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FACT ONE: 95 Out Of 100 Businesses Don’t Come Anywhere Close To Making As Much Money As They Could And Should! The Hard Truth Is That Most Small And Even Some Mid-Size Businesses Earn 75% to 50% Less Than The Mid-Size Income For Their Industry! FACT TWO: To Start Cashing In On These Additional Sales And Profits That We Immediately Provide, All It Takes Is A Fresh, New Mindset And Approach To Marketing, Advertising And Sales; And That's What You’ll Get From This Digital Marketing and Funding PROMOTION!

You'll Learn Below How You Can Drive Website Visitors To Your Website, Get Repeat And Or Upsale Business, Get Referral Business, Build A Relationship With Your Clients, Make More Money, Improve Cash Flow And Quickly Grow Your Business Out The Stratosphere

You’ll Learn by working with me how My Team and I Dominate business owners markets and competitors with TODAYS real world online research and marketing examples that do NOT come from the playbooks of the 1980’s and 1990’s that 80% of Stagnate and 15% of Feast and Famine Businesses are STILL using. What you will learn is how the 5% to 1% of the most successful business owners highly leverage their online marketing for greater results and ROI.

The concepts shown below is based off of the PROVEN Hidden Marketing Asset System, Multi-Pillar thinking of integrated and cohesive strategies, processes, procedures and tactics that allow businesses to quickly out market their competitors and lead their markets.

You No Longer Have To Be Under-Marketed And Or Under-Capitalized Ever Again! Below You Will Learn Exactly How To Get The Very Best Out Of Your Digital Marketing While Also Funding Your Digital Marketing Or Any Other Area Of Your Business For Rapid Growth.

If you are not investing large sums of money every month in continual traffic and or leads every month, then you are leaving money on the table, and if you are not focusing on HIGH conversions, you are losing money that could be in your pocket! Most businesses are not businesses; they are either hobbies or jobs that someone has created for their selves according to the IRS and rightfully based on the FACT, that most businesses do not blow past the median income for their industry.

You could be earning a great income, while yet still not doing nearly enough to add more profits, growth or time freedom. Let me help you turn your business around! Here's why you need my help, you are either building a SLOW business or a FAST business, if you build it slow you'll look around 5, 10, 18 years have gone buy and you still will not have achieved your real vision and GOD forbid, if you were ever to get sick or have a family emergency, you won't have enough reserved to sustain you all because you took your time, were lazy, afraid or didn't trust someone to help you.


The All-Important Lead Capture Form and Lead Magnet or Offer

Nearly 95% of websites that I review today do not have a properly designed opt-in box/lead capture form with a value-based lead magnet or persuasive offer that helps the business owner capture their most important asset…a LEAD. And I need to state that many business owners all of a sudden go to their web designers asking for one after I explain the importance of having one only to get disappointed, because their designer is not an expert in automation services, therefore, they never fully monetize their email automation, resulting in very low sales conversions.

Too many business owners have weak offers or no offer at all. “Join my list” is not an offer. Most business owners also assume that because their phone number is on their site, they don’t need a lead capture form. However, if a lead finds your site and they are in research mode, comparing you to your competitor and they don’t call you for whatever reason, you’ve lost an opportunity to capture a lead and it’s your fault that you missed the opportunity that you where never supposed to miss.

But not only that, a Lead Capture Form is the key to building your online business, therefore, if you’re online and are not using it correctly, you’re either losing or leaving money on the table for a competitor. It is your most valuable online asset after traffic and lead generation!

Packaging and Program Options …are they done WRONG?

Most companies today sell a product or a service; they have a doer mindset, in other words, “what do you do? “I’m a dentist, lawyer, chiropractor, mortgage broker, CPA, product developer, online store owner. This is not marketing what you do; this is doing what you do. Creating packages or programs allows you to sale high-end value by disqualifying the discount shopper, gaining more of your ideal best high-paying customers, clients or patients, earning you significantly more profits. While this also helps to set you apart; marketing what you do is solving problems, not sharing information, in other words, your prospects want to know specifically "how can YOU solve their problems." The right packages and programs allow your potential customers to clearly see their level of problem and various pricing options or solutions where they can easily BUY without ever having to be sold or pitched upfront. This would mean more money for you and less work because now our only get to work with pre-sold prospects.

When ever, someone actually has to speak with a salesperson, your site should NEVER point to the immediate phone call, directing a prospect to the salesperson, and here’s why, the job of the site is not to display information, your prospects are not looking for information, they are looking for solutions. Therefore, the job of the site is to PRE-SALE the prospect by EDUCATING them first, then the site should PRE-QUAIFY them, prior to them ever speaking with anyone.

