How I Work

There Is A Process That I Follow, If You Follow It, It Will Work For Both You And I No Matter Whether We Work Together Or Not. I Promise That You Will Get Tremendous Value From Working With My Team and I. I Don't Know If I Can Help You, So, You Must Qualify By First Filling Out Our Questionaire And If Your A Good Fit, I'll Do Everything I Can To Help You Reach Your Business Goals. I Choose My Clients Carefully Because I Have A Strong Commitment To Ethical and Honest Practices and My Reputation and Integrity Is Too Important To Allow Them To Be Tarnished By Companies That Practice Unethical, or Deceptive Practices or Are Just Looking For Free or Low-Cost Marketing That Never Builds Wealth or By Business Owners Who Are More Concerned With Tactics/Media Selection Than Strategy That Supports Those Media Choices.  

 I Charge For Consultation, Everyone Must Go Through My Double Your Business In 90 Days Strategy Session As Outlined In My Spy and Profit Program Because On This Site You Are Receiving A Lot More Than Information, You Are Learning The Basics Of How To Implement And Execute, But With My Spy and Profit Program, I'm Sharing My Intellectual Knowledge With You As It Relates Personally To Your Specific Situations and Is Actually Building a Plan of Action On Your Behalf, This is What I Charge For...Without it, Good Luck ...You May Have Sales, You May Even Be Earning A Decent Income, However, If you are not where you want to be right now in terms of profits, growth or time freedom then you need help!

You’ve Done Great Working In Your Business, Now Let DODM Work ON It! This Is Not MARKETING 101, This Is The Most Advanced And PROVEN Concepts, Strategies and Tactics Ever Designed To Get You Maximum Profits, Growth, Productivity and Time Freedom!"

This page is for Prospective Consulting and Digital Marketing Clients...

Last year the Pew Research Center released their latest data on American reading habits average books read are 4; for CEO's...

CEOs tend to be voracious readers, however...

If you are a business owner who claims that you do not have time to read all that content because you are busy, then know this, your just too busy to be a CEO! You could read a little and not learn nearly enough or you can read a lot and become a wise business owner. Outside of the Pew study, they also looked for stats on how much the average CEO reads. It was hard to locate a formal study, but anecdotal evidence suggests that executives read 4–5 books per month, far outpacing the general population. As for what they’re reading, it’s not all motivational or business-themed: many top CEOs also reported reading novels, plays, and philosophy. Check out what some specific big names are consuming with this info-graphic.

However, let me suggest that though the CEO's reading lists also include bios of other successful CEOs like Steve Jobs, the problem here is that corporate marketing is not the same as for small and mid-size companies. Ceos are NOT reading nearly enough on marketing, advertising, and sales-related material and because of this, I am able to find tons of problems inside of 20 minutes. Though the best amount of content on any web page is between 100-300 words, each page of my website contains 300, plus words. And I'm well aware that this is supposed to hurt my website conversions and ultimately my sales because I have a lot more than 300.

So, please READ more about marketing, advertising, and sales or be willing to pay for the marketing, advertising, and sales training or implementation that you need from DODM because at the end of the day, for me, conversions and sales are important to me, but knowing that I authentically HELPED someone is equally satisfying. But, in reality, if you are a CEO/BUSINESS OWNER/ENTREPRENEUR who can not make time for reading and learning or course work or skill updating; then you will forever have a business deficit.

I have Telephone Consulting which include Zoom Meetings when you need specific advice or just want a few tips, normally my regular price is $750, but my special rate right now is $250. If you need in-depth research, reporting in a particular area of concern, a marketing plan developed, your current marketing evaluated, a marketing make-over, or help with a specific project, I can custom tailor my Spy n Profits Program to meet your needs. Onsite Consultation and Training is also available-see my Speakers Page for Current fees.

Our Approach

All good marketing, advertising, and sales—are born of solid strategy, creative execution, and effective promotion.

Our Clarify, Attract, Grow framework offers all that, starting with a thorough understanding and clear communication of your company and its value to your target market.

