Digital Marketing

DOMINATOR Digital Marketing Machines...

Below You Will Learn How To Drive Droves Of Clients, Customers, Patients or Event Attendees To Your Website, Get Repeat, And Or Upsale Business, Build Relationships Online For Future Sales With Your Clients, Get Referrals, Track Everything And Make More Money Online In Order To Grow Your Business Out The Stratosphere

If you are considering doing ANYTHING online, or have been online for a while with poor results, then please do yourself a favor and READ this entire page if you do not want to waste time and lose money online. The Idea is to build an ONLINE Business, to build your business Online, not to do a bunch of isolated activities that fail to put immediate money in your pocket, but instead, integrated activities that are profitable, and growth focused.

"Most Web Designers; They Design ...mostly poor, non-converting websites, the reason why is simple, they design for creative awards, brand only purposes or to show fancy diagrams, images or colors that generally are placed in the wrong location. If web designers mess up, then what business do you have trying to build your own website on Go Daddy or Wix, not downing them, only pointing out, when you personally do NOT have any clue about what you are doing while tinkering around when you actually need professional help to build a real business. After all tinkering around is for those hobby or hustle minded types, not for serious minded business owners, right? RIGHT!

...But Marketers: Market and Sell More Of Your Products, Services and Events by Converting People into Buyers; this is the primary purpose of even having a website...CONVERSIONS. "

Without conversions, paying for traffic doesn't even matter!

This is why it is important for me to find out how much you really know about online design, conversion and marketing in order to properly build your online or offline business, yes, offline, after all Google and Facebook both integrates offline and online better than most other businesses. However, what I found is that most business owners make social post, does seo and or place digital ads on various mediums with out any real strategic planning that connects EVERYTHING together, so, in realty, at best business owners digital marketing is disconnected, EARNING them far less than what they could be earning all because you bought into the B.S. about everything online.

Complete our "FREE" Online Marketing Audit and Website Planning Checklist Now to See How You How Much You Know!

Having a Website is NOT a magic bullet that makes you money without great a marketing strategy; Every client that any of my team of website designers have ever built a website for have all said, "I have the best looking website in my industry or market"...that's good... but still that is not what makes my clients money, though it's a great help!

This is why we focus on internet marketing, then the website and not the other way around.

As a matter of fact, if your marketing person is still tinkering around with SEO OR PPC or talking about getting you to the TOP of Google search results without talking about site useability, conversion, lead magnets, lead capture, check out tactics, and tracking then you need to fire them now, and I mean right this minute, without remorse and especially without giving way to the excuses and outright lies that they will tell you to keep you from firing them. Why, a website is not just what you see on the computer screen, it's whats under the hood that makes it work when you put traffic gas in it.

In other words, a website is a LEAD GENERATION MACHINE and AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE TOO! Most designers fowl this up and here's why, you don't need leads, you need Pre-QUALIFIED and Pre-SOLD LEADS who know who you are, like what you stand for, know exactly how much you charge and are willing to pay for it, and because of the value that you offer want to be your client, customer, patient or attend your event. Then, you need to GROW Your Online Presence and Profitability; meaning BRAND Reputation, Authority or Celebrity spreading your message EVERYWHERE online.

Today, More Than Ever Before, Businesses Need MODERN Marketers Who Understand the Difference Between What Used To Work…and What Actually Works Online Today and The Trends Of The Future that Are Being Implemented Right Now and Beyond, such as AI. At this very moment, there are cash-in-hand buyers looking for your product, service, or event and if you can ensure that these find YOU (instead of your competitors), most of the truly “hard work” of marketing is done.

...There Are Basically 4 ATM Machines For Business Owners Who Are Truly Ready For A Higher Level Of Business Success Online

A Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Funnel; A Buyer Intent Based Marketing (Quiz) Funnel; or Personal Branded Marketing Funnels for (Authority) and Landing Pages

…And as a result, we are earning $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more per month for our clients within 4-6 months! YES, 4-6 MONTHS, NOT YEARS is POSSIBLE... and we have proof!!!

So, The Idea Is To STOP Choosing Online Media And To Do What The "Most Profitable" Solopreneurs and Online Business Owners Do, Which is Act Upon the Fundamental Reality of Psychological Online Behavior Through Creating Strategic Marketing Campaigns As Opposed To Creating Post or Ads That Do Not Lead High Quality Traffic To Your Sales Page.

