FACT ONE: 95 Out Of 100 Businesses Don’t Come Anywhere Close To Making As Much Money As They Could And Should!

FACT TWO: To Start Cashing In On These Additional Sales And Profits That We Immediately Provide, All It Takes Is A Fresh, New Mindset And Approach To Marketing, Advertising And Sales; And That's What You’ll Get From This Promotional Offer.

“Way Too Many Business Owners Are Stuck Working "In" Their Businesses And Are Not Working "On" Them Nearly As Much As They Really Need To Or Think They Are, The End Result Of This Is That Way To Many Business Owners Are Either Under Marketed And Or Under Capitalized...Many Times Unknowingly!"


WARNING! This web page will enlighten some of you and upset others, it's ok, the help that you need is here, just continue reading till the end and the answers you need will magically appear, that’s my promise. As I am speaking directly to four vary different types of individuals who all has had varied personally experiences. I have the same questions for all of  you…how well have you researched your competition, your market and worked to make continued improvements to every major area of your business and how often do you monitor, tract, test and update your research?

While you think on the above for moment, I will show you how I employ "The Hidden Marketing Asset System" For Health/Fitness Professionals, Coaches/ Consultants, Expert Authorities, Speakers, E-commerce/Info Product Developers, Local Main Street Business Leaders and Six or Seven-Figure Corporate Employees Who Desire To Start Their Own Business in order to Add Crazy Profits, Rapid Growth And Real Time Freedom While Building A Secure Long-Term $10,000 to $100,000 Per Month Revenue-Based Business That Is both Sustainable and Retire-able!"

And retirement is not what you think!

I Will Help You Create A Legacy For Your Family In The Most Logical And Secure Way, And That’s By Helping You Create A Bigger Vision For Your Company, While Simplifying Your Workload And By Helping You Raise Capital To Quickly Increase And Speed Up Necessary Cash Flow!” 

You’ll Learn by working with me how My Team and I Dominate business owners markets and competitors with TODAYS real world research and marketing examples that do NOT come from the playbooks of the 1980’s and 1990’s that 80% of Stagnate and 15% of Feast and Famine Businesses are STILL using. 

Today is your chance to learn the exact secrets of the TOP 5% -1% of business owners, what they know and do, that you don't, will change your life forever, I'll tell you this, it's not about how much money you make, it's about how you LEVERAGE the money for even more money! How do I know your under-marketed and or under-capitalized, because, the mere fact that I have already checked you out online or seen one of your advertisements lets me further know this; which both presents a major problem for you and your family inheritance and legacy right out the gate, because you should never lose money or leave money on the table in business, ever; and I would like to show you how to permanently fix this problem by putting that money back into your pocket for greater results and ROI. 

The content on this page WILL make you reTHINK what you’re doing in your business, READ every word. I PROMISE It Will Change Your Business and Life! The right questions can spur your subconscious mind to feed you the right answers for business and life, by really digging in to the below content and or taking me up on my offer below your subconscious mind will change and consciously become clearer than ever before, resulting in more of what you truly want in your business and life. . .

This page is designed to help you; you most likely fit one of the four personality's types or situations below that needs to be fixed: 

  • The Newbie – You know or recognize immediately, that you want and need the help, you’re not exactly sure how we can help you because all this stuff is new to you or confusing, we really need to talk so I can show you what it will do it for you. I'll show you a basic, entry-level start-up solution to get you off the ground running in the right direction. You may need to challenge you reluctance to invest in yourself!
  • Intermediate — You're a second-time buyer of marketing, advertising or sales solutions; you have gotten some results and your still open-minded and receptive to marketing, looking for more features, functions and capabilities. This service alone will answer most of your questions and give you the resources needed to quickly go to the next level.  
  • Jaded — You heard all the claims and tested several coaches, services, or products. Bought into the dream and failed to get the promised results. You no longer believe the promises and may have accepted that you cannot be helped because now you have fear or trust issues. But the desire to do more, be more and have more never fades. The dissatisfaction builds up, month after month. Secretly, perhaps even unconsciously, you hope something different will pop up. A new way to satisfy an age old desire. This is especially the opportunity that you need to get clarity and focus if your only willing to put in the work to try something different. Or you have risk, trust, or fear issues that must be addressed or you have an issue with investing in your personal development and ultimately your business growth!
  • Advanced — You are the power marketer, the true entrepreneur, the next level business owner. You are someone who has bought competing services and seen some results. You are acutely aware of your challenges and the limitations of your existing solutions, and looking for more. Well, your search has ended; get a second opinion and a new fresh perspective on any of your next level scalability or wealth challenges, let us show you how to highly leverage your company beyond your current position.