Our process is designed to help you build your unique brand, create the marketing momentum to support it, and reach the audience just waiting for what you have to offer. The process is pretty simple (some would even say fun). And collaborative, this is why we do not allow business owners to push us into doing media tactics that are void of strategy, as this, therefore, hinders collaboration and long-term partnership which leads to DODM following the client, rather than the client following DODM. The end result of the aforementioned is that the client will not take responsibility, but then blame DODM for their lack-luster results and then end the relationship. DODM is in it to win it, we are here for the long-term, therefore, we are 100% in charge-no exceptions.

  1. Clarify

Cracking the Profit and Growth code of your business is our idea of a good time. Working together, we uncover your brand DNA, leaving no question in anyone’s mind about who you are and what you do. This is our Strategy Session.

  1. Attract

This is where our Marketing Action Plans meet production. Based on the foundation we laid in the Clarify phase, we’ll help you identify, prioritize, and produce marketing crafted to attract the right customers to your business. This is our Marketing Action Plan.

  1. Grow

We’ll work with you to develop and deliver a proven marketing system built to give you a potent strategic advantage over competitors in your market area, help you reach maximum profits and help grow your business in the most dynamic and creative ways. This is where you retain us to do the work for you or to coach you in specific marketing, advertising or sales disciplines.



  • I honestly believe that reading is fund-a-mental; however, most business owners declare that they are just too busy to read, to have a productive meeting, to learn new ideas, concepts, processes, strategies, and tactics, therefore, if they read, they choose to read about leadership, and motivation or on management rather than marketing books and as a result, their businesses suffer; as if a busy business is a sign of productivity, profits, and growth when it is not; busyness is a sign that something is wrong in your business. Though I have a lot of videos on my website if you fail to read all my pages and learn about me, my clients, my services and my results…then you have failed to learn and will miss out on the benefits that my team and I offer. Even when you go to Barnes and Noble, there are plenty of management books, very little on marketing, this suggests that business owners are not reading them, and are further causing far more roadblocks in their business.
  • Are we fit to work together? Before we ever hop on a short initial 30-60 minute call and or before you ever fill out my Questionnaire Form for me to do marketing research and deliver a Marketing Action Plan to you; below I will pre-qualify you in both obvious and non-obvious ways. What you will find is that 80% of business owners will find it hard to work with me as most have lofty goals, but will not put in the money and work that is needed to bring more of their vision to forwishen.
  • You can ask me anything you like during a Strategy Session. Right now I’m charging only $997 for the Strategy Session Meetings to deconstruct and rebuild your business, I’ll ask you about your business past marketing, advertising and sales, staff-related questions, budget, vision and more and the problem you think that you need my team and me to solve. We’ll set up a time to chat more about the why and how behind your project and discuss the scope of whatever we need to do.
  • The Actual Strategy Session Meeting. It will be a dive deep into your business, client audience, obstacles, and opportunities. Afterward, I’ll deliver a detailed Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.) of everything we discussed outlining the next steps for you to implement in regard to marketing, advertising, and sales.

Approved? Awesome, Next Steps!

  • Once you have paid for the Strategy Session/Research/M.A.P. You will have exactly (7) Seven days from M.A.P. delivery to choose if you want to take me up on my offer and work with me. If you do, a contractual agreement will be sent for your review, to be signed. 7 days, no exceptions.
  • You’ll be expected to immediately pay the invoice if you desire to move forward. Depending on what I will be doing for you a 50% to 100% deposit will be required based on how much marketing related stuff needs to be pre-built prior to actual website completion and or marketing launch. At that time I will schedule you in for my earliest availability (usually 2 – 3 weeks after Strategy Session/Research/M.A.P. delivery) to go over everything.

What you get: Is a really good feeling that I’m the right guy for the job after you’ve had the chance to pick my brains.


I do NOT give proposals; there, I said it! Please do not ask or think that proposals are a worthwhile activity for all involved, after 30 years I've found that many businesses do activities, just because it's what we and or others have been doing for years, after all, don't all companies operate this way, by the proposal? NO, First, what is a proposal, it's an outline of whats goes into an agreement, right! So, I will send you an AGREEMENT at the appropriate time. Why waste valuable time putting a proposal together for you or your team to reject or to compare DODM to my competitor; "HEY, can you do what DODM can do, but for less money?" Here's the underlining issue, a proposal is a comparison tool that can easily be misinterpreted by board members who have never had a conversation with me. Therefore, if you are not the sole or primary decision-maker, if decisions are made by board or decisions are made by others all conversations need to be all-inclusive of full board or group meeting. The bottom line is that you are you coming to DODM to solve your problems and DODM provide solutions, and for that, once our solutions are provided via conversation which is derived from our strategy session; if you want results and an ROI We'll be more than happy to provide you an agreement to sign so that we both can move forward partnering in your success.