Content, Traffic, Presell and Monetize (CTPM-For Solopreneurs and Online Businesses)

Let me not confuse you, even if you have a brick and mortar business, but now have a website, you now have a online business model that compliments your offline business, and all you have to do is turn on the machine. Let’s review CTPM, the PROVEN way to build any business online.


Web users search for solutions to their problems in the form of content, not information:

  • Articles. You likely have company news, product announcements, and a ton of other stories that deserve to be told...all over your computer already!
  • Audios and Videos. ...
  • Blog Posts. ...
  • Case Studies. ...
  • E-Books. ...
  • E-Courses. ...
  • Infographics.

This is all done through EMAIL MARKETING/CRM PLATFORMS, but most business owners go about this all WRONG! Either they have bought and use a CRM, but in 90% of businesses, it's NOT integrated correctly with their website, therefore, the business owner is leaving money on the table or losing money without question. How effective is having and using email marketing crm and auto responder technology. See chart below.

Social media users (largely on mobile devices) often want images or videos. All are forms of “Content.” They are not looking for you or your business – they don’t even know you (yet!). They seek what you know, not exactly what you do. Give it to them. Educate them. I know that you are afraid that they are just going to steal and not buy from you, but that's not how it works. If you had 100 prospects and 10% steal it's ok, because if 30% to 50% buy out of the 90% that's left, you are still doing well. But on the other hand if you have an 1980/1990 informational website that informs rather than educates, well, you'll be looking at 10% potential buyers and 90% who can't distiguise you from your competition and therefore may turn to your competition or simply not buy.

So, convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start – at a search engines,  Google and Youtube. People are not SEARCHING for you in or on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.


Your topical content gets found (search) or discovered (social), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. These visitors form your “Traffic.”

Social media (ex., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, other) will widen your reach way beyond your site. Managing site and social well for mobile is a critical part of the process, too since you have a mini-computer in your hands everyday. All you have to do is learn this fundamental fact. Either you must learn all 10 steps, because just using 2 steps will not get you the results of all get exactly what you are willing or not willing to pay for either way...or you must sacrifice and hire someone to help you!

DODM effectively drives “T”?


Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You “PREsell” by OVER delivering what they want from your site… relevant, original, and educational content. And you deepen the “connection” through the personal interactivity of social media or your blog. To many hard-nosed, old school business owners or sales rep types drop the ball here because they try to go for the juggler, meaning the immediate sale, pushing sale, sale, sale rather than the PRE-SELL, and as a result loses over 75% of their true sales opportunities.

Therefore, your must deliver the presell in your own voice, in your own way or style in written, audio, photo, and video formats. And go beyond merely instilling confidence… your visitors must (and they will) like and resonate with you or your brand or both. If some don’t, it’s ok, but your true tribe or fans will. Why is that so important? Because people only buy from those they like and trust and if they like and trust you, they will refer their friends in droves.


We then Convert warm, willing-to-buy (“PRE sold”) website visitors into income. Called “Monetizing,” this is the easy part. But “M” cannot happen if you fail to first execute CTP. This is where 99% of small businesses fail. The “M” is at the end for good reason. However, most businesses build a website and attempt to sell their products or services without the CTP and then wonder why then are failing to earn money.

CTP is the motor that drives “M.”

DODM delivers the motor, and the Monetization Models that web design and online marketing companies don’t, can’t and won’t because they simply don’t know how to build profitable, scalable, growth oriented online and integrated offline businesses

Once you have your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize profitable income, growth and long-term stability by adding Leveraged Opportunity.

IMPORTANT: Most solopreneurs, brick and motar and online businesses think of themselves as “being” only one monetization model… they sell hard goods (or e-goods) – OR they display Google AdSense ads – OR they offer professional services – OR they are affiliates, OR they sell products.

Instead of “or-or-or,” DODM shows you how to develop “and-and-and” multiple streams of profitable income that is uniform and connected. For example: plumbing and cake baking is a disconnect and is not uniform, however, accounting services, software, workshops, courses and related books are ideal.

Start with a Primary Monetization Model Then Diversify: Add New Income Streams, that's if you don't already have multiple service ideas in mind.

Content builds Traffic, which is PRE sold as you build your “online brand.” Then, and only then, are you ready to Monetize.

DODM and you deliver the hard part… PRE sold traffic. Monetization is the easy part — it flows from a site with PRE sold traffic the way electricity flows from a river through a dam.