Many of you have read many management books and self help books; but very few marketing books on increasing profits, growing your business and creating true time-freedom, after all many of these types of books are not even sold in Barnes and Noble due to poor readership... but at the end of the day, isn't this what you want most, Profits, Growth and Time-Freedom? What was the last $30 book or $500 course on marketing that you've read or took within the last 3 months...I'll wait for your answer! What was the last marketing event you went to and invested in that cost you $1000, $2500, $5000, or $25,000 to attend, I'll wait for the answer on how much you are willing to invest in yourself to build real marketable skills!

You know about the Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, Positive Thinking, and every system designed to push you through challenges, limitations and motivations to become your best self. Being your best self,  studying leadership or being a leader is great, but these things does not translate into real marketable skills, they are personal skills. Even many university graduates skills are still not up to date as their education was based on things from 3-10 years past, not present day and certainly not future trends. So, many business owners are running on old outdated information and have never took the time to do a deep dive research project that's far more than the preliminary business planning research that only a hand full of business owners ever complete.

You may be stuck needing solid business building answers, but either you’re way to comfortable doing things the way you always have or just reluctant to paying for help.  You are already a motivated and ambitious business owner or you are an expert that understands the importance of mastering your mind. Yet, still, too many business owners are RUNNING on a continued hamster wheel, because some of you are focusing on just making a decent living, paying some bills and are not focused on building real high-end profits or wealth, yet for those of you who are focused on profits and true wealth creation, many of you have failed to complete all the steps leaving holes in your business because you are only focused on the funnel and not the bucket and if you don't immediately understand the terminology I just used, then your truly behind. If you want off the hamster wheel, this may be the opportunity that you've been looking for; as I will reveal specific steps that you personally need to take below. 

You may have a 5 or 6 figure business right now and think all is well, but is it really? Keep in mind, that most business owners are not earning the median income for their business according to industry standards. Yet, if you’re a dentist who specialize in selling Invisalign Braces at $12,000 a pop, you will obtain more income than the Therapist who average client pays them $140 per visit, unless the Therapist marketing far out performs that of the Dentist to make the therapist far more wealthy exponentially year after year which would mean that the therapist has an aggressive determination rather than a passive stance! 

Too many business owners stumbled into a great income by accident simply by choosing a high paying profession or commissioned field, yet are unaware that this is NOT conscious growth and that they can never achieve conscious growth by having a passive mind or implementing passive marketing strategies!

Why, even Renegade Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires turn into cowed, cowardly, creatively constipated, compromised, conformists - their passivity literally killing the primal energy that raised them up in the first place which came from an bold and aggressive stance to bring change to the industry or marketplace, in order to make a name for themselves. 

And, even "successful" entrepreneurs with big incomes can be softened, weakened, and confused. Just because you are banking big profits now is absolutely NO guarantee it continues if your business is not built right from the very onset. Don't believe me, remember Google Panda and Penguin, putting your trust in this made people lose money when they were making money, this is why diversification in your marketing efforts is so important.

But not only that, believe me when I tell you; everything is always up for revision, especially if you ever get really sick or have a family member face an illness like cancer...what would happen to your successful business then?

This is critical, the most critical skills are Marketable Skills, sales is a very important part of those skills, but it's not the only skill, and never should be over or under utilized; as business building truly require multiple marketable skills, and I want to show you the most important marketing skills in order to quickly and dramatically increase your profits, growth and time-freedom.