When you review the Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.) or any written content or ad-copy examples; etc. You will see that I give you no-holds-barred feedback. I’ll go through the draft and mockup with you, then my team and I get to work making revisions. It rarely takes more than one round.

When you’ve got a draft you’re part of creating and happy with, we upload to appropriate media; website, online, social, print, video, other.

What you get: is the best industry looking website, at least that is what our clients tell us, a great marketing plan that is written for ROI, not for getting bank loans and a step by step growth plan that gives you the time freedom to live your best life.


BOOM – the moment of truth, baby! I go through a simple short questionnaire to make sure that I have all your passwords, login-ins and other info to set up, and manage all online properties. Then we work together to develop your marketing calendar of every marketing tactic to be implemented an executed on your behalf.

I then set the content loose on the internet. The crowd goes wild, sales go through the roof and the next thing you know, the President is calling you for some reason. Congratulations! I’ll be on deck to help you every step of the way.

What you get: Leads, Sales, the adoration of your audience and an irresistible urge to continue working with me and the relenting desire to recommend me to all of your business friends and acquaintances.


After briefly basking in the glory of a job well done, the foundation, the hard work is finally completed; it’s right back to work. For website copy, ad campaigns, email automation, and landing pages, etc., I can draft variants for split testing that will improve upon even our best-performing controls, Then I’ll craft the next winner.

For Marketing, you and I share the data that has been collected; I include heat maps, and call tracking to prove what’s working and to tweak what’s not allowing us to quickly get rid of what’s not working, leaving you with the highest performing marketing, advertising and sales results possible.

What you get: Variants for testing, proof of results and a reliable and study growth, from a savvy marketer and copywriter who know your business and from someone who is just itching to make you more money if you let me!


I can’t help everybody; I can only help people who VALUE and TRUST my expertise to push you to higher Results and ROI. I can only push you when you let me do what I do best — which is guide you towards building a better opportunity for you to succeed faster in order to reach your aggressive high 6 or 7 figure goals while creating the quality of life that you desire most which come from doing the hard work of investing in yourself and your business.

You Can Qualify For Our Consulting and Digital Programs If...

  • You are ready to let go of your excuses or fear of risk and overcome the POOR thinking that you may have that comes from possible childhood lack or a place of being too comfortable with your current lifestyle, or from being passive when you absolutely must become an aggressive entrepreneur in order to compete and reach the highest pinnacle of financial success as quickly as possible in order to build wealth.
  • Your current activity is not working as well as you would like; and you need coaching or consulting to immediately move you in the right direction, improving upon what you have already done, to get you unstuck and move you from Stagnation, or Feast or Famine to Highly-Leveraged Business Growth.
  • You are coachable, trainable and open to receiving direct and sometimes harsh feedback/mentorship in order to correct mindset, business, marketing, advertising or sales challenges. This means that you stop listening to anyone else who is not paying you for your services, and gurus who you are not currently working with, but are selling you shiny-objects that are hindering your progress. You cannot work with us and someone else, as this will divide and cloud your mind and focus.
  • You are committed to your personal development to eliminate your personal and business mindset challenges and are ready to become a leader in your industry, niche and or market area. You are more than willing to invest in yourself. Even though below I show you exactly who I'm willing and not willing to work with if you know you can work on yourself and make improvements then, by all means, let me HELP you.
  • You are focused on what matters most in business; profits, growth, time-freedom, sustainability and retirement and impacting the lives of others with a great service.
  • You are prepared to make a large financial marketing investment every month to significantly improve your results in order to generate 6 or 7 figure leads quickly. You are willing to work with sound accounting practices and monitoring. You are willing to seek out funding options; business loans, business credit, or merchant services as needed so that you have continuous cash flow in order to quickly grow your business as the race against time is time its self as well as the speed of ROI.
  • I choose my client carefully, I'm committed to Honest and Ethical business practices, I do not accept all projects, though I specialize in specific niches and can work in any niche do to the HMA broad range, my reputation and personal integrity are way too important to me to allow it to be tarnished by association with people or companies that do not have high ethical, moral and customer service standards.

