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Read This Page To Learn About DOMINATE or die...Why My Tribe Is Different...Get  Answers To Frequently Asked Question, And See For Yourself How This Program Has Impacted The Lives Of Other Business Owners Like You...  

I got into marketing over 30 years ago, the first accounts I worked on as an apprentice for my marketing mentor Fred Williams was for Johnson and Johnson and Van Heusen Shirts, since then I worked in sales, advertising and managed many marketing projects for various companies, taking them from 0 to 5, 6 and 7 figures. But when online marketing was becoming the norm as I transitioned to balance out offline and online marketing, I noticed that so many business owners and entrepreneurs were being taking for a ride, I understood what worked to grow and quickly scale brands, but noticed that most of my competitors were pushing the direct opposite of what I knew that business people needed or wanted, I also realized that way too many business owners learned this online digital thing all wrong.
Too many business owners are not completely satisfied because of misinformation, info-overload and me-first marketing sales people who are not focused on client first or what is also known as being client-centered... which means their focus is on selling you anything they can rather than on listening to your challenges and fixing them.

Many potential clients tend to think that I offer the same services that my competitors, for instance if I say, " I build websites, the natural assumption is that I can build it myself or that I can get one from just about any web designer and this is the furthest thing from the truth because all web designers are not created equal. You see, most web designers call them selves, "CREATIVES," what this means is, the designer wants to design you a pretty website or a site that is only brand focused and not conversion and or profit focused which kills your money making potential. 

Or if I say, I'm a Marketer or Marketing Consultant and Coach, many individuals have various self-imposed views or fears... mostly incorrect, yet based on their experiences or lack of positive results that they have personally received by hiring a coach or consultant that has not given them stellar results or ROI.

My job is to educate you, but to also execute strategic sales tactics on your behalf, however, you have to move beyond the big HYPE machine of digital marketing chasing all the new and forever changing shiny objects that are like a drug, keeping your dopplimine indicators chasing the next high. I Started a brand new company in 2018, changing the name of my company from Vickers Marketing Group to DOMINATE or die Marketing (DODM) for a reason.

That reason is simple, way too many businesses are dying all because, no one has ever explained to them the secrets of DOMINATING! 

I took everything that I learned over all those years of experience, especially the results that I have gotten clients, the client work ethics, their mindset, their ability to invest in marketing or the lack there of to create a coaching and consulting company that could rapidly and efficiently scale brands from stagnation, feast and famine or leverage and scale from additional profit streams. I  spent much of 2017-2018 creating for you the systems, programs, processes and procedures to help you generate predictable and scalable revenue that grows month after month.

Let me define what I do that's so different and how it benefits YOU:   

