Referrals On Steroids

I cannot talk about Referrals without first talking about Client Retention. You spend money or time on Client Acquisition (Advertising to get Clients) sometimes marketing or pretending to market... simply wasting time on Face book, Twitter and other Social Networks trying to attract new Clients without spending on their Ad Platforms. However, the Clients trickle in slowly for most companies and massively for others, yet both never realize that they have a “LEAKY BUCKET” and if they do, they try to fix it with duck tape or make excuses for never fixing the real problem at all!

The real problem is a funnel full of holes. Too many business owners focus on Client Acquisition and never consider that “A “Satisfied” Versus A “Loyal Client Is Not The Same Thing!  You Improve Customer Retention, Improve Customer Loyalty, and Improve Customer Referrals By Thanking And Rewarding People For Their Business-Business”

That's how your business becomes GREAT!

Few Businesses Do This Right! If People Know That They Are Appreciated They Would Be More Likely To Do Business With You, Easily Come Back More Often, Increase Transaction Spend And Refer Others More Easily When You Show That You Value Them!

There’s More to Winning a Client Over Than Just Taking Their Money and Getting Them To Value You!” You MUST become Client Centered, Not You Centered.

What is Customer Retention?

This is the act of applying effective strategies and techniques that prompt your existing customers to use your company whenever they are in need of your type of products or services in the future; turning them into long-term, loyal customers. Of course, customer loyalty heavily depends on how good (or bad) your products or services are, as well as how good (or bad) your customer service is. However, without solid processes that actively keep your existing customers coming back, even the best products or services and best customer service won’t keep your business afloat alone.

Some companies already understand that REPEAT business should be one of their top goals, so they are aggressively implementing powerful customer loyalty and retention strategies.

What does this mean for your business? Well, if you are not on the same track, you could be losing some of your customers to your competition. Not only that, but those competitors are probably using customer retention tactics that will make your customers STAY with them and never come back...unless you do something about it now!

6 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

  1. Thank customers for their business. Few businesses do this. If customers know they are TRULY appreciated, they are more likely to do business with you again.
  2. Periodically survey customers about their experiences with you to ascertain what actions you can take to improve the level of customer service being provided.
  3. Provide special incentives to customers who have done business with you for an extended period of time. For example, invite them to loyal customer events not available to new customers.
  4. Broaden your view of delivering customer service beyond just service at point of sale/POS. Customer service is an ongoing lifelong experience. Identify every point where a customer comes in contact with you and make sure those touch points are fully optimized. Touch points could include, but are not limited to, how inbound phone calls are received and what type of follow-up program you have after the sale, your online or in-store processes.
  5. Educate all of your employees about the importance of world class customer service, retention, loyalty and referrals and how not delivering it can ultimately impact them. Many companies have gone out of business for the simple reason that they did not focus on the customer and delivered poor customer service.
  6. Don’t live by word of mouth any longer, create a referral program that incentivizes your customers for sharing your products and services with their friends.

Read and Learn What Your Clients Will Never Tell You About
Why They Don’t Refer You More New Business, More Often…

Attract 10x times more referrals by changing one simple thing in your referral process. Discover how to unlock a flood of new referrals, from clients and referral partners who’d love to refer you, but never have before, Learn How to Get a 100%-300% Referral Increase On Steroids.

76.3% of business owners say referrals produce more good clients than anything else. And since common sense tells us that the “secret” is doing more of what works best!

Why Hoping for, Relying on, No, Waiting on Word of Mouth Marketing Might Kill Your Business If You Continue to Do It The OLD Way!

Hope is not a good business strategy!

So, let me ask you? who are you favorite customers? I’m going to bet that they are the ones that come to you through word of mouth. I know, I love them too. They are easy sales, they are quick sales, they are happy and easy to deal with. If only all of your new customers could be like that, you think. It even costs you absolutely nothing when freely given without edging your client on in any way.

A lot of businesses rely heavily on word of mouth to find new clients. In fact, probably 80% of the businesses owners I speak to do no other form of marketing. The only problem with this is that it’s NOT marketing!

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great that you’re getting word of mouth referrals. It means that you’re doing a great job with the clients you have, and it is something to be happy about. Consider yourself fortunate, as many in your exact industry struggle with this. But here’s the big elephant in the room that you’re ignoring right now: if your current clients stopped promoting your business for you, what would happen?

Now, I’m not suggesting that they will stop because you do anything wrong. I’m not suggesting that they’ll stop because they don’t like you anymore.

Consider this: you’re busy, right? Not just with your business, but with your family, with your friends — there are so many demands on our time right now, it’s hard to beat the clutter. Your clients are just as busy. They have their own lives going on, their own responsibilities and their own crises to manage. They have their own never-ending list of priorities.

And you know what? Promoting (marketing) YOUR business is not high on their to do list. That’s a fact. I can guarantee it. So, Let me ask you, and I really want you to pause and think about this: how heavily are you relying on word of mouth to bring you new customers right now? Is WOM your only or primary way of marketing your business?