You must have a wealth goal of high six or seven figures or more in order to become a Consulting Client.

We typically work best with entrepreneurs and companies who align with the following:

  • Are already doing 5, 6 or 7 figures online or doing well off-line and ready to take their brands to another financial level. Though, we prefer businesses that have been around for 3-5 years; we’ve also worked with startup entrepreneurs or companies when the budget isn’t an issue who desires to invest in order to reach 6 or 7 figures quickly.
  • Require on-going support with technology, marketing automation, creative design, branding, email list automation, and related needs.
  • Require online traffic and/or offline lead generation campaigns.
  • Desire integrative offline and viral online referral generation campaigns.
  • Have a vision for profits and growth beyond their current business level, and want a team to support that growth in the long term for business sustainability and retire-ability.
  • Understand the value of experienced expertise, scalable business concepts, and proper implementation of marketing technology.
  • Appreciate the value of premium and creative custom design and high-end branding.
  • Prefer a single point of contact, all under one roof for all marketing, advertising and sales planning, training and implementation.
  • Are positively serving and impacting the world with their message, products, and services.
  • You already have sales skills and knowledge that the real job of your business profession is selling your clients, customers or patients and closing at least 80% of every person you get into your funnel or meet. Or you’re willing to learn and implement sales-related skills and tactics immediately.

We’re not the best fit for those who:

  • Are looking for a website without a willingness to invest in a high ongoing monthly marketing campaign, and are not willing to accept the fact that websites do absolutely nothing for you without ongoing testing and tracking of real-time results over a period of months, regardless of what type of online marketing methods that you use.
  • Regarding those online marketing methods: Many people believe SEO is the path to profits. While SEO is a part of an online marketing strategy, it is not a magic answer. A better approach is what we offer: Non-shiny object, multi-pillar online and offline marketing campaigns-ONLY, not one-off services. You need high conversions from multiple channels—that’s what we aim for, and that’s why this is a high-dollar game. If you cannot afford to do this properly, you must look at other guerilla marketing alternatives and accept the fact that this arena is not for you at this time.
  • Are looking for smaller, one-off tech or marketing projects; i.e. a website without having a realistic, competitive and sizable marketing budget to invest every month. A press release, a U.S.P. a direct mail campaign, an email campaign, a Linkedin campaign without a complete marketing plan to address the more common reality that one-off projects may give short-lived cash surges but will not build ongoing profits and wealth.
  • Have a marketing/technology/design budget of less than $3,499 per month; you are looking to spend as little as possible, but want maximum returns; you have a very unrealistic imagination simply because the business building does not work the way you think or want it to. In school they trained your mind for a job, to be passive, to look for passive income; therefore, you want to spend passively rather than aggressively and expect the same results. This is impossible for you and me.
  • Like to do it all themselves, or prefer to personally micro-manage my team, myself or a bunch of outsourcers/VA’s for various tasks.
  • You are a consummate salesperson engaged in direct sales, and mistakenly think your marketing, when you are not, testing the waters from time to time is great, tinkering around with social media is great, but actual marketing is altogether different, you have to be willing to play the marketing channel/pillar game.
  • If you’re an introvert, it’s OK; however, you must know this, at some point you’ll have to hire extroverted closers to sell your clients, customers or patients and that’s your most important job whether you realize it or not, sales.
  • Are promoting “shady” or dishonest products or services (Get Rich Quick, Porn, Gambling, etc).

If it sounds like we might be a fit to work together and you think that you meet this rigorous qualifier or if you believe that you can meet most of our qualifying process with a little mentorship from us, then I invite you to schedule your Strategy Session with me or a Marketing DOMINATOR Consultant.

While my typical rate for consulting or personal one-to-one training starts at $10,000 a half-day consult and $25,000 for a full one day consult (and typically not available outside of our existing retainer client referrals), I’ll do this first Strategy Session with you for one affordable price. My ulterior motive here is to add so much value for you within 2-4 hours that you’re thrilled to join as a client afterward, provided we’re a fit for consulting.