  1. I'm a Rapid Business Profits and Growth Strategist, you will be surprised how many business owners that I meet with that have been in business for 5, 10, 18 years who are practically earning the same amount of income they have been every since the very inception of their company, mostly way under-charging for their services, stagnant for the first 0-12 months; STUCK for the next 25 years in feast and famine with very little understanding of DOMINATOR style marketing to leverage and scale their businesses or how to create passive income in their businesses for additional revenue. No matter if they are earning 50k, 100k or 1 million, these business owners haven't moved the needle in years. Or in case of the start up business owner who is between the ages of 30-50, the mind set is in the wrong place, thinking hey, I can do this marketing stuff my self, I have 30 years to figure it all out, rather than understanding time is not on your side and as for the more seasoned business owner 50 years old plus who has been around for a while, being stuck in your ways, unwilling to learn new ways of doing things, staying in your comfort zones is killing your retirement and legacy. My job is to rapidly add more profits to your current income and grow your business. Think about this, how is it that someone in your niche or industry is earning only $50k, someone else is earning 100k and yet someone is earning 1 million, what's the difference? All 3 went to the same school, learned the same skills...the only difference is this ONE thing...someone made up their mind not to allow there selves to get held back any longer, to take bigger RISKS regardless of fears, to invest HEAVILY all because they did not what to stay where they were, they realized this one thing, their level of SKILLS could not pull them out and only good marketing know how could.  
  2. As a Marketing and Competitive Researcher I do what I call a" DEEP DIVE" into your business, generally asking questions that you never ever considered to ask yourself, discovering what I also call HOLES in your business model. It is these unseen holes that are causing most of your business challenges simply because you are unaware of them or don't know of the correct solutions to solve them. Knowing what competitors to compete with or collaborate with today is vital. 
  3. As a Direct Response Copywriter I employ copy writing secrets of the masters who have helped business owners SELL thousand and millions of dollars worth of products, services and appointments.Too many business owners simply copy what others in their industries are doing and that is why thy the never get a leg up, because they are copying poor ads online and offline, again duplicating creative brand ads that don't SELL anything. And if you are not satisfied with your level of income and the impact you have had reaching people with your message, then it is because you have been focused on creative and not selling. Even if you hate selling, remember this one thing, "If nothing sells, nothing sells, and then no one makes any money!"
What's do copywriters do? 
The answer is simple - a copywriter spends 8 to 10 hours per week putting together the words that go on advertisements, websites, blogs, emails, etc. which companies use in their marketing... and believe it or not... copywriters are the HIGHEST paid writers in the world... simply because they know little known secrets to double,triple and ten-x business profits all through writing in a way that makes people walk on broken glass to buy your products and services or to book appointments with you. 
  1. What in the world is an Online Traffic, Conversion and Monetization Consultant no, I'm not a web designer, though I have web designers who work for me,  together we build websites all the time, it's 50% of what I do, however, I'm NOT in the business of building websites for business owners who just want one to say they have one or for people who do not clearly understand what a website can actually do for them. So, let me break these 3 processes down for you as a web developer never will, you will have to PAY for traffic to your website in order to reach your HIGHEST PAYING clients, customers or patients first. then you to convert your visitors into BUYERS, REPEAT BUYERS and REFERRALS. But here's the part where where I really separate my self from the crowd, My team and I ultimately help business owners turn the websites into ATM Machines where we add additional online profit streams to grow businesses and or to create ad revenue.
  2. As an Hidden Marketing Assets Systems (HMA) Practitioner The HMA Program has been PROVEN successful in every Industry. I tailor this PROVEN Marketing Program to fit every niche; every wildly successful marketer who has used marketing to DOMINATE their industry...leading 6-7-8 figure business owners have used some variation of this program, it is approved by the The International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches, Dell and IBM, U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership network throughout the United States, this program was originally created by one of the world’s true marketing geniuses and a living legend, Jay Abraham. It in it has been used by HBO, AT&T, FED EX, MICOSOFT and NY TIMES to create more six, seven and eight figure earners than any other marketing program in the world. 

“Essentially, "I help business owners become the “Highest Paid”, most DOMINATE market authorities in their niche specializations and market areas in order to help business owners build faster sustainable business growth, a great retirement, wealth and legacy.”

Hi, I'm Bryant Vickers; 
You need a marketing coach or consultant to perform at your level best in business, and just any old coach will not do, you need someone who can get you past the B.S.; both yours and others! Oh' you don't think that you have any WRONG thinking when it comes to business building...just spend a few hours with me and I'll change your mind.

Let’s say for instance that you were considering hiring a coach and your coach graduated their university with masters in marketing from The Prestigious Wharton School of Business or has an business administration degree from some Ivy League School. The former prepared the student for a job in marketing, however, their university base training with which they were taught was administered from a curriculum that was introduced from what was implemented by some marketers 3-5 years prior to when they started teaching it in the school, the education did not come from any current trends that was actually being implemented in the real world today! 

 And as for business administration; they learned operational, management and leadership dynamics, and none of them learned any solid digital marketing, advertising or current sales skills because only a small smidgen of these skills are just starting to be taught in colleges and universities, again, from information that was derived from 3-5 years past.

But my current and advanced training has been ongoing in the trenches for the last past 30 plus years, I don’t have any degrees, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know what the future holds better than any Johnny Come Lately who has entered the field with only a digital mind, absent of core business issues and challenges that business owners face every month.

I'm looking to connect with my business tribe, but I need to ask you a question here. "ARE YOU HUNGRY OR TOO COMFORTABLE?" Do you still have the same animal instinct, the same passion that you had about changing or impacting people’s lives, or your industry, etc, that you had when your first got started, most likely not, you may have allowed yourself to get beat down by life and your mind shifted to a more familiar passive role, the role of the less aggressive employee mindset which is NOT the same as the aggressive mindset of a true business owner or entrepreneur who stays hungry, desiring to create more good will in the world and to earn more money as a result of helping others with their gifts, skills, talents and know how.  If you do not have the right mindset or fail to get it, you will doomed to a life of mediocrity and you will have lingering regrets for not giving it your all in business and in life.