And do not limit yourself. Too many small businesses start out thinking that they “want to be an affiliate,” or sell hard goods through an “online store.” Yes…

You should have a primary monetization model in mind — but plan to diversify into at least three or more multiple streams of revenue to maximize profitable income, growth and stability working towards your WEALTH CREATION Plan. Take full advantage of the PRE sold traffic you will develop with DODM!

Just 4 Streams Times $2500 Per Month, is $10,000 Per Month, $120,000 Per Year or more, you can do it!

There are ONLY 5 primary ways to grow any business, and quickly increase your profits online and offline; only DODM Websites/Funnels solve all five:

  • Increase the number of customers/clients/patients (this is where 90% of business owners focus their attention and why there are holes in your marketing by not adequately focusing, qualifying and quantifying the four (4) other areas below) — Client Attraction or Client Acquisition
  • Increase the average transaction value/size/order per customer-Client Upsell
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer, # number of times they purchase over and over again-Client Retention (repeat business). Note: if you don’t have a repeat business model, we’ll help you create one.
  • Increase the number of Referrals, this is the area every business owner tells me helps the most, however, when asked to prove, quantify or qualify where there referrals are coming from, how many are coming in and being closed, what happens when they are not closed I get a blank stare! – Client Referrals
  • Increase the number of clients you win-back, all businesses lose clients for various reasons, however most business do not know when or why they lost a client and many more fails to properly ask a client why they left and what they can do to win-them-back and sometimes many clients who move on will become major referral agents if only you would ask!

“The 4 DOMINATOR Digital Marketing Machines”

There are four Digital Marketing Models we use today...four different kinds of Client, Customer or Patient Enrollment Strategies that are leading the way as far as conversions are concerned, meaning turning visitors into buyers:

  1. Customer Value Optimization (CVO)/Tripwire Sequences. This is where you get potential clients, customers or patients to opt-in through a Lead Capture form for some kind of ‘hook product’. A hook product is simply a free or low ticket offer for an item that is related to the main problem you solve for people, also known as Lead Magnets. This item usually averages anywhere from “FREE” to $5, $7, $19, or $37 bucks. After the person buys the product, they move from potential client status to paying client status, and are much more likely to purchase something else from you in the ascension ladder. All trip wire clients then get put into an online, evergreen, sales process where they’ll eventually be led to invest in a higher ticket items. The fee based approach allows you to create what is called a funded proposal, meaning an advertising budget to further your reach. This is the very same Strategic System that Amazon, Starbucks and McDonald’s use which is pictured below; it works for small and midsize business alike.


And then there’s…

  1. Buyer Intent Based Marketing (Lead Quizzes)/ Self-Assessments or Surveys. which are also good examples of a Leading Client Enrollment Strategy. Potential clients are then exposed to a online survey or assessment. And based on their answers, they are given a diagnosis. And then they are offered a product or program that will show them how to solve their issue. All Leading Client Enrollment Strategies are EVERGREEN – passive, ongoing, and automated. In other words, once the process is online and functional – you are not actively involved in it. It enrolls mostly passively. The idea is to weed out everyone who is not a "Best Outcome" client, to only focus on one client, with one product or service.

What You’re Going To Discover With Our Quiz Platform

  • High profits within 3-6 months.
  • Discover exactly how you can transform and scale your business using this Method
  • How to use this Method to build a BIG LIST of qualified, eager-to-buy-from-you prospects
  • See case studies of people who have used this Method to increase their monthly revenue by anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 a month, in as little as 3-6 months.
  1. Personal Branded/Sales Authority. The competitive landscape requires that most executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants demonstrate that they are specialist and that they provide proof that they are good at what they do, and that they no longer make idle claims, today more than ever your prospects want to buy your products and services, but from the very "BEST" in the field. This model is about making your personal brand stand out and be seen EVERYWHERE online while showing people that you can help them with what you do, simply by HELPING them right on your website first, then through enrolling conversations and or Strategy or Breakthrough or Healing Sessions, etc. The overall ideal is to build a persona that attracts others to invest in you, to buy from you, and to leverage high-brand equity that is both profitable and sellable.

4. And Finally, there are Landing Pages. Sometimes, depending on what your flagship product(s) or service(s) are, we will build landing pages in addition to your website/funnel as stand alone pages, or into the website pages to capture specific leads for each and every product or services that you offer.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. Landing pages are promotion-only pages that are designed for a specific marketing campaign out side of the main site traffic generation. This mean while there is a primary focus which is to bring traffic to the main site, there is also sales campaigns going on where we drive traffic exclusively to find immediate buyers.

