What Is Branding? (Branding Pt. 1)

The direct opposite of BRANDING or Brand Management is called DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING, sometimes its also known as direct response mail, you know, that junk mail that you got before the internet and that you still get today! You know the same type of mail that even Google and Facebook sends their potential clients. In other words why is it that 90% of the business owners that I consult with have money issues at their core are talking about branding rather than talking about getting a strategy to change their money issues? At the root of most business owner’s challenges is that they started their business off without enough marketing capital or capital in general, they made money and flossed it on the clothes, cars and eating out or they simply have a mental block about the correlation between business marketing and business financing.

First off if you grew up watching your family struggle financially, your business is going to struggle until you break free of your past and let go of the money that’s in your hands. When it comes to making money, what is stagnating most businesses, or causing feast and famine months are in direct correlation with the lack of clear focus on profit producing activities. At the end of the day most business owners are choosing to get the hook up when it comes to marketing, which means you’ll NEVER get the results that you are supposed to get to truly break free-QUICKLY.

So, Please STOP using catch phrases just because someone else make a word sound important, do not use words if you do NOT know their origin or current meaning. This kind of thinking is destroying businesses. Everywhere I go, business owners are talking about their BRAND, can you help me build my brand, I need brand marketing, I need to brand myself like Coca-Cola. But no one is talking about the direct opposite of branding because 95% of business owners don’t know anything about the other side of brand marketing. When I ask a business owner to define what branding is, give me the universal definition, I can never get the correct definition of branding which means, “mental recognition in the minds of the consumer”, in other words your client or customer recognizes your colors, logo, fonts, etc. some so-called local branding flukes will expound on this further to make it sound like they know what they are talking about, only to confuse you about what’s really important.

The problem here is this; The Gieko Gecko cost $30 freaking million dollars, 30 mill; yet some moron wants to convince you that you need branding to make it big with your company. Get this, the gecko was BRANDED in our minds all because we seen the commercials day in and day out, both night and day in magazines, on radio and television, even on our various devices. Do you have 30 mill, I know you don’t and until you get it don’t let me hear you ever mention the word Brand again. Furthermore, another thing that got you jacked up about branding is that your probably wearing someone’s brand who spend hundreds of thousands/millions to create, develop and market the brand that you are wearing. Again if you honestly do NOT understand the whole art and science of branding…keep your mouth shut, I know I’m harsh, but the TRUTH will give you freedom to make more money and impact more lives! And then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be ready to talk about a brand.

Let me fix your BRAND…I know it sounds like I don’t like branding, what I don’t like is the mis-leading branding information that is being disseminated that is moving your focus from where it really needs to be right now for most of you. Call for a 45-60 minute BRANDING Conversation, you’ll be surprised at what you might learn. 302-353-2542

DOMINATE or die Marketing CEO Bryant Vickers, aka The Market DOMINATOR™ is America’s Leading Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist; A Market and Competitive Researcher, Direct Response Copywriter, and Online Traffic, Conversion and Monetization Consultant; A Hidden Marketing Asset System Practitioner and The Author of the soon to be released book DOMINATE or die. Bryant helps business owners become the “Highest Paid”, most dominate market authorities in their niche specializations and market areas.