Is Your Branding Making You Money? (Branding Pt. 2)

If you’ve always thought your business is too small to “need a brand”…Here’s the reality: You already have a soft-brand identity right now in the form of a logo or U.S.P. of some sort. You have a brand whether you like it or not. It’s best to embrace it and find the best way to connect your brand with your target audience.”. The question is — are YOU controlling it, or are your customers creating it on their own? If you aren’t controlling it with great marketing, advertising, sales and publicity, then you are losing visibility, eye-balls and future profits. Not the “Mad Men” style of branding…Now please don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting your small business should use Madison Avenue style branding techniques like the Geico Gecko.

Expensive marketing campaigns like that can work for huge global brands like Coca-Cola or McDonalds, etc. But they can suck your small and mid-size business marketing budget dry in one giant gulp without giving you a single new customer. So what SHOULD you do? What you need is a more direct, straightforward approach. The ONLY kind of marketing a small business should be doing…Is called direct-response marketing and here’s why!

It is a really tough decision to spend money on something that wouldn’t directly generate leads. Branding is about building your reputation off and on-line.  It has huge benefits across everything …consider …your brand EVERYWHERE!

However, putting your brand before generating leads is why I go into just about any company and find areas where the company is losing money or leaving money on the table by focusing on non-cash producing activities. Direct Response Marketing is a PROVEN time-tested method of marketing that measures the results, outcomes, benefits and ROI of every ad spend. In other words, If you are not spending money, you are promoting something, but without a doubt, you are NOT marketing.

With direct response marketing, you can clearly measure which ads are profitable, and which ones suck, you simply keep the good stuff and toss the rest. Why, because your money is too precious to be wasting on ineffective marketing, don’t you think? Now all of this sounds pretty straightforward so far, but…What’s the connection with “branding” and “direct response”? Well…Every direct marketing campaign you run instills an image of your company, a soft-brand. Our brains are wired for branding. It allows us to quickly make decisions about whether to associate with a company or not.

So how do you instill the right image of your company? My image is the Gorilla, this is not expected on a business card so when prospects see it, it immediately stands out, disrupts their thoughts, gets attention and is completely understood as business owners can totally relate to it becoming or being the most dominate in their industry or niche. As CEO, IMS and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) here at DOMINATE or die Marketing I teach my Clients how to market and advertise using your unique stories combined with proven direct response techniques. In other words you brand is also apart of your overall messaging.

The result is a marketing strategy for your small business that does 2 important things:
1. Brings in new customers and boosts profits.
2. Simultaneously building your brand {reputation} with potential customers, even if they don’t buy from you right away.

When branding works, you become an “Influencer.” You no longer have to rely on advertising as much when you become the media of choice for your brand message.

This is what allows you to go from being an unknown financial nerd from a small coal mining town, into becoming America’s Personal Finance Advocate for Entrepreneurs…or a obscure natural practitioner to the most sought after doctor In America. And you can use them to increase your influence locally, nationally, or even globally if you want.

They work in any situation. But not only that, when you build an influential brand, one that has true value and worth, it becomes an tangible asset; in a start-up, most brands don’t have value, they are not worth anything, but all of a sudden, let your brand attract 20,000; 100,000; or a million plus followers, then someone want’s to invest in your BRAND, they want to reach your audience with their message, then their giving swag to wear, endorsing your services, promoting your products to their audience.

This folks is what it means to have a brand…and If you currently don’t have one, let me suggest that you focus, focus, focus on direct response marketing.

What my Coaching and Consulting Programs can do for YOUR business…Is Place Your BRAND EVERYWHERE Buy Showing You How To Out Market The Competition To Ultimately Build A Solid Brand.

When you put these simple marketing and advertising techniques into action in your own business, here’s what you get:
• Generate leads automatically, 24/7, and turn them into buying customers before they ever walk through your door or before they call you for service (and even without a costly sales team)
• Get all the referrals you ever need automatically and track the results of your referral marketing in real time
• Have your competition send you their top customers (the techniques I share is counter-intuitive, but boy, does it work)
• Discover the 3 biggest marketing LIES to avoid that kill small business profits (and why picking the wrong marketing firm can be deadly and why not having one is even deadlier)
• Learn why you must SHIFT your mind on business building activities , rather than continue on doing whatever it is that you do, and start “main stream” marketing as opposed to playing with social.
• Immediately boost your profits with a storytelling “framework” used by huge corporations (this works no matter what size your business is and doesn’t require any difficult writing skill)
• Build customer loyalty and repeat business like big companies do even if you’re on a shoestring marketing budget
• Quickly take control of your company’s brand image in 4 simple (and fun) steps

Why it’s a big mistake to avoid advertising or marketing; and to focus on branding first

Some small business owners don’t do any marketing at all. Some even feel they don’t need it or it costs too much or worse they hired someone who took advantage of them.


If you want to grow your business (and your profits) quickly…Or you don’t want to have to put in 80 hour weeks to make ends meet…

Or if you want to free up time to pursue other interests while your main business continues to provide steady income automatically.

Or if you need to scale your business quickly, this means you need to market it to the main stream market in order to reach more people, impact more live and rapidly profit and grow by adding more income streams.


Change You Must, Or Die You Will!

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