product or service are essential to marketing. The marketing strategy can be broken down into the 4 P’s: product/service, place, price and promotion.

The message of a marketing campaign transmits what kind of people can use the product/service, what kind of environment best suits the product/service and other related information. The message is communicated through marketing materials and advertising media, which create the tone and personality of the product/service as well. Another aspect of market research is branding and pricing and ways to distribute or get the word out about the product/service.

A marketing campaign uses creative positioning in the media to set the product, service or business apart from its competitors. Marketing must be timely and used specifically in a strategic way.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is the literal process of making a product and service known to an audience. It is the description used to present the product, idea or service to the world.

This generally entails advertising campaigns in the media, ie. Website/Traffic, Facebook, Instagram, Direct Mail, Billboards, etc. How Do You Advertise?

Advertising gets the word out about a product or service. This involves creating a campaign that aligns with the wants and needs of the prospective audience. A great advertising campaign uses a mixture of media to best generate excitement for a product.

For example, if the product is geared toward a younger audience, then social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might be the best way to reach that audience. Other consumer groups may respond better to radio, television or print ads. Most advertising campaigns use a combination of media to reach the widest audience possible. That’s called Multi-Channel Advertising, but marketing highlights the best channels to use do to strategy.

What Are the Similarities Between Marketing and Advertising?

First of all, it’s important to note that advertising is a component of marketing. Marketing refers to preparing a product/service for the marketplace. Advertising is making your product and service known to an audience or marketplace. Advertising is a specific step in marketing. Advertising uses the data and research collected by marketing strategies to effectively at best communicate the brand EVERYWHERE!

Marketing is a more controlled and wider-reaching process, and you should prefer control over your marketing investment in order to reach the right audience in order to earn more profits faster.

It's often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first year. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), this isn't necessarily true. The SBA states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10. You’re probably thinking you are past this stage because you're making a living and because you are already very driven, a high achiever, you make great strives, your even a born leader. But what if a big, big competitor steps in and overtakes your market unexpectedly, or you want to take things to the next level? But, most business owners NEVER ever get to see the next level because they wind up just eking out a living, never being able to really scale their businesses to higher profits and growth, furthermore, most business owners do not even know what scaling is and how it can really be done in their business to really make an IMPACT and become the profitable market authority in their industry or niche?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People In Your Industry or Niche Are Wealthy And Others- Maybe Even You- Are Not? Have you noticed that wealthy people aren't always the most educated...The hardest working Or even the smartest? I've been in business for more than 30 years, I've seen some people go on to great success, many have become multi- six and seven figure earners. Yet still others struggle to make it, Some even go bankrupt or out of business.

More than half of the Fortune 500 were birthed in an “economic recession or a depression. Companies like Disney, Apple, Exxon, Microsoft and FedEx were launched when the rest of the business world was struggling to make it just another day. If you can learn, as they did, not only to become more efficient but to also optimize your marketing and sales-related activities, you’ll be able to DOMINATE in any economy or situation.

The Problem: As a start-up, or even if you have been in business for a while, you can't see further up the road-beyond the trees; many business owners have found, up the road has left them feeling stagnant, or going through feast and famine months-up and down months; very few business owners have done very well for themselves leveraging up consistently, scaling up to higher and higher income. The ideal is to get UNSTUCK, to get very CLEAR on how things really work and to consistently make marginal income and growth oriented improvements along the way, but most importantly, you will have to master the art of sales in order to sell products and services consistently. 

Review a sample of our Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

We also offer Feasibility Studies and Traditional Investor, Bank, Non-Profit and Merger and Acquisition business plans; Ask for information. 

Your Customized Implementation System and Marketing Action Plan

After your Spy and Profit Business Critique and Marketing Audit Strategy Development Meeting is completed DODM can then prepare for you a Customized Hidden Marketing Assets System Marketing Action Plan that will be your written guide to complete implementation of the system into your business.

It will show you in detail how to leverage and optimize all of your marketing assets and give you a step-by-step plan for implementation. This plan will be highly confidential and will be your road map to exponential growth now and in the future.

The fee for your complete the Marketing Action Plan again depends on the size and complexity of your company. The first step in the development of the plan is to conduct

the business and marketing audit. If you have already had that done, then the step is your customized Marketing Action Plan at the below fees:

Under $1 million in sales…………………………………………………....$599

$1million - $3 million in sales…………………………………………….$699

$3 million - $5 million in sales……………………………………………$799

Over $5 million in sales………………………………………………….......$1599

(The Marketing Action Plan will be paid in full prior to completion of written plan)

Again, there is a No Risk Guarantee. You must be totally satisfied with the work done or we will quickly fix it; there are no refunds.

Review a sample of our Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

We also offer Feasibility Studies and Traditional Investor, Bank, Non-Profit and Merger and Acquisition business plans; Ask for information. 


This is a No Risk Guarantee!


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