For sales people, selling is important, but it’s not marketing; One of the most common questions I hear from salespeople everywhere is “how can I make more money?” It's a concern shared by most business owners and salespeople alike. 

You'll notice I said most salespeople, but certainly not all. There is a small elite group whose earnings go up every year despite anything the economy throws at them because they have learned how to market and sale their products and services as opposed to just selling. 

If you're one of these TOP Sales Performers then you know exactly what I'm talking about. But if you're not and would like to be, then I have something I think you'll be very interested in. 

Here's the thing. Some of you do not even realize you are in sales, but you'd be surprised to learn that whatever your job or business is there is some selling involved-even subtle sales tactics that you may not even be aware of, even for doctors who really don’t consider their selves sales people. But, on the other hand there are what I call consummate sales professionals. 

Consider this if you will: If you've ever applied for a job, been married, went out on a date, raised your kids, started a business, had a garage sale, waited on tables or done any of a thousand other things…you were involved in sales. 

It's an unavoidable fact of life. To get what you want in life you either have to sell yourself (in the case of a job or a date etc.) or you have to sell a product or service. You’ve spent most of your life selling one thing or another, however, what you are most likely failing to do is properly grow your business; see the problem is that many business owners who are currently engaged in sales incorrectly think that growing sales reps or affiliates are growing the business when in fact it can grow sales, but in actuality that is NOT growing the business, because in reality, in order to grow the business you have to use growth levers, meaning more than 2 ways to generate and secure more income that allows you to quickly scale up the business and invest for wealth creation, meaning investing where and how the uber wealthy invest and not where and how the general market invests.

There is, in fact a primal energy that makes an individual stand out from the crowd, magnetically attracting favorable attention and cooperation and opportunity, facilitating necessary influence and stoke of confidence and creativity.

There is, in fact a primal energy that makes business rise, shine, thrive; powerful against all competitive and opposing forces, attractive to customers and clients.

This energy emanates outward from its center and, in a closed loop or "boomerang effect" brings power to the business owner and business. This is the secret of the power of the Marketers Mindset that explains why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results, one just gets by and the other blows the doors off the competition and dominates there market area as the clear leader in their flied or niche.

However, many millionaires and successful business owners face malignancies that can be alertly and militantly fought off, and prevented. They can even provide competitive advantage, if you find them in your competitors and exploit them. But first you must be made aware of what they are and that's where my team and I come in; we look for the holes in every area of your business and mental blocks that prohibit you from maximizing your result or roi. We help you fill up the funnel and plug up the holes in the bucket so that there are no more leaks, that way you increase profits, growth and have the time freedom that you seek from building a sustainable business model and better retirement.

Let me explain what retirement is and is not; for top entrepreneurs, they retire into their businesses. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, etc,. Are all wealthy and retired, they never have to work again if they really don’t want to, however, they all still work!

The idea is that they all understand the following that most business owners don’t:

They didn’t strive for Financial Independence, which is an illusion of sitting on the beach and drinking whatever or relaxing with your soul mate.

When the reality hits you in 30-45 days that you’re bored out your mind and that you are about to go crazy because you were never created to be lazy, but created to create and continue to bring good into the world. This is why this image, is only a part of your super imagination, you can enjoy this from time to time, but for the rest of your life…forget about it!

What they did strive for was Financial Confidence instead which came from continuing to work on their businesses, not in them!

They all set up the greatest retirement plans ever; they stopped chasing the illusion of passive income. In school we all learned to be employees, corporations designed our school systems so that they would always have a hiring pool, but in the process they taught us passivity, and we brought that mindset into our businesses. And that’s how stagnant and feast and famine businesses are actually ran, passively. This is why when I ask business owners, if you were to ever get really sick or have a family member with cancer, how would that impact your business? Most tell me they would quickly be out of business…all because they built it passively; yet the real business builders build their businesses in such a way that if something were to ever happen, there business would not only continue to operate, but it would also continue to pay them or their families.

