The DOMINATOR Publishing Trifecta

My Team And I Will Help You Create a Book That Attracts New Clients, Leverage Speaking Opportunities, All While Generating Multiple Streams Of Income For Years To Come

Do you want to boost your credibility instantly and attract new clients automatically by authoring a"BEST SELLING" Book? Or, would you like to leverage your expertise,  into as many as 83 information products to impact the world with your knowledge and generate multiple streams of income? For over 30 years, my team and I have helped experts, entrepreneurs and independent professionals like you to successfully market their businesses and high-priced information products, now we have added a full service publishing arm through our partnership with Jazzy Kitty Publishing. 

If your a world-famous authority, corporate CEO or executive or a independent professional our services may be just what you've been looking for to connect all the dots as our program is designed as a streamlined, time-saving, 12-month experience for you and your business.

The program is produced by Mission Publishing, a division of The Mission Marketing Mentors, Inc. Mission Publishing is a multi-media publisher. We serve independent professionals and experts who are ready to become recognized experts in their field.

Learn strategies and secrets you can use to attract all the clients you want, increase your income significantly, and take your business to a whole new level of profitability and service to the planet.

“I applied secrets I learned from John’s program and, in just the first four months, booked an extra $48,000 in fees to me. That’s more than a 900% return in only four months on the $5,000 cost I paid. And that’s just the start of what I received.

After beginning to apply what I learned, now I have more client inquiries for all my coaching programs than I can handle. Imagine the financial return I can get by using John’s little-known client attraction methods year after year in the future. There is much more I could say. I am applying for his next program.”

Kathleen Holland
International Mentor and Life Coach

You, too, can get these kinds of results by learning and applying the time-tested, step-by-step publishing and marketing systems I teach my clients and members.

Make the money you want and cut years off your publishing and marketing learning curve by avoiding the biggest mistakes most authors make.

Here’s What’s Been Holding You Back!

If you aren’t getting enough bookings—there would be one very important factor: Your Presentation Materials aren’t selling you effectively!

You may have great credentials, but if you can’t convey how dynamic you are or how you will create a new outcome for the audience in a compelling and exciting way, you will get overlooked.  Bookers get hundreds of applicants...your written materials and emails will get lost unless you know how to make them SING!

  • Do you know what makes a great Speaker One-Sheet,how it’s constructed and what are the exact right elements to include?
  • Do you know what will perk up a speaker booker’s interestin the email that you send to suggest yourself for a speaking engagement?
  • Can you effectively capture a radio show or podcastproducer’s attention in 30 seconds with your pitch letter?
  • Do have any idea how to construct your media kitso the host is actually directing his or her audience to exactly the right call-to-action you intend?
  • Do you know what it takes to get on dozens of list-building virtual summitsso you can promote yourself and your products, and keep growing your client base?

If you can’t say yes to all of’ll be wasting your precious time on pitches that don’t work!


1. How to Get More Clients in a Month
Than You Now Get in a Year

Is attracting more new clients your biggest challenge right now? Here’s how you can get interested, qualified leads, prospects and clients to come to you by developing a marketing system that never stops, never sleeps, and always brings you fresh new clients and income.

Using today’s economically-challenging times to attract even more clients is emphasized in this program. Another emphasis is powerful, proven (but virtually unknown) strategies to get more referrals from clients and other people.

Here’s an example of results from implementing the strategies in this mentoring program. An ecologically-oriented professional wrote,

“As a small example of the results his work has generated for us, the first month we implemented the whole system, we closed 300% of our normal gross sales for that month. Since then, each month we have met our sales goals (two years). I am not exaggerating when I say we have all the business we can handle.”

Only a limited number of openings exist each year for this program. For more information on how you can get results like this click here.

2. How to Make a Difference and Make
Twice the Income in 24 months or Less

To do what you were born to do successfully, you must have enough income. Enough money is necessary not only to live the type of lifestyle that’s right for you, but also to re-invest annually so you grow personally and grow your practice or business.

And you can.

This mentoring program provides an inspiring, business-transforming experience. You will learn the nine fastest and easiest strategies to double your income. A special emphasis of the program is improving the one aspect of your marketing plan that usually determines what level of income you can earn. Once you know it, if you change it, your income can double faster that you might believe right now. (Hint: it’s not your attitude, and it’s not how hard you work, although both of these have their place.) Another emphasis is how to use economically-challenging times to your advantage.

Let me give you an example of how powerful these strategies are. After implementing them, a gentle, soft-spoken expert–with little marketing prowess but a real desire to grow –wrote,

“This is the third year in which John has been advising me. Sales are now ten times what they were when John started. I feel confident I will profit professionally and personally from what he taught me for the rest of my life.”

Increasing your revenues ten-fold in three years may not be realistic for you. In his case, I worked with him more often than with the average client. But what if you could, say, double your income in two years or less?

Only a limited number of openings exist each year for this program. For more information on how you can get results like these click here.