By standalone I mean that it has no ties to your website, like global navigation. In essence it floats alone, only accessible from the link you’re providing in your marketing content (the call-to-action in an email for example).

The purpose of a landing page falls into two categories:

  1. to capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future if they are not ready to buy now, or
  2. to “warm up” potential customers to the product you are trying to sell to them before sending them further into your sales funnel. This creates the need for two types of landing page – a lead generation page and a click-through page.

My Paid Strategy Session gives a “Marketing Action Plan” to help guide business owners in the right direction which is more important than any business owner striking out and buying a website, seo, or ppc traffic in general. Because, first there must be a …

Mental Shift in your mindset about Digital Marketing, your focus has to be on "PAID" multi-pillar online-AD marketing campaigns; very similar to our consulting and coaching programs in order to quickly reach maximum profits, you must desire the "FAST PATH TO CASH". The free stuff just won't cut it alone if you want to compete, make BIG money and win! You must make money quickly by using "PAID" Ads and or visual media first, then use all the slower methods such as maps, seo, reviews, classifieds, and directory citations and more which are the "SLOW PATH TO CASH. In other words, you only use the slow path to cash when you absolutely cannot afford to THE FAST PATH.

Your Message must be a direct response message that is educational, not informational, one that is not overly salesy and definitely not sleezy. You must have proof of concept and be willing to drive an offer that is easy for your prospects to buy. Nearly half of ALL websites are currently missing out on up to SEVEN times more no added cost? All because there is no Clarity of Message, there is no clarity because people; business owner are listening to their friends and following the shiny objects rather than getting grounded with an education of how all this tech stuff really works...people are refusing to simply READ and Learn. Why practice brain surgery when you know that you never went to class!

Your Market You have to do a SWOT Analysis and a Customer Avatar in order to be very clear about your competitors and your ideal market. You can NOT afford to spray and pray wasting money, fishing in the wrong fishing holes any longer. You have to go after a defined targeted audience.

The Media DODM starts with marketing and not a website or website analysis like our competitors, that alone makes us very different, however, as our client, you have to start with a Mental Shift, as our competitors will point you to media first and we point you to media last.

If you get the Message and the Market WRONG! The Media simply won’t WORK as effectively as it should!!!

Therefore, the Marketing will be poor or a complete bust rather than an overwhelming WOW FACTOR. DODM WILL GIVE YOU A “FREE” Sales Funnel!


Your sales funnel is your integrated marketing system (webpage(s), follow-up and close) that turns leads into sales. A website is ONLY the webpage (s)...this is why we do NOT build them, 97% percent of people who visit your website/funnel are not looking to buy right now, they are in research mode, looking to buy soon; usually within 30, 60, 90 days. The problem is that most business owners focus on the immediate sale, "like are you ready to buy today" and if not, good by.

Note: a Squeeze page is just a shorter version of a Landing Page, however, It's the engine of your business and works something like this:


Here's Another Look From A Multi-Pillar or Chanel Perspective; Pouring More Leads Into The Funnel, Pours More Money Into Your Hands!

A super effective sales funnel is the single most important thing you need to get results online, yet 99% of traditional web designers have no idea how to build them correctly; so, the web designer or the business owner chooses to build them with cheap, novice and non-custom systems that don't help you get the Results or ROI that you need and in many cases have paid them for on a ongoing and consistent basis. If the web designer asks you what you want your site to look like, rather than tells you what your site will look like run for the hills, after all, aren't they supposed to be the expert.

The next major problem that Business Owners face is that they either don't have the following or don't use it correctly.

The All-Important Lead Capture Form, Lead Magnet with The Right Sales Message That Is Integrated Into Thier Auto Responder/CRM System

Nearly 95% of websites that I review today do not have a properly designed opt-in box/lead capture form that is above the fold (top-half of website) with a value-based lead magnet and a persuasive offer that helps the business owner capture their most important asset…a LEAD. And I need to re-state that many business owners all of a sudden after speaking with me go to their web designers asking for one after I explain the importance of having one only to get disappointed, because their designer is not an expert in automation services, therefore, they never fully monetize their email automation an still lose or leave money on the table.

Too many business owners have weak messages or no message at all. “Join my list” is not an effective message. Most business owners also assume that because their phone number is on their site, they don’t need a lead capture form. However, if a lead finds your site and they are in research mode, comparing you to your competitor and they don’t call you for whatever reason, you’ve lost an opportunity to capture a lead and it’s your fault that you missed the opportunity that you where never supposed to miss.