We are all working to actually actively retire some day, however, the goal of wealth generators is not greed for most  of them as poor people mistakenly thank, but continued creation which comes not from a passive mindset, but from an aggressive one that understands this fundamental fact:


Meaning that the 5% and 1% are all building the foundation correctly that includes the 3 steps to wealth creation;  The inherite goal is amassing the most from the lifetime of your business from creating



1. Income Generation (most businesses do NOT go beyond this point-they build passive income)-(too many businesses stay stagnant for years, this is the 80%).

2. Growth Levers (most business do this in an ineffective manor as they only rely on one or two pillars, thus creating feast and famine from a slow growth business model as opposed to a fast growth business model, this is the 15% )

3. Wealth Creation (the 5% to the 1% all focus their attention here; the question they have all asked their selves was how can I leverage my business in such a way that It grows quickly, builds sustainability and a better retirement regardless of how much passive income that was actually generated over the longest duration of time).

Now honestly answer these questions that may be roaming around in your head; is it painful as a solopreneur to operate without the help and support you know you need while trying desperately to manage all the hats or even working with your small team, where you still feel like you are wearing to many hats, doing everything, do you feel like you've created a job or hobby for yourself rather than that ideal profitable business, do you feel like everything is centered around you, clients only want to see you and not your trained staff, do you grudgingly micro manage and pretend to be ok with seeing people that could have been seen by your staff. Are you being busy just for the sake of being busy which in reality gives a sense of accomplishment when you know that you really have not achieved what you truly wanted in terms of your profit goals, growth or time-freedom. 

Why have you not increased your profits in years-most likely afraid that you'll lose clients or patients or you make the mistake of offering your valuable services for peanuts. Your company has not grown in terms market saturation where you and or your company is known everywhere, your brand is not seen everywhere; so, you really don't exist, except in your mind...therefore the world can't find and connect with you in a big way because you only use old school sales tactics or word of mouth marketing, which means you are continuing to hide from the stage of life, dragging your feet and making excuses for limiting your own desire.

You haven't figured out how to best schedule time with family, friends or to work on the projects you love, because you work crazy hours or because the somewhat normal hours that you have still have not helped to change your current situation because of your perfection and or the long decision making process to implement needed changes or your shear reluctance to change all together due in part to fear, trust issues or the reluctance to spend on marketing every month consistently.

Some of you are feeling unworthy, letting doubt sabotage your dreams, fear of failure, looking for a simple solution, when the only solution is doing the hard work first and enjoying the fruits of your hard work later. All that motivation, networking, camaraderie, and RAH, RAH stuff is based on emotion, emotions change from day to day, they are unreliable and not long lasting, this is why it has taken you so long to really get what you’re looking for, you are missing a plan that is void of emotion, a plan that is filled with business building logic, sustainability and real wealth creation. You need help getting unstuck!

The challenge is that you don't have the right multi- six or seven figure business model in place while you’re trying to manage the over head and people who may not live up to your standards...or you unknowingly failed to set the right standards in the first place and or maintain them, the so-called little things that you or your staff doesn't want to do or deal with or are neglecting is building up momentum against you and time and money is being wasted and or lost simply because you are only doing part of the necessary tasks to grow your business!

I've created a better business building model; Well I didn’t actually create it, I just improved upon it. How do I know for sure that it's more powerful than what you’re currently doing now and that it will work for you? Because I would have never introduced you to this page without first checking you out online and or offline or being in a online group and finding holes in your marketing that are LEAKING that could be patched up or finding a poor funnel design or marketing behind it. Also, after over 30 years, there are some common things that I've learnt that nearly all business owners face from time to time. Not to mention that I’m introducing you to a PROVEN Program.

I Would Like To Personally Mentor You For Just 2-Hours; You Are Most Likely Working Way Too Hard In Your Business Or Not Doing Nearly Enough In The Most Critical Areas, This Is Why I Want To Walk You Through The EXACT Game Plan My Clients Have Used To Build High 6 and 7 Figure Health Practices, Fitness Businesses, Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Info-Product Businesses and Local Service Businesses.