What would you do if suddenly, they all STOPPED? Would you even know how to actively and effectively promote and market your business to generate those new leads and new prospects on your own?

I’m guessing a few of you are looking a bit concerned. I’m guessing you’re thinking, where would I find the money to start advertising, and how and where would you do it? How would you know if your ads were working? How would you know if they were an expense or an investment?

Obviously, all marketing you undertake should be an investment; meaning, for each dollar you invest, you should see at least a dollar or more back. Multiples of that dollar are preferable.

If your business is relying ONLY OR PRIMARILY on word of mouth to gain new clients and generate new leads, it’s a double-edged sword. WOM brings in cheap under-qualified (or no cost/value), warm leads that is HARD to convert into sales. Though it’s very seductive, it’s easy to stay lazy and keep relying on it to try to grow and build your business.

If you do though, know this. You have no control. You have added no value to your business. Your CLIENTS own your business, not you. And that should scare the HELL out of you. You need a Referral Program to have more control, a program that’s integrated with all of your marketing.

On The Other Hand…

The reason you’re not getting all the referrals you think you should be getting is because a big, big problem is in your way, one that your clients will never, EVER tell you what that reason is. Just think back to the last client where you really did a good job.

Did you get a referral?

If the client was happy, why didn’t they send more business your way?

Did you have to wade into those “uncomfortable” waters (that every business owner hates) and actually ASK for a referral?

That’s awkward and “uncomfortable.” Hint: It’s hard to give “uncomfortable” referrals and equally "uncomfortable" asking for them!

And it always takes something away from the relationship with your client no matter how you phrase the question. You know that all of the social dynamic I describe exists and is real. Millions of business people like you, avoid the situation altogether and simply allow the referrals to happen or not, without any intervention.

When I ask business owners, how many referrals did you get last month, where did they come from, what happened to the referrals who didn’t buy your product or service, I get a blank stare, then I dig a little deeper, do you have a referral program, the answer is always the same, NO!

In his book The Referral Engine, John Jantsch polled several thousand business owners, here’s what he found: 63% said they get more than half of their new business from referrals. But, here’s the scary part…

79.9% said they have no process (Referral Program) for getting referrals.

So 8 out of 10 business people are avoiding the referral issue and are just ‘hoping’ for those referrals to arrive. No qualifying or quantifying the referral process.

The answer is simple…remove the sales pressure and all of the risk for the person making the referral. He or She needs to be “comfortable” making referrals, so, the old way of making referrals just won’t cut it anymore!

We’ve put together a 7-Part Referral Program to show you how to get and track referrals and if you’re getting referrals already we can show you how to track and integrate them into a better laid system that puts you in full control.

Our program is specifically for business owners that believe they could be getting more referrals, if only they had a system to manage them!

Join our program now and discover how to remove all the pressure
from referrals and see dramatic results within 90 days.

Here's What You'll Receive with My Referral On Steroids™ Program:

A Secret Partner Website that will automate both online and offline referral generation and track results in real time, quantifying and qualifying each and every referral.

We can add a plug-in (piece of code) to your website and start collecting referrals right on your site or with software we can build a standalone page.

After consultation we will reveal our “Secret Referral Software” Explainer Video so you can learn more about the software capabilities.

Your Sales Process & Brand

  • Tracks online and offline sales
  • Edit reward triggers and eligibility rules
  • Upload your logo
  • Customize the look and feel
  • Full circle referral management software

Your Customers & Referrals

  • Run multiple refer a friend campaigns
  • Setup notifications and statistics tracking
  • Personalize the referral experience
  • Reward with coupons, gift cards, or Paypal
  • Referral tracking through every stage

Here’s an great example of an Automation Based Referral Page (click to see): 

My PurMist

We can also send out Viral Referral Campaign through Facebook; for example, Imagine someone in your Facebook simply sharing your information with their 500,1500, or 5000 Facebook friends and Instantly getting a 25% response to your offer. So, if you converted 25% of 500 which equals = 125 and you closed 5% (6 people) at $1000 every to 30-90 days, how much more yearly revenue would that represent to you, an extra $20, 40, 50 Thousand. 

There are many types of Campaigns that I can create inside of this Automated Referral Platform and In-Office

  • New Client Referral Onboarding: In-Office/Online Referral Signage and Referral Campaigns:
  • New Client Referral Onboarding Campaigns
  • Referral Rewards, Charity Partnering
  • Strategic Alliance Partnering
  • Joint Client Appreciation Event
  • Greatest Referral Gift Ever Campaign
  • Facebook Checkin
  • Email Marketing (Hit Send-Get Referrals allows you to copy and paste a proven Referral Getting Email or Letter to send out to your current clients.)
  • Partner Sudden "CASH FLOW" Surge Campaign
  • Facebook Viral Campaign
  • Ultimate Lead Magnet & Client Converter
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Social Proof
  • Personal Touch
  • Publicity

In addition, I will provide you with the following tools to leverage up your referral generating skills.