But not only that, a Lead Capture Form is the key to building your online business, therefore, if you’re online and are not using it correctly, you’re either losing or leaving money on the table for a competitor easily steal food off your table, and though I just said this, I'm saying it again, you never want to lose or leave money on the table-it's not a good business practice. Your lead capture form is your most valuable online asset after lead generation its self!

And owners don't know how to build TRUST with potential clients, customers or patients with this simplified method to drive hoards of traffic to their sites/pages; We call it "Content Stacking," placing your Brand EVERYWHERE online, once this is completed we can then add more traffic and monetization builders that will give you multiple outcomes based on your specific needs in which we call your Most Wanted Response (MWR) such as:

More purchases: buying, repeat sales / upsales, referrals, paid memberships

Enquiries: contact us, phone/ book an appointment, email us

Connect: subcribe to marketing funnel/ email autoresponder, webinars / seminars / facebook live, connect on social media or messenger bots

Free Download of Lead Magnet: flagship content, coupon-code, valuable giveaway, templates, ebooks, checklists, video sequence, training.

The most cost effective and powerful way to create and spread your message EVERYWHERE online is by REPURPOSING your content and SYNDICATING it everywhere.

With that being said, the first thing that will CONVERT the people who is ready to buy now and those who are still in research phase is your problem solving / solution based content that pre-sales and then qualifies your PERFECT audience to your brand or your way of doing what you specialize in. So, by creating VIDEO(S) we can create AUDIO and TEXT - all from the video, we can create brand, educational, and promotional videos and more...but that's just the beginning.

Here's what some 25-55 year old business owners can relate to that especially 60 + year old business owners struggle with... digital has completely changed the no longer need the Yellow Pages, TV Commercials, Radio Commercial or Physical News Papers...though not totally obsolete...there is a much easier way, one where you don't pay for advertising because you become the advertising media source yourself. Sorry, I don't mean any disrepect to older business owners, it's just that most of you are not adopting these new opportunities quick enough and I believe that unfortunately, many older business owners are going to go out of business in the coming years do to slow adoption of new methods.

There’s very little that can rival video when it comes to grabbing peoples attention and engaging them; it’s why TV ads have been the holy grail of marketing in the past and why YouTube is as successful as it is. In case you weren’t aware, YouTube is not just a video website. It’s actually a search engine just like Google, actually, it's the no 2 search engine in the world with over 4 billion searches per month, YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Aol and, combined.

With this in mind, marketers should really consider making video marketing apart of your 2019 marketing plan and beyond.

Whether you’re creating a 30 second brand or educational explainer video or a 60 second offer/ad to play on YouTube, creating videos or creating a YouTube Video Channel to promote your company’s vision, people and products is not the way to go–this is what creative will tell you about video marketing because it's what big brands are doing, however, big brands have even bigger marketing budgets that don't work for small and mid-size companies. Rather than focus on yourself, you must become client, customer or patient focused with video that shows them how you can help them, not on your vision or people or products...who really cares. Think benefits, not features.


Here's an Actual Video Script Example:

Intro: Congratulations! Your free gift is on the way to your inbox, it will be there in about 10 minutes.

Right now, you have everything you need to achieve xyz (whatever the free offer helps them achieve)

But, the big question on my clients' minds is: abc. (What problem does this program, product, or service help solve?)

I have the answer for you and a very special opportunity with my program, product, or (Name of your program, product, or service). It will help you abc (what will they achieve?).

The big challenge is (your audience's challenge that your solution solves)

If you want to...(have, become, solve, etc.) (insert the big idea which is what they can achieve with your product, program, or service)

Call to action

Who am I to help you with this? or who do you specialize in helping, followed by (Giving some of your experience, credentials, or your story)

Tell a little bit about your program, product, or service (modules, steps, or how it works).

Call to action

Who is this for? (Call out your target audience)

Your Guarantee ( also know as risk reversal to help people take action because they know that you stand behind your products or services)

Call to action (is what determines the response to the video or ad effectiveness, the CTA is where you ask the person in the TARGET market that you are going after who has resonated with what you said in your video message to do something that moves them closer to becoming a client, customer or patient).

IMAGINE! Your Daily/Monthly Show are your videos-TV, Your Podcasts are your audios-RADIO, and Your Text are your blog posts-NEWS... done once, done right and then syndicated EVERYWHERE online EVERYDAY increasing massive search engine traffic, phone calls and appointments!