Dear Friend, if you are on this web page right now, then you most likely received a link in an email or on social media directing you to this page and you probably want one of these 3 things to happen in your business and or in your personal life…

  • You want to get more pre-qualified, pre-educated, and pre-sold leads flowing into your business. You want to have a larger list of people who immediately recognize the value in what you do, and therefore want to spend money with you consistently every month and you want them to systematically tell their friends. 


  • You want your products and services to command premium prices. You want to make sales for $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more every month! You want clients who are interested in paying you larger amounts of money and you want it to happen consistently, every month like clockwork.


  • You’re working too hard, possibly still trading time for dollars rather than trading value for high-end sales. You want to streamline your business so that it runs with systems, processes and procedures in place, so it's highly leveraged. You want a sales funnel that does the selling beforehand, again pre-qualifying everyone before you ever speak to someone and waste your time and you don’t want to have to work one-on-one with clients or patients again; therefore, you’re ready to build your team and automation in a way so you can spend more time living the dream, spending more time with friends, family or on projects that you enjoy because you have true time freedom…whatever that is for you. All derived from reaching large groups of prospects. If any of the above sounds like you, then I’ve got something that can really help you.

If you are a Health/Fitness Provider, my research model will help to get you out of feeling overwhelmed, especially with having to be Hippa compliant, or being controlled by  insurance company tactics, you'll learn why having more high-end cash patients vs low-end insurance based patients is better for you long-term and you'll learn how to make the transition. You'll learn how to spread your business everywhere online per location, not just showing your low-converting website and also since the future is now, voice is the most popular online, phone and home feature, so, making sure that your information is on all forms of artificial intelligence.

Voice search is here. Is your business ready?

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana. These intelligent services have become household names, with 71% of people now using voice search for common tasks. The use of voice-enabled speakers will rise 130% by 2019, and it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice or image by 2020. These trends are already creating a seismic shift in how consumers find information about your brand. Are you ready?

But not only that, to really get beyond the health industry challenges of today, you must become the local market industry disruptor and not be disrupted, and in order to do so you must be found in the 70 plus directory/review sites in which 94% of patients and clients would consider another doctor or fitness provider over you if they had significantly more favorable reviews as 47% of potential patients or clients would travel out of network or out of town to someone who has similar qualifications. An increase in reviews can be added past a low 3.1, as 7.0 is ideal and bad reviews can be properly handled. No reviews = slow or no new patients or clients; Bad reviews = your finished if Hippa finds them. For you doctors or fitness professionals who are wondering why everything is coming down to reviews or what people specifically have to say about you? It's because people have been sold the wrong things for way to long and they are researching the web, getting answers and waking up! Fitness, Insurance and Pills does NOT replace good HEALTH!

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND ON-GOING MAINTENANCE is the conversation that is not being sold correctly by most!!! So, at the end of the day people are looking more and more for a trusted specialist who can FIX their health and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not just any fitness person, insurance sales person in a white coat or another pill pusher...sorry to be so blunt. But in other words, you have to sell your "health" standards above everything else in order to separate yourself from the pack!

Today, more than ever, for health care providers and fitness professionals, you must understand that search has changed a lot for everyone, to increase your profits and/or cut your workload in half while gaining more substantial income you'll have to STOP showing yourself as the generalist with a information website that's full of bullets of what you do and become the specialist that provides solutions to patients or clients specific problems, doing more group programs, speaking and or changing how you offer and package protocols or products will help most. 

If you’re a coach, consultant or speaker, my research model will help you increase your fees by up to 1000% while having your clients thank you for it, and make it so you’ll never have to work one-on-one with clients again unless you choose to…and help structure your business so you’re only working with clients who energize and inspire you. I'll help you create or improve the TRIANGLE effect of becoming a "BEST Selling Author," Getting Speaking gigs to reach the masses and selling your High-End Coaching or Consulting Programs or Packages while also garnering media attention to gain notoriety and position you as a leader in your field. Note: this concept also works for health care providers and fitness professionals too.