If you are too comfortable with your current living, nice car and or home, and the resemblance of the American dream or middle class living, you may feel you got it all together or you may not won't to take risks and sacrifice what you need to sacrifice to grow your business; not understanding that it's the point of having and growing a business that affords your every need, if you invest in the marketing and growth of the business.  In other words, your real job is NOT to feed yourself, but to feed the business until it feeds you more than just a living income, until you figure out how to profit insanely. Again, "ARE YOU HUNGRY OR TOO COMFORTABLE?"

My Mission is to stop business owners from losing money or leaving money on the table which has never been a good business practice...I call this a leaky bucket, I clog up the holes in business owners marketing that they don't even know are leaking, so that they can have more results in business, a greater ROI and benefits in life,  I issue warnings, educating business owners on client attraction, media choices and wealth management strategies. I want to help 1000 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners build their own Wealth Based Business by 2030. We're committed to helping entrepreneurs keep more of their money by increasing monthly cash flow without having to cut back, maximizing ad-spend budgets, taking on good risk rather than bad and increasing sales opportunities.

Here's The Ultimate Benefits That You'll Get From Working With My Team and I Over A Period Of Time. Get Honest Answers To Every Question You Have Regarding The Many Way We Serve Our Clients.

  1. Hint: First, we focus on highest producing activities, such as:
    — YOUR best source of leads
    — YOUR bestselling product or service
    — YOUR highest-converting ad opportunity
    — YOUR best joint-venture partners
    — YOUR highest value clients and reducing lower value clients
  2. We will give you dozen of marketing and conversion templates, checklist, strategies and systems for collecting referrals, capturing raving fans, testimonials, news letter marketing, website content, email marketing, cash pay systems and strategies for doctors, referral programs for realtors, supplemental sales for hair stylist and other businesses.
  3. We will show you pricing strategies that will allow you to charge 100% to150% higher prices than your charging now.  
  4. Why you need to escape the “working for dollars” trap and replace it with a more lucrative model for gaining wealth (there are only so many hours in a day, 24 to be exact, you can only where so many hats, you might as well wear the most lucrative one and stop tinkering around).
  5. The #1 math decision every business owner MUST make...and how you can literally explode your business with this simple equation (this is soooo important.). Hint: What is The Exact Dollar Amount That You Want To Earn Every Month, It's This Number That Should Be Your Driving Force.
  6. Remember this, if your not tracking GROWTH oriented results and ROI, your not marketing and if your not paying for marketing, you do NOT have a viable business model because, as stated by the late Peter Drucker- "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!"  So, in other words, slow or no growth comes from unwillingness to spend money or from being under-capitalized...but RAPID PROFITS and GROWTH comes from spending, testing and tracking results.
  7. If You Don’t Get These Wealth Attraction Strategies Down...You Could Be Constantly Driving With The Emergency Brake On For Another 5, 10, 15 Years or More. And if the truth be told, if the above doesn't resonate with you in any type of way to make you want to change your actions right now, then please accept and understand this have subconsciously chosen to remain self-employed and have by default created a job for yourself or maybe even a hobby, but you do not have or desire to have a business and therefore, I can't be of any help to you. But If you truly desire a winning company.




DODM, as well as our clients, believe and live the above statement, we call are selves, Market DOMINATORS™. DODM offers a number of unique programs and experiences to ensure that you’re not only growing your brand and business, but are associating yourself with other Industry Influencers who add to your skills, knowledge and marketability that connects you with more of your ideal market. DODM will tell you story, create dialog between you and potential clients, and position you as the authority placing you in high demand.




One thing that separates our Agency from other PR or Marketing firms is that we guarantee our results. And we also guarantee that you will have a great time in the process with this positioning service that also helps you to be noticed by other media outlets. If you don't think media attention is important, then just imagine my picture without the media logos 





Once you become a client of DODM, our primary goal in business is to help you become an “Best Selling’ Author with our Publishing Trifecta program. The idea is to quickly position you as an expert/authority in your field by helping you become what is known as the “Obvious Expert,” as an Author, Speaker, and the Specialized Promoter of your info- products or services. Which is the most effective way to quickly attract your most ideal clients, customers or patients.

Their are some marketer who will say this is not a direct sales approach and that it's a waste of time, however, what's misunderstood is the long-term effect of ongoing book circulation, an advertisement will die over a period of time and a new ad will have to be created, but a book never dies and continues to be read. This means you book that is really an non-salezy form of advertising continues to bring you business for years to come.