But not only that, why video over everything else? Get the facts below:

Why Video Marketing Is Our Primary Strategy? It Flat Out Beats Social Posting, Yet, It's More Engaging To Social Viewership Which Compels Viewers To Become Buyers! You Would Rather Have Buyers Right? Or Do You Prefer Friends, Likes, Shares and Comments! 

Here's The Latest Video And Visual Marketing Statistics...

There are no other digital/online methods that can effectively REACH more of your most ideal clients, customers, patients or event attendees. Period

There are over 35 YouTube type of video hosting and syndicating sites to place your videos EVERYWHERE in addition to social networks, such as:

Once your video, podcast or blog offer attracts more customers, clients, patients or event attendees and retain the high-converting leads, then they'll buy more often and spend more money when you send them through our proven automation process; the next logical option is to get and track the referrals that these leads bring, giving you, 1-REFERRAL = 100%, 2- REFERRALS = 200% and 3- REFERRALS = 300% increase in business exponentially, year after year.

How do you look at traffic and conversions? Below will get you thinking about what DODM does differently to help you profit and grow!

Point blank, most website designs suck because they are not optimized for the HIGHEST sales conversions, so, if you increase traffic or lead generation ad spending you will immediately lose money, when you can over time decrease ad-spend simply by increasing conversion rate, tracking and doubling your sales from building a high-converting site!

On average only 3% of website traffic converts on a standard 1980; or 1990 website design (which are what most designers are still designing today in 2018 on various web design platforms!) So if you’re not sending enough traffic and leads through, your conversions are not going to be all that great, and if your website is not designed for conversions, no matter how much you’ve spent on traffic and leads, it’s not going to help your conversions either. And if you’re buying traffic and leads that do NOT go to a specific landing page or website funnel then you just reduced conversions tremendously and any possible repeat or referral business. And if you’re spending a lot of money on traffic and leads without focusing on site, lead and email conversions, you are simply wasting a lot of money! Sales Conversions is the game you want to play and here's why!




Great numbers, but here is why a website and or traffic alone are not the cure all, inbound marketing is not the cure all. You need an integrated approach to everything you do-MARKETING online and offline! This page is simply here to educate you regarding how online really works and how you can quickly build your business online, including your brick and mortar location. However, most business do a bunch of one-off projects, meaning, never connecting all their marketing the right way from the very onset.

By reaching the 97% who are not ready to buy right now when they land on your website with your message over and over and over again is what increases conversions and reduce feast or famine! Again, this is why VIDEO is the content builder of choice.

If you had 10% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 100 prospects, if you close 20 of them into a $250 plus service, product, or event, you would have $5,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now! $60,000 per year.


If you had 20% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 200 prospects, if you close 40 of them into a $1500 plus service, product, or event, you would have $60,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now! $720,000 per year.


If you had 20% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 200 prospects, if you close 40 of them into a $5000 plus service, product, or event, you would have $200,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now! $2,400,000 per year.

So, by making sure that every area of your marketing is first designed for the highest possible conversion and the highest dollar sales is most ideal. I hope you get the BIG financial picture. But, don't be fooled by those nimcompoops who push you need a website and getting you to the top of Google, blowing you up with Facebook, or that you need Lead Generation...because none of this matters if you don't have a system to get Pre-Qualified and Pre-Sold Leads from multiple Traffic Sources that:





How would this change your business and life? What you’re producing does not depend on traffic and lead generation alone; conversion is a major factor which is highly overlooked by most business owners, web designers and even some lead generation companies. So, imagine if you increase or improve traffic and conversions at the same time--what would happen then?

You would have people lined up who are easier to CLOSE, with no CONVINCING, no HIGH PRESSURE sales Tactics, the clients BOOK CALLS with you, MORE Enrollments into your programs, packages and events...this is what the Digital Machine is all about. This is what happens when YOU become responsible for you business success:

1.) You Know Your Current Conversion Figures

2. ) You Know How You Compare To The Rest of Your Competitors and Top Industry Leaders

3. ) You Know Exactly How Much Effort, Responsibility and Investment It Will Take To Make A Significant Shift To Increasing Your Online Profits Far Beyond That Of Others In Your Industry.

Above you learned how I earn my clients money online and how to do it yourself; But if you want my team and I to build it for you, we will build a high converting, high-value based funnel that converts traffic into sales through one of our program packages below.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars learning from various high-level online marketing gurus and testing every kind of sales funnel imaginable, my team and I devised  simple packages for creating lucrative sales funnels for any business; and traffic and conversion plans that simply work every time, allowing you the ability to scale up at will.