The sales psychology here is that you show BEST first which should cost 10x more than BETTER, better is what you really want to sell more of (it’s the most sold package or program), better pays the mortgage, while best provides the vacation, and GOOD pays the car note. I don’t really recommend BUDGET being placed with the other 3; however, having a budget package or program eventually allows some people to scale up into your higher value (price) services, products or consultations. This Promotion is my budget offer to hopefully scale you up! At least I'm honest!  

What does your sales cycle really look like? See below image...

It doesn’t matter if you’re a service, retail, and event or e-commerce business. The terminology may be different, but the basic idea is the same. Someone sees your Ad, Calls/Opt-in/Stops-in, Schedule Appointment/Joins (subscribes to)List, Asks Questions, Shows up/No Show/Qualifies, Buys/Don’t Buy/Not Qualified --and then here’s where most businesses drop the ball with poor “lead nurturing,” also known as relationship building. The show up and buy is based on how well you sold each step in this process and how well you followed up and thereby "nurtured" the relationship for additional sales opportunities. This area is a huge hole for most businesses. You have to NURTURE those visitors who don't buy now, or those who don't buy a lot of something, whatever it is, you have to send them relevant content to eventually convert them and you also have to market to previous clients, customers or patients for repeat or upsale business and referrals.

Here's Proof: 

The Process actually looks like the below image when it comes to each step and relationship building efforts…

Today, if you’re a business owner who does not use a system like this or someone who uses it incorrectly, especially a health professional who hands out business cards with an appointment reminder on the back, you are stuck in the stone ages, actually the 1980s or 1990s . The above sales, inquiries, and conversion process is all AUTOMATED and integrated today; they are not separate items. It’s the same process used by major companies and the top 5% to 1% of filthy rich business owners who are in the know about how to maximize profits, growth and time freedom. Once someone who's opted in, that lead now receives a newsletter,  lead magnet or offer they can’t refuse, even an appointment reminder; they are nurtured with valuable "educational" content twice before any sales pitch is ever made-going for the jugular is no longer acceptable. This is where you win back past customers, upsell clients or cross-sell them for REPEAT business. You get more referrals and track two of the most important analytics available to you…lead conversions and SALES!!!  

How do you look at traffic and conversions? Below will get you thinking differently!

Point blank, most website designs suck because they are not optimized for the highest-sales conversions, so, to increase traffic or lead generation ad spending, when you can over time decrease ad-spend simply by increasing the conversion rate; tracking and testing to double, 5 x or 10 x your sales from building a high-converting site!

On average only 3% of website traffic converts on a standard 1980; or 1990 website design (which are what most designers are still designing today in 2018!) So if you’re not sending enough traffic and leads through, your conversions are not going to be all that great, and if your website is not designed for conversions, no matter how much you’ve spent on traffic and leads, it’s not going to help your conversions either. And if you’re buying traffic and leads that do NOT go to a specific landing page or website funnel then you just reduced conversions tremendously. And if you’re spending a lot of money on traffic and leads without focusing on site, lead and email conversions, you are simply wasting a lot of money! The simplicity of sales conversions:




Great numbers, but here is why a website and or traffic alone are not the cure all, inbound marketing is not the cure all. You need an integrated approach to everything you do-MARKETING online and offline! This page is simply here to educate you regarding how online really works and how you can exploit various systems to quickly build and grow your business online.

Simply by reaching the 97% who are not ready to buy right now when they land on your website with your message over and over and over again is what increases conversions!!! 

If you had 10% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 100 prospects, if you close 20 of them into a $500 plus service, product, or event, you would have $10,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now!


If you had 20% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 200 prospects, if you close 40 of them into a $1500 plus service, product, or event, you would have $60,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now! $720,000 per year.

If you had 20% - conversions on 1000 visitors, that would give you 200 prospects, if you close 40 of them into a $5000 plus service, product, or event, you would have $200,000 per month in addition to what your currently earning right now! $2,400,000 per year.

So, by making sure that every area of your marketing is first designed for the highest possible conversion and the highest dollar sales is most ideal. I hope you get the BIG financial picture.

How would this change your business and life? What you’re producing does not depend on traffic and lead generation alone; conversion is a major factor which is highly overlooked by most business owners, web designers and even some lead generation companies. So, imagine if you increase or improve traffic and conversions at the same time--what would happen?  A bigger problem is on the horizon though. Ad-spend costs are sky-rocketing and becoming more competitive; however, most businesses are NOT using nearly enough low cost and/or high cost traffic channels effectively either way.