And if you’re a Local Service Provider, such as a Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Realtor, Plumber, Builder, Contractor, Auto Shop, Carpet Cleaner, Lawyer, ND, Lacs, Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner or Therapist then my research model will help you command premium prices if you’re not already doing so, have clients chasing you over your competitors…while creating a waiting list for your services by turning you or your business into the local expert authority by using variations of the above principles to create both a local and virtual business model with our style of market DOMINATION. 

So, I would like to get you on a Strategy Session with me to discuss your current business model, your business goals, your strengths, and the lifestyle you want. Then I will personally lay out a plan to help you do ANY or ALL of the 3 things I mentioned above and to smash your goals with our Strategy Session, Business Critique and Marketing Audit while leaving you with a custom-tailored Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.) to take action on. You’ve spent years working in your business; let me help you work on it!

I’m excited that you made it here to this part of this page; you kept reading when most people would have quit by now! Though there's a lot more content on this page, it may mean that you're ready to explore how my exceptional team can become your exceptional team and support you in bringing more of your vision to the marketplace. I have over 20 years in offline marketing and 10 years in online marketing experience. I have 4 Marketing Related Services that I offer that are unlike anything that you’re familiar with, however, my goal today in directing you to this page is not to sell you on how great my programs are, but to learn about your business and to share information that can help you QUICKLY achieve more of your goals, so here's what I would like you to do...

Enroll In My "Double Your Net Profits In the Next 90 Days to 12 Months" Strategy Session.


I will increase your business by 25% – 100% Growth and or Add $10,000 – $100,000 in Monthly Profits. We are experienced at getting 2, 5, even 10 times your current profits within 90 days to 12 months — GUARANTEED!

You'll discover how implementing our Hidden Marketing Asset System, multi-pillar approach, through our Done-For-You Marketing Consulting Execution, Coaching, Digital Marketing and or Automation Marketing Programs will increase your business PROFITS and help your business GROW in dynamic ways that you never ever realized or heard of before—GUARANTEED! 

Yes, Again, I said GUARANTEED! But, not only that, below you will also learn how I help to solve cash flow issues for good!


You’ll simply have a 2 hour in-person or online/phone Strategy Session with me, this is where I get to learn exactly where your business, marketing, advertising and sales strengths and weaknesses are. This is also where I get to prove my knowledge and experience to you; it's your chance to pick my brains and more. It's also where I get to show you how to quickly get the results that you desire most, especially without necessarily spending more money on marketing, advertising or sales - than what you are currently spending now considering you have a competitive budget that you invest every month.

Two weeks after the Strategy Session, I'll give you back a Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.). You can take the M.A.P. and implement it yourself, give to another marketer or hire my team and I to execute it for you. Either way, you'll have a proven executable plan that has worked in nearly every industry or niche, including yours.

Your M.A.P. will also include the most detailed Business Critique and Marketing Audit of your business, thereby giving you all the details you need to make better decisions and on-point executions in vital areas of your business adding to your growth goals.


HERE’S WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU…You Will Get My Strategy Session where I'll uncover many hidden marketing assets or overlooked opportunities in your business that quickly leads directly to maximum profits, growth and time-freedom. And that's just the beginning... 

+ 8 HMA Marketing Coaching Booklets

(This is a Limited-Time Bonus Offer and Savings of $4000 off of the original price). This program is designed to teach what the 5% -1% of the most successful business owners are doing through the implementation of a highly -leveraged Multi-Pillar Marketing Campaign; that the 80% of stagnant and 15% of feast and famine businesses are not doing well. I do provide actual One-One Coaching and Accountability which is not Included with this offer, however, if desired, ASK and I will make you a very special proposition.  See detailed info and regular pricing here at the below link:  

+ Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

Which Is A Simple Detailed Step By Step Guide Explaining Exactly What You Need To Do Differently Regarding Mindset, Marketing, Advertising, Sales And Other Business Areas. The Plan Is A Simplified Marketing Plan That Also Includes Various Tools, Resources, Contacts And More.

+ A Business Critique And Marketing Audit

That Consists Of Everything You Need To Apply To Your Business For Added Profits, Growth, And Time Freedom In Terms Of Analytics, Cashflow, Funding, Resources And More. And Don't Forget, You Even Get A $799 Website Analysis, Which Costs Nearly As Much As This Entire Offer Alone!!!