To get started, you simply enroll in our Strategy Session, Our Digital Marketing Consultant will develop your sales funnel and "sit down" with you so they can create you a comprehensive plan. Once you let them know what your goals are, they'll break a plan down into an actionable and scaliable, 12 month- campaign. You'll know exactly what to do – and exactly when to do it – to grow your business as quickly as possible online.

We'll tell you how to launch for maximum exposure… Which traffic method we will use to send hordes of hungry buyers to your funnel… When you should expand your advertising reach (and exactly how we plan to do that…)


Investment: You Have 4 Packages to choose from below:


(dominate your market and become a millionaire within 90 days to 1 year)

I’m ready for “full commitment.” I realize that the fastest, most sure-fire way for me to get the results I desire is to register for a 15 keyword search marketing assault + ppc and Direct Mail; and go for the whole hog! I want to create multiple lead valves to attract and convert the best ideal, most profitable targets and I want to become a millionaire within ninety days months to one year.

Here’s What You Get:

1 “FREE” High Converting 5-7 Page Website or 3 Squeeze Pages

1 High Quality Lead Magnet

1 Yelp Paid Ad

1 Youtube Video

WordPress Blog Setup & Design

2 PreSale Blog Posts

7 Follow up Emails

High-ticket Application Funnel

Traffic Campaign Targeting ideal market

Full Conversion Training

Full Traffic Training

Payment Processing Setup

Membership Site/Download set up

Webinar or Podcast Created

Automated Webinar Created

High Ticket Application Page

High Ticket Application Funnel

Review, Reputation and Referral Program

Full Sales Training For You and Staff

Total Brand Exposure Online

Total Press/Media Exposure

Inbound/Outbound Call Center

8 hours coaching with Bryant and His Team of Experts

2 VIP Event Tickets

Mentor in Your Home (Exclusive to 4 People)

Your Investment is Only $30,000 Retainer + $129,000 budget (12 month campaign+7% royalty only when client 10X ROI)

The TOP DOMINATOR (Most Popular Value)

(get visible everywhere)

I cannot do the DOMINATOR PROFSSIONAL assault right now but I want to really step up my online game before it’s too late, I know I need to get my “brand” out there in a big way. This program is for Quiz and CVO Funnel Clients who are serious about promoting 1-5 specific products or services in PPC and Direct Mail.

1 “FREE” High Converting 5-10 Page Website or 2 Squeeze Pages

1 High Quality Lead Magnet

1 Yelp Paid Ad

1 Youtube Video

WordPress Blog Setup &Design

2 PreSale Blog Posts

7 Follow up Emails

High-ticket Application Funnel

Traffic Campaign Targeting ideal market

Full Conversion Training

Full Traffic Training

Payment Processing Setup

Membership Site/Download set up

Webinar or Podcast Created

Monetization Program

Automated Webinar Created

High Ticket Application Page

High Ticket Application Funnel

Referral Program

Full Sales Training For You and Staff

Total Brand Exposure Online

Total Press/Media Exposure

Reviews, Reputation and Referral Program

Your Investment Today is Only $12,499 down and only $12,499 per month! (12 mo. campaign + 5% royalty only when client 5X ROI)


(keep up with and then leap frog the local industry pack)

I cannot do the DOMINATOR GET IN THE GAME; I have a much bigger vision and must DOMINATE the competition right now. But I want to improve my current online marketing before it’s too late so I’m registering for the 5-15 keyword SEO market assault; so I can keep up with the pack and get my lion share of the local area pie in order to fully give my family all I can.

Here’s What You Get:

1 “FREE” High Converting 5-7 Page Custom Website

or Single Landing/Squeeze Page Design

1 High Quality Lead Magnet

1 Youtube Video

WordPress Blog Setup & Design

2 PreSale Blog Posts

5 Follow-up Emails

High-ticket Application Funnel

Traffic Campaign Targeting ideal market

Full Conversion Training

Full Traffic Training

Payment Processing Setup/3-Primary Items

Membership Site/Download set up

High Ticket Application Page

Review, Reputation and Referral Program

Monetization Program

Your Investment Today is Only $2,599 down and only $2,599 per month! (12 mo. campaign+ 3% Royalty only when client 2x roi)


(Get Started Right)

Our Optimized Google My Business Listing and Marketing Service

Is not the typical GMB set up by the novice business owners or friend who proclaims that they are an overnight tech guru who was just Googling how to do something on Google, but an experienced professional in Google My Business Set Up and Optimization. GMB Improvements includes:

-Google Stack (Google Map Stacking is all about creating an authoritative custom MAP using Google's property... This type of custom map add Geo Relevancy to Google My Business and help to boost local business ranking on Google Maps.)