This is why DOMINATE or Die Marketing operates differently than most digital marketing companies; we reverse-engineer digital marketing, allowing our clients to scale up based on the most appropriate business model for their type of company and marketing budget, moving them from a scaled 4 month program, to a 6 month program, and then to a 12 month program in order to build their trust and confidence in our abilities; this also helps us build, grow and maintain a healthy long-term relationship as marketing partners that use a GUARANTEED multi-pillar approach to both digital and offline marketing. This simply means you can no longer use only 1 or 2 digital channels for traffic without also focusing on correct conversion elements; today you need a multi-pillar, multi-channel, multi-lead valve approach in order to win the online game in addition to using correct data analytics to track and test everything to prove results and ROI.

Some business owners are reluctant to spend large amounts of money for digital marketing, here are some factors you need to know; to enter the game costs $3000, $5000, $10,000 per month on up if you’re going to hire someone that is truly skilled, if you’re going to DIY, well, this puts you in the driver seat, however, it means you are back trading time for dollars because you are not focusing on your core business, therefore, your marketing generally become mis-managed because if there's 10 steps to doing something right, your most likely only doing 2 or 3 because this is NOT your business profession, therefore, you will not get the true results and or ROI that top marketers are getting.

And if you are already spending large sums investing in your digital marketing, I promise if you’re on this page and have read this far it's because you are in need of a specialist to tear your current marketing apart, and give you the insights to make better business decisions.

Again, if you hired someone in the past who screwed you out of your money, it had nothing to do with the marketing necessarily, but everything to do with the persons knowledge of research, marketing and your profession. If you can NOT find a top competitor crushing it with a digital campaign, learn their campaign, and model it...maybe, just maybe you need to think about other marketing tactics, in other words, just because everyone tells you that you need to be online and use seo or ppc, it's possible that other tactics may work better for you. Most other marketing companies will sell you digital regardless just to put money in their pockets and this is something that I take into consideration during my Strategy Sessions, yes you need a high-converting website/funnel, but, if we where to really get down to it, there's hundreds of ways to drive traffic and or leads...but the fastest traffic and leads comes from Facebook or Adwords PPC, Linkedin, Email,  Referrals, Speaking, Joint Ventures and Direct Response Ads and Direct Connections/Sales. Theses are the things that DODM implements and or help companies improve.

Our digital marketing campaigns use search engine marketing, ppc, video distribution, geo-targeted content syndication, local business listings, review and reputation marketing, direct response marketing media and other behavioral targeting techniques which focus on delivering high-quality inquiries for your business.

Referrals: what I do at DODM is plug up the leaky bucket and I don’t use duct tape…

You’re at the right place, at the right time, your business is performing like the well oiled machine that it is and logically it also make sense to build loyalty and increase referrals right! But are you going to use word-of-mouth or a REFERRAL PROGRAM? 

Look at the top of the funnel, is that your focus too? There, we have 5 different types client, customer, or patient accusition marketing leads going into the funnel...this is where nearly all business owners focus their attention. But look at what's happening on the other end, this is why it's important to make sure that both ends are operating correctly in your business so that you don't lose money or leave money on the table for your competitors. This is really hard for some people to fully understand that either your eating the competition or there eating you!

Here's What You'll Receive with My Referrals On Steroids™ Program:

Secret Partner Website that will automate both online and offline referral generation and track results in real time, quantifying and qualifying each and every referral. We can add a plug-in (piece of code) to your website and start collecting referrals right on your site or with software we can build a stand-alone page.

After consultation, I will reveal my “Secret Referral Software” Explainer Video so you can learn more about the software capabilities. Why is this so powerful?

Your Sales Process & Brand

  • Tracks online and offline sales
  • Edit reward triggers and eligibility rules
  • Upload your logo
  • Customize the look and feel
  • Full circle referral management software

Your Customers & Referrals

  • Run multiple refer a friend campaigns
  • Setup notifications and statistics tracking
  • Personalize the referral experience
  • Reward with coupons, gift cards, or Paypal
  • Referral tracking through every stage

Once your offer attracts more customers, clients or patients and retain the high-converting leads, then they'll buy more often and spend more money when you send them through our proven automation process; the next logical option is to get and track the referrals that these leads bring, giving you, 1-REFERRAL = 100%, 2- REFERRALS = 200% and 3- REFERRALS = 300% increase in business exponentially, year after year. Do you now see that when you have the right traffic and conversions and referrals how much more effectively your business will profit and grow and give you the much needed time freedom!