The Referrability Assessment. Go through this quick assessment to learn how referrable you really are!

Partner Promoter Selection Checklist. Use this checklist to evaluate every new Promoter/Ambassador BEFORE you start a referral relationship. 

4-Part Testimonial Formula. This is by far the simplest, most effective way to gather testimonials!

Endorsed Mailing Template. Use this template as a starter to create your endorsed mailing letter.

“FREE” Referral Cards (first set)

Example Offline “Referral Program” Kits Below to pack the one-two punch between online and offline referrals

WARNING! I Cannot Be Held Responsible For You Generating Far More Referral Business Than You Can Handle While Also Generating Loyal Raving Fans!

But that’s not all… we bundle and integrate our done 4 you Referral Program along with our Email Automation Program in order to pack that 1-2 punch. We call this The Auto-Pilot Profits and Referrals on Steroid Package.

A $3000 per month value

Only $2,500 Set-Up

Then $1,249 per month ongoing investment for both our Auto-Pilot Profits and Referrals On Steroids Programs.

Review The Auto-Pilot Profits Program Here:

Call to get started! 302-353-2542 or Enroll Now in our Strategy Session.

Below is where we can help you even more. Here are some examples of referral kits that have worked for others. Let us develop a custom Referral Program Kit for you! Note: We will work with you to develop all content, language and tracking for each Referral Kit.

You get Referral Cards “FREE” when you invest in our “Referrals On Steroids™ Program and Auto Pilot Profits.” You can purchase additional Referral Cards here online whenever you need them, however, if interested in our other Referral Program Kits please call so we can discuss your needs and if you decide our programs are right for you, then at that time we will work with you to create the right Referral Program designed exclusively for you, and will then invoice you for the program of choice.

Referral Card Marketing

I did some marketing for a few Liberty Tax franchisees, and their Business Card Referral Program was part of the foundation for Referrals on Steroids since it worked so well. However, I only recommend this strategy for start-ups and really small businesses that serve only a 3 — 5 mile radius around their physical business location; otherwise, I recommend any of our other referral kits.

Please also consider that if you’re a Doctor/Holistic Health Practitioner, many of you have FAILED to catch up with the times in regards to technologically; many of you are still placing Appointment Schedules on the back of business cards — so, so outdated. Business Cards must be turned in to marketing pieces today and failing to do so is a huge mistake.

You still need referrals just like all other business owners and the back of your business card is a consistent reminder to your patients that you appreciate their referrals. However, for booking patients, automated online booking software offers the very best advantage to book patients/clients and have them keep more appointments, earning you far more income.

Our Booking Partner Software also works well for Spas, Salons, Hospitality and Coaches/Consultants. For Booking Software info: Read Report

Then Email me and I’ll hook you up. 


We will custom-design high quality Referral Business Cards for you with your company information on one side and your referral form on the other side. Our design fee is $100 one-time for a two-sided card; never use a one-sided business card ever again! Below are the available quantities and printing costs (includes shipping):

1,000 — $59
2,500 — $79
5,000 — $99
10,000 — $179

Call today to place your order. 302-353-2542

Below are our other dynamic “Referral Kits” to make you stand out while increasing your referrals...

But Wait, they are a lot more than just Referral Builders!

They are “Best Seller Publishing” tools too…

They Are The Closest Thing to “INSTANT BUSINESS BUILDING CREDIBILITY” That You Will Ever See!

We can also take your books and make them “Best Sellers” that lead to speaking, and high-end product or service sales opportunities.



If you are broke and hoping to “get rich quick” then this is not for you. 

Our Best Seller Publishing Program is for people who have value to offer to the world and only need a platform to introduce that value. We work with people who love helping others, and want to be the go-to experts in their respective fields while earning six or seven figures doing what they love and do best. 

Our "Referral Kits" make great "Lead Magnets" that will position you as an leading AUTHORITY in the minds of your potential clients or as sellable products that can convert prospects to your speaking engagements and then to your high-end sales opportunities!!!

The 3-part “Referral Program” Kit

This kit includes his book, a DVD of an interview he did on a local TV station and a retirement “scorecard” or you could call it a “check list” – a self assessment referred prospects can use to discover how their current retirement plan stacks up. We can develop a similar package for you.


The Power of Voice: An Audio CD Referral Kit Used by a Contractor

Not everyone wants to write a book (although you should get one written…you don’t necessarily need to write it yourself), a great alternative format for your referral kit is an interview, placed onto an audio CD. Here’s an example from McInnis Builders.


Become an Instant Authority With Your Very Own Book (even if it’s short)

This powerful little book generated 29 referrals in 3-weeks for financial advisor Allan Phillips. Nothing attracts clients better than being introduced as “The guy or gal who wrote the book on ______!” Again, we are ghost writers, meaning we can write your book with you!

Complete Physical Book, Media and Marketing: $30,000*

20-50 Page Ebook/Lead Magnet: $1,500

7 – 10 Page Report/White Paper: $799

*You can write and edit your own book, or we can ghost write it for you while you edit in your own voice.