-Google Properties (Youtube, Google Press, etc. pulls in eyeballs from Googles highest ranking sites; this also allows your videos to be ranked on Youtube, and sent out via Google Press and placed on Google Search)

-Citations (yellow page, super pages, etc. Add value to online searches)

-Review Management (review, reputation and referral mgt. improves Google Search, Google Maps, and Virally shares your best testimonials and offers with ideal prospects)

-Retargeting (pixel placed on your website to bring people back to your offer if the leave to soon)

Your Investment Today is Only $1800 down and only $1234/ per month. We should charge you more, however, once you see how much money were going to put in your hands, you'll want to go all the way with us and only us; DODM.


I don’t have a lot of money, and want to start making money right away, I know if I don’t get started quickly and get started right that I will fall further behind the competition than I am now, so I am adding-on this service to leverage my Google My Business Listing; with one of the 40 Profitable Local Niches listed below.

Chiropractor, Handyman, HVAC Company, Bankruptcy Attorney, Divorce Attorney, DUI Attorney, Moving Company, Tax Preparer, Wedding Photographer, Bookkeeper, Disc Jockey, Auto Repair, Day Care, Real Estate Agent, Roofing Company, Wedding Planner, Air Duct Cleaning Company, House Painter, Landscape Company, Limousine Service, Plumber, Carpet Cleaning, Computer Repair, Fence Company, Lawn Care, Veterinarian, Cleaning Service, Lawn Care, Pest Control, Solar Energy and Swimming Pool Builder, Home Security, Interior Design, Window Replacement, Financial Planner, General Contractor and Laser Hair Removal, Debt Repair, Home Improvement, Massage/Spa, Personal Chef and Personal Injury Attorney, Dentist, Funeral Home, Home Builder, Personal Trainer and Private School

Animation and Hand-drawn video is PROVEN to be the highest converting direct sales tool on the planet for driving lead generation phone calls and or for getting prospects to fill out those website email opt-in or quote lead fields. I know I need to start somewhere. This will serve as a starting point I can build on form there moving forward.

Here’s What You Get:


Ω Get Your Choice Of 1-Pre-Made Animation, Hand-Drawn or Camara Shot Video for a small fraction of what a video producer or studio charges

Ω  A Differential Checklist (lead magnet), That 

Ω  An Email Auto-Responder Sequence to capture leads who gets your lead magnet, to

Ω We will edit your choice of video format with your company name, phone, website and logo for your website and in addition we will also edit for social and provide instructions for posting to the primary social platforms.

Pre-Made Quality Videos for your website and or edited for social - onetime $399 each for Animation or Hand-drawn Style Videos and $499 each for Pre-made Camara Shot Videos.


Basic Websites (Non-eCommerce sites for Start-Ups or those just getting in the game without much to market with)

To learn more go to:

All Our Programs Includes “FREE” Web/Funnel Design along with Our Systematic Marketing Program

This is pay for high results performance agreement. Your return on investment depends on many variables; however, during our Strategy Session we will show you exactly your potential ROI based on the Digital Marketing Platform we feel will work best.

** Consultant may offer another plan if we feel a different type of funnel/strategy will work best, as for which Digital Marketing Platform we use, such as Customer Value Optimization (CVO), Buyer Intent Based Marketing (Quizzes), And Personal Branded Marketing Funnels for (Authority ). TBD during Strategy Session Consultation.

I enjoy marketing. This is what I do best, and it makes me very, very happy to see someone achieve financial success (and everything that comes with it) as a result of the help I give them.

Second of all, it’s how I attract top-level clients-ONLY. Here’s how that works:

Assuming you’re happy with the Strategy Session and you want me to keep implementing these types of plans for you all the time, you’ll probably want to continue working together long term so I can help you implement them, scaling you upwards a few levels continuously.

If this is the case, my “fee” is NOT negotiable; I'm transparent and it is listed above, many business owners run from my seemingly high prices not fully understanding the results or roi that my team and I bring. It is actually a small percentage of the revenues from what we'll create for you…but if you think about it, it really doesn’t “cost” you anything except for your monthly marketing investment.

And Here's Why?

Because I expect to make you much, much more than you pay me in the first 100 days to 6 months…and if we keep working together over the next 12 months, I’m confident I can 2, 5 or 10 x your business.