90-Day Fast Start/Core 4

"If You Have A Minimum Of $550 Per Month, For Just 90 Days To Invest In Your Marketing, I'll Show You How  To Turn It Into At Least $10,000 Of Additional Income Every Single Month, Let Me Show You How To Get In Front Of More High-Value, Repeat, Upsell and Referral Service, Retail or Restaurant Clients And Customers In A Single Month, Than Your Competitors Get All Year Long"

Stop searching for missing puzzle pieces, your Marketing should easily double, triple, or even quadruple Your Profits. If you feel like you should be more successful, making more money with greater ease than you are today. Are you unsure where to start when It comes to Marketing? You probably got started with a business card, brochures, referrals without a referral program, or free social media postings HOPING to get some calls or walk-ins.

You may be good at what you do, but just not so great at Marketing...does it frustrate you how difficult it is to get clients or customers in the door consistently. are you fed up competing on price? You can attract better, even higher-paying clients and customers.

Here's what I'm  Offering Today: 90-Day Fast Start --Core-4 New Business Development Plan

This unique program is guaranteed to put money in your pocket within 90 days and I'll Prove it by Lowering what I regularly charge for this service for a 90 day period.

After the completion of the marketing audit, we will help you to identify the four assets you have in your business that could be leveraged the quickest and the most profitably.

We will then spend one whole day with you helping you to set up a 90-day plan for optimizing those assets and generating a lot of new sales. During the 90 days, we will coach you through the plan and ensure that you see results that bring in leads and back-end revenue.

There are two plans that I can implement with your staff support: 

Basic Plan $550 for 90 Days/Includes:

HMA Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System (This Program Is Different From Our Done For You Option, This Is A Done With You Program where I help you develop top-level marketing right from the get go):

  • USP/Positioning (Here is where I SEPERATE and DIFFERENTIATE you from all your Competitors, I make you and or your Brand Stand out)
  • Database/Back-end ( Here is where I help you earn MORE MONEY and stop you from losing or leaving money on the table, also, here is where I save you money over time)
  • Referral Marketing (Here is where I )
  • Internet Marketing, and the Business Website (Here is where I)

Google Maps (Google My Business) Optimization Service: Includes:

We optimize your GMB listing

We will create, optimize your description, complete all available content, add all your services, add your product promotions, create booking/scheduling options, and ensure that the data is accurate.

We create, monitor, and respond to Questions & Answers

We will work with you to create an initial set of questions and answers and respond to any questions your potential customers have about your business. We do NOT respond to complaints but will show you how to keep most of your customers, by keeping complaints down.

We manage your GMB information for accuracy

In addition to optimizing your listing on Google, we will also make sure your company details are accurate on the rest of the Internet on places like Apple Maps and Bing and Citation Sites like Superpage.com, Yellowpages.com, and others.

We create relevant content via Google Posts right on your GMB Listing

Posts are like a social media post, short blog post, or advertisement served to your audience at the exact moment they’re ready to make a choice. Our US-based team will create a professionally written 80+ word post with a high-quality image every week for your listing.

We make it easy for you to add photos of your business to GMB

We’ll add one image per month, and our localPics system will send a text message to your location manager each week as a reminder to snap a photo and text it back. Your managers will never even need to login to Google or download an app!

We make it easy to get Citations that place your brand on directories that point back to you. We will add Citations, which are data points that Google extracts business data from Directories such as Yelp, Acxiom, Face book,  Merchant Circle, and more

So Tell Us: Includes Worlds Only Video Review App That Post Your Clients and Customers Video Reviews in Google Search, Google Maps, and hosts a Facebook feature to reach your client and customer average of 500 friends, Plus a referral feature that gives name, address and phone number of referrals. This is the only review App that also improves online reputation with 4 and 5-star reviews, lessor reviews never show up online.

** Must already have a well designed, high-converting website or landing page, if not we will have to build one for you for $799

Aggressive Plan $1500 for 90 Days/Includes:

All of the above listed in the Basic Plan, Plus...

x Davinci --$97 /M

x Content $60/ M

x Free Niche Video Plus Lead Magnet and Email Sequence

x Paid Facebook Ad w/ Pixels and landing page: Includes:

Small Business Package

Getting Started with a Limited Budget

$498/Month (add to Monthly Consulting/Management Fee)
  • Conversion-Focused Facebook Ad Management – Specifically designed to generate leads or sales
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Ad Creative & Messaging Development
  • Ad Budgets up to $2000/month
  • One-time $200 setup fee includes pixel installation on the website


** Must already have a well designed, high-converting website or landing page, if not we will have to build one for you for $799

Your fee for the 90 Day Fast Start - New Business Development Program includes the complete marketing audit and customized marketing system. Again the fee depends on the size and complexity of your business, however, we are offering the program for Only $599 per month for the first 90 days for our Basic Plan; then as listed below while under the agreement to prove just how crazy I am for putting my mouth where my money is. If I don't nearly double your income in 90 days, I'll keep working at $599 until you do, then we will continue at the regular fees listed below and if I was to give poor results, which I would be out of business if I did, your No-Risk Guarantee - If after the completion of the 90 Day Program you have not generated enough additional profit from the program to self-liquidate the fees you have paid for the program, then DODM  will continue to work for you at No Charge until you do while still utilizing the Hidden Marketing Assets Fast Path To Rapid Cash Growth System!

Introductory Rate--Only $599 Basic Plan or $799 Aggressive Plan per month for the first 90 days, then as follows below after I have proved myself!

Under $1 million in sales………………………………………………..... $1,795 monthly

$1 million - $3 million in sales………………………………………….. $2,699 monthly

$3 million - $5 million in sales…………………………………………. $3,899 monthly

Over $5 million in sales………………………………………………….... $4,595 monthly

 (The audit fee is paid after the audit, the balance is paid at the beginning of the 90 Day Fast Start)

(Any incidental charges such as design, printing, mailing, advertising production, sales support, etc. are not included in this fee and will be paid by the client over and above the consulting fees.)


This is a No-Risk Guarantee!


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