What you do in your business, and how you help your clients is a story worth telling the world about. In our Press Media Campaigns we help you do just that, and place your story in major Main Stream Publications or in the African American press. Combining our Press Campaigns with our Digital Brand Campaigns places your brand, story, and offers everywhere online.





What happens when a customer or prospect Googles your personal name, or the name of your business? Do you like the results? Do you like where Google has placed you in comparison to your competitors. DODM has 3 different digital marketing machines, we’ll choose the machine that best fits your goals and needs, then we’ll produce video that tells your story, builds your brand and that sells your products and services. That video will then be turned into audio for a podcast and text content that is syndicated EVERYWHERE online; in essence you’ll have you own TV and Radio Station and Article Syndication Network. Next we create your client stay in touch system so you can connect with your clients, customers or patients to strengthen repeat, upsale and referral business. And then finally we add additional profit streams earning you maximum income and time freedom as the leading authority online.



DODM employs top editors and copy writers, as media, marketing, graphic and PR professionals. We have also designed materials to market our client’s products and services to their target market. Both Google and Facebook uses Direct Mail, Our Direct Mail 2.0 Programs offers a highly targeted campaign that drives offline prospects directly to your videos, podcasts and written content converting even more prospects into paying clients, customers or patients do to our tracking and retargeting efforts. Yes, we PROVE our results and ROI.

True wealth should be your business goal (earning multi 6 or 7 figures or MORE)...A Rapid Business Profit and Growth Strategist can help, but you must stop making the following mistake that 80% of business owners make every single day.

“Finally, let's address the mistake that EVERYBODY makes which is that they try to get their customers, clients or patients as cheaply as they possibly can.”

Frankly, most business owner want to stay in their safety net, and comfort zone, in part this is why so many businesses struggle with stagnation and feast or famine by not having the confidence to spend money, and speed money and spend money until they figure out how to best maximize their results and ROI consistently growing, scaling upwards year after year in business growth. 

– Dan Kennedy; one of America's foremost marketing authorities says...

“I have the same ongoing fight with a client that does almost two billion a year in revenue and fundamentally could spend virtually any amount of money, any way they chose. And I have the same conversation with somebody who’s got a bag of pennies and is trying to get going.

If you think you’re resource-limited, you think that’s why you make this mistake; but really, it is a mental mistake.

It’s not a money mistake and it has to be fixed in how you think before you’ll ever fix it in money.

So, again, here’s the mistake EVERYBODY makes.

"They try and get their leads, their customers, their clients, their patients as cheaply as they possibly can. 

However, getting cheap leads is their chosen mission and they evaluate everything they do based on the raw, simple, relative cost of getting a lead, customer, client or patient by doing it and they are very easily attracted by the cheapest, or apparently cheapest, thing to do like moths to a light in the dark.

They deprive themselves of the biggest single advantage you can have in the marketplace, which is the ability and willingness to outspend every direct competitor for the attention and interest of your clientele.

If you try and attract people as cheaply as you possibly can, what happens? You can only do a very limited number of things, maybe only use 1-3 campaigns on average like most business owners. But my DODM clients add 8, 10 or 14 steps like market leaders who earn the most money, who live where they want, drive what they want, have great family and friend time, travel and stay on exotic vacations as long as they want, have time for other adventures and business pursuits and more all because they understand...

If they simply STOP doing this, being CHEAP they will watch  their life dramatically change within 6 months to 1 year far outperforming the last past 3, 5, or even 10 years . If you can outspend everybody else you will near instantly have and maintain an unfair ADVANTAGE that leads to greater profits, growth and time freedom all because: 

  • The horizontal range of things you can do expands dramatically.

  • The aggressiveness with which you can do it expands dramatically.

  • The speed of profitability increases with more profits

  • Rapid growth becomes self evident

  • Time freedom becomes realized

  • And WEALTH is achieved quicker

You can buy speed (money likes speed; this means as you earn money, more money follows faster, as you initially REINVEST in actions that have be proven to produce those same favorable results); you can buy growth; you can create discouragement for competitors which, as an aside note, is a very good strategy and most importantly you can create more profits simply by doing 8-10-14 things where everyone else is only doing 2 or 3 because they lack the cash flow and other resources to duplicate exactly what you have mastered.”