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Are you looking for an engaging, energizing, entertaining and educational speaker for your next meeting, event or seminar?

Do you want someone who can deliver more than just the usual fluff, theory, anecdotes and platitudes? Do you want your audience members to go home with battle-tested, actionable, real-world takeaways they can put to use immediately?

If so, then Bryant Vickers is the speaker you’ve been looking for!

With years of professional marketing, sales and advertising experience, Bryant is a sought-after speaker who has addressed various audiences of thousands with his DOMINATE or die MESSAGE.

Keynote Speaking, Fireside Chats, Interviews, 2 Hours of Problem Solving Hot Seats With Q&A, And Opportunity Mining Clinics With Participants.

Bryant’s talks have consistently been rated the top talk of every event as he strives to deliver the most value per minute than any other speaker. Bryant also tailors each talk and presentation to the needs of your particular group or audience. And...

Podcasts/Webinars/Digital Training

Have a podcast, a summit, a retreat, or other digital platform with an audience where you need captivating yet actionable content? Having been on hundreds of podcasts, webinars, digital interviews and training's to date, Bryant is a guest that makes audiences want more and hosts look like a superstar.

I'm Available for Keynote Speaking, Q&A, Hot Seats, Fireside Chats, Interviews and More

My talks have consistently been rated the top talk of every event as I strive to deliver the most value per minute than any other speaker. As a matter of fact within the first hour your audience will receive 30 solid usable nuggets.

I tailor each talk and presentation to the needs of your particular group or audience.

Here's Everything You Need For A Great Business Building Event:

Bryant's Media                                             Live HMA Workshop                                          Bryant's Books

Hi-Res Photo                                                                                                                                              Dominate or Die/Feb 2019

Top 10 Ways To DOMINATE In Business                                                                                               Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide

Speaker Intro                                                                                                                                              Double Your Profits

Speaker Evaluation                                                                                                                                     The Money Is In The Back-End

Speaker Agreement                                                                                                                                    Book Covers

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With social getting super noisy, I wanted to create my own VIP messaging community called DOMINATOR VIP  in order to give you first access to giveaways, and my most important stuff. The quickest way to for me to connect with you and for you to have access to me is for you to JOIN me on Facebook Messenger below; I'll text you soon!


Bryant’s Most Popular Topics Include:

  1. Back-End Money Making Opportunities. I show businesses how to add more profit streams to leverage their profit making potential, lower ad costs or increase conversions, increase repeat, lost and referral business in addition to tracking specific marketing actions for improved results and proven ROI.
  2. Referral Marketing On Steroids. I show businesses just how “uncomfortable” making referrals are for most people and how to consistently get a 100% -300% increase in referrals simple by having a “Referral Program” that makes giving referrals easy while replacing the old school word-of-mouth with an updated and trackable model for the 21st century.
  3. Advanced Traffic and Lead Generation Strategies. I show business owners why they have digital “Shiny Object Syndrome” and how to replace it with CTPM which allows them to amass consistent online profits using one of four different online lead generation and high converting business building models. This includes showing business owners how to track their marketing results in real time online and offline as well as creation of additional online profit streams.
  4. Paper, Ink, Money and Magic. I show businesses how to write better performing ads and web pages, how to get better ad placement in media and why they need to increase ad budget and when to cut it (how to save money). The most important piece to this training is called Direct Mail 3.0 This is where I show business owners why using direct mail is an important asset to include in your online and offline marketing, and why they need to truly understand the difference between Direct Response and Brand Marketing.

And my most popular training program...

The HMA Business Development Program

Do you have a list of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who are earning or desire to earn $100,000 to $5,000,000 annually? We have the perfect opportunity for you to Partner with DOMINATE Or Die Marketing (DODM).

Local Chambers of Commerce, Industry Trade Associations, Merchant Associations, Banks, Business Lawyers, Accountants, Meeting Spaces/Planners, Business Incubators, Colleges and Universities, Religious Organizations: Here’s an opportunity to raise additional funding for anything you want or to create a larger marketing budget for greater Community Marketing Efforts, as we propose a 40% split proposition for you to host a Group “Lunch Learn” Seminar at your location providing lunch for 25-100 people per event. Our training is 3 hours long for the complete core four and big four lessons; we break 45 minutes for lunch at 12pm, and then continue towards the completion of our training day.

All registrations and enrollments will be 30 days prior to training; the host facility must promote our program aggressively to their list via email, social/online, phone, snail mail and or in-house and have a minimum of 25 pre-registrants and accommodating lunch. Max attendance per event is 100.  Sign-in will be at 9:15 (45 minutes before training promptly starts 10 am).

Training times are approximately 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday Mornings. 

Group tuition is only $999 per attendee for the complete HMA Systems course that includes all 8 Physical Book Lessons. A savings of $3998 off the DODM Group  coaching price. 

Host Facility Will Get:

  • Opportunity to earn 40% of total event revenue; we offer transparent Paypal tracking.
  • Opportunity to earn an estimated $10,000 plus per event, which you can host as many times as you desire per year with a minimum of 25-100 attendees. 
  • Opportunity to promote our High Level Resources as a DODM Affiliate to your members keeping 100% of the profits. Hint: this will help create additional marketing dollars for your organization in addition to hosting our group events.
  • Opportunity to also earn 10%-20% upfront referral commission on anyone from event who hires DODM as a consultant, coach, digital marketer, automation  or funding specialist within 90 days of each event.
  • Opportunity to GROW your organizations Membership through in-person and virtual events that are aimed at growing your audience businesses.

Download our Group Coaching Packet Here.

It Contains, contract, enrollment info, flyer for your audience, and how to register for event. Then once you fax or email contract, I'll call you to go over everything so that it will be a smooth transition.

Travel and Expenses Are Not Included  in Speaker fees— If outside the state of North Carolina, Travel, Meals and Expenses apply to host percentage.


I request the following to help me make a great presentation:

  • wireless lapel or headset mic or option to use my own
  • lectern
  • house lights up
  • first row of seating as close as possible to the stage
  • a sound check at the break before his speech

Speaking Fees (Speaking engagements in the USA Only):

  • Half-day seminar $10,500 (up to 4 hours)
  • Full-day seminar $25,500 (up to 8 hours)
  • HMA Business Development Workshop $999 per attendee (3-hour lunch and learn)

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