  1. Website Conversion Audit. Typically, website audits look at traffic and not conversions; therefore, as traffic costs rise, a focus on conversions looks at keeping costs down over time while increasing sales. Most website audits cost $799 to $1500. Compare the value of this total offer to the numbers above and you'll  quickly realize that this offer is a STEAL!!!
  2. Traffic and Lead Generation Audit. Today just knowing who your top three-five competitors are is not enough; you need to know their exact seo, facebook, instagram and other campaigns; You must learn how to duplicate them and then scale up to leapfrog them. As digital marketing costs rise, you cannot rely on just one or two lead sources anymore; you must use a multi-pillar digital marketing plan that focuses on improving conversions while quickly scaling up your business over time.
  3. Targeted Customer, Client or Patient Avatar. Not everyone is your ideal client, customer or patient; properly targeting the right person or disqualifying the wrong person will help attract more high-paying people who are in alignment with your vision to serve or transform their lives with your service, coaching, speaking or other.
  4. Packaging and Programming Development. People buy or don’t buy for various reasons; primarily there are two types of buyers: discount shoppers and value-added shoppers. We help you serve value-added buyers first and discount shopper lasts, not the other way around, simply because too many discount shoppers will keep you broke, stagnant or in feast and famine mode more often than not. Too many business owners continue to sell services, because they don't know how to change what they are doing and they don't realize that by creating packages or programs they will increase sales.
  5. Ad Copy Critique. There are 8 Conversion Triggers to writing any successful website page, online content or offline advertisement and most business owners fail to use them to their full advantage. Your message is more important than targeting your ideal client, customer or patient and more important than your media choices as well; let me show you why and how to put it all together the right way, including how to best structure a powerful offer.
  6. Automation Critique. Today, automation systems are all the rage, but many business owners lack proper information on all the major advances in this type of tracking technology, there's also a lack in proper training, and/or done-for-you implementation to manage workflows, email databases, and marketing automation in order to quickly grow their business. This is a dynamic that business owners should not be without; after all, a list of only 1500 clients, customers or patients who pay just $99 per month is $148,500 per month!
  7. Back-End Profit Center Critique. Being a doer of what you do is so limiting, but being truly entrepreneurially minded means that you also look at creative ways to add more profits, growth, and ways to fund your advertising efforts. I’ll show you how to create and leverage passive and or residual profit streams in your current business model without you necessarily having to spend a lot of money making the transition or marketing of the new streams. I'll help you create a "Funded Proposal" to creatively finance the cost of advertising."
  8. Cash flow, Loans, Business Credit and Merchant Critique. First, I must offer a DISCLAIMER: This program is NOT in any way a part of my marketing program; therefore, the cost of this offer is only associated with marketing, advertising and sales-related functions. This program, which is represented by an 3rd party independent company, is offered separately from DODM services and may incur additional costs. Bryant Vickers/DODM is providing this information as an independent sales rep for the aforementioned independent company. I will show you creative cash flow and financing options that banks may not provide; such as lines of credit, loans of any size, business credit, equipment and real estate financing, merchant services and more.
  9. Places to find Speaking Engagements for your niche and where to find Coaching Clients eBooks and Templates to Fill Your Events. I will provide simple information, resources and templates to get you moving in the right direction, earning what you are worth and getting booked, and even information on how to write and promote your own “Best Selling” Book; a book trumps any business card!!!
  10. Get Access to Big Data Analytics and Tracking Services To Be Able to Prove Every Result and ROI For Maximum Profits. If you are not tracking and proving every result and/or ROI, quite frankly, you are losing money or leaving money on the table that you are unaware of…let me help you patch up those holes so you are able to have more, do more and live more now and in retirement! We will open up a treasure trove of business contacts, resources and information worth thousands of dollars to help you further develop your business and reach your goals with our data mining tools and connections.

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My Strategy Session and all its great benefits is Limited to only to 3 clients per week! 

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