3. How to Turn Your Wisdom Into an Information
System That Attracts Exponentially More Clients,
and Creates Multiple Streams of Income

Do you have a book, process, training concept or successful business model that can help transform people’s lives? If so, you can turn it into a simple information publishing and marketing system, to reach an exponentially greater number of clients, and to help change the planet. In return, you can create multiple streams of long-term income, live the way you choose to live, donate to the charitable causes that reflect your values, and do it all even better next year.

In this mentoring program, you will have a truly transformational experience. You will learn how to turn your wisdom into a system with as many as 80 different types of information products and programs (all cash profit centers), reaching an exponentially greater number of clients worldwide.

You will learn how to develop an information business that “takes the lid off” your professional practice or business. The system will differentiate you from all others in your field. It will allow you to do business internationally from the comfort of your office anywhere. Best of all, this system will be a vehicle to make your greatest contribution to society and, ultimately, to create your legacy.

My team and I have helped some world-renowned experts, authors and speakers with information businesses, as you will see from the client comments posted on this web site. But the good news is that the basic system is simple, so it can create terrific leverage for anyone with a quality book, process, training concept or successful business model.

Here’s an example. I worked with an established author and teacher whose organization does a great job cultivating personal and spiritual growth. She wrote,

“I’ll never forget what John did with our books and tapes. He strategized a system to turn our knowledge not only into books, but into 11 other kinds of information products and programs, not only to expand the number of media that carried our wisdom out to the world, but also to create 11 additional streams of income back to us, too. Imagine the benefits of that!”

This is the system that top spiritually- and socially-conscious leaders today are using to do what they were born to do, create multiple streams of income, and maximize their service to the planet.

Only a limited number of openings exist each year for this program. For more information on how you, too, can benefit click here.

Learn How to Write Sensational, Successful, "Yes-Generating" Materials

with the

"SpeakerTunity™: Get Booked on Stages, Radio Shows and Virtual Summits" Training

This digital program holds your hand through every stage of material development! Along with the videos, you will have worksheets, samples and templates. And to ensure your success, there is a special bonus which entitles you to a personalized review of your materials with recommendations for enhancement! This program is designed to make you succeed!

Jackie Lapin, who has booked more than 10,000 radio shows and speaking engagements for her clients on the strength of her writing, will carefully guide you through the process of developing your own powerful appeals to get you booked on all three types of venues – Stages, Radio Shows/Podcasts and Virtual Summits. Here is everything you need to know to be a booking magnet!

Here's What You Get:

  • MODULE 1: Create Your Irresistible "Stellar Speaker One-Sheet"
    • Develop the words and look so your one-sheet is so compelling that speaker bookers pick you NEXT!
    • Discover exactly what elements motivate a booker to act
    • Gain the confidence that your materials sparkle and sell you with impact!
  • MODULE 2: Craft Your Speaker Applications to Land the Gig
    • How to write the email and know what elements go into it
    • Strategize your follow-up calls so you get priority attention
    • Learn what you can do to build long term relationships with bookers
  • MODULE 3: Develop Your "Get Booked" Radio/TV Pitch Letter
    • The eight different elements in your pitch letter which make you a sought after guest!
    • Get clear on how to write a compelling headline and lead paragraph
    • How to write the tips that show bookers you bring unparalleled value to their listeners
  • MODULE 4: How to Make A Media Kit So Hot Hosts Perfectly Showcase You and Your Offer
    • You'll create a dynamic media kit that gives hosts answers to all their questions before they ask you...and leads them down the path to sell you and your products to their audience
    • Learn how to create each of the six key elements in an impactful media kit
    • Master the simple ways to make it look authoritative and professional
  • MODULE 5: Turn Yourself Into a Magnet for Virtual Summit Hosts so You Get Invited Time and Time Again
    • Be ready before you pitch!  We'll show you how.
    • Discover how to construct the ultimate persuasive appeal to a presenter
    • Get inside secrets to make yourself a sought-after and frequent virtual summit guest so you continue to expand your visibility and impact...and keep building your opt-in list.

How I Will Monetize My Author Business:  Paid speaking  Consulting/coaching  Digital products  Online courses  Live courses/workshops  Self-study programs  Host a community/mastermind group/association  Host a live conference  Host an online conference  Companion products (card decks, games, workbooks, coloring books, etc.)  Sell information products (white papers, reports, recordings, spreadsheets, tip sheets, instructional videos, product bundles)  Develop a certification program  Create software/app  Sell advertising on my website  Corporate sponsors  Product licensing  Paid freelance writing  Grants  Affiliate programs  Expert witness

To know which stages will work for you, you need to understand the business model of speaking and the different types of stages that are available (and which ones work best for you and your offer). Once you know your model, you can start targeting both online and offline stages to spread your message. Knowing what Stages will work for you


3 Arenas

National Model

Business Model of Speaking


Paid to Speak




Keynote (Associations)

Speak to Sell


Breakouts (Associations)

Free Stages


Keynotes (Seminars)



Breakouts (Seminars)

Your Own Events

Online Medias

Offline Media

Blogs & Vlogs

Local Stages

Membership Sites/Courses

Mastermind/Small Group

Social Media Livestreams

End User