1 in 10 business owners will need money soon; they will experience CASH FLOW issues in business inception or at some point later in time.

Many business owners do not recognize it as a cashflow problem because it’s wrapped up in all sorts of denials, as business owners like to posture to be more successful than many actually are. It’s generally masked as fear, not feeling worthy, risk issues, contentment or comfortability, or a desire for slow growth. Banks turns down 8 out of 10 business owners, our method approves 8 out of 10…did you get that?

The business owner can get their money within days alleviating cash flow issues quickly if qualified. 

So, who needs $100,000; how about $500,000, 1 million, $3 million or more…

Who needs just a line of credit, how about business credit without using your personal SSN or maybe you process online and or offline credit card transactions and would like to learn how you can eliminate all of your credit card processing fees while also getting a $10,000 loan off your monthly credit card transactions.

Let me hook you up with the right funding source today!

See, since the banking crisis 10 years ago, local small and midsize businesses have been cut-off from most bank business financing. Sure, banks will SAY they provide it, but only to the best of the best...the cream of the crop, triple AAA rated businesses. Otherwise, businesses may as well not even bother.

It just means a lot of paperwork and interviews with young arrogant bankers looking down on you...

All too only end up hearing, "Sorry, You don't meet our requirements."

Now you can get the help you need or help other business owners by sharing this page!

Here's Why Businesses Need The Money To Keep The Cashflow Moving:

  • To Increase Marketing/Advertising/Sales (Go See Bryant At DODM!!!)
  • To Pay Taxes
  • To Meet Payroll
  • To Cover Seasonal Slowdowns
  • Equipment Financing
  • Renovations
  • Expansion
  • Buying a Similar Business/Franchise
  • Purchase larger quantities for bulk discount
  • Increase staff
  • To Increase Available Working Capital
  • To Pay Other Debts
  • Buy Out a Partner
  • Many, Many More

Now you can get the help you need or help other business owners by sharing this page!

We have the right answer for business owners who didn’t think there was another choice aside from banks!

What if the business owner just doesn’t have great credit, but, she owns a restaurant and wants to add a balcony to the side of the building.  Let’s say since she cannot get a loan through the bank because of her 560 credit score, she decides to get a short term business loan.  She knows it will cost her $30k to have the balcony built and to purchase new equipment like additional tables and chairs.  She will end up paying a 1.3 factor rate which simply means she will pay back 1.3 times the amount of the loan.  So she’ll pay $9k in fees/interest over the course of the loan.  BUT… she also knows this new balcony will allow for more customers which will bring in over $40k MORE every single month. 

Plainly put, this business owner doesn’t care if it costs her $9,000 if it’s going to bring her $480,000 in extra sales each year!

Do you get the picture?  Here’s another.

A business owner secures a large contract to produce goods for a large well known company.  The order is much more than they are used to producing which means they do not have the parts needed in inventory to fulfill the order in time.  They also do not have the money to make a large order of parts and to pay the additional cost of expedited shipping.  They approached the bank down the street and of course this bank could not deliver funds for at least 60 days if lucky.

So the company thinks they just have to turn down the order and say “bye-bye” to the largest order in their company history which could have boosted their sales volume out the roof for the entire year!! Smart business owners who experience a similar ordeal to the one above will approach a short term business capital company to get what they want… which is a short term solution NOW so they can grab the largest order in company history with both hands! The cost is higher but the payout is now in sight.  This company may pay 1.2 - 1.5 times the loan amount but end up profiting 100s of thousands of dollars that they would have otherwise never seen.

Oh, I’ve heard it from so called “business experts”...“never get a short term business loan”.    Never say never, right.  As you can see, there ARE plenty of circumstances in which a short term business loan can help a business owner’s company, shield their wallet, and ultimately help save their family from potential disaster.  As I like to say, To Profit, To Grow and To Live Life!

See, You No Longer Have To Be Under-Marketed And Or Under-Capitalized Ever Again! 

Now you can get the help you need or help other business owners by sharing this page!!!

If you want more profits, more growth and more time freedom, if your business model doesn’t look like this, then enroll in my Strategy Session today! Don't go down the path you're going for another 3, 5 or 17 years not getting the real results and or roi that you truly desire because you failed to get the help that you know you needed!

For those of you who are currently using online funnels, learn the pros and cons of funnel creation, sales expectations and real business building wealth creation from someone who has been in the trenches for over 30 years. 

I would like to put an aggressive and highly leveraged marketing campaign together for you and or help you get access to the funding that you need to quickly grow your business.

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... just one question, you are generating sales income, but are you building wealth from your